Transcription of The Great Enigma - Mental Function

Ever since I can remember, I have been pondering the greatest and most apparent of all human enigmas which is a total and complete lack of understanding and comprehension of what life is—more properly, what it really is, when compared to and compounded with the interdimensional creative cosmos. This apparent enigma is made even more contradictory when it can be seen that literally millions of people lead what are apparently normal lives from the cradle to death, enjoying some affable state of affluence with their society and without the slightest knowledge of the ever-present, always-working, life principles which not only make life possible, but are life itself!

This is equally true with any person regardless of social status or what niche he occupies; yes, even the scientists who openly profess some profound knowledge are actually abysmally ignorant of what life really is. And I am speaking from a fourth dimensional comparative consensus. Even in their more highly developed or recently acquired sciences, proponents are quite ignorant of origins and instigating or propelling and sustaining forces.

Just recently announced, another new discovery—a so-called “secret of life”—science has synthesized an enzyme molecule which still mysteriously seems to control the metabolism of the human body. Here again they have fallen miserably short of a true perspectus—a true synthesis wherein they could see the electromagnetic fields of energy so compounded from atoms to form molecules which, as energy transducers, convey certain information to cell structures in the body which are related to the total evolution encompassed in this embodiment.

In the net sum and total of third dimensional human knowledge, man has classified it into many groups and called it by many names, but never as of yet has he correctly classified or named this knowledge as the electromagnetic inductive process, or if you wish, electro physics, even electrodynamics. But always and by whatever name, it must be purely an electronic science which deals with mass as energy called atoms and the true originating source—the interdimensional cosmos.

One of the most solvent aspects in the human enigma, one which lies closest to the interdimensional perspectus and which is all-inclusive could be called hypnosis. During the last decade, there has been a tremendous resurgence and public emphasis in hypnosis and for some years various communications have been relaying to the public a tremendous activity in this field; in fact, so great has this resurgence of hypnosis been that almost everyone became interested and may have either in one way or another dabbled in this "mysterious" practice. At the present time it has fortunately been taken up constructively by different branches of the medical profession. In dentistry and some operating techniques it is used as an anesthesia. In obstetrics it is being most successfully applied to the operation of almost painless childbirth.

Also, it is being used in one form or another in certain educational procedures, sleep teaching, etc.

Now there really isn't anything mysterious about hypnosis—a term derived from the Greek word hypno, meaning sleep. Most people would be very surprised to learn that their entire lives from conception to death is merely a system of auto-suggestive practices called hypnosis. For example, going to sleep at night is a self-induced hypnotic trance and along this same line of thought all other practices and habits of life can be most properly called auto-suggestive hypnotism or self-hypnosis; and your very life depends upon whether you can or cannot accept or reject autosuggestions according to certain thought patterns which you have developed in your evolution.

Many years ago—over two hundred—a man named Mesmer developed one of the first concepts and practices of hypnosis and at that time almost everyone in Europe from the crowned heads down to the humble peasant became interested in this mysterious practice. Yes, all the lords and ladies, everyone who was somebody—practiced hypnotism and, in many cases, had their own private hypnotist. How similar to the present time! As I stated, hypnotism is not mysterious; yet strangely enough so it might seem, it is not understood by the most professional of all professionals! For indeed, they like anyone else, including the most advanced scientists, have seemed unable to relate hypnotism or any other classification to the interdimensional cosmos!

In the foregoing Lessons, I have diagrammed and outlined a basic primary concept of the human psychic anatomy—a fourth dimensional energy body—the true human which resides in that interdimensional cosmos. The processes are quite simple and easily understood. First, there is the sine wave, an oscillating movement of energy which conveys information according to its wave length or frequency, the way it is shaped or that it can also carry other oscillating wave forms. All processes of life are inductively carried on into life through the five senses and as wave forms of energy. You don't really see anything. Seeing is merely inducting into your brain certain wavelengths of energy reflected from the world about you. It's the same with any and all other faculties of perception. When these waves of energy enter the brain, there is a process of what might be called rectification. The cortexal layers of the brain contain millions of cells which could be called rectifiers or transistors.

Some years ago, science discovered that selenium, a rare metal, could conduct electrical energy in one direction but would not conduct in reverse, so they made a thin sandwich using two metal plates with a very thin filling of selenium; thus they had a rectifier. An up-and-down oscillating wave of energy would enter one side and come out on the other side all straightened out; something like taking the kinky curl out of hair. Selenium is composed of tiny crystals so arranged that their internal and external surfaces are conductive to energy in one direction only. Germanium, another metal, has the same property. Your brain cells are to some degree, analogous to this rectifying process; electrical wave forms entering into a brain cell are changed in their frequencies. Also, there is a certain perveance in a brain cell; that is, it retains for a very small split fraction of a second, the net sum and total of the total information.

In this respect, a brain cell then must build up and discharge this information, which it does at about the rate of twenty times per second. The discharge of these newly-reformed energy waves then enter into the subconscious portion of the psychic anatomy. There, through frequency, they are sorted, so to speak, with other wave forms, energies which were inductively incorporated at other times. Now when these two sets of wave forms begin to oscillate together—like two women who meet on the street and start to gossip—these energy waves then regenerate another set of wave forms called harmonics which, in all respects, according to frequency, shape, etc., carry the same information and which are then reflected back into another underlying cortexal layer of the brain cells.

Now the first set of brain cells is still oscillating with the original energy; the process of charge and discharge is still going on. When the second set of brain cells receives this energy, a harmonic through the subconscious (as I have described), begins to oscillate, to build up and discharge. This discharging is done through a certain conductive plasma which surrounds the cells which is carried into the first set of brain cells, establishing communication. All this makes the cycle complete and the person who owns these brain cells sees the object, the apparent sensation of seeing, which is nothing more than the sensing of a cyclic transmission of energy wave forms and a subsequent reproduction in a similar set of brain cells.

I am taking great pains to describe this process because it must be understood before you can understand hypnosis. Any auto-suggestive practice is hypnosis; cigarette smoking is auto-suggestive malpractice. Going to sleep is an auto-suggestive process of life, instituted through evolution and many lifetimes. During sleep, the conscious-objective mind is suspended and is non-operative; the same when a person is hypnotized and which always occurs when the second (#)2 set of brain cells does not receive the oscillating harmonic wave form of information. Thus, an incomplete cycle and no picture sensation in the conscious-objective mind.

Now this process of suspension, of cutting off the number two set of brain cells from its normal activity and part it plays can be consciously instituted by any person. While going to sleep at night may be called a habit pattern, it is also an auto-suggestive act which usually institutes conscious suspension of the number two set of brain cells. A person with insomnia has not correctly opened the circuit and the pictures continue to be formed consciously at the rate of about ten to twenty per second very similar in principle to the reproduction of movies that is, eighteen to twenty-two pictures per second pass through the projector and cannot be seen individually by the eye because the process I have described takes about one-tenth of a second to complete.

Now no one can hypnotize anyone else. There are no persons, professional or otherwise, who have any hypnotic powers or any ability or faculty to hypnotize. Any person who becomes hypnotized does so voluntarily and auto-suggestively. This is a proposition of pure mathematics. Whenever any person tries to concentrate or focus his attention on some object or thing and should he succeed for more than a few seconds, he will automatically begin to build up in the brain cells and in the circuit I have described, certain wave lengths of energy which cannot be discharged and reformed by the brain cells in their proper sequential fashion. Function is therefore blocked. The person's mind becomes blank and he actually falls asleep. In the case of self-induced hypnosis, the sleep state may be quite short, about ten minutes; or going to bed, the auto-suggestive sleep-pattern may suspend the cycle for many hours. The causes of this sleep process, however, as I have said, have been incorporated through evolution and reactivated as a thought pattern when going to bed whereas in hypnosis, the suspension of cyclic oscillation is more artificially induced by some process such as trying to concentrate on a swinging pendulum, a glittering jewel or concentrating on the words of a so-called hypnotist.

In any case, the results are always the same: suspension of the conscious-objective mind due to the incomplete cyclic transmission. In such a state, this so-called hypnotist can then suggest all sorts of improbable situations which are always followed through; then the person resumes normal consciousness because these wave forms of energy called “words” are auto-suggestive, association-symbols and have been impounded in the subconscious in a one-way transmission by the hypnotist. Then when the person is awakened and normal consciousness resumed, the impounded oscillations complete their cycle and the person performs the suggested act or situation.

So you see, there is nothing really mysterious about hypnotism when it is properly analyzed as an electro physical reaction. And it should be pointed out that this same system is currently being used in the different types of computers used about the world today; yes, even the computer on Apollo 8 which helped make the moon flight possible works on exactly the same principles which were incorporated in all humans—indeed, in all creation—by Creative Infinite Intelligence!

To complete our descriptive analysis and to further clarify any remaining questions which may arise from the text on hypnosis, let us continue: the question may arise, how does the psychic anatomy establish and maintain contact with the brain cells. Now the description of the brain is quite well-known or is immediately available in encyclopedias, home medical books, etc. Briefly, it is of semi-spherical shape with a corrugated surface and is divided into four parts: the two front parts the cerebrum; the cerebellum is the rear portion and in the center is the hypothalamus which is actually the end of the spinal cord. This mass of brain cells is unique and different from any other physical structure. The number of cells is of academic interest; estimates vary from around the fifty to sixty billion mark. In appearance this brain mass has a soft putty-like appearance and feel. There are no connecting tissues or nerves and each cell floats in an envelope of plasma.

Now, you may wonder how it is that communication is well-established, not only with other brain cells, all of the trillions of cells in the body, but actually with the psychic anatomy. So right here we will revert back to that old familiar comparison—the television set. Now you've watched television; everyone has, and you may have seen one of these portable sets which operate with a small built-in antenna, one or more short aluminum rods which poke out at the top of the cabinet. If the set works on batteries, you can carry it around the house from room to room and the picture remains clear and steady which proves that the electrical waves which carry the picture and sound waves are not affected by the walls of the house. In short, the set is constantly surrounded with sight and sound program material from the transmitter.

Now, of course you can't see these electrical waves; they oscillate or vibrate too fast—eighty to one-hundred twenty million times per second. But the television set can, in effect, see and hear them because of certain coil and capacitor devices which resonate or oscillate in harmony with these unseen waves. And it's exactly the same with all the brain cells—one to another—in the psychic anatomy. Actually, each brain cell is a very tiny television receiver and it is also a transmitter. It can receive and send electrical wave forms which are, according to frequency, selectively integrated, just as in the television set.

In other words, in the cortexal layers of the brain there are certain layers or groupings of cells which, according to their function, can receive and send a limited band of electrical frequencies. Now each cell does not contain batteries; it has no power source of its own. It receives all its power from the psychic anatomy which surrounds every brain cell and every molecule and atom which comprise the brain cells. And the psychic anatomy is constantly radiating a certain power wave into every brain cell, thus energizing it. The same condition and process is carried on with every cell, every molecule in every living body, including your own. This power wave is analogous to the carrier wave which radiates from the television broadcasting transmitter equally similar and carries piggyback other and comparatively very much shorter or smaller wave lengths of energy which are, specifically, information and synchronizing pulses or waves.

So far as the brain cells are concerned, they are a highly organized group of cells, all busily engaged in sending and receiving certain wave lengths of energy, all of which go to form the net sum and total of what is termed consciousness and all the reactive functions normally associated with consciousness. The same principle and conditions exist in what are called the automatic functions of the body as well as the generation of electronic impulses which travel through nerves and trigger muscle function. Also, as each cell in the body is so surrounded and integrated with the psychic anatomy, these cells then individually receive certain functional information, all of which again goes to make up the entire functional capacity of the body.

It can now also be seen that any interruption in this extremely complex, highly selective, organized, oscillating mechanism could mean different kinds of breakdowns, such as cancer or a host of other physical diseases, the causes of which are unknown to medical science. The same proposition is quite true with any and all mental functions and any breakdown or interruption in this complex sequential pattern of harmonic-synchronization-pulses and other information waves will cause one or more of those classified mental conditions, the causes of which are also unknown.

It is hoped at this point that these psych anatomical descriptions will, in time, reach the proper places and when they do, scientists will begin to build an entirely new science not defined as physical or biological but rather as electro physical, wherein all unknown diseases can be suitably treated, proper therapies instituted and aided by electromechanical devices or machines, etc., which will relieve mankind of this hellish nightmare of hopelessness in which he now lives.

(Note: Regression can now be easily understood: consulting the diagram of the psychic anatomy (see psychic anatomy illustrations in Advanced Lesson 5) you will see that the center portion, the mental consciousness, retains information from previous lifetimes. These wave form impressions are then fed back through the number two or bias-circuit of consciousness.

Likewise, any clairvoyant who attempts to read the akashic, or past lifetimes, must do so on the same “tuned inductive-relationship” principle which operates the television set versus the transmitter. Such an operating technique, however, requires a highly developed mind consciousness, very rarely, if ever seen on the planet earth.)

We close this last chapter with mixed emotions. We wish to say to every one of you who have remained faithful and loving and purposeful in your contact that in resuming the understandings and the teachings of Unarius, we shall remain with you always; we shall be at your side whenever the need exists. If you need illumination to reveal the light within you, if you need healing or any other contact, we shall be there to do whatever we can.

With this thought in mind, we are not saying goodbye or farewell to you, for it is only through the channel of personal mediumship that we have been able to express ourselves outwardly to you. This channel shall remain with you and you shall also, in the future, develop your own personal expression. So until such time when we can again serve you, may the most illuminated shafts of the Infinite Light permeate and radiate through you in every act, in every day and in every hour.

The Unariun Moderator