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Nicola Tesla

A ray of love and greetings to you again, brothers and sisters of the earth plane. During the past events and in our transmissions, there may have been some things happening which have given rise to some perplexing problems in your mind. It is therefore that I return and that we will resume our transmission that we may best explain what has been happening as well as some of the more relative values pertaining to these things. As you have no doubt surmised by now, there have been some graduations or some changes in the various offices or in the leadership of the various sections of Shamballa. Some time ago, you witnessed the ascension of him who we call Sha-Tok and his affinity, Erza. You also witnessed their emergence again into the Central Shamballa in the ceremony a few hours ago.

Now, of course, there are other changes in the leadership of the various other centers which will, of course, follow in a natural sequence and order. However, we will discuss some of those later. At present, Master John is the Lord of Venus and the Lord over all Shamballa is he and she who we call Sha-Tok and Erza. The affinity of John is still on the earth. Now the problem of affinity or as you call it sex relationship may have been one of some questions and so I will attempt to further explain such relationship. In the book of Venus this was touched upon somewhat, however, I do believe that we may carry this explanation into a somewhat different perspective and thus gain a more relative or objective view.

It might be said that man, in the beginning of his evolution, does evolve in a separated state of consciousness or that he may be what you may call opposing polarities or exactly opposite counterparts of himself. This you have called male and female. Actually, in a pure spiritual sense, such elements that enter into the various characteristic potentials of each individual are thus manifest in an exact proportion in an opposite direction in another individual, who is, in either case, the male or female. Thus it is that through the countless evolutions of man's life upon the earth, he is continually revolving into such a relationship with his exact opposite polarity that he can obtain an objective relationship with this opposite polarity.

I do not like the word sex, as it has certain materialistic impingements which relate to the possessive qualities or the dominating qualities of man's nature in a physical dimension and is also only related ~ to that procreative factor which is necessary in some earth plane existence. I will use instead the word centric. Thus on your earth plane you know many people who express different concepts of sex. You may have monocentrics, biocentrics, triocentrics and quadricentrics. In a more normal relationship, life in the social structures of your earth plane is expressed as biocentric or through the commonly accepted laws of marriage where one man marries a woman. In your Oriental countries, however, you very often see the concept of quadricentric or even a multiple number of such attractions expressed in the various harems which have existed in these Oriental countries. In your own country, you no doubt know of the many monocentrics which, of course, revolve around among themselves and are only the consequence of one generation, as they seldom reproduce themselves. You may also know of other examples of quadricentricity in which certain couples may display some affinity toward each other and live in very close relationship. They may even exchange their wives or their husbands. Other such examples of evolution in the consciousness of the relationship of man toward woman or woman toward man or the opposing polarities of man's nature may be expressed as mother and son or as daughter and father. The combinations here are, of course, innumerable but all in themselves express this same relationship toward one another in their evolution. In other words, by going through these countless evolutions and in these various aspects and in all these relationships, the sum and total which resolve into themselves as a direct and more harmonious relationship in a spiritual sense will supersede any of the physical experiences with himself.

In the final conclusion of evolutions into the spiritual worlds, man will thus find himself properly attracted to his own affinity and in this he is neither male nor female but expresses a perfect balance and quality of virtues or characteristics in each counterpart. So it was with Sha Tok and Erza, and while you may have seen them in somewhat of the personality form of male or female as it was most commonly envisioned on your earth plane, yet this is not necessarily so. They are expressing in a pure spiritual sense this perfect combination and relationship of values toward one another. This is done purely in the spiritual sense, and inasmuch as there are no physical attributes or remembrances attached to these particular states of evolution, so it will be that while these two personalities may appear or reappear in the different centers of Shamballa at such times as is necessary for their appearance, they may come singly or they may come together. Yet, all in all, they will express this same perfect relationship and balance and harmony in all things which they do. Wherever it is that we find our need or our want and that we express the thought toward them, so they shall appear to help solve our problems.

I might add that in the days following their ascension from the plane of Venus, they were taken to a much higher dimension wherein certain orders were entered into and they were initiated into a much higher and a much enlarged state of consciousness. Thus they were able to return to the centers of Shamballa in a slightly altered, or as I shall say, a slightly higher state of consciousness and they also manifest this in such appearances as they may have among us. We do not, in a general sense of the word, attach the name personality to either or any of us; however, we are, for purposes of identification to the earth minds which render it necessary for such identification. We have superseded such usages by a more advanced state of relationship which unites us to them in a frequency relationship. By turning the dial of your radio, your radio does not need to know the name of the radio station. It only knows the law of frequency relationship. So it is with us in relating ourselves to our fellow beings here in these centers. We do not call them by a name but merely relate ourselves to them through this same law of harmonic relationship.

In the future, in your prayers and in the prayers of your fellow countrymen, while you may pray to your Father in heaven in such manner as best motivated by your own concept and you may inscribe the name of Jesus, the Christ, as the divine motivating power behind such prayer, yet truly these prayers shall find their proper place, and there is a proper receptacle for such prayers to be received in accordance with the strength and in accordance with the wish and desire of those who are praying. Let me say that your thoughts or your prayers are very necessary and very relative in our expression toward your earth plane and in other earth planes. This is a source of energy supply which is more nearly related to your own dimension and is much more readily usable in such form. It is also the constructive energies of your mind which relates you, in the direct law of harmonic frequency relationship, to those for and with whom you pray. So therefore, in the sum and total of such expressions, we can thus more directly utilize and properly focus such powers as are contained in these mind energies which you call prayers.

Therefore, let your prayers or your meditations be of such nature that they are strong perceptions and that in them you are conceiving such perfect conditions for your fellow man. Let not your prayers be of such selfish nature or motivated by your own self-interest, for such prayers are useless. Thus it is in Our discussion here that we have been able to point out to you some of the various relative factors which are in actual sequence and often occur in the various evolutions of your earth life. I would not delude you by saying that marriages are not made in heaven. Marriages are purely the by-product of such countless and innumerable evolutions in which each man and each woman find in themselves, and in these relationships in these various dimensions, the proper perspective of values, and in this evaluation they do arrive at the conclusion of their perfect marriage which is in heaven.

To my earth sister, she has properly guessed that this is not Leonardo. This is another person with whom you are not yet acquainted. In other words, I am the biune or biocentric part of Leonardo. I am she who you might call his soul mate. I will not impinge the consequence of my name into your consciousness because such name would mean little or nothing to you. I have evolved with him through the countless eons of time until we have arrived together in this plane of consciousness. Until such further time that we will deem necessary to resume our transmissions, may I say to you that we are all expressing our greatest and strongest concentrations and rays of energies of love in your direction.

Greetings again from Parhelion. This IS Leonardo speaking again and I am glad that you enjoyed our previous transmission this morning on a more proper evaluation of what is called sex. However, since that time there has been some discussion as to the presentation of some of the various factors which were explained to you in the opening chapters of our transmission. These related to our particular orbit and to such phraseology as might give the implication that we were actually travelling through space. This is not so. As we have gone a considerable distance into the abstract sense, we feel that we must further explain certain things so that they will be more conducive to a general line of thinking. We will first attempt to confine our evaluation, even though it is highly abstract, into such terminology as can be understood by the largest number of the earth people. We here on Eros do not as in the case of the planet Venus confine ourselves into 'an orbit around a sun, nor do we have an orbit which would enable us to travel through space, just as your earth or Venus travels around the sun. If we can picture for a moment a little more -abstract equation and that our orbit, as we have called it, is actually an oscillation. To best understand this particular situation, we will again refer to the chords on the piano and that while we are playing a high chord, we can also, with our left hand, play various low chords which are either in harmony or out of harmony with our original high chord. This was given to you in a previous transmission. Now, in explaining what we call an orbit, this merely means that we are actually standing still in what the scientist calls free space. As we have explained free space as a dimension which is un-relative to your own earth plane and that free space does not actually exist in the equated term of the earth scientist, we are therefore standing in free space; and because our planet is constantly changing at regular intervals its frequency rate or vibration, this automatically places it in different positions throughout the celestial universe. This can be termed, in a sense, an orbit. It merely means that in the pulsation or the frequency of our planet, we come into relative vibrationary contacts with the various planets with which we are associated. We can, at will, also change the rate of vibration or frequency of this planet so that we can recur, as it were, into such positions in this oscillating orbit that will be most conducive to conducting some of the things which are relevant to our particular office. Thus it was at the time of the birth of Jesus who is now our Lord Avatar upon your earth planet two thousand years ago. Actually there was no movement of our planet. We merely changed the frequency rate of the planet so that it came into a relative or a harmonious position with your planet which was partially or wholly seen as a guiding star by some of the earth people in that particular vicinity at that particular time. Now I believe that clears up this situation somewhat, so we must therefore understand that Eros as a whole is somewhat of a more spiritually evolved planet than any of the other six cities of Shamballa.

This will also explain to you something in the nature of how it is possible that the various peoples of the other Shamballas are able to emerge or to travel back and forth from their particular relative planet. This also is simply a question of frequency alteration in which they too assume, temporarily at least, the vibration of our own planet and thus they are immediately within our particular position. This is of course a very highly evolved state of what is called radio or television transmission on your earth plane, inasmuch as the participants themselves are the active, integrated wave transmissions.

In other words, in your television program if it were possible for you to so change the frequency relationship of the actors and actresses who were enacting some scene in a television broadcasting studio, they would be projected on the beam and come directly into your living room and reenact their scene just as it was done in the studio. That is something of an allegory in which we are trying to explain the position of the planet Eros in regard to the other six centers of Shamballa. It will also in a large sense of the word explain to the earth scientist what he has long been trying to evaluate in his concept of time and space. Such things in a dimension of which we are a part do not exist in the relative sense in which he is familiar. These conditions like everything else about the earth plane are entirely of a different nature. Therefore, in the future, may I say to the earth scientist - that he must change his evaluation of the various constituents of his wisdom or knowledge pertaining to such physical sciences which are relative to his earth plane. He will never arrive at a definite conclusion or an equation of space travel or of any other particular factors which have, up until the present time, chained him to the surface of his earth, and he will never break those chains until he changes the evaluations and equations of energy and mass.

Do not feel neglected, my brother, because you were not welcomed either in Venus or in Eros with, shall I say, a brass band and with fanfares and trumpets; you were welcomed nevertheless fully and with open arms by everyone of us in every one of these cities at the time of your arrival. You were thus welcomed each time that you appear with all the love which we can manifest. However, you must remember that the frequencies in your psychic body have not yet resolved themselves into such a plane of consciousness that they would be entirely in harmony with the vibrations of our own planetary system which is Shamballa. We have therefore refrained from entering into such active conversations or meetings with the various personalities in these planets for the very obvious reason that it might be not only confusing but damaging. So therefore, in the future, our particular transmissions and explorations of the various centers shall continue in a more or less unobtrusive fashion that will meet with the least resistance on your own part and will meet with the least resistance by the minds and mentalities of the earth people. Our purpose here primarily is to explain what is the function and nature of these centers and not to necessarily meet the various personalities or people who are so engaged in either the controlling destinies of these centers or in the pursuance of their various duties or activities. You will appreciate our position also that we do not like the personality ego attached to any of our particular endeavors, so therefore we do not actively engage in such endeavors which might bring us into the limelight of public observance. We will in the fullest measure of our understanding and in the humblest capacity toward the source and supply of all things, render such services and such things as we possibly can which will better and further the purpose of whatever particular earth you may find yourself.

I would also like to clear up a little bit further on some of the dimensions of this particular city of Parhelion. As it was mentioned rather vaguely before that, it covered several hundred square miles. This is quite true. The city of Parhelion would very easily cover any of your largest earth cities and leave a lot over to spare. However, such dimensions as to cities might also confuse the earth minds if they were brought down into the terminology in which they could understand, as miles, feet or inches. We will only say that this great city is sufficient unto the size and needs for which it was so designed. The buildings which comprise the spokes and the rim and the central temple themselves are quite high and probably at least as high as your tallest skyscraper. These are divided into various levels or floors as you might call them. So you can begin to see that this is a city of tremendous and vast size and indeed it must needs be so, for it is servicing not only your earth planet but is servicing many other thousands of planets in such similar positions throughout our galaxy or star cluster. This it does as it will be further explained and enlarged upon in the various capacities which comprise this central educational system of the Shamballa.

Other questions might arise; you may think that we are necessarily slaves to our position. Indeed not. When you change the perspective and the evaluation of your life into such semblance and conformity as will make it universal in the service of the brotherhood, you will find that your greatest joy and pleasure is in the service of others. You will not need to relax the physical mind from such torturous systems as are involved in your present-day material civilization. Such relaxations must necessarily occur for the physical minds would otherwise be seriously warped and distorted. Such pressures do not exist in our world as the abundant and supreme supply of God's wisdom, which is our Fountainhead or Central Vortex, supplants every need which might be similarized to the earth-man's equation. In other words, we simply do not suffer the fatigue which you might necessarily associate with the continual, as you would call it, working with our various factors and segments in our relative functions to these planetary systems.

I hope that I have somewhat cleared up these various questions in your mind and until such further pursuance, may I remain with all the love from every one of us here in Parhelion.