Misconceptions of Scientists Regarding Astronauts’ Sightings

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Transcription of Misconceptions of Scientists Regarding Astronauts’ Sightings

Misconceptions of Scientists Regarding Astronauts’ Sightings
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There is one other aspect in space travel which has been discovered in the four journeys to the moon. This is in relationship to bright objects floating about the spacecraft and lights which seem to flash across the inside of the retina of the astronauts' eyes. On the first flight to the moon, astronauts mentioned there were bright objects or lights floating about the ship at about the halfway point to the moon. In successive journeys astronauts have seen tiny bright white specks of light which seem to float across the inside of their eyes. In the last (# 15) flight, experiments were conducted and the astronauts deliberately blindfolded themselves, and again saw these bright specks of light which they believed were on the inside of the retina of their eyes. This, of course, is a fallacy. What actually happened in any of these dispensations or phenomena as they manifested themselves, either as white lights floating around the cabin, or as bright specks floating across the eye is easily explained. It should be considered that none of these experiments have been conducted purposely here on Earth by the astronauts, or the same people who are involved in these experiments. And if they had been conducted under totally darkened conditions there is no doubt they would have seen bright lights floating around the room and bright specks which seemed to be on the inside of their eyes.
Now let us consider the conditions under which astronauts travel through space. And as was previously mentioned, in such travel and as the ship is some 100,000 to 200,000 miles away from the intense electromagnetic fields of the Earth which are all directly involved in the various processes of hysteresis and other different transpositions which make life possible here on Earth, that it could be surmised that there was indeed a tremendous and intense electromagnetic plasma-if it can be called as such. Sunlight itself, or as it is manifested as light and heat-the energy from the sun in the process of hysteresis can be considered to be a very strong plasmic force, and as it is so converted through hysteresis, could conceivably be a force which was very disruptive to the transmissions of certain energy formations and phenomena from adjacent dimensions. It should be considered that there are many layers or astral worlds which are more or less directly associated through frequency, with life here on Earth, and in particular, to the people who live here, either past, present, or even to the future, and that such relationships have to be carried on in ways and manners which involve frequency transmissions, just as it is with sight, sound, radio, television, et cetera, and these frequency transmissions, by necessity, must be somewhere within the band of the in-between worlds. If this were not so, transmissions would be impossible. Telepathy or ESP, as it is more commonly known, is carried on through the different adjacent astral dimensions and this is one reason why there is little success in the direct application of ESP with the majority of people on the Earth; simply because they are not cognizant of the fact that they must have minds which are specifically trained to oscillate or regenerate with the psychic anatomy in bands or frequencies which are considerably higher than those which are the normal bands of frequencies in Earth life transmissions.
When astronauts or men are in a spacecraft out in the "vacuous" void of space, some of these very strong frequencies or electromagnetic fields are very greatly diminished or are completely absent, and under these conditions the astronauts can then be considered to be in sort of a cataleptic or trance state; they do not have the same normal relationship with all factors which are viable or in control of the reactionary factions of their life.
It is much the same proposition of the spiritualist medium, who sits in a totally dark room and succeeds, to some degree, in temporarily suspending the very strong life force oscillations between the conscious mind and the psychic anatomy in conjunction with outside factors, such as lights, radiations, sight, and hearing. The same is true with the astronauts. In space there are no reflective surfaces from air and from countless terrestrial objects about them. Sunlight is absent except for a single ball of light which is the sun but which has no reflective surfaces in the total environment around them, outside of the spacecraft. And practically none is reflective on the inside, except under very controlled incandescent lights which do not radiate the same spectral intensities as does solar light. Under these conditions then, it is quite conceivable that the astronaut is in somewhat of a similar position to the spiritualist medium in the darkened room. Certain very strong earth-like oscillations between consciousness, the outside world, and the psychic anatomy are to some degree suspended. There is not the same relationship with the very strong electromagnetic fields as there was on Earth. This, then, is kind of a trance or cataleptic state and is proven by the fact that these men will have to readjust themselves, reorient themselves, when getting back to Earth. They find a considerable degree of disorientation after landing on Earth.
It is the same with the spiritualist medium on emerging from the trance room; it takes several hours for the medium to assume a more natural and normal position to his daily life. So far as the bright lights, and as they were called cosmic rays by the scientists, this is entirely a misconception; they are not cosmic rays but are actually the more or less focused intensities of frequency radiations which are ;emanated by spiritual bodies from another world. They do not appear on the retina of the eye or on the inside of the eye but rather, in inner consciousness of the psychic anatomy and are oscillated back into consciousness where, in passing through the brain cells in the cortical layer, they again, as energy wave forms, superimpose in the facsimiles of wave forms, the image of a light speck. They are not really light specks, for if they could be seen consciously as they are reflected into the psychic anatomy by the spiritual being, or person, or the entity, they would be seen to be as a living embodiment of energy, perhaps formless as far as earth forms are concerned but, nevertheless, they are energy bodies which are living and very definitely personalities in a spiritual world.
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So these misconceptions on the part of our modern day scientists are doubly intensified when only one-half of the experiment is performed. Should they have been scientifically minded, they would have performed the same experiment here on Earth under simulated space conditions, that is; in a totally darkened room and, as much as possible, the participants in the experiment would have to be trained in the functions of the mind to the point where they could temporarily suspend these very strong, chain-like Earth oscillations which concern them in their daily lives.
That is one of the facets in training to be a spiritualist medium; that they very often sit in a totally darkened room. Even before their medium-ship seems to open up, they purposely try to suspend the ever-present oscillations of the present earth life to the degree where they can incept the oscillations or vibrations from the spiritual world which will convey the message, the personage, or whatever picture it is which is being projected to them, or to which they can attune themselves, whichever the proposition is.
There is one other experiment which was connected with the third voyage to the moon which was an experiment in ESP. One of the astronauts was engaged in a telepathic communion with a scientist here on Earth from one of the universities in the state of Michigan, I believe it was, and a great deal of success was attained, in fact so successful that all of the messages received from space back and forth were reversed, and that too, is a common occurrence in all telepathic communications or whatever it may be called when telepathic communications are established with an adjacent or nearby astral world. Quite frequently such appearances or word forms or other messages, if they appear as symbols, et cetera, may be inverted and which is very simply and easily explained. Because the astral world will represent as a sending force, a positive polarity, and the Earth as a negative polarity, the recipient here on Earth will receive the inverted image as one-half of the phase reversal wave form impulse again, facts which are not known to either spiritualists or other scientists here on the earth.
In my own particular dispensations in psychic science throughout the many years, I have quite frequently noted, and sometimes have even been intimidated to a large degree by the reversal of some image or message from a loved one from a different sphere or from an adjacent astral world. However, I have never been encumbered as is common with other so-called psychics or spiritualists of the world, to the degree that I had to sit in a dark room and suspend my consciousness in a trance, far from it. I have quite frequently described and conversed with people in spiritual worlds under bright sunlight and described them to other people and have given them very definite proof that these people were actually talking to me and conveying not only words but pictures to me, and through my mind I re-conveyed them back to the one to whom it was intended.
I have also received and worked with this psychic communication with other worlds, other times, in far distant reaches of this planet to the degree that houses, interiors of rooms, or letters that could be described to people (which still had to be written) even as long as three or four weeks in advance, all of which were later verified and proven by the recipients. So far as I am concerned, I have placed no limits upon the psychic science or my relationship to this, and my expression to psychic science in whatever particular form or manner as it has been deployed on Earth has never been encumbered by such limitations, except perhaps that it would be in my own physical dispensations and the intimidations of a physical mind which was strongly oscillating to some degree, in the normal contents of my daily life.
However, always superimposed on my life was a very definite pattern, a very strong, protective force. This directive pattern never failed and always materialized into whatever form or shape which was necessary for my existence and I lived by this. And so the laws of common metaphysics, psychic phenomena, and such, are well-known to me, far and beyond the point in which the earthman can understand them. I understand it as a direct and applicable science related, as I have explained, to the numerous third and fourth- dimensional interplays of electromagnetic fields and harmonic structures which make up the life force of every human here on Earth.
Therefore, whenever such particular expressions occur in the future as they may seem to waylay you or to mystify you to the degree that you might call them gifts or mysticisms, let it be known now, once and for all time, that there are no gifts, no mysteries! As I have said many times before, that in Infinite Intelligence which some people have deified as the false configuration of a god, this Infinite Intelligence is infinite in nature and has made all of this infinite knowledge available to any person who seeks to find this knowledge on the common basic denominators which concern the correct structures and the deployment and expression of principles in energy formations, as they constitute not only the third dimension but the many, many dimensions or mansions which are beyond this Earth. There are no limits and no horizons which cannot be overcome or cannot be found and which cannot be extended, because infinity is just that-it is infinite, and do not presuppose at any time that you will reach any limits to this infinity except those which you superimpose upon your own mind.
So it remains as one of the facts or expressions of the future, a question in my own mind, if it could be called such-a question; yet, it is always completely resolved even before it is asked. What is the future and the destiny of the earthman from his present position of almost total chaos on the planet as it is today, to the imbalance of the population explosions, to the breeding of literally hundreds of millions of people who are incapable of sustaining themselves upon a planet whose sustaining life forces have already been depleted, exploited, plundered, raped and vilified? What is the meaning and answer to this? Yet, there is an answer; it has already been written upon the great wall with the moving finger of time. And it is predictable upon the common consensus of what has happened to previous civilizations, not only on this planet but on other planets throughout our galaxy.
Man is tremendously foolish in the assumption that he is godlike, or that God created him in his own image - for he already has constructed a false god and therefore his own imagery is false. To say that in infinity we can find any boundaries or any place in which we do not find an expansion of consciousness is, in itself, a kind of death warrant which writes out the doom of any person who limits himself under such conditions.
So far as my own position is concerned in regard to these explorations to the moon: first, they are totally unnecessary. It took $445 million to make the last exploration and the total expenditure of our space program is close to $30 billion. This sum of money would be enough to advance the cause of humanity not only in the United States but also throughout the world to a very appreciable degree; yet advancement must first be made upon a common consensus, an admission that man is fallacious in many of the precepts which he has laid down for his civilization, simply because people can and do breed promiscuously.
The total concept as it concerns the earthman, that he will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to extend the life of an infant who has been born into the world under tremendous physical or mental handicaps, yet on the battlefield he will slaughter hundreds of thousands of the prime of his manhood in trying to propagate and promulgate certain political philosophies into the minds and lives of people who are totally unfit to accept such ideas into their minds, is of course, tremendously stupid. What is meant here is, rather than these tremendous explorations into space in a vain attempt to find the origin of the solar system, the answer to that is very apparent. And even if this answer is found, most certainly it will not solve the enigmas which now confront people on this planet.
It is a great sin-a travesty and a tragedy to bring a child into the world who is mentally or physically handicapped, for under our present economic systems, and in our defiled and polluted ecology-to expect that person to lead a reasonably healthy life is much more sinful than it would be to take a certain course of prevention of such a birth, and also, to spend these wasted billions of dollars into a more useful extension of knowledge which would push the frontiers of man's abysmal ignorance of his life on the planet Earth to a point where he could constructively live a life suited to the environment of his time.