Transcription of Procreation, The True Originating Sources

No course of instruction would be complete without including that all-important subject, procreation—more loosely referred to as sex—for within this dimension we can find very important clues or keys to human behaviorisms, as well as to factually integrate mankind in the scale of evolution. Therefore the importance of this subject cannot be overemphasized for deep within the psychic anatomy of every human being are certain strong complexes which were originated and motivated in this dimension of human relationships.

Procreation itself enables humanity to reincarnate from one life to the next, taking with them from life to life, the various aggregates of their personality traits which they have thus developed in these various lifetimes and in these various aggregates polarize the all-important higher self. As of today, this branch of procreation is referred to scientifically and classically as genetics and the associated physiological inferences of psychology are still in complete darkness as to the true and originating sources and functions of these sciences. As a consequence, there is just as much misunderstanding, misconception and unadulterated falsity as there is in all other branches of science simply because, in general, these sciences have always given the strong indication that such sciences were based upon such third dimensional aspects which contain the various reactionary elements of this third dimension and the presupposed laws governing these reactions; and as in all cases, the scientist has not yet discovered or oriented into his science the true originating sources and causes of his third dimensional sciences.

Freudianism, as the basis for modern psychology, is compounded from various material elements of human behavior patterns, with sex as the strongest motivating element. While sex is very important in everyday human relationships, yet here again such material, physical, sexual psychology does not include fourth dimensional or spiritual factors. While sexual behaviorisms in humans have always been much more pronounced than in plant and animal species, this does not necessarily indicate perverted tendencies, particularly at this time when a synthetic civilization so pressurizes people that sex is often a deviation or an escape mechanism.

However, it must be borne in mind that, individually or collectively, human beings are entering into the metamorphosis of character when they begin to pass from the earth life and start their evolution into higher spiritual dimensions where sex and procreation are not physical in nature but are more highly developed activities associated with various inductive polarities.

Generally speaking, procreation, in a physical sense, is confined within the dimension of genetics. In the latter half of the nineteenth century, an Austrian monk named Mendel observed certain behaviorisms in the various plants in his monastery garden. From this beginning, a number of contemporaries of Mendel have built up this genetic science which is, incidentally, becoming less efficacious in solving aspects of procreative ability as other sciences introduce other different aspects.

Percentagewise, this genetic science is only partially correct and there are great unsolved mysteries presently posed in the mind of the geneticist. It is believed that procreation is carried on from one generation to the next through the combination of certain elements present in the process of insemination—specifically the ovum, the female life cell and the spermatozoon, the male life cell. It is supposed that these cells contain all of the elements of character of the species who created them; not only of the parents but also definite characteristics of other generations, genealogically speaking.

These characteristics are contained in the chromosomes or genes. These chromo somatic elements always vary in number according to species. For instance, a mouse is supposed to have 120, human 48, elephants 11, etc. There are some obvious disparities here; if elements of character could be numbered, why then would a comparatively advanced human being have less than one-half the number as those of a tiny mouse? The geneticist does not know the answer to this mystery.

There are other mysterious suppositions currently in circulation. Some medical practitioners and geneticists believe that in humans it is necessary for the male to ejaculate more than three million spermatozoa into the vaginal tract before insemination can occur even though they know that any one of the three million odd spermatozoa can do the job; for out of this vast number of tiny germ cells (shaped like tadpoles), one will wiggle or swim around until it finds the ovum which it penetrates causing impregnation. Herein again enters another mystery. A certain branch of genetics known as parthenogenesis has produced frogs, chickens and turkeys without the male parent by pricking the outside membrane of the ovum with a very fine needle; the ovum will then become pregnant, start to grow and after the usual gestation period, will hatch into a tadpole or chick and grow to adulthood, apparently normal in every respect.

At this stage of our introspection, it is quite clear to see that there are many factors and elements involved in these various life processes of reproduction about which the scientist knows nothing. We can also find more missing elements the further we pursue our analysis.

For instance, genetics cannot explain certain over-developed precocities or genius characteristics in humans. The Mendelian ratio of one to four and various intermediate ratios do not apply, except rather loosely, in the general field of physical characteristics. Mental characteristics have never been fully explained by such inductive ratios.

In our previous lessons we have explained indirectly these various missing elements; that evolution was always sustained from the spiritual or fourth dimensional side and that the third dimension was the terminating point of this fourth dimensional cycle. The earth, in turn, supported the material counterpart expressed in this dimension. Science does not know that the various characteristics, attributes and proclivities of plants, animals and especially humans, are thus carried in the psychic anatomies from one generation to the next and are only reproduced in facsimile by atomic forms and their combinations which produce molecules and cells.

Likewise, various mental elements are transmigrated. In this process of human relationships a vast number of association factors are thus built up. In this process certain polarity patterns are developed which revolve around other certain individuals which become more and more closely related to each other in this polarity development pattern.

In these more primitive beginnings we can trace the development of two humans coming and going through numerous lifetimes in various positions of association. They may be mother, father, son, daughter, sister, husband or wife, etc. Sex, too, is subject to change in succeeding lives. As these two humans thus progress along the pathway of evolution, they become more strongly developed in respect to each other (polarized). We can see about us numerous examples of these strongly developed patterns; public figures such as the Nixons, the Eisenhowers, etc., where, in such cases, you will see not only certain strong physical resemblances, but also great mental and spiritual strength is manifest between these two people.

Other specific examples are seen in identical twins. Certain sexual deviates are finding present polarities mentally reversed to that of a previous lifetime wherein they lived as a member of the opposite sex; or they may even vicariously assume opposite sex characteristics by a strong and dominant love for their other polarity.

In the Oedipus complex, sexual love of a child for the parent is a reversion—physically speaking—to a previous life as husband and wife and such associated strong sex complexes. Thus you see the strong dominant factors of human relationships are not contained in the genes, but are actually contained in the vortexes of energy wave forms which comprise the psychic anatomy and which are transmuted, so to speak, in the scale of individual evolution from one life to the next; and beginning each lifetime with insemination.

How is this done? you may ask; partially through the various association factors which give certain strong frequency relationships or attunements with the various wave form agencies involved; and partially through a catalytic process, instigated by a strong mental activity (psychokinetics), which creates a concentrated flow of energy into certain specific areas which, when so combined or touched, regenerate into certain facsimiles of wave form vortexes, thus creating a new individual human anatomy and a subsequent life cycle which is keyed, harmonically speaking, to the respective psychic anatomies which originally induced this process.

Breaking down this concept more simply, let us create a hypothetical situation. A man and woman meet physically. Referring to the base plane rate of their respective psychic anatomies, we will say that they vibrate harmoniously. They may be either total strangers or they may have known each other in previous lifetimes; however, in any case, there may still be a sufficiently strong psychic attunement (harmonically speaking), to create and induce the necessary reactions which will lead up to conception. These reactions are always consequently increased in proportion by the inclusion of various association factors which may have taken place between them in other lives. In any case, the sum and total of such psychic vibratory reaction being sufficiently strong will stimulate or excite these two persons in that emotional complex which people generally call love. If this reaction is strong enough to overcome any subconscious differences, the insemination process is quite likely to occur.

Let us examine what happens at the time of insemination and conception.

Referring to our previous concept of the atom and its own fourth dimensional vortex, the spermatozoon and ovum are—as is everything else—composed of these same atomic structures. These atomic structures are linked and relinked through their various electromagnetic fields to all other energy structures, vortexes, etc., in the psychic anatomy.

The psychic anatomy is thus so vibrating, we shall say, in unison in a certain direction; that is, it is concentrating in a united effort during the process of insemination. In the physical anatomy, this concentration results in that sexual cycle of intense passion always felt at such times. The intensity of this passion is, of course, relative to the amount of psychic attunement between these two persons who were so involved or in other experiences with which they were harmonically attuned. Now in the process of this psychic animation, sexually speaking, a great number of other combinations of wave form attunements occur. These combinations regenerate or form a large number of harmonic wave forms which contain in themselves their respective equivalents to their parent wave forms and psychic vortexes. This then, in effect, creates a secondary psychic anatomy containing in facsimile the various personal character traits of that person who so originated it.

This secondary psychic anatomy becomes harmonically attuned in the act of insemination to the various spermatozoa male cells and ovum female cells where, when these two respective cells meet, there is a merging of the two secondary psychic anatomies.

From then on regeneration occurs and recurs with these two secondary psychic anatomies which always remanifests this regeneration in attuning itself to various atomic constituents with which it comes in contact through the bloodstream of the mother.

This is the beginning of the fetus which, when completing its gestation period, is born into the world. Up to this point we have discussed only the part of the procreative process which involves the physical anatomy of the child to be and in which description we can easily understand how various characteristics of parents are transmitted to the physical anatomy of the child; yet it does not explain various great differences which are often found in various families, especially in the more highly developed social strata.

The more primitive human does not usually display outstanding genius proclivities. In Europe during the Middle Ages, thousands of these more advanced personalities came into the world, for those times deemed the necessity of their migration from some of the higher spiritual worlds so that mankind might be liberated from the yoke of religious oppression. This leads us up to that all-important point: the transmigration of another human soul or psychic anatomy into the newly-conceived body or fetus.

This is always done through frequency attunement. The parents, in almost all cases, have had certain former associations with this soon-to-be child, who will display his advanced genius-like proclivities and attributes at a very early age. A typical example is seen in the composer, Mozart, who began composing music at the age of two years. His mother and father were also musicians. In this case, former associations were clearly indicated but such exact conditions do not always hold true in this respect.

These previous association factors were actually elements which are necessary before that correct psychic attunement can take place which will enable the psychic anatomy of the third person to attach itself or dominate the physical anatomy of the new child.

In the majority of cases, such attunements are made possible in that association polarity process which we have formerly described: that is, any individual mingling through various lifetimes with a certain limited group of friends and relatives. In this respect, in succeeding lifetimes, friends become relatives and relatives become friends. The conditions of psychic attachments in insemination are therefore wide and varied but always follow the same inviolate pattern of harmonic attunement induced at the time of conception. This conception was likewise a product of the combination of the regenerative processes which took place in their respective psychic anatomies and which were catalyzed into the dominant factors of physical attributes expressed from the atomic structures which were governed by these recreated psychic agencies and not through some supposed group of genes, for the genes represent only a certain group of atoms which, in their electromagnetic fields, provide a certain negative terminus, something like a field of ground used to plant a crop.

At this particular point many of the missing genetic elements have been filled in. There are many other missing elements which must be added to it. The transmigration of any psychic anatomy into a newly conceived physical anatomy always brings with it the sum-total of its many previous lifetimes. These include not only its mental development but any and all of such various psychic shocks through which it passed in these previous lifetimes. These exist in this psychic anatomy as malformed energy wave forms and vortexes and always reproduce themselves as one or more of those incurable diseases; and they will remain incurable until a certain regeneration process takes place—a process loosely referred to as spiritual healing.

It would be well to devote some time to this all-important subject, remembering our previous concepts of energy; that regeneration can occur only when the frequencies involved are compatible to each other on the basis of frequency. This is done in the manner of cycles involved in each respective wave form.

Considering this then, we will say for example: a hundred years ago a man died as a result of a sword thrust through the left breast. As a result, this same person now incarnated in this lifetime and in a different physical body—a female form—would quite likely, at some time in her life, have cancer of the breast. This was, in effect, physically speaking, a reproduction of the original cause of death and would cause death again irrespective of surgical treatment.

Cancer cells are composed of atoms which are sponsored by a negative vortex and can be considered as being improperly aligned to the psychic anatomy, and instead of maintaining a constructive continuity, they have become reversed in their polarities and their presence in the body will consequently be destructive in nature. Coming in contact with other cell structures which, as compounded of atoms, will also be catalyzed or reversed in their polarities thus also becoming destructive.

Eventually, a large portion of the physical anatomy is reversed in its polarity, which means that the sustaining energizing force which modulates the atoms of this physical is now cut off in its regular cyclic motions and the body will die. To heal the person of this cancerous condition requires more than surgery. Surgery may save her for a time but eventually, in the coming years or the coming lifetimes, she will die from the old sword thrust many times until the psychic malformation is removed.

Considering the various cyclic motions involved, this person is first, in the spiritual worlds, acquainted somewhat with the principle of canceling or rectifying this negative vortex. In the subsequent lifetime, the person will subconsciously seek out various ways and means to bring rectification into play. She will also be hypersensitive about cancer. This seeking and hypersensitivity will, in effect, tend to bring the condition to the surface. This will give her the sought-after opportunity to try to overcome this condition on the same physical plane of reference from whence it was instigated.

When this cancer begins to grow she will, however, need another agency which can furnish a certain catalyzing agent which will reverse temporarily, so to speak, the normal bias relationships of life as they are regenerating from the psychic anatomy. This catalyzing agency can be one or a number of things such as a priest or doctor, etc. She will subconsciously see somehow, in that person, a way and means to relieve her condition. This will psychically attune her to that person's psychic anatomy.

It must be borne in mind at this point that this person to whom she is looking for her healing may be a psychic representation or a facsimile of a higher astral agency which she had contacted in the spiritual worlds, although the priest or doctor may not be even remotely connected with the agency. But with the pressure of the moment, this woman has regenerated certain psychic wave forms which attune her harmonically with the priest or doctor, which recreates the element of faith and which actually means, in a sense, the completion of a cycle of psychic introspection.

Looking at the priest or doctor, the woman then visualizes a cure or healing. This relaxes certain malformed psychic blockages which she has created under the pressure of fear. With the sudden release of these blockages, a sudden resumption of psychic function will recreate a surge of psychic wave forms. These will most often completely and temporarily reverse certain normal biased functions. These reversed biased conditions sometimes also have very strong pulses from the superconscious. In the sudden momentary reversal caused by the blockage release, all of the energies will flow backward, so to speak, into that specific area of the malformed psychic vortex which is causing the cancer.

At the moment of impact, these reversal psychic waves of energy create an out of phase condition with the energies in this malformed vortex. This out of phase condition, if it is strong enough, will rectify or cancel out the cancer vortex and soon the physical cancer will disappear and the woman will then be healed. She will give the priest or the doctor the credit, even though he had nothing to do with it except that he was a configuration of a certain preconditioning system through which the woman had previously passed.

This is an instance of self-induced healing, a simpler way to understand the basics of spiritual healing and how this ideal condition occurs in the singular fashion and which must take place in the healing process; that is, preconditioning, catalyzation, reversal, etc., which we have previously described to you. In almost all cases, however, such various catalyzing agencies are supplied by various superastral organizations; typical of these is Unarius.

These Superastral agencies are the combined intelligences of more highly developed people who can, at the proper moment, project their mind energies into the woman's psychic anatomy at the exact conjunction of cycles when reversal can take place and when it has so been stimulated into such a correct position by a combination of outside conditions.

This, then, is the cardinal principle underlying all spiritual healing “in toto” and takes place this way, for everything is ultimately resolved into the spiritual energy dimensions. On this basic understanding we can therefore individually synthesize correct healing into every human ailment, physical or mental. Jesus gave many dramatic examples of these healing principles and no doubt He understood them, for when questioned about the miracles said, "Of myself I do nothing, but it is the Father within which doeth all things." The Father, of course, is a direct reference to the principles of creative regeneration which can be considered abstractly as the father of all forms of consciousness. The various books, present and future, in the Library of Unarius will classify these conditions and their treatments into their respective psychic causes, physical appearances, etc.

In your own particular lifetime you will be able to constructively analyze all your own personal individual ailments, fears, insecurities, etc., on the basis of various psychic indispositions which have happened to you in the past lifetimes; and when you so suitably acclimate your present mental perspectus into this expanded atmosphere, you will no doubt be able to bring about, at one time or another, certain cancellations of these various aberrations. Your understanding of these conditions must always include a direct reference to the actual original condition which occurred in a previous lifetime. To know the exact time and circumstances is superfluous and not entirely necessary. A causing condition can be synthesized in the present in a sufficiently broad form which will enable cancellation to occur and you will be spiritually healed.

Do not, however, confuse true spiritual healing with the auto suggestive, hypnotic malpractice which you may see practiced in some religious faction. These are almost all, either knowingly or unknowingly, fraudulent because the participants involved do not know about the various psychic interactions which we have described.

This same fact holds true with materia medica. Permanent cure has never been achieved directly as the result of medical practice, but only under conditions which involve these same psychic factors; and under such conditions as so-called medical healings are falsely assumed.

Even the most insensitive doctor realizes the importance of the will of the patient to survive; and this will is the combination of all psychic factors we have discussed. Therefore, medical treatment is effectual only in direct ratio and proportion to such a psychic libido or drive and the direct implications involving various expressive continuities of the psychic anatomy. The physician can set a broken bone, but only the processes of regeneration which take place in the psychic anatomy can instigate the replacement process of damaged cell structures which will join the broken ends together.

The removal of a defective organ or portion of the human physical anatomy does not remove the psychic aberration which caused it. In the future the practice of medicine and all sciences will therefore have to be compounded from the various missing psychic elements we have described to you in this lesson course.

For your future, therefore, we can only hope you will use them; we shall inspire and assist you in all your efforts to do so and there will never be a cessation of this help and inspiration so long as you express the necessary desire, dedication and effort. Thus for the time being then, we shall leave you standing on the first step of the spiraling pathway into the stars; the pathway we have described to you in the cycle of creation, and upon this pathway you will always find a "Heaven", not a hell, always made up from the sum and total of your understanding of the Infinite.