Energy - Mass: Dynamic-Atomic

And greetings again from Unarius.

This officially opens lesson number three, a lesson that is entitled "Energy and Mass" and will be conducted through mental transmission from such personages as Sir William Crookes, Faraday, Isaac Newton, and others.

In order to establish some form of continuity between each succeeding lesson, we shall spend a few moments time in reviewing something of the past lesson. In our first discussion last week we established the fact that as the world was obviously going through some sort of a great change or a metamorphosis and that it was obviously necessary to develop a new science or a new philosophy which was relevant and which was most conducive to the happiness of mankind for that particular evolution which is in the future. It was also established that the existing systems of religion, fundamentalism and science were in themselves incomplete, and unable at this time for various and obvious reasons, to fulfill the need of the coming races and generations of mankind. It was also established that as far as the Western world was concerned, that we could resolve the dispensation of philosophy or into the lives of the various inhabitants of this time and this generation into two factions, of science and fundamentalism, and that in trying to compromise, to orientate ourselves into the various and obvious differences in this factionalism, that mankind was suffering sore and grievous illnesses.

In looking into the existing philosophies and fundamentalisms and sciences as they exist today, that while there are certain elements of truth which could be extracted, which could serve to some extent to fill the need or the gaps, or the missing elements in this New Age, this new day science, yet they in themselves were torn and filled with great confusion, great derelictions, great multiplicities of error and malpractice and that these things in themselves had built up great resistances in the minds of the peoples of this day and age.

In the Eastern philosophies we find in the countries of the Eastern nations people living under conditions of abject poverty, and in a welter and confusion of various ideologies, theosophies and occultisms. These all in themselves present not only a very highly and a conflicting nature in their elements of transposition but are in themselves unacceptable to the Western minds. It was also established that Christian orthodoxy was likewise filled with much dereliction, much confusion, and also torn with many elements of dispensation, and that basically speaking, orthodoxy functioned on the level of inspiration and was thus not acceptable to people with minds who functioned on a scientific level. Science in itself, while it was very fully and highly developed in a material sense, yet was insufficient to fill the obvious needs and gaps or the elements of this New Age philosophy.

We will pause for a moment to examine what these missing elements are. By far, the most important of these missing elements is the understanding of man himself as a spiritual being, and that contained in what is called metempsychosis or reincarnation, the evolution of man through the various terrestrial and spiritual planes was in itself the greatest single missing element. Some form of reincarnation is included or expressed in the Eastern theosophies but is for the most part retrograde and in itself unable to factually relate man to a progressive stage of evolution.

Within the boundaries of what might be called the understanding of reincarnation or evolution there will be found such elements which will relate man to his numerous other different dimensional expressions. It will also be the solution wherein will be found the answer to mankind's incurable diseases and a way and a means of curing these evils. A realistic answer and approach to man's relationship and affinity to God will also be explained within the confines of reincarnation. In the future days and in the generations to come, certain understandings or precepts of fundamentalism and science will gradually give way and will be displaced and replaced by these new elements of understanding. Science will come to learn that beyond the veil of materialism or the material world and as he has confined himself in his expression of the 101 elements, that he will find in the spiritual understanding and science new horizons, new worlds and new answers to all the seemingly unfilled gaps in his present science.

The orthodox or the fundamentalist will too resolve himself into a more compatible structure of philosophy which will integrate himself with these new understandings and these new concepts. However, to more fully and to more basically understand reincarnation, and to understand the spiritual evolution of each individual, or collectively to the masses of humanity whether they exist on this planet or in any other planet, either material or astral, it is necessary that we first understand God. The fundamentalist is concerned with an understanding which relates him to some sort of a personal entity. He has not yet fully resolved himself to understand God in the fullest and the most abstract way in which God must be conceived.

God can be said to be energy, energy manifesting itself in an infinite number of dimensions and in an infinite number of ways. To look at the world about us, we must first subtract from our consciousness the idea of solidity or mass, for we must first understand that there is no such thing as a solid. We are only conceiving such things as solidity in a comparative way or in a comparative value, with one thing against another as it resides in this terrestrial rate of vibration. When we have fully and completely assimilated the constructive philosophy and can see about us in our world and in our transition of life that God is manifesting and remanifesting himself in everything that we see about us. The walls of our home resolve themselves into tiny planetary systems of revolving particles of energy, like the moon around the earth, and their gyrations are in themselves functioning according to a certain immutable relationship with God, for this is the substance of God.

In our world we can roughly divide the expression of energy into two different fields. We might say that there is the static or the atomic form and that there is also the dynamic or the kinetic form. In the static form we find these tiny structures which the scientist calls atoms. In the dynamic or the kinetic form we find such energy moving in different forms and dimensions which are necessary to our various ways of life. It has been in the past and especially the last fifty years or so, among the savants of science and to the thinkers who have labored and struggled long to try and to orientate or compromise their thoughts into what is mass and energy. It was only quite recently in the last few years of Einstein's life that science came to the general conclusion among the foremost thinkers, that there was no such thing as mass and that we could in a more abstract way, resolve all things down into pure energy.

When we have assimilated this concept thoroughly and completely in our minds it will give us the key and the solution to life, to all principles of life, to creation, to the purpose and to all generic principles which are sustained from the Immortal Mind of God himself. We will see in the transposition of energy as it manifests itself in numerous dimensions and in different cycular paths and forms that we will attain some unity, some concept of what God really is and our relationship to this great God.

From our third dimensional standpoint and I am not going to attempt to try and make physicists or atomic scientists out of any of you, nor would I be classed as one. I would not like that particularly. I like to view the physical and the causal sciences in a more abstract way. I like to view them and look upon them as a clairvoyant might, in an abstract way where I can see the functioning of God not only through the physical dimension but through the higher dimensions as well.

Some of you may be somewhat cognizant or know of some of the principles which we will explain here tonight, but for the benefit of the few who do not or to those who do not, we will present these things to you in a way in which perhaps at least will be new to you.

In the future days in your walk of life you will not see things, and gradually these things will change in your mind, that they will not be mere solid, mundane objects; they will not be stones or mere grass or leaves or walls, they will not be the mere objects of our everyday association. Instead, they will resolve themselves into masses of beautiful radiant pulsating energy. We will look into our bodies and see hundreds of millions and trillions of these tiny solar systems, all functioning very intelligently according to a certain relationship, according to that certain immutable affinity with the immortal mind of God. When we have mastered that concept our life will begin to change. We will have made that first step that will separate us from the old world of karma. We will have begun to climb through the various rungs in the ladder of reincarnation into such a relationship whereby we can direct ourselves into a more constructive way of life.

I am drawing here what is known to science as a sine wave. This is the basic fundamental wave form of what science is concerned with, the transposition of energy in this 3rd dimensional world. As you see here, it is roughly a plus and a minus wave form which can be similarized to tossing a stone into a pond of water. We see that the ripples stem away from the place where the stone was dropped. Thus it is that you have converted into another form or into another movement energy, from the motion of your arm into precipitating the stone into the pond. The energy is radiating outwardly in the form of waves.

In the 4th dimension in which Einstein was laboring very diligently at the time of his passing, they were concerned with the separation of time. As you know that Einstein's theory of relativity is energy, E = MC2. That means roughly that through that formula, science was able to formulate a constructive or a destructive atom bomb or his constructive atomic science. What it means that one gram of uranium which is U-238 can be converted into 25 million kilowatts of energy. And yet each atom of uranium existed on this planet for at least two million years as energy in a static form.

To better understand the since wave, we will draw a circle and draw a line through the circle. This is fourth dimensional because we start anywhere with our plus, and resolve, we will say that energy concludes itself in these dimensions without time. Taking one half of this wave and placing it against the other one, we have a structure like this, which is third dimensional and again we have our sine wave. Now the second factor which we consider in these atomic structures and that as they resolve themselves into what most people commonly call mass, is that in themselves these tiny forms of energy are supposed to be constructed something similar to this. We have for instance in a hydrogen atom a positive nucleus and one tiny little moon which is traveling around an orbit, which is called an electron. This one is negative, this one is positive. Because of the balance between the magnetic fluxes between the inner structure or the nucleus, the proton of the atom and the electron which revolves in its outer orbit, there is a constant maintenance or an interchange of energy. From the basic equivalent of the hydrogen atom whose atomic weight is 1.0082, we can go on up for 101 elements which science has classified according to atomic weights from one to 258. The last five of these elements are in themselves man-made. The last one, which is Mendelevium, is an artificially constructed element, just as the other four of the last of the 101 atomic weights or structures.

Now here is a peculiarity which science has not yet resolved and fully understood: that each one of these 101 elements possess in themselves anywhere from 1 to 23 isotopes. An isotope in itself is exactly the same as its basic element of any of the 101 elements, but has a different "weight". It has the same number of protons in the nucleus, the same number of electrons revolving around in the outer diameters of its structure. Now here is the key to the whole atomic structure because it should be very obvious to science by now that the atom in itself was not a complete unity of energy and that the isotopes should give the clue to the spiritual nature of the atom, and that each one of the isotopes was a definite relationship according to a certain fundamental frequency with a higher dimension.

If we construct what we might call an abstract view or a concept of creation which stems, shall we say, from the infinite mind of God himself, we shall draw what is called a vortex. I am spreading this out a little bit here so that we can see it just a little better. That looks like an old fashioned whirlwind we used to see out on the desert. But that is almost as close as we can get to the abstract concept of what the scientists might call space. We will see that in this wave form as I have drawn that that it will actually be composed of countless millions, an infinite number of wave forms, because energy is in itself basically intelligent according to the structure of the wave. We can have various malformations, or shall we call steps, in these waves and that these steps in themselves all portray a particular thing, a particular objectivism. In this vortex we find literally hundreds of millions of wave forms that we can call intelligence and that portray, in their own particular way, something of the Infinite Intelligence of God. We have great forces in this vortex. We see this vortex expanding outwardly; we see it expanding inwardly, each line in itself according to certain fundamental laws of frequency relationship, multiply themselves. We can call those forces centrifugal and centripetal for lack of a better name. We can say that the negative energies are resolving themselves down into this central hardcore nucleus. We say it is hard simply for a matter of comparison because in that maelstrom of energy which forms the apex of that cone is a tremendous conglomeration or concentration of energies.

This is exactly how our Sun is formed. Our Sun is stemming out and radiating outwardly into our 3rd dimensional world, great energies which we call heat and light. When the scientist has succeeded in penetrating the ionosphere with a space ship he will find that out there, there is no heat or light, and that he must conduct his research and his theories of research according to entirely different concepts than he has yet evaluated on the earth, simply because energy as it stems from the sun is transposed into heat and light and various other fractions or factors which we are familiar with in our terrestrial science according to certain catalystic agents of energy, which are called gravity or the kinetic energy of the magnetic lines and structures which hold the universe together. This energy in itself can be said to be remanifesting itself into numerous other and countless little vortexes of energy. They in turn stem and reradiate energy out. While one here is negative according to the positiveness of this dimension above it; yet the energy as it radiates from here according to this dimension is positive, whereas this is negative. Thus we see the interchange of energy and from one dimensional form into another. The final resolution of these countless multiplicities of vortexes of energy resolve themselves into the atomic structures, whether they are the simple hydrogen atom or whether they are U-238, or whether they are any of the other supporting spiritual atoms with which this basic physical atom is directly related too, because the isotope of any of these other elements are in themselves related in a basic frequency relationship to a higher and to a higher structure.

You might say if we strike the "A" string on one violin, and we have an “A” string over here, the vibrations or the pulsations of energy will cause this one too, to vibrate. If we say that this string vibrates at a basic frequency of 100 cycles per second, it will generate and regenerate according to the laws of harmonic structures which is the basic multiple of 2 and ½ times the fundamental frequency. It can rise to 10 or 15 thousand cycles per second. So therefore, in the transposition of any form of energy which we see in this world about us, it is concerned in just such a frequency relationship and just under such existing laws; there are no variations, there are no deviations. When we have gone into these concepts thoroughly, and as I said we do not want to make atomic scientists out of anyone, but merely acquaint you with the basic and the fundamental understandings of energy in motion.

Now as I said, according to Einstein's theory wherefore mass is transformed into energy or energy into mass as it was done in the five remaining manufactured atoms of the earth science today that we find that energy and mass are interchangeable and that one form can be transposed into the other according to this same basic formula.

About 1900 a gentleman by the name of Max Planck came along with his theory of quanta. It was supposed up until that time that all energy was electronic form or in other words, there were tiny little particles of solid electricity which were somehow being precipitated along certain directions. It was Max Planck who established the Planck's Theory of Quanta which I believe if I can quote from memory is something like this; 6.624 x 10-27 ergs per second. In other words, to make it just simple, while that is a formula in itself, but to make it really simple, it merely means that energy does not in itself simply flow through something and come out something at the other end, but has to be a very definite relationship of harmonic or frequency transposition.

Now when we begin to understand that somewhere out here in space, somewhere around us, somewhere within us, somewhere going on all the time in a manner in a fashion in which our physical eyes, our physical ears, or any of our five senses cannot determine or discriminate, that there are vast seas of energy in a continual, reciprocating, interchange and interlocking of an innumerable and in an infinite number of cycles. The whole cosmic universe, the void which scientists call space is filled with this radiating pulsating energy. And while we have depicted that on the blackboard as huge vortexes of energy and that they in turn re-divide and subdivide themselves in an infinite number of ways and in an infinite number of directions, yet there is that same harmonic frequency relationship. The various atomic structures of the innumerable elements, not only the 101 which science knows and understands today, but which will in turn open up with this understanding, open up a whole new field, a whole new horizon, a whole new world of science. To develop this type of an understanding will for the present time have to be conceived, and conceived from the standpoint of clairvoyance. The world is at the present time singularly devoid of any instrumentation which can determine such elements of form as exist in these outer dimensions or in these inner dimensions. You may picture to yourself that this room at the present moment is pulsating with at least the pictures from twelve or fifteen different television stations. You do not have the power, the instrumentation in your physical body to discern these vibrations; yet they are in themselves with proper instrumentation which is the television set or your radio, transported into visual and audible energy.

In the future, science and for the world in general as it shall develop in the future years, we shall find that science can develop the instrumentation for peering into these dimensions and determining just what happens there. They will not only be able to do that through instrumentation but they shall also, through other instrumentation, be able to bring in the voices of the higher minds and the intellects which has heretofore been almost impossible. You may say this is a contradiction to what is commonly known as Spiritualism in the world today; yet Spiritualism is not as yet a fully developed science, nor can it function into such a fully developed science until it is abstracted from the realm in which it now exists. The clairvoyant in himself in the future generation and age will have to develop his mentality and his position to the spiritual dimensions in accordance to that type of the transposition of knowledge and wisdom which is so vital and necessary for mankind to exist.

In our future discussions, and I cannot give too much emphasis to what I have quoted here tonight and that if you would like to add to and to increase the importance of understanding energy and mass, that it would be wise for you to peer into some of the textbooks. There are plenty of these books available, and they can be had in the various almanacs, the various encyclopedias, and the various textbooks which are found in almost everyone's home.

It will also be very necessary and one in which I cannot emphasize strongly enough, that you develop a certain cognizance; that you will try to visualize the transposition of energy all about you, to change your way of thinking in regards to what has been formerly called mass. You will thus be able to see that the blades of grass, and the leaves of the trees, everything assumes a different proportion, a different intensity, a different translation. Each one will whisper to you its own mysterious and secret message of the Infinite Creation.

And thus with the understanding of this concept, we will in future lessons be able to go into such concepts as the psychic self and draw for you what the psychic self consists of, how it is that you incur into that psychic self either the indispositions of sin or error, whether they are disease or malformations of wrong thinking or perverted acts, or whether they are constructive and useful things of purpose and intent. And that like your physical body, your psychic body is constantly being constructed and torn down. And that your future evolution depends upon how you construct and reconstruct this psychic self; for linked to this psychic self is your pure Superconsciousness which is sometimes called your soul. It is your true self which you in your ultimate struggle and in your infinite number of reincarnations to acquaint yourself with the Infinite Nature of God and to see all of the things in which is godlike in that concept, that you will again come into a harmonic conclusion with that soul-self, and in that harmonic conclusion and the fulfillment and the attainment of that reincarnation, you will have attained the infinity with God.

In the presentation of what we might call advanced scientific relationship in this thought, and that they are more than 3rd dimensional in nature or terrestrial or material, and extend into the Spiritual concepts and that they are in themselves tremendously advanced. And yet it is quite apparent that science in the future day as well as fundamentalism or orthodoxy will have to accept these things; they will not only have to but they will develop that desire within themselves. Both fundamentalism and science today have passed the point of diminished returns. If we’re going to free the hundreds of thousands of people who, under the present conditions of extreme stress and circumstance; we go to the penal institutions, the asylums, the hospitals, and who go to the graveyards needlessly every year, if we’re going to alleviate that, if we’re going to alleviate the wars, the hunger, the strife and the vicissitudes of human nature, then we have to learn to understand each other, who we are, what we are, where we came from and where we’re going. That is the purpose of this science which is being brought to you by the higher minds from the Shamballa. I myself am one instrument. There will be others and there are others now. We will prove these things and demonstrate them to you, that they are factual and that they can change your lives and they can give you the answers to all your problems. Don’t expect me to give the answers to you. I will give you the facts of how to get the answers yourself.

I can peer back into your past lives and give you busy work, the pertinent points or the points of pivoting as we call them, pivot points, which have incurred your greatest negations and your greatest different crises in these different lives which have come down to you through the different evolutions, that have stopped you in your evolution and made you reincarnate time and time again in these terrestrial dimensions to find the answers, the solution of these things. We can in the future too, with the understanding of this science, actually relate you in a new way in which you could not at the present time conceive, as an active participant and participle in God’s Infinite Mind. And you see how you do it. You will see it working.


* * *




Q – What is behind the energy, the moving power, or the source of energy?

A – All energy starts from way off—out or up there in the great Infinite Vortex which stems downward and multiplies and regenerates and recurs into numerous dimensions which, for convenience sake, we shall call vortexes.

Q – How is it that they claim we see or view everything inverted? Are we, by any chance, upside down?

A – No, indeed not. It is like everything else in this universe, it is merely concept. Seeing is merely an optical law. You have learned to relate yourself to it and live by it in a normal fashion. We can turn the yoke of a television set over and the picture will be inverted; you would then have to be on your head to see it right side up. If you came into this world without eyes, you would have to conceive things in a different way. The transfer of a picture into your mind is a related mechanical process called optical principles or ‘angles of incidence’. There is no color in anything, but merely the property of any substance to absorb and to reflect certain waves of energy which you call light or darkness. These wave lengths of energy can be reflected by other substances, such as a mirror or a pond. Anything that you can conceive in this world depends upon your relationship to it but we are going beyond this. We are seeing everything as energy; we are linking ourselves to the Infinite through the higher consciousness. These simple physical sciences can be very easily divulged. What is being taught here tonight is far beyond the physical optical dispensation.

Q – Since there must be a force beyond energy, what is beyond consciousness?

A – As Kung Fu says, "The longest journey begins with the first step." To answer that properly I would go beyond the concept of your own mind. We shall start first from this great central vortex, which I explained in the lesson. We see in this great central vortex a great super celestial Universe, a multiplying and reoccurring intelligence. Beyond that we could say, would be a mass conglomeration of an infinite number of superhuman minds which have been projected from certain laws and relationships of which we may know nothing. To assimilate these facts, we need to start at some point in order to associate these things into the mind. It is of no use at this point to get too abstract for the majority of students. The Infinite is the abstract.

Q – Are we here on this plane for experience only, and who is to say whether a deed is good or ill?

A – That is in itself the practical aspect of the whole thing because this terrestrial dimension is part of that learning process or experience. It is very necessary to everyone. Unfortunately, we find many left hand or right hand, or extremes of expressions, where you see individuals or minority groups who might capitalize or exploit the weaknesses of human nature or exploit the goodness of those about them. But in the ultimate attainment, we are the absolute judge, jury or executioner, according to what we take into ourselves in the domain or the threshold of experience. We have to consider this world in a rather abstract way because it is one of many, many worlds where experience is a necessary integrating factor. Experience creates a certain impact. It creates wave forms which are projected into the psychic self which reconstructs the psychic self in that building process which was previously mentioned. We are constructing for ourselves, a spiritual body which will live in a higher dimension through this experience, by automatically accepting or rejecting certain values or certain negations which will reconstruct this spiritual body.

Q – Are we to understand that you said the sun is not actually hot?

A – Yes, that is what I was showing you a moment ago. You need not necessarily take my word for it. The fact the sun is not hot has been expressed by these higher minds and by advanced thinkers of this time; by Churchward in his books, and those who carved the hieroglyphics in the temples and pyramids, and in many other places have repeatedly portrayed that the sun is not hot. The sun is a radiating source of energy and that energy, as a pure form as it resides and comes from the sun, is neither heat nor light. Instead, it has to be changed by magnetic and gravitational structures and by various polarities which are involved because these polarities come through this great central universe. I shall draw the universe here for you. This is how it appears from Mt. Lowe or some of the other observatories.

If you were to look at it edgewise, it would look like this. Now from this central vortex we find great lines of magnetic energy which stem out around this huge vortex. Our solar system appears as one tiny speck in comparison. There are 100 trillion of these white specks which are visible to the Mt. Palomar telescopes, all of them bigger than our own sun. Down near this central vortex we find an intense concentration of suns. These are all energies which exist in higher dimensions of higher vibrations about which science today knows nothing and they will not know until they get out into space with instrumentation to measure them. Here in our solar system are definite lines of energy; the flying saucers come in and fly by them, they utilize that energy. One line of energy comes to earth and flows through the earth and creates a polarity. One side of the earth becomes negative and the other side becomes positive. This is manifest up higher by another vortex of energy which we call the magnetic poles. Energy recreates energy and regenerates itself. It regenerates itself through these countless dimensions according to the harmonic frequency of the multiple of 2 and ½ times the fundamental frequency. Think this over; I explained these things one time to a professor of calculus out at the University in Westwood and he did not get it either; but he said that someday he would. This was about four years ago. Atomic science today is just beginning to prove some of these theories.

Q – Would you explain further regarding light, air and dimensions?

A – All right. You look out here into the air, but what is this air? It is mostly nitrogen and oxygen with a few other inert elements and gases such as argon. They resolve themselves into molecules; the molecules, in turn, are definite structures of tiny atoms, all held together by the same magnetic laws which hold the universe together. This power is the same which holds the universe together.

This power is the same which holds the molecules together. A horseshoe magnet has two poles in which you have these same magnetic fields, magnetic lines. The power thus generated is that which runs the motors in your vacuum sweepers and your washers.

Q – What part do resistors play?

A – Resistors are diametrically opposed atomic structures in relationship to the flow of energy which can create heat or can be dispensated outwardly as magnetic lines of force. Take a small wire for instance, electricity does not travel through the center but over the surface of the wire. Now every time that electricity comes in contact with the molecules along the surface of the wire, it creates certain disturbances because of the magnetic lines of linkage and in doing so, it will create a field of force which is another transposition of energy according to a certain fundamental frequency.

If it is a 60 cycle current which flows through the length of the wire, we shall find fundamental frequency generated on the outside of that wire in the direct multiple and relationship.

Q – Do we get heat from the resistance in the air?

A – No, you do not get all of heat and light through resistance of light through the air. Most of the heat comes through an interchange of energy through the magnetic structures. It is called hysteresis. We get hysteresis in a transformer; if we pass energy through a coil of wire which is wrapped around a core of iron, we get hysteresis in the iron, thus producing heat. The iron becomes red hot if we get enough current going through the wire.

Q – Then is the energy from the sun warm because of hysteresis?

A – Certainly, because there you are then coming in direct contact with the source of energy. As it is reflected down, you not only have hysteresis in the atmosphere and the molecules and atoms in the air, but also hysteresis and interchange of energy through the magnetic structures which you call gravity or which is called polarity, or positive and negative.

Q – Would you say then that the gravity of the earth is the negative polarity and the positive is the sun?

A – That is right, because out in this great central vortex is the sum and total of all our gravitational forces. It relates, as I explained, right down through from one dimension on into another. We have the same transposition of energy into different forms, some of which you call gravity or which you call heat and light or any other particular kind of energy.

Q – Are there actual structures of energy?

A – Yes, now for actual purposes we understand that the interchange of energy is in the sine wave. That statement will simplify things for you as far as this 3rd dimension is concerned. But in the 4th dimension, we again have the circular concept. If you are a little ant up here on top of the circle and you want to see what's going on down here at the bottom, you do not need to walk all around because you are in tune with it. The vibration is the same in that entire cycle. By attunement you could know instantly all that was occurring at any point simultaneously. You conceive it in the mind; you need not cover the area by traveling there. But it is different in the 3rd dimension because here we have time and space. In the 4th dimension we have eliminated time and space because we are simultaneously in tune with the whole universe instantly. We can liken the dimensions to a piano keyboard on which there are an infinite number of chord structures, some harmonic, others inharmonic. The universe, or what we call our 3rd dimension, functions by this same principle. The science of our 101 elements is based strictly upon certain relationships which are called energy masses or atoms and which are revolving from a certain frequency relationship. This point is the one on which the scientists have their little differences and misunderstanding of the isotopes, because the isotope is the same atom in higher form. These principles are used in the flying saucer that comes down from another planet. The men who created these saucers know about the laws governing isotopes and frequency change. They know how to change the elements in that ship from one dimension to another, like changing the vibration of an atom. You may think the saucer is hot because it is red, but it is not. It simply means that the ship is radiating a certain energy which we call light. It isn't heat at all. It changes from rosy hues to a brilliant white just as quickly. So what happens? The ship merely becomes an object of radiation.

If we would learn to change the natural vibrating fundamental frequency of the atom, which is called a material atom, and change it to the frequency with which it is to be related, we could do exactly what the Flying Saucer man does. Other people on other planets are doing it; they do these things on Mars, on Clarion, and on many other planets and have been doing so for hundreds of thousands of years. As I said in a past lesson, the eartheans are in a very low plane of understanding.

Q – What is meant by either soft light or hard light?

A – You see in the light spectrum which is visible to the rods and cones in your eyes merely means that through the lens of the eyes certain frequencies of energy strike the rods and cones. There are phosphor compounds on the apex of those cones which are activated and regenerate and degenerate according to the different fundamental frequency relationship of those wave forms. That transposes to you and your intelligence your concept of what you term light or dark are objectified according to the various impulses which are compounded within those wave forms.

Q – They can materialize the flying saucers can’t they?

A – That is a process of materialization and de-materializing if we consider it from the standpoint of the basic atomic structures of elements as we know them. The atoms of the metal themselves are changed in their relationship in the dimension in which they normally reside. The atoms themselves are strong magnetic fields of force and they’re held together by those fields of force through the laws of harmonic relationship. They relate themselves automatically through any one of a number or a hundred or a million different dimensions. By simply knowing the secret of how to transpose them they lose their relationship in the dimension in which they are and do not become subjected to the ordinary laws of the normal dimension in which they normally reside. Jesus did that voluntarily; he could walk through solid walls or appear or disappear. And Jesus isn’t alone because there have been thousands of people on the earth who have not only been doing it through the past ages but are doing it at the present time.

Q – How do they do that?

A – How do they? Well I just got through telling you dear. You must listen. They change, you see if you can imagine that these little atoms are like a lot of little moons turning around the earth real fast. They’re all held together by certain magnetic or very definite forces of energy so they won’t fly apart. And those energies are very strong because they are related to a higher dimension like you saw here with the spinning top, the vortex. That’s what holds that atom together. Now by changing the relationship of that little atom with that vortex we change the way it vibrates so it isn’t subjected to the same laws of gravity and other various physical laws that we have here. So as far as this world is concerned it is weightless.

Q – That’s the point, how do you change that?

A – My dear, that is a thing in which I will explain in due time. But I couldn’t give it to you now because you haven’t even mastered the first elements of the whole thing. How can I give you top flight secrets before you can even stand on your own mental feet?

Q – Does the current flow because it is the weakest part in the completed circle or because it is a different resistant ratio?

A – You might say that broadly speaking it is the weakest link in the chain of reaction between the dynamo, the generating force, the EMF, and its negative polarity. But you might also say that it exists simply in the general principle as we explained a reactive element in the flow of energy, because it is someway diametrically opposed in its rate of vibration as an atomic structure to the EMF. Do you follow me?

Q – Yes I do. The reason why I asked that is because I was wondering why the other wires that lead the current to the filament didn’t glow?

A – Simply because they are of large enough capacity to carry that wire without any serious disturbances to the current itself. You’re getting into the dimension which is known as Ohm’s Law, a very simple factor of resistance, because any wire no matter how large or small it is, is a resistive element in the EMF. There isn’t such a thing as a perfect conductor.

Q – Would this mean then that the earth, its constant light and heat and warmth from the sun, is because it is the weakest link?

A – You can liken it as a resistive element that is the magnetic structures in an interchange of magnetic structures as they are really are opposed to themselves according to their frequency relationship, generate heat or generate light.

Q – Do the flying saucers fly in a beam or how do they fly?

A – There are different methods. There are two, generally considered, we divide them in two different methods. We will say the manually operated ship and usually that’s the mother ship. But most of the ships which have been sighted upon the earth or which people have ridden in have been remote controlled. They fly in the center of an energy beam and they’re controlled by that beam. It’s like a hollow tube at the end of a search light and they move this beam around just like you would see the klieg lights weaving about through the sky. And that this saucer or disk like a waffle iron is situated right in the center of this whole beam of force and around on the outside edge is what makes contact with the beam. That explain that to you?

Q – These higher beings, they can materialize, de-materialize. Why do they need flying saucers, why do they have to use of the flying saucers?

A – Well they don’t really. They don’t really. When you get to the point where Jesus was in your concepts you can go from planet to planet without a flying saucer. That’s what we’re doing now. We are going up in our various transmissions; personally I do these things if I can interject a note of personality, and walk around in these various super planets which we call Shamballa and through my vocal chords they’re described. And I come back with a picture of that myself. I've had the experience.

Q – You are going up there in your psychic then?

A – In my psychic body, yes I leave the physical body behind, but I am not out of control of it. I maintain proper continuity; it is not dead trance. I can get up and walk across the room and still be there. I can even do a dance and still be there. Now that’s hard to believe but it’s a fact and I can demonstrate it.

Q – Do you feel cold when your consciousness rises that high up?

A – Well normally I have noticed no particular physical differences whatsoever. In fact the top of my head gets so sore and gets so hot that I can hardly touch it. And the circle comes out on the forehead, and not only that but everybody in the room feels it. And we get the aroma, the incense from these high masters. They come into the room and identify them first by their particular effulgence, their odor.

Q – Do you feel you go to them or that they come to you?

A – Well it’s a question here of whether it’s the tail wagging the dog or the dog wagging the tail. Now when you get into an abstract concept like that you must realize that as far, if you could picture your physical body as an organ of reception, you would be looking, seeing, breathing, feeling out of every pore, on all directions simultaneously at once. So you can’t say that they come to you or you go to them nor more than you can say that your radio set goes to the tower on the hill in the transmitter or the transmitter comes to the television set. It’s merely a linkage of harmonic and frequency relationship that occurs instantaneously and that’s what happens when you get from this physical flesh. You don't have to take the trains or street cars to get there; you conceive it in your mind and you’re there.

Q – Does distance have any influence; say you wanted to go to a planet on the other side of the moon?

A – You mean as to whether any planet has any influence? Distance makes absolutely no difference whatsoever because these things take place in dimensions which are 4th dimensional and which all function according to a cycular pattern or an interlocking pattern like gears in a watch. That was what Einstein was trying to explain with what he called the compressed time theory because he finally got to the point in his conception where he was a little clairvoyant. He finally postulated the theory and I will give it to you roughly: that out in free space, in what they call the cosmic universe, that light travels at any particular speed that it wanted to. We say that light here as far as our terrestrial dimension is concerned is 186,272 miles per second; that is the ultimate barrier of the physical dimension. Out in space and it was proven that light travels four or five times that fast, or four or five hundred times that fast, according to the dimension.

Q – Then E.M.C. (Einstein's mass-energy concept), it would not be true throughout the Universe?

A – It would not; that E.M.C. is only the constant frequency relationship up to 186,000 miles per second. Just as a few years ago, the airplane industry and then the engineers were concerned with the sound barrier, sound at 740 miles per second, traveling whatever speed the sound was at different levels, and so on and so forth. And you know what happened to the sound barrier. Now we have at the present time confronting the engineers the thermal barrier. They believe that skin friction will be the biggest single contributing barrier to space flight because they have about 40 to 60 miles of oxygen or air to transfer.

Now there are a lot of other factors which relate to what we call the thermal barrier. Now for instance I’ll explain this to you a little differently. We have something like two or three million tiny cosmic particles that rain on this earth every hour. They come from outer space. Most of these little particles are about as big as a grain of sand; they weigh less than a gram. You see them streaking across the sky as a brilliant meteor. The word meteor itself means a streak of light. Now you wonder how did that little grain of sand could come in contact with friction with the earth and generate so much light; it isn't that at all, because that little particle of sand, of cosmic dust, traveling through the upper layers of the air is traveling at about 20,000 miles per hour. And it piles up in front of it a ball of air or a ball of gas. And because of the friction of the atoms in this ball of gas it becomes incandescent and glows so that that little tiny grain of sand is actually multiplied a hundred thousand times in intensity and brilliance. That’s exactly the same thing that happens on the sun. The sun is a huge fluorescent tube, what they call the chromosphere or the radiating energy from the sun's surface is exactly the same thing. Its pulsations and radiance of energy which are not heat at all. They are this.

Q – If we can really realize infinity, then we know all that is? Isn't that it just is?

A – Well, it just is. But yes, you can look at it that way if you want, but you know it’s just like going down the street and looking about you and saying well "It just is," but that doesn’t lead us anywhere in our philosophy. We have to determine what the relationships or the values, where the generic and the creative forces are behind these things and how they function, otherwise it isn't is! It’s something else.

Q – Well, if it occurs down here, then it must have occurred in the higher dimensions first.

A – It has to come from the higher dimensions first.

Q – That’s in slow motion down here in time.

A – That’s alright; it’s just the same thing or you might call it slow motion. But you must know too, that everything that you do on this planet, and I don’t care whether you burn your house down or whatever it is that you do, but that has the same amount of energy transference in higher dimensions. You do not dispensate energy. You do not destroy energy but it recreates itself, expresses itself in different dimensions according to these fundamental frequency relationships.

Q – Would you tell us something about Swedenborg?

A – Would I read something about Swedenborg? We had him in the house here a couple three months ago and he gave a tape transmission.

Q – Wasn't he able to go and visit other planets?

A – Yes he did. Swedenborg finally developed a very high degree or dimensional form of clairvoyance and visited what he called the Seven Celestial Kingdoms which are actually the Seven Shamballas which will be described to you in future lessons.

Q – I was supposed to be talking to a man on a flying saucer through a psychic, from the other side of the sun, who was to have come from Pluto; do you think this was true?

A – There is another planet which the astronomers today, in fact there are several which the astronomers today in our solar system don’t know about; one of them is Vulcan. Vulcan is the dark planet on the other side of the sun; and revolves around the sun in a direct proportion so that we never actually get to see it, no more than we see the other side of the moon. And that is the place of reincarnation for all the colored people at one time passed through that planet. Abraham Lincoln was there one time and was a colored man.

Q – Was this message from the spaceman I mentioned authentic?

A – We have to remember these things. As Paul said, I am not too much of a person to go back into things like this, but we must try the spirits and we must discern of the spirits, who they are. Now since the little lady last week asked the question, are there organizations in the black forces, when I went home that night that kind of peaked my curiosity, so we went back into some of our taped transmissions and Ruth routed out the fact that we had been given very definite information which I had not correlated at that time, that there were very wonderful and very beautiful organizations of black forces and they function just as well and just as nice as the high ones do. In fact, they’re much more intense because they’re closer to this dimension of frequency relationship than we are.

Q – What is meant by black forces?

A – It simply means that we have organizations or people who are in themselves what we call, lack a sense of direction, a proper sense of directive relationship. In other words, they are selfish.

Q – Isn't it easy to be under their influence instead of under the higher spiritual forces?

A – Well yes there are. But it’s like I often describe, like I said last week, it’s something like learning to ride a bicycle. We can tell you to maintain a positive continuity in all expressions and when you see God flowing into you and all your forms of concept wherever they are all around you and you realize that they are all whispering that little secret of creation and that little secret of infinity.

Q – Is it true that some of the lower astral forces portray themselves as being higher than they actually are, thus trying to influence us?

A – Well yes, that is quite true; but at the same time, most people do sooner or later arrive at a certain point of discrimination because that Superconsciousness and what we call the conscious mind, the little Still Small Voice or the Small Still Voice, that is the thing that will determine that with us. And you must also remember the fact that people like yourself who are a little more advanced than shall we say the three fourths or the majority of people in the concepts, that in those astral planes or worlds which are somewhat more spiritual in nature than this world, that you have lived there in between your reincarnations and you have set up certain contacts, certain affiliations with certain organizations of more highly developed souls . . . and you automatically know they are the ones that help guide you, help moderate your actions to a certain point. Of course it’s all according to how you can conceive these things and how you let yourself be guided and directed. As I often say, I never get into trouble until I go against that Voice.

Q – Is it always other intelligences who guide you? Is it not your own Christ within?

A – You're right. That's the ultimate thing.

Q – Do we need outside guidance?

A – You very often do. Sad to say down in this little terrestrial planet you very often, in fact you couldn’t go from one day to another unless you had a lot of help. You do that not only from your Superconsciousness but to everybody that is related with you and functioning in these planes of harmonic relationship in the higher spiritual dimensions. You couldn’t live five minutes on this planet unless you had that inflow of divine energy through the hypothalamus.

Q – Is that the third eye?

A – The hypothalamus, which is commonly called the pituitary, down at the base of the brain. You have your pineal out here in front you see. That is called your third eye out here. That is what the old fish are supposed to have that. It is an organ of vibration something like radar. And bats have it developed; many other insects have that very strong directive force of the pineal. But through the pituitary, that is the organ or the hypothalamus, which links the voluntary with the involuntary reactions of the coordinative systems of your body. You couldn’t consciously stop your heart or cause your heart to fluctuate, but if you get a fear consciousness, a sudden impact of fear your heart will fluctuate won’t it. That is because you have generated so much dynamic energy in your brain cells through the impact of the fear in the natural, normal processes of relationship that some of it spills over. It’s regenerated into other frequency spectrums which are connected into the hypothalamus which causes your heart to palpitate.

Q – Where do the adrenals come in?

A – They are all part and linkage of that particular force. Now the adrenals and various other ductless glands of the system function much the same as your hypothalamus does; in other worlds and in other dimensions. They are related to your higher self and they are stimulated from outside or shall we say internal psychic forces of which the present day doctor knows nothing about. That’s the reason they get through so much disease with them. They don’t know the answer to these things. Because the adrenals and the various other ductless glands are connected just the same as these atoms are with isotopes into higher dimensions and they function from these higher dimensions. The higher dimension is the psychic body. When science gets that secret of the psychic body, he will be able to cure all these malformations in human expression that are now called incurable. They disappear like magic.

Q – Will you tell me why at times I occasionally hear voices?

A – It’s simply clairaudience. It merely means that somewhere along the line you have some spiritual forces around you who’ve learned a little secret of transposing their mind energies. They do not talk in the higher realms of life, that it is conscious mind telepathy that goes on. But they have managed to transfer their mind energies into what you call vocal sounds. Now you must examine from the standpoint of physiology just what the ear is like to understand how these things can be produced. It’s a certain little thing all by itself. It is not produced in the ear but is produced in certain auditory nerves as definite impulses which come from another dimension. You see you are what we would call an undeveloped medium. Now you could go into other classrooms, the séance rooms and probably develop that to a very high degree where you could hear the voices whispering to you night and day and you’d get to depend on them and you’d go around and they would have the needle in your arm all the time. You see this is a phase, what we call clairvoyance and clairaudience, it’s the hearing voices. Hearing the lower astral worlds speaking to us is a phase of development which we all go through, but sooner or later we do with them just like we do to everybody on the outside world; we don’t open the door and make our home a subway station. We don’t make it a collecting place and a gathering place for every dislocated entity in the whole God's astral universes. We have to discriminate the same as we discriminate here in this earth. Otherwise they’ll make a tavern out of our home. I could tune in on another frequency or wave length here and tell you who that person was. It was more than likely your mother or your grandmother who was trying to come through, or it might be one of their thought-form bodies. There’s a very definite and it’s rather an abstract process of how people create through a want or longing, through a sense of security, a lack of security, or a loss of a dear loved one.

Here’s what you should do with that gift, because it isn’t necessarily a gift because you’ve arrived at it through numerous reincarnations and developed your mentality and your inward contact; in other words your whole psychic structure is now revolving in a dimension which is much higher than it was a few thousand years ago. You’re coming closer to where you attain the true abstract concept, where all the voices in the whole Infinite Universe can come to you. It just won’t be a few voices. Does that help?

So in these translations, now it’s alright to listen to these voices; if you want to develop your clairvoyance or your clairaudience or whatever channel you find that taking yourself into, that probably be alright if you do it within the realm of consciousness with discrimination. When you hear the Higher Minds and the Higher Intellects they won’t come to you as whispering voices. They’ll come as definite impressions; they’ll come to you as pictures. They’ll come to you as personalities of Light and Radiance and Beauty.

Q – I see many things.

A – And you will, yes. Perhaps you have and they’re the ones you should try for and they’re the ones you should materialize into your consciousness because that’s the way they come to you, that’s the way you make the affinity and the contact.

Q – You were speaking of Shamballa. Well are the Ascended Masters from this planet evolved to that degree or do they come from other planets?

A – Well, it’s like a lot of other things on this earth only much more so. If we can picture say 100,000 planets like this earth, in more or less terrestrial conditions of vibrations and expressions, and we can visualize hundreds of millions of people revolving around through these, or hundreds of trillions of people revolving around in different karmic states of reincarnation. We can say maybe the sum and total of a certain number of minds have evolved to Shamballa. Shamballa is in itself seven teaching centers. There’re a lot great Minds in Shamballa which once lived on the earth, but they’re not all there. Some of them are not only on this earth but they’re in other planets like this earth or they maintain contact or polarity through individuals like myself. Or they’re working in some of the higher astral worlds between here and Shamballa. It’s just the same as it would be anywhere else. We find our own proper niche, our own proper relationship, we learn and we teach.

Q – Were there so many Masters to a planet or is it just certain?

A – Well we are going into that in a lesson a little farther along the line. What we are doing tonight primarily, we take one thing one step at a time. And what we are trying to do is answer questions primarily which relate you to energy and mass and the various other different associated factors with that. In one of the future classes we’re going to describe Shamballa to you and tell you who the Teachers and the Masters and so forth, who they are, what the Lords, the Logi are and various other different factors of integration. So that will help you a lot. Now let’s get this thing about energy and mass cleared up. Are there any other questions here that we’d like to go into this evening because the Masters think that we’re about as far as the human body can go for tonight.

Q – When all the planets and suns were created, how did they know the plan?

A – Those secrets, my dear, you’re asking in one short breath the whole secret to God’s most Infinite Mind. And we say people only take these things one step at a time. I appreciate your position and I am not making light of it in any sense of the word because it’s a very honest question and is supported by a lot of intelligence. But you’ll never be able to conceive how all these things are done until you first learn what’s up there on this blackboard. When you get that we’ll talk about the other things. When you find out this little world around you is just merely a revolving conglomerate mass of energy expressing itself intelligently in all forms and all ways around you, then we’ll take the next step, then we’ll begin to arrive at what the God really is. He’s you, every one of us here, he’s the walls of the room, he’s everything.

Q – You mean the other planets consist of the same thing?

A – All are vibrating in different planes of relationship. We can roughly divide them into what we call three dimensional factors. That is we have the terrestrial or the material planets like the earth, and we have the astral planets which revolve in somewhat a higher frequency relationship like Venus, and then we get the super-astral worlds, then we get the casual worlds, then we get the Celestial worlds. And we go on and we go on and we go on up because all of those worlds revolve in these different dimensions or vortexes of expression.

Q – How many different dimensions are there?

A – That would be like trying to count the atoms in your body, or count the atoms in all the bodies in this room or all the atoms in the Universe.

Q – In other words there is no limit?

A – There is no limit. And even the Higher Minds in Shamballa in their position can look out and say there is no limit. And they tell us that will we ever get in the position where we will ever see the end of it.

Q – Is it terrible then to think that we on the lowest of all of them?

A – Well you are living on one of the lowest. I’m not saying it’s the lowest but one of the lowest. The physical planets always are comparatively low because there we find energy expressing itself into atomic structures. Now you must bear in mind too, that there are various densities of atomic structures. There’s one little star out here, I believe the astronomers call it Sirius or some name like that I have forgotten at the moment, but it is so dense that one cubic inch would weigh 20,000 tons according to our gravitational pull. That huge sun is hundreds of times larger than our own and is supposed to be about three or four hundred times as hot. Of course the astronomer is always confused and the scientist is confused what heat is. He hasn’t yet got to the point where he merely says that energy is in resistance to a certain known mathematical formula and that’s all it is. Heat doesn’t really exist.

Q – So that’s one of the planets you have not yet visited isn’t it?

A – There are lots of them I haven’t visited but believe me; I'm not going to stop there.

Q – Is there a vibration which correlates with the infrared ray that would be effective?

A – Well, I know what you are getting at. You see first in order to understand energy a little just as we were explaining it to you on the blackboard, I’ll probably have to repeat these things many, many times because even though you people may be above average intelligence in many, many ways yet these truths I appreciate the fact that they are very advanced and it takes normally a person many months or many years or even many lifetimes to absorb these principles. Now what you are speaking of is merely what we call spectrums.

Q – Well no, I mean is there a world, a world that could be described as Hades or Hell?

A – Well now you are getting into the threshold of perception or concept again. If you were suddenly transported down into the middle of the jungle in Africa and you didn't know a thing about it, you would be comparatively in the same position as a lot of people are when they leave this world and don’t know anything about where they’re going and haven't bothered to find out. They have no equipment and no knowledge of it. And it’s as simple as that. It isn't, doesn't mean that . . . they could be right in the heart of a very beautiful planet and they wouldn’t know it because they don’t have the eyes to see it or the ears to hear it, or the fingers to feel, because it’s concept. And we stress that so very, very emphatically because as far as your own position in life is determined, whatever the reincarnation cycle is, it is purely a product of concept and nothing else but. There is no limit to God’s Infinite Mind.

Q – In other words it’s all mind?

A – In other words it’s all mind. It resolves you right down as to how much integration you have with God’s Infinite Self. And the higher you get the more integration you get, the more abstract you become in your concept and the more you see and you begin to see, hear, feel, breathe and act through every pore in your being. You don't have a physical body then and you don’t return to the earth under normal conditions or circumstances. But you learn to be the over-self or the over-soul and be the directive force behind some unified action or some individual contact.

Q – Sometimes I see glimpses of horrible things; is this astral?

A – Now a little later on we’re going into these principles of what we call personal mediumship. Now whenever a person goes along the path of life, we’ll explain it to you simply and you can mull it over in your mind in the next few days, you get just like they have in the Masonic orders and various other religious or Essenic orders of the earth, you get to certain stages of your development where there are initiations, where you pass certain thresholds. The Masonic orders and in the higher astral realms where such initiations take place, you are tempted and you are tried by all the visitations of the old astral or the carnal world you left behind you to see whether you’ve got the stuff and whether you can take it. When you get right up on your spiritual legs and you lick these things when they come to you and you become the moderator, the dictator, and the integrator of your own self and your spirituality then these things disappear behind you.

Now don’t despair for one moment if you don’t get what was explained on the blackboard, don’t despair a moment, because that went into you somewhere into your psychic self and a little later on you’ll get it. Not only that, but they’re liable to take you out into the astral worlds in the next few weeks and they’ll take you up there and they’ll put you through the laundry. They’ll give it to you that way. Now I can tell you my little wife actually learned to typewrite that way. They took her out at night, the next morning she came back she could typewrite. Now that’s the truth and many other things happen just that way. We know about things tomorrow which we don’t know about tonight because we go out there and we learn these things. We go to Venus and we go to other astral worlds because there is no distance, there is no separation, it’s all vibration, its integration of energy on certain strata, certain planes, plateaus.

Q – Could you learn different languages this way?

A – You can learn different languages that way. That’s right. Now if you remember on Mars they have that little thing they slip under the pillow when a little child and they give him a college education even though he never hears a word of it. That’s right. He doesn’t go to school; he gets it all through the Z-ray while he sleeps.

Q – They use and move my arm and write this way sometimes. Is this good?

A – Well now you see physical phenomena is a certain dimension of relativity. It isn’t the highest form in the world. It’s only an evolution that you’ll go through and when you learn that this isn’t particularly valuable to you you’ll discard it because the people who are close enough to you to be able to manipulate your arm aren’t, shall we say, the highest expression. Now out there in those astral worlds there are people just like that, there are literally millions of them walking around who should be if they were here, be under very strong psychiatric treatment. They’d be incarcerated. When you go in for physical phenomena you are sticking your chin out and you’re asking for it because most people are not discriminating enough to know what comes to them.

Q – Can you, I mean, you see how they do it in Mars, how they teach a child by putting some . . . Could we produce that here?

A – Well, you can do it the same way, but it’s very easily proved through hypnosis. You’re very familiar with the various things they do to a person when he’s hypnotized. It’s the same principle.

Q – Yes but couldn’t we get something practical out of that by producing something as teaching people different languages?

A – Certainly! That’s part of the Science of the New Age.

Q – Can they put that into a material form?

A – It’s already underway, it’s already being experimented on. With all the many, many universities, many doctors and scientists in the world today are experimenting on that one principle. In fact, they’re even using it in some of the speech colleges back east and on the west coast. They give you phonograph records, you play them with what they call, it’s rather a crude form, it isn’t highly developed but it’s still a step in the right direction. You place this pillow speaker close to your ear when you are lying there in a meditative state and they repeat those languages over and over again in your ears. And the student who takes that course can learn a language within eight days’ time where it would normally take him three months. And they even play it while he’s going around the room while he’s shaving and dressing, that same record is being played.

Q – But I mean, that's got to be perfected.

A – Oh yes.

Q – Could you get the way they do it, and then . . . It's something for humanity that's really . . .

A – That will all be done. That's right. In the future day, if I can get the correct support and integration with the scientists in the world today, if they will give me the access to their laboratories and through clairvoyance, I can instruct the scientist how to do those things. Now I’ll prove that to you. I don’t know whether this gentleman remembers this to the day but if you remember a chap named Farnsworth. Farnsworth was born and raised within seven miles of my home town. In 1927, Farnsworth and I were sitting in a pool hall in Northern Utah together in the winter to keep warm. I explained to him the principles of electron guns precipitating a stream of electrons and deflected from magnetic plates onto a fluorescent screen. In 1932, Farnsworth was the head of the development of the first cathode ray tube which is the father of our television.

Now that should answer your question because as I’ve said before we’re not barring any holds and we’re going to actually demonstrate these things in a due course and in their own time. But this is a concept that’s a little bit beyond science today. After we build up enough case histories, after we build up enough actual cures and complete rehabilitations with human wreckage around this country which we’re going to do in the next few years, they’re going to have to sit up and take notice. There are some very intelligent scientists in this world today and they’ve come to understand God in a very different way than you get it in churches. I learned of God through the test tube and the microscope and the oscilloscope, just as many other scientists do. And that’s the way we are going to get our New Age. It’s not going to come through the churches.

Q – That is the modern book of Revelations?

A – That’s exactly what it is. That’s exactly what it is. We’ve got it all down in the "Pulse of Creation" in modern 20th century language. In the first section of those five books called "The Voice of Venus” it will explain to you a lot of the mysteries and the things in which science doesn’t know a thing about today, including how flying saucers fly and how people materialize and dematerialize.

Q – I heard the other day that a saucer came close to one of our Naval Stations and when one of our planes came too close to the saucer it became one with the saucer. The radar screen showed that it went on and took our craft with it.

A – Numerous sightings are given in books by Keyhoe, Adamski, Van Tassel, and Fry, and a number of others. I talked with Mr. Fry last Thursday night about these incidents and there are many of them. In fact, U.S. Air Corps have 800 authentic saucer sightings, but they will not recognize them because they do not conform to the slide rule. This reminds me of the couple who came to see the circus for the first time; after viewing the giraffe they exclaimed, "There ain't no such animal."

But one of these days authorities will have to open their eyes and ears and minds. The new spiritual age is upon us and we shall see great changes made in the near future.

Q – You were saying about that Einstein giving you a different formula. Could you give us that?

A – Well I could dear, I have it all written down at home and I can bring it next time. It’s something to do with the square root; it’s rather abstract and it involves calculus and it wouldn't mean nothing to the class in general. I wouldn’t particularly care to give it. You can have it if you want but it might mean nothing to you. It doesn’t mean a thing to me because when you get into the ultimate concepts, mathematical abstractions mean nothing to you. You either see or you don't see, and that is all there is to it. When you begin to see and see clairvoyantly, you see all things around you instantaneously without mathematical formula. Mathematics is just another crutch to arrive at a certain predetermined point in the evolution of your mentality. When you get beyond mathematics, you can get into what we call instantaneous conception and it’s a little different. Mathematics are very useful and very necessary in this world and dimension in which we are around, but there are going to be a lot of scientists and a lot of mathematicians who are going to have to learn a whole new set of rules when they leave here.

Q – I don't want to keep talking all the time.

A – Well I appreciate it, thank you very much.

Q – I would like to have this clarified. In the psychic body which is made up of vortexes and energy units, they are confined within a pattern. That pattern must be held in place by some force of consciousness; can you describe how that is?

A – Yes, certainly. We go back to our original concept again–of God's Infinite Mind remanifesting itself back down through the numerous dimensions in harmonic relationship through frequency. It is the frequency as I explained it to you, within every one of the atomic substances or atoms, these little frequencies which I explained them to you here and which radiate out either from the central vortex of the atom which is called the nucleus or wherever they manifest themselves. The scientist calls that the glue which holds the atoms together; it means the cohesive force of energy or vibration which has come through these different expressions of dimensions of vortexes of energy. Does that clear it up for you?

Q – No, it doesn't. I have in mind this psychic body as being a pattern-shaped thing which is practically a duplicate of the physical body. The psychic body as a pattern has shape, not that the physical is making the shape of the psychic body but the psychic body has in itself produced a shape and a unit, and that unit is functioning among all various types of energy and it isolates itself into this shape. Now I want to know what makes that shape and holds that shape instead of having it dissipate into the other vibrations.

A – Well that is what I was trying to explain to you here through the vacuum tube; now instead of using a plate and a grid, we’re using what we call elements of integration as far as concept is concerned. The nature of the psychic impact or what you call pattern isn’t pattern at all, it's harmonic relationship. That means that these structures in this psychic body integrate themselves and reoccur according to their own predetermined frequencies. These frequencies are generated within the threshold of concept, but basically the mere fact of the matter is, we are swinging around, this is very important to remember, is that back up here this particular psychic experience was already anticipated; the experience itself is of no consequence, but the fact of integration, of passing through the experience itself was necessary to construct the other polarity in the psychic self which was the polarity of the personal experience rather than in the abstract sense as it existed as an infinite concept. That again is your explanation of your polarities–what you call negative and positive, two poles. Here we have the Infinite, here we have the finite; the Infinite was conceived here in order to make the Infinite completely usable and can be realized by the individual, it has to also become finite. That is the threshold of experience. That is what you call that generates a pattern; it isn’t a pattern at all. This body doesn’t necessarily have to resemble that body. If you’re clairvoyant and you can see into some of the astral dimensions where people have gone, there’re not really dimensions in a sense of the word, but see some of these malformed people who did nothing but indulge in alcoholism or various other perversions of mentality, they don’t resemble that shape at all; they have other shapes to them. If you would like a little information on that get some of Manly Hall's books along that subject. He can describe the demons and ogres to you from the underworld and they’re very real and they’re very factual. Simply because what you call patterns, the experience itself determines the shape of that body, just as it does into this body here, whether you get cancer, it comes from out of this body. Does that help clear that up for you at all?

Q – Yes that last one did.

A – That was the one that kind of broke the padlock on the box.

Q – Yes, that's right.

T – Who wants their Akashic read a little bit tonight? Oh my. Didn’t you have yours read up at the house the other day? Couldn’t we just pause for some of those who haven’t had the advantage of that particular thing? We like to pass around certain second portions but in places like this. Yes, would you like to have something, did you have something given to you downstairs? You didn’t. As far as your immediate life, this physical life is concerned, were you ever brought up as a little girl among fruit trees and orchards, in close vicinity with fruits? Were your father and your mother in that location somewhere in the Middle West where you grew apples? I see an apple orchard here with you. I see you wandering in an apple orchard. Now this is the first contact I made. This may or may not mean anything to you. Do you have an affinity for France? You don’t have any longing for France? Germany?

S – Yes, Germany.

T – Well I’m going to tell you this, that you lived along the Rhine River at one time, this wasn’t too long ago, perhaps two or three hundred years ago. You lived along the Rhine River and you lived on the German side of the bank. The reason I contacted this cycle, now do large rivers have a fascination for you? Do you like the water?

S – No, I'm scared to death of it.

T – You’re scared to death of it. Alright, now then that proves a point you, either like it very much or you’re scared to death of it beyond the point of, we shall say, normal amounts. Isn’t that right? Do you like skating, ice skating?

S – I like to watch them but do not like to get out there on the ice.

T – You don’t like to get out there do you? The reason is, is because that you were drowned by falling through a hole in the ice while you were skating at that period on that river. That’s why you won’t go out on the skates now. Now what about needle work, do you hate to sew, or do you like it, which is it?

S – I don’t like it too well.

T – You don’t like it too well. Do you have any feelings about nuns or Catholic orders of nuns, convents? . . . You can take them or leave them couldn’t you? You’d shy away from them wouldn’t you?

S – Yes more or less.

T – Because one time here in a cycle in France you had a period of time there where you were raised up in a convent school, and they forced you to do a lot of needle work that you didn’t like to do. You sewed and you sewed and you sewed. And you don’t like the fine stitches do you?

S – I don't like anything about sewing, period!

T – All right, that proves that point there to you too. Something else that you don’t like, and you don’t like high winds. That right?

S – Yes, I have a fear of strong winds.

T – All right, you had a cycle in England or somewhere in that vicinity and I think this was repeated somewhere else, where there was a terrific windstorm which concerned a vessel sailing on the water and someone you loved very much was on that vessel on the water and the masts were ripped off by this terrific gale and the ship was sunk and you lost your loved one. Have you had a fear of water or someone going out on the water and you losing them when you see someone going out? Have you had that experience?

S – Yes, I shudder.

T – You shudder don’t you? Now that proves a point to you, doesn’t it? You see all those little fears. Now I’ll tell you something else you don’t like, you don’t like tall chimneys . . . Doesn’t bother you? Tall black smoky chimneys like on fireplaces, smoky fireplaces?

S – I dread fire.

T – You dread fires too. Well, I’ll tell you why you dread fires, is because one time when you lived back there in Holland or somewhere in that vicinity at one period of your time, your evolution, you were living in a very large two story building constructed largely of stone and it was a very defective, old building–very drafty. You don’t like drafts either, do you?

S – No.

T – And this building was very drafty and incidentally the fireplace smoked and the chimney was half fallen over. It was black and smoky and so the house was continually catching on fire. And you never went to bed one night what you didn’t know that you might wake up in the morning with half the place burned down around you from this old smoky fireplace. You had a terrible time with fires in that lifetime. That makes sense to you?

S – Yes.

T – I’ll tell you something else you don’t like. You don’t like to walk long distances.

S – No.

T – No you don’t. And you do not like to wear flat soled shoes. No, because you took a trip across the desert once where you only had a pair of sandals and before you were one third of the way over, the scandals wore out and you walked the rest of the way on your bare feet, and when you got there you did not have much meat on the bones. Now deserts, you don’t like deserts either, do you?

S – No, I'll say I don't!

T – No, no, you see, it is all there. Someone else? All right, Mr. Anderson. I am connecting you with the world of science. Are you working in this field?

S – No.

T – But you are interested in scientific aspects.

S – Oh, yes!

T – If you are not in this field, you are missing your beat in life; you should be a scientist. You had a great deal of science in your past; I am linking you back in Greece and at the time of Pythagoras. You like things of that time and era?

S – I got along better in that field than any other in school.

T – Yes, that proves that. You like music too, don't you?

S – Yes.

T – Pythagoras taught music—the diatonic chords and scales. And that is very interesting to you too, isn't it?

S – Yes.

T – Something here about travel—that you do not like getting up in the morning.

S – That's right, I do not like to.

T – Germany, does that place intrigue you?

S – No.

T – Well, you are simply not yet awakened to it for you spent a cycle there where you had much science in one of the scientific fields and it is there with you nevertheless. I see you dislike things about your feet.

S – Yes, that's true.

T – Because you were dragged from a horse once by having the rope tied around your feet and you were dragged by a wild horse; this was in Arabia. You have fear of horses, do you not?

S – I don't like them.

T – This was a custom of dragging one along with the feet, and they would throw spears at the poor soul being dragged.

S – I was just trying to picture the scene.

T – Sometimes there is so much shock contained in these happenings that one sets up a resistance against it and it becomes vague to him. Do you like puddings especially?

S – Yes.

T – Well, I see you at one lifetime in England where you lived on nothing but puddings, such as bread pudding, etc., for a long time. It was the mainstay in your diet. With raisins?

S – I detest raisins!

T – All right, there you have it. Were we under more suitable conditions, we could go back and with more time could bring out these shocks, etc., to you. Irene, has your speech improved since the scene from your past was presented to you?

S – Yes, quite a bit better

T – Almost instantly when I was presented with the scene—as I saw her having a red-hot nail thrust through her tongue because of the things she said against the Holy Roman Empire back in the “good old days”—this was immediately after she told of placing a hot iron on her tongue when a child—that is how she relived the psychic shock and at the very moment it was brought into her consciousness, her speech was improved. (She previously spoke as if there were pebbles in her mouth.

I might tell you too that the lady who helps in the mimeographing of the lessons was pronounced incurable by doctors, of neurasthenia and other conditions, who could walk about but a few moments at a time and had to spend most of the time in bed, today is one of the most radiant and vivacious women you were ever around. Now she works for eight hours without even sitting down if she wants to. This took place all in three days’ time. Why? Because I was sitting in the living room when Ruth was talking to her over the phone—we had given her previous discussions, but they had not yet sunk in very well—but the scene was flashed to me while they were talking on the phone that Elsie was living in Venice, Italy three or four hundred years ago; she had been bound and gagged with a silk scarf about her mouth and her hands tied behind her with a cord while talking to a gondolier. The man jumped into the gondola, with an ax made a hole in the bottom of the gondola and pushed it off out into the canal. When Elsie realized and took that into her consciousness, it became clear to her, with her fears of water, etc. From that moment on she began to live; many of these negations were lifted from her. She will gladly bear this testimonial herself. This is the power of removing these blocks from the Akashic. That is what this science is based upon.

S – But what if you're not conscious of having any fears?

T – That just means that I will have to dig a little more for them. There are many states of consciousness with these things; we call it psychic amnesia. It is like when you wiggle your hand long enough it gets so tired you can't move it; your mind is much the same way. When you get too tired of these things, they become too much for you; you simply set up a resistive element to block yourself off from them. That is amnesia.

S – Is there no possibility that you can learn to transcend and overcome this blocking?

T – Those things are automatically done; you do them yourself and with the help of spiritual integration from the higher forces when your conscious mind is brought to bear on them as a realization or fact. That is what Jesus meant and stressed so emphatically when He said people have to come to Him—with the objective realization that they were in need of help and that there was something wrong with them. He did this same thing; only He did it without their conscious knowledge. He was able through psychokinesis to go into their psychic selves and cancel out the blocks—without reading to them. That can be done too; it is being done in the present many times with students.

S – How can you tell whether a person has this amnesia?

T – When they have this blocking off, they won't recognize these things. I have counseled people who have even written books on their past lives and yet were unable to acknowledge these things to me, but would even admit them and brag about them when they were about to leave; they wanted to prove a point, wanted to see whether I knew what I was talking about.

S – What causes one to be afraid of people?

T – You personally?

S – Yes.

T – Well, that might come from a number of conditions and especially from one or more lives that you have lived previously that had caused you to become introverted. Basically, a psychiatrist would say that you are not properly balanced in your relationship to people.

S – No, it is not me, it's my daughter.

T – Has she always had this inadequacy since adulthood? Well, we will transfer the picture to the place where the condition was set in motion. Is there a tall gentleman in her life or past present life—rather recent—about 5'10"?

S – Yes, she was in love with a man who was just 5’10”.

T – Did she ever go with a blue-eyed man?

S – Yes.

T – It was this blue-eyed man who caused her this shock in another lifetime; she was trying to work out this karma with him when she met him there a few years back. There was a very unhappy relationship with him in a former lifetime and in a relationship as a lover that induced that psychic fear.

S – It was just at that time that she became so introverted when she was going with him.

T – Yes, she would, because just like I told you when we pass a certain point of affinity in a cycle; for instance, we draw two cycles here—this is past, this is present. In the revolution of these cycles, if we make an X here and an X here when these cycles, according to frequency relationship, revolved so that these two points come into unison or affinity, there is either what we call a conjunction or an attempt in canceling out. Your daughter was still in love with the brown-eyed boy but was going with the blue-eyed boy?

S – She did not want to!

T – All right, that proves the previous lifetime—there was an unhappy romance and this former experience has given her a great guilt complex making her introverted toward other people. You see one cannot be going steady with one person and then go out with another without incurring guilt. And this too was repeated in another lifetime. That caused her to have a great guilt complex in her psychic body, so she came back to the earth at this time to try and work it out because she knew that these two men would be here at the same time. That was all done from the spirit side of life. And she did it again here and it made it that much worse! Why? Because she did not understand what I am teaching you here on the blackboard tonight.

S – I would like to have her see you sometime.

T – We love to help people and just so long as time permits, we shall do these things. We like to help people who are laboring under these tremendous psychic shocks; when these principles are explained to the psychiatrists in the future, we will be able to empty our asylums. We won't have one out of ten who need psychiatric treatment; in fact I would say there is one out of every four who is very sadly and badly in need of some very tangible adjustment in their lives. We all do and we have to fight very hard.

S – I went to see you Wednesday and want to thank you so much; my boy is now out of the hospital due to what you conveyed to me.

T – Good, it worked out his block, didn't it?

S – Yes.

T – This is another typical example of the miracles just as Jesus worked them in the New Testament. When these things come into your consciousness and you take in these principles of integration which were here explained to you, results can take place for you and you can do the same thing for yourself. The psychiatrist of tomorrow will be doing them and we won't have the mental and physical burdens that we have now. Thank you very much for that testimonial. We have yet to touch a case that did not respond and that we did not have wonderful results.

Our time is up for this evening; may we all become ever more aware and conscious of this vibrating, pulsating, radiant energy which is all about us, within us, from which everything in God's great universe is formed, as it is the Infinite. The more we can realize and recognize this fact, the more infinitely conscious we become.