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It is an obvious fact that the world has entered into a New Age. The last fifty years, and particularly since World War II, science has literally showered the people of the earth with innumerable inventions, contrivances, electronic and mechanical machines and appliances; and while these were all designed with an utilitarian purpose or were conceived to meet the increasing demands of a highly-competitive civilization, yet man, as a whole, has found this highly-developed technocracy vastly productive of certain repercussive elements in the transposition of life as it is being lived under this highly-mechanized age. The launching of the space satellites has literally brought man up to the threshold of open space; and while technically-speaking, this could indeed be heralded as a wonderful advent, yet psychologically speaking, has only added to these repercussive side effects. As a whole, man is adaptable to progressive ages only in sequences of evolutionary patterns which involve numerous lifetimes; and that so far as the average individual is concerned he will, just as he has always, adapt himself to new tenures of life only in such sequences of progressive lifetimes. Therefore, to the great masses of humanity which now swarm upon the surface of the planet earth, this sudden transition into a New Age has also brought with it a host of seemingly incurable and unalterable conditions which are the progeny of psychic pressures born and bred in the reactionary reaches of the subconscious mind.

As man is no more or less than what he thinks, and that such thinking is an oscillating process with the subconscious, so that ultimately every man will express in some fashion the sum and total of these subconscious derivatives. Statistics reveal that mankind, as a whole, is in dire need of an entirely new and reconstructive philosophy of life which would primarily be based upon man's relationship with higher Interdimensional relationships, and to thus establish an equilibrium which would reestablish the individual upon a healthy pathway of life. While in a general sense, the various religious orders and cultisms, as are existing at the present time, seem to offer to large segments of humanity these necessary equilibristic elements, yet a careful study will reveal that they are only temporary palliatives and engendered as escape mechanisms wherein the individual seeks to relieve these psychic pressures; yet these various psychic devices as expressions of hope, faith and courage, and the belief in various pantheisms of external spiritual forces do not, in any sense of the word, change the individual in his present position upon his personal pathway of evolution. Such changes take place only through a form of transcendency brought about through the j unction of various cycular parallaxes, wherein he attains at least a partial, if not complete psychic rectification.

In order to attain such psychic or spiritual transcendency which will thus rectify subconscious or psychic malformations, the individual must not only acquaint himself with all the creative principles of life, but he must also become aware of his own evolutionary pattern. At the present time, the seeker is forced to wade through a vast and preponderant welter of ideologies, philosophies, and various derivations which only add to his confusion and despair. Moreover, none of these interpretations are supported either by the desired permanent results, nor is man made acquainted with his true evolutionary pattern of life. To fill in these and all other desired results which can be described as healing, mental, physical, and spiritual transcendency, proper evaluation of the past, present, and future as evolutionary patterns are all part of the Science of Life, called Unarius.

To begin to indoctrinate the seeker and to open up new avenues which have heretofore been unknown and hidden in his confusion, a factual philosophy of life can thereby be entered into which is neither a palliative nor an escape mechanism, but is a complete expose of all generic principles of life and man's own personal position at the present moment.

This science begins with the presentation through a series of seven books called "The Pulse of Creation", designed as a bibliography for the future generations of mankind. These books and the adjunctive teaching course will place at the disposal of the seeker all of the known and presently unknown elements of life. Man will thus, in this proper evaluation, be able to not only relieve existing psychic pressures and their consequent physical and mental malfunctions, thus bringing about the required transcendency which will heal all abnormalities, replace confusion with a quiet calm, despair with complete realization, and link himself up with new cycles of spiritual transpositions which will infuse him with Radiant Energies; but will also give him power and dominion over all obstacles, a wise jurisprudence which will solve all conditions.

It is only fitting that in an epilogue of this nature some mention he given to those who were instrumental in bringing into the world this Monumental Spiritual Movement. As outlets for Unarius and co-founders of the first nucleus of the Science of Life, Ruth and Ernest Norman have not only set aside such small or large differences which involve the usual structures of the material world, such as personal differences of character and evaluations of life, financial and material appurtenances which are so customarily associated in the material dispensations, in so doing, have demonstrated to a miraculous degree, various adjustments in their own lives; but also to all who they have touched, incurred similar healings and adjustmerits.

Even in the writing of the books themselves, and particularly in regard to "The Voice of Eros", that this book was made possible only by the constant and diligent application of almost countless hours of composition upon a composing machine by Ruth, as an individual not accustomed, either by nature or training, to such exacting and monotonous mechanical regularities. These books, in themselves, bear silent tribute to one who has not only overcome but has put into actual practice the wisdom she has learned through this 'Science of Life'.

Moreover, the same, too, can be said in general principles, of Ernest and that as two individuals who are thus now collectively expressing themselves as outlets for Unarius , it must be remembered that this is the culmination of a thousand or more lifetimes and countless thousands of years of living and reliving and activating not only in the material worlds but also in the spiritual worlds, the basic and motivating principles of life such as are postulated in these works.

As Jesus said, "By their fruits ye shall know them", and at no time and in no age have two people so collectively and in such short time borne so much fruit. Only in the highly-developed clairvoyant aptitudes as have been demonstrated and currently expressed through Ernest, and with the completely dedicated purpose of fulfillment as expressed by Ruth, could such fruit have been brought to maturity. Nor could it be said that she lacks any of these necessary spiritual aptitudes, for she too has demonstrated the highest degree and attainment of spiritual transcendencies and their subsequent progressive evaluations.

As was prophesied, the world is full of false prophets and teachers, those whose voices shout with empty promises and bear only the fruit of mockery; the empty echo of their voices reverberates back through the passages of time into the catacombs wherein are buried the skeletons of those who shouted similar promises so long ago.

Nor would we so have our voices mingled with those of these false prophets but let us speak to you in another way by first offering you the bowl filled with the fruit of attainment: let those who have also found this same fruit share it with you and that they have found in these works the necessary transforming elements which will also enable you to form all necessary junctions and attain your transcendency. Seek diligently, for 'As ye seek so shall ye find' and surely as the Kingdom of Heaven is Within, and that in finding this Kingdom, all things are added unto you.

-The Central Mind of Unarius – Sha-tok (formerly known as Jesus of Nazareth)