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This is your most humble and obedient servant, Lao-tse. I have had the great honor conferred upon me of conducting you on your next tour through Aureleus so we shall begin immediately in the section of this great teaching center which has been devoted to the philosophical expressions of Chinese culture, both ancient and more modern. As you will see stretching out before you something which seems to resemble a vast and beautiful Chinese city except that unlike the earth cities, as it is constructed of the same beautiful crystal energies, that it is glowing and pulsating with all of the colors of the rainbow. As we wander down this fair avenue, you will see on either side a vast assortment of Chinese temples, pagodas, beautiful gardens, fountains and arched bridges across the many streams and lakes. These are all of the ancient and more modern Chinese architecture. While these structures here relate more to the actual teaching activities of the Chinese philosophical cultures, yet you will find on the outside of this teaching center another section of Aureleus which also was of the Chinese culture wherein lived many of the old sages and Chinese exponents of philosophy.

It is somewhat with sadness that I am entering into these discussions as I have looked into the earth China and have seen the great disseminations that have been wrought by the pagan gods of communism. The ancient temples have been desecrated and turned into brothels of iniquity. The Chinese people themselves are sorely troubled and perplexed. They cannot easily accept a new ideology which is foreign to their nature after living for so many thousands of years with their old gods and beliefs and expressions of the ancient Chinese philosophies.

As you look about you, you see before you some of the great temples, huge and immense statues, several of which look like the Buddha statues of Kamakura in Japan or that they may represent other statues of Buddha as he existed in the various histories and temples of China. So let us pause a moment here and look about us and reflect into the wonders and beauties of man's spiritual nature.

We who are the Chinese do not claim to be one of the seven root races while in a broad sense we may have been included in such theologies from the earth plane expression, from such earth plane philosophies as have been previously discussed, yet in an absolute concept as it was so brought to you at another time, we were migrants from the planet Mars and we came into existence on this planet well over a hundred thousand years ago. The earth geologist and researcher has long been confused with the element of time in his studies of the ancient races of people and that he has not yet fully evaluated such circumstances as time. It is quite obvious that many of the old and ancient writings would in such extensions of time pass into oblivion and would thus have to be reinstated with newer documents or other historical representations.

In the beginning of our history on the earth as it was explained to you by Nurel (the channel's Martian guide in the book, "The Truth About Mars") that as the great space ships in our intercourse with the planet Mars established a series of six colonies stretching from the lower planes of China into the more northern reaches around what is now known as Peking in the provinces of China. There was in existence at that time descendants of the Aryan race who lived as Mongols or Tartars, as they are called in your history books. These were mostly very fierce roving bands of nomads who roamed the now desert regions of the Gobi desert. It is with these races of people that the original Martian settlers had so much trouble. As in your Martian philosophies, it was obvious that these people had progressed to the point where they disliked intensely to kill their fellow being and while they had weapons to thoroughly and completely decimate these nomadic tribes, yet they refrained from doing so and relied more upon the evolution of time as would be of such circumstance that these tribes would absorb some of the wisdom and know ledge. However, this was not so. In the numerous raids which they made upon these settlements, they frequently captured both male and female prisoners and that as the females bore children to these Mongols and Tartars, we became somewhat infused into the racial characteristics of these people. However, for the most part, the various dynasties of the Chinese empires can be traced directly back to the Martian line.

As it has been very apparent to you from the numerous pages of Chinese history in your modern philosophies that we have been a people who were for many thousands of years a race who devoted a great deal of our culture to the more spiritual natures and concepts and so it is that we have had a great deal of gods or goddesses who resided in our homes and in our temples. It is further illustrated that there were also great dragons. I would explain these dragons as something which were similar to the Biblical version of the serpent in the Garden of Eden and that our dragons also represented certain evil forces. You may also have questioned us as to being heathens and worshipping idols. No, the Chinese do not worship idols. The various ceremonies, obeisance, etc., which the Chinese individual displays before these gods are very similar to such expressions as are entered into in the Christian ritualistic services. In one of the very large Christian churches in your modern America, you will see both old and young bowing down before such statues of the Virgin Mary or of the Jesus and that while they are not actually worshipping these statues, yet they are appealing to these persons as individuals in a higher esoterical sense, is this not so and as we do also in our worship to our various gods or goddesses? Thus the great Gautama Buddha was also worshipped, not as an individual but with the spiritual virtues which he so represented. In the more ancient China it was a land of great happiness and much peace and while there were at different times great conquerors who came in to plague us and that it was so we had to at different times build walls for protection against these Mongol and Tartar invaders, such as the Genghis Khan and others. He was the son of a great conqueror and was the Khan at the time of Marco Polo and his father who entered China at about 1200 A.D.

In our homes just as it was before the invasion of the red Communists, there were many of these gods so depicted which represented the forces of good and Light which you have symbolized by such saints or personages as have existed in the Christian dogmas and creeds. Some of these gods are quite familiar and have been characterized in numerous reproductions in the American philosophies. There is one in particular, a small, round, fat, squat personage who represents the element of happiness and joy. The names of these I see that I have aroused some difficulty in translation into the American dialect and so I will more or less leave it up to my brother and sister if they so desire to interject the names of these various gods into the lines of this work. However, this is not entirely necessary as most people will know what I am talking about anyway. (Ho-Tso, pronounced Ho-tye) Ancient China, through the many thousands of years in which it flourished, was a very wonderful and beautiful place to live. The farmer who with his wife worked in the rice paddies with his bare feet and in the water, sang the songs of his ancient ancestors or that it might be so that he constructed his humble dwelling with the bamboo poles and the thatched roof of straw and even though he was in, as you may call it, poverty of material possessions and often slept with his chickens and pigs, yet he was supremely happy in raising his family of sons and daughters, nor did he have any of the conflicting elements which are found in your present civilization. He did not worry about the income tax and among the hundreds of other taxes and complications of your political systems. It is sometimes that he so farmed a portion of land under some lord or ruler of a province and that as such a farmer he would often pay a small portion of his rice or other grains and products to the lord. However, such taxation was usually not nearly as oppressive as the taxations which are in your present civilization.

For many thousands of years the Chinese knew of gunpowder before it was ever known in Europe. They knew of many other different things too, such as the production and manufacturing of beautiful textiles which were produced from the fiber spun by the tiny silkworm at about the time of Buddha who lived at one time in China as he so reincarnated into this land from another plane of consciousness. With the passing of Buddha, there were others who came into China who stole the secrets of the silkworm culture and they were again reproduced in India and Borneo and in Turkey and other countries, so that it was before the time of Marco Polo that the fair ladies of Europe often wore the silken raiment and garb which was produced from the tiny fibers of the silkworm.

In a very pure or relative sense, it might be said that the ancient religions of China before the advent of Buddha were of such nature that they were comparatively simple. The temples where various votive ceremonial observances were so performed were usually in such related facets of man's life as they were immediately concerned to him. If it was so that a woman wished to conceive a child, she would go to a certain temple and lay upon the altar her offerings to a certain deity who would intercede in her behalf and thus she would so conceive a child. Or it might be that the husband himself would wish to offer a votive offering to some great deific personification which would also bring rain and the abundance of the harvest, so that he too would make votive offerings unto the altar of some temple.

The art of China itself is, as you will see if you visit many of these great temples which you see about you, just as it exists in your muse ums and in the various other more modern expressionistic endeavors of the present Chinese people; it is extremely intricate, very beautifully fabricated whether it is of the ceramic type which is known as china or in the fabrications of cotton, linen or silk. Just as on Mars today, the Chinese people express a great deal of patience and extreme care in the fabrication and construction of all things which they do. The secrets of such things as lacquers have long remained hidden from your modern chemist, nor can they be duly duplicated as these secrets of chemistry were handed down to the Chinese from ages and ages ago. To see a beautiful piece of Chinese art such as an embroidered or a mosaic screen is, in itself, a revelation of artistic beauty and that as these artistic sciences are nowhere duplicated on your earth plane, so it is quite obvious that we, in ourselves, possessed at these various periods of Chinese history something which was, in itself, unique and far different than anything which has heretofore been expressed on the earth plane.

You may question why Kung Fu did not make this exploration with you, however, as you know that he conducted one in a section of Parhelion which was devoted to the philosophical science of literature and that as Kung Fu was himself a collector of such works and philosophies as related to the many hundreds of his fellow countrymen who were so engaged in expressing various concepts in the philosophical sciences which related to life in China.

I would speak a word here about the cultures of J a pan as they existed in the pas t and in the more modern times. In Japan the religion of Buddhism has not been so strongly expressed and that it has been in direct competition with other more materialistic expressions of philosophy which are called Shinto in which the Japanese very often very loosely worshipped some collection of godistic expressions in his earthly life. However, there are masterpieces of work in the Japanese temples of the Gautama Buddha which flourished there somewhat in the same time as it did in China proper.

The Japanese are an offshoot of the original Chinese race who migrated and became separated from the continent or mainland through a great earthquake. As it was explained in your transcript from Mars, a great celestial body passed very close to the earth at a period of about one hundred thousand years ago and great changes in the geographical locations and placements of continents took place on the earth's surface just as it did on Mars and other planets in our solar system. Before that time, Japan was an integral part of China, so was Formosa and some more of the other lands which have sunk beneath the sea. After the great cataclysmic passing, the geography existed much as it does today. I might also say that previous to that time there was a great difference too in the climatic condition as it existed in China, in Mongolia and Tibet. Previous to that time, it was a much more moist climate and produced a much greater profusion and a luxuriant display of vegetative masses of plant and also great numbers of animals which have long since passed into the oblivion of history.

There is in the history of China and in the Northern provinces stories of the great mastodons which used to come down from the northern reaches and invade the villages and raise great havoc. The mastodons have been perfectly preserved in the great masses of ice which exist under the tundras of the northern reaches of Siberia. Such flesh as has adhered has been preserved in a perfectly frozen state for over a hundred thousand years. An explorer or two of the white race have made excavations and have so eaten the flesh of these mastodons. It is also with great sorrow when I say that the great red pagan god has also invaded Tibet and has also taken Tibet over. I will say for the benefit of your political leaders as they are trying to build a wall of China around this great red pagan god that they will not be entirely successful. India, too, is to be in the future taken over by this great red pagan god, likewise will be Burma and many other countries such as Thailand. With the passing of Chiang Kai-shek, the Chinese Nationalist leader as he is on the earth plane today will also see the end of Nationalist China. You will in the next twenty or thirty years see such differences in the geographical separations of your continents into political systems Which will resolve into two great nations in direct opposition to each other and such it will remain until a future time when the new and seventh root race makes a greater and fuller appearance than it has at this time. The seventh root race is the spiritual race which is making its ingress into your planet at this time. There are many leaders of this race who are already in existence and are forming various nuclei in the different countries which will in the future manifest a great deal of liberation and into the spiritual policies which will conduct the destinies of mankind on your earth plane. So until such future time as my very worthy brothers may come in and conduct you into such future tours, may I say to you that may you always be bathed in the Radiance of His Most High Presence.