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Greetings, dear ones, and welcome back to Aureleus. Hope you have forgiven my sudden disappearance. A small crisis had arisen with a group of students in the temple who were taking the initiation. I believe in your previous tour that you were conducted by my dear colleague, Mme. Blavatsky. However, there is much in this particular realm of philosophy which requires a good deal of study and that I believe we shall start somewhere in the beginning to let you further examine the temples which are contained in this section of the center of Aureleus. Now stretching out before you is a long corridor or avenue. On each side are the various temples and other edifices or altars which depict or denote some specific teaching or are dedicated to certain gods or to such aspects of both modern and ancient religious and philosophical beliefs in India. We will step into the first one which happens to be at the beginning of this avenue.

As you enter the doorway, you will see at the end is a great figure of the god Brahma, as he was somewhat depicted in your earlier tour. He is being drawn in a chariot across the skies by the seven Rishis. By now you will have guessed that this temple is dedicated to the teaching and explanation of the earlier Vedic cultures as they were expressed in the Aryan migration into the southern plains of the Ganges in India. Now on your right hand side is another huge statue of a god known as Vyasa or Vishnu. He is the pre server of Life and the Enlightened One and contributed much to the earlier concepts and well-being of the spiritual welfare of the people of India. On the left hand s ide is another depiction of the god Shiva. It is he who depicts much of the material or the carnal structures of man's nature. In his doctrines are expressed the philosophies of Maya or the illusion, and the Yoga or the self-punishment in which various torturous dogmatic creeds were entered into. It is from these concepts which flourished in India for many thousands of years which gave rise to the very strong caste systems.

Now let us pass along this avenue and enter another temple before which you see an immense statue of the Gautama Buddha. It was Buddha who taught a direct contradiction to much of the earlier Brahrninist ic beliefs. It was Buddha who taught against the caste system and that strangely enough there is much in the writings and teachings of Buddha which have a very strong parallel to those of Jesus. The disciples of Buddha wrote the three' Pitakas ' or the gospels. There were also Ten Commandments of Buddha. It was Buddha also who taught his disciples to go forth to the masses and preach the truth. Jesus said to his disciples, "Go forth and spread the Light" and so it can be said that of this Master who lived five hundred years before the time of Jesus that he did much to free and liberate the Indian peoples from their earlier animistic beliefs. I believe that in your previous tour that you also touched somewhat into the Zoroastrian concept and into the Egyptian. Mohammed, however, was somewhat neglected as was the Hebraic or Judaism. As both of these religions are quite well known and widely spread on your earth today, a little discussion might be worthwhile at this point.

Almost everyone is familiar with Mohammed who in his earlier youth became a camel driver and later on married the woman who owned the caravans and as she was wealthy, this gave Mohammed much time for meditation. It seems that all great instigators or leaders who develop some new cult or ritual on the earth plane have always at some time seemed to have talked to God. So it was with Mohammed. After a trip from the desert, it was he who declared himself a prophet and that he had talked to God and set up what later became the religion of Mohammedanism and although Mohammed could not read or write, he dictated the Koran to his disciples which became the word of life and philosophy to millions of Moslems. However, much of this is in your history books and I will not waste time by further explaining or by confusing you with such further explanations. We have temples or mosques here in which the students can go and obtain factual knowledge of the religion of Mohammed in the comparative evaluations and the philosophies of the world as they are taught here in Aureleus.

The Hebraic religion also was quite neglected and for an obvious purpose which you shall soon see. We intended to surprise you if we can in some small way and this is being done as you will see in a moment. Now we are stepping out into a large courtyard. Before and around you is a great esplanade of a beautiful mosaic tile. Directly in front of you, however, I see your eyes are riveted on the temple which you see before you. This is somewhat different than any temple that you have previously seen inasmuch as it seems to be square and that the walls are rising in a tapering fashion to a huge beautiful dome-shaped roof which sets somewhat back from the edge around all sides. This temple, like all others, is constructed of the translucent crystalline material which is so familiar. I see in your mind there is some sense of a vague remembrance to a picture previously seen of the Temple of Solomon on your earth plane and such as this is which is the Temple of Solomon. It was the wise Solomon himself who as a direct psychic manifestation actually reproduced with the earth materials the Temple of Solomon in the Holy Land.

Now come with me and we shall walk into the great central courtyard and we shall sit a moment and watch the passerby, the students and teachers who are going about in their various pursuits. The actual history of Judaism starts somewhere back in ancient Chaldea about two or three thousand years before the advent of Jesus. It was Abraham who led the Jewish people out of Ur or Chaldea into Egypt. Now at that time Egypt was flourishing and engaged in a tremendous program of expansion. In those days much of the activity was determined on the manpower which they were able to produce. The Pharaohs, or kings usually produced this manpower as the other emperors in history by going forth and making war on other nations and driving back the poor unfortunate captives into slavery, such as it was in Egypt. It is said that Abraham was bargaining in a labor market with the Pharaohs to produce enough labor to help erect some of the temples and pyramids which were at that time being undertaken. Both the Pharaohs and the Jewish people were very clever tradesmen and so as it developed that in the hundreds of years the Jewish people almost overran Egypt and so the Pharaohs turned about and made war upon them and drove them into a large enclosed city where they remained for many years. It was during this warlike interlude that a truce was set up whereby the Jews bargained for their liberty by producing enough labor to set them free. So in consequence, they were in a form of bondage or slavery up until the time of the appearance of Moses. With the advent of Moses, who was half Jewish and half Egyptian, it came about that much of your Biblical history was portrayed. The seven plagues and the various other different magical or psychic manifestations which appeared to haunt the life of the Pharaoh and the Egyptian was finally culminated by the Exodus.

Now Moses was a very wise man in many ways. The staff of Moses has become the caduceus of the Jewish people. It was he who in his clever knowledge of astrology was able to lead his tribesmen to the borders of the Red Sea at the particular moment that a great comet passed very close to the earth and drew the waters of the oceans away from the Red Sea, so that he was able to pass with his people dry shod onto the neighboring shore. I would like to point out that much of the phenomenon as it is portrayed in miraculous stanzas in your Bible have been such divinations by seers or other such holy men who have been able to predict the occurrence of some astral phenomenon. Such was the case of Joshua and that the so-called stopping of the sun was actually the appearance of another celestial body which lighted up the earth and enabled Joshua to completely decimate the armies of his nation which were opposing his own armies.

We can say that the history of the Jewish people has been divided into three periods or epochs: The period of Abraham, the period of Isaiah, and the period of Solomon.· After the advent of Jesus, the Jewish people and their power declined from its zenith and passed into oblivion of history as today they remain just the remnants of a once proud and mighty race of people. And so in the future as you may as students study the Bible in both the Old and the New Testaments, you will see and this will somewhat explain to you the strange parallels of many of the things which you will see there which actually have their advent or their appearance in some previous religious or theosophical expression as it existed in some other nation at some other period of time. Much of that which is in the Old and the New Testament as so portrayed in the many and various stories which have been accepted literally and factually are actually based on many of the legends which came out of Assyria and Egypt and were borrowed in 'the various ages of time and written into these histories, From the Aramaic, from the Babylonian and from the Egyptian philosophies and theologies, we will find the origin of many of these stories, They were intended in the beginning strictly for spiritual or philosophical interpretations of some viewpoint or aspect of life and were not intended to primarily convey a factual interpretative happening as it may have actually occurred. Now I believe I will pause a moment while the mistress makes certain alterations. (A new tape was needed on the recorder and immediately he was aware of it.)

Now that we are again in order I will continue. I mentioned being somewhat suddenly circumvented in a previous transmission. This was because of an initiation ceremony which was going on at the present time. Although the temple as you see it before you and its great courtyard seems to be apparently without such manifestations as ceremonies or other things of public nature at the time, yet beneath this great temple is actually in progress an initiation ceremony. For some obvious reasons I will not be allowed to take you into these lower halls and classrooms as this ceremony is now in progression and is of a very highly secretive nature. We do not like to lay down the lines of demarcation and have tried up until this point to explain to you all of the mysteries of heaven and earth. However, there is some of this which cannot be possibly given to the earth people at this time, as if it were so it might lose much of its value and factual meaning to the individuals if it were so explained. So for their sake, I will refrain from actually visiting these chambers that you might see what is in progression .

You have on earth at the present time an order of people who are called the Masons. Much of the Masonic rituals have been derived from such initiations as are in progress at this present moment. There are some thirty-three orders of Masonic initiations and that is a very highly evolved spiritual order which was conceived primarily from such expressions as are taught in these centers of Shamballa. It is therefore to protect this order that nothing more than a partial explanation will be entered into. We might say that the initiate as he has passed through certain initiations in other centers and in various earth -plane reincarnations is in such a position to become what is sometimes called an Adept. In such a position he will come here to this great temple and at a proper time when such ceremonies are in progress, he will take his initiation.

This is done usually in three steps, the first step which is called the Maya or the Illusion. It is here in these chambers that for some period of time the initiate will go through the stage of temptations. He will actually live one or more lifetimes in the course of a few hours. He will be tempted and sorely tried by the many visitations of earth temptations. These will assume a seductive female form or he may be whirled into a maelstrom of such influences which may seem to him to give him world power and dominion over the masses. These illusionary dreams may be likened somewhat to those which are incurred in an opium smoker in the dens of iniquity which flourish in some of the earth cities except, of course, that these illusions are of a much greater and of such a nature as they may embody a number of reincarnations. Should the initiate succeed in surviving these numerous temptations, he will then be in a position to go into the second.

It is here in the second that he exercises the power and dominion over the mind. He will be able to factually display the projection of the mind forces and how the mind can be used to catalyze the various energies which are in existence in these beautiful centers of Shamballa. He will, in a sense of the word, demonstrate factually that he has succeeded in evolving into such state of mental consciousness that now he would compare with something like a man who visited your earth two thousand years ago. We refer to Jesus.

The third initiation is strictly of a spiritual nature and involves such concepts and principles which would be very difficult for the third dimensional mind to grasp. It also embodies such concepts as exist in higher realms and dimensions and with such Logi and Archangels that it would be extremely difficult to portray even a small portion of this initiation ceremony. We can say for short that the initiate actually travels into some of these higher celestial spheres and that he will undergo such tests as are duly contrived by these higher forces.

Now there is, of course, much more in this great center of teaching and learning in Aureleus which we have not fully explored. There are such great halls and museums which relate to the more familiar or the more modern philosophies and theologies of the earth as they exist at your time. You may enter hallways and museums which are devoted to such exhibits which relate to the Athenic or Hellenic Age as it existed before and after the advent of Jesus. You may see many of the old pantheon of Greek gods as they were very accurately depicted by a comparatively modern English historian by the name of Bulfinch in his" Age of Fable", and so I will not digress or further confuse those who will read these lines by such a vast and what might be a repetitious consequence of such explorations. I will therefore leave it to the individual to further fill in such details which his imagination may best supply and I may need not say that it is not necessarily his imagination for while he is reading these lines he may very well be prompted with such spiritual forces as will properly institute these concepts to a much greater and fuller degree. I may also add in my concluding transmission here with you that all of those who do read these lines, should fully remember that they will be thusly initiated into a higher order of understanding than any in which they have previously so incurred in their various evolutions. My one regret is that we could not more fully bring to you more individualistic expressions or to the many and numerous teachers and students many of whom have existed on your earth plane in some reincarnation. We have tried in some small way to explain to you that in the principle of reincarnation we see a great and combined intercourse of peoples and nations throughout the many and thousands of terrestrial planets in the universe.

It has so been contrived that in the evolution of your earth that there is much which will have to be eliminated, much will pass away and in consequence, much will be added and much will be renewed. These will be spiritual concepts of which man knows little or nothing about at the present day. Many of these age-old philosophies, which you have been seeing and which have been described to you, will in consequence become mere historical fragments of the existence of the earth planet. It has been the greatest pleasure that I have been able to conduct you through the center of Aureleus and to explain to you some of these factors in the elements of philosophy. There is in the future for you much work to be done. There will be other sections of Parhelion to investigate. There will be other planets to visit. In the future there will also be many more books to be written but until such time, we will wait upon the pleasure of the Infinite Spirit of God and may He reside and express Himself n the fullest measure in all the moments of your life.