Further Discussions re Weightlessness, Interdimensional Concepts, etc. Part One

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Transcription of Further Discussions re Weightlessness, Interdimensional Concepts, etc. Part One

Further Discussions re Weightlessness, Interdimensional Concepts, etc. Part One

Judging by the current news media, the Apollo #15 flight to the moon is still very much in evidence; in fact, scientists and astronauts are eagerly beginning the examination of the various lunar rocks which were brought back on this flight, and in particular, that piece of black, glass-like rock called the Genesis rock which they believe to be about 4.7 billion years old. Astronaut David Scott also made a statement that these moon explorations should be continued, that it was very necessary and important. The 18th and 19th trips or flights have been cancelled and Scott believes these should be reinstated, etc.
To a person who has some insight and understanding of the interdimensional cosmos, such efforts and explorations, the belief that determining the age of a rock or the kind of a rock that it is will give them insight into the creation of the universe-such an assumption is ridiculous, asinine and elemental. It clearly points out the very obvious fact that these so-called scientists are trying to understand creation in much the same way as a blind man trying to describe the elephant after holding the animal's tail for a few moments.
To understand creation and in particular such elements of creation as earth worlds, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes, etc., we must first understand the origins of the constituents which form these seeming solid masses and their capacities as radiating sources. As I have previously stated, all such seeming formations of masses and attendant phenomena such as radiations and so forth, must be understood as fourth-dimensional in their origins, not reactionary third-dimensional elements.
Actually, any piece of moon rock or earth, any such composites of the terrestrial solar system or the galaxy which can be seen or envisioned by the scientist of this time or by any man, are atoms which compose these different forms and have no age. The universe, the galaxy, and our solar system or any of the planets are actually ageless; they have no beginning and they have no end, which is quite true when we understand that all of these terrestrial bodies or third dimensional bodies are the composite of atoms and atoms have no age. Of an atom, it can be said to be "formed" instantly and "die" instantly at a rate of speed which is beyond the comprehension of the human mind, an oscillating process, if you will. I have previously described atoms as being the central nucleus of a fourth-dimensional vortex of energy.
Let us go further into this subject that we may better understand. Certain oscillating energies in the fourth dimension which are all cyclic, or have a circular, self- contained oscillation within themselves, and according to certain polarities which they express within themselves to other similar cyclic motions, develop a sort of centripetal whirlpool of energy; that is, electromagnetic fluxes, as oscillating wave forms, generated as harmonics from these different oscillating polarities within the cyclic wave forms, and according to these different polarities can be said to precipitate themselves toward the center of such a vortex and develop as an oscillating pattern within the center of this vortex, a certain condensed wave form pattern which is the constituent of an atom oscillating pattern.
Within these rapidly oscillating wave forms are regenerated certain positive and negative oscillations according to the cyclic wave forms which generated them, and in an infinitesimally short space of time, they can be said to appear or reappear. This is the factor of time or the time consonant which is a very necessary expressionary element in the third dimension. Space now is also expressed in the net sum and total of these oscillations as they reappear and oscillate within the periphery of this nucleus, which gives us the space element. When all of these oscillating wave forms within this central nucleus are concerned in expressing a secondary electromagnetic field as a product of their wave form harmonics, this electromagnetic field, in turn, can also be synchronously attuned to other similar such nuclei or atoms, and, in turn, such similarities as they attract each other in the net densities of these electromagnetic fields would form a molecule, such as a molecule of iron or a molecule of hydrogen or any one of the ninety-two natural elements.
Now it begins to be quite clear just exactly how universes, galaxies, planets and planetary systems were formed; such formations being, of course, a grand scale reproduction of what a simple atom formation is. In other words, the inter dimensional universe is just one huge centrifuge, or vortex of oscillating wave forms which forms sort of a nucleus which manifests itself as our terrestrial universe in such reactionary components as can be seen or visualized by astronomers in their telescopes, radio or optics. The universe, however, is vast and as of today is incomprehensible by the earthman. He is much more concerned with the immediate galaxy which is really a little bright speck in the total universe.
It takes light, so they estimate, something like 100,000 light years to travel from one edge of our galaxy to the other . We can actually see through this galaxy to a certain extent on any clear night when we look up at the Milky Way, and which is looking out toward the edge of the galaxy. So we begin to grasp a small fraction of what is totally involved in the creation of the terrestrial universe, if it can be called a creation. Actually, the word creation is an anachronism which only adds to the net sum and total of all the materialistic derelictions with which science and the earthman are now concerned.
To more properly visualize our third-dimensional world as it would appear to a person from a higher world, the present atomic constituents which form this earth world, its attendant solar system and the astronomical universe, et cetera, are actually little energy particles which are constantly reappearing and disappearing according to their polarities and which maintain synchronously, either a relationship toward one another as attractive elements-according to their electromagnetic fields-or, by the same principle, a lack of synchronous attunement; or conversely, a repulsive synchronous wave form will repel other atoms. This is the net sum and total of the differentiation of the different atoms as they comprise the scale of atomic elements, as they are known to the present-day scientist.
A hydrogen atom is different than the helium atom, yet, if we merge two hydrogen atoms, we get a helium atom. Well, the reason is quite simple when we understand that two hydrogen atoms-while they may be synchronously attuned to each other and form part of a mass of hydrogen gas-do not and cannot be converted into helium until the electromagnetic fields of these hydrogen atoms are somehow changed. Changing the electromagnetic fields does also bring about a change within the atom itself; that is to say, we should change the net sum and total of the vibrating rate of the atom as it was concerned with its vortex or centrifuge, so that it was of the same attunement as that of the helium atom. This is the conversion principle involved in converting one element to the other.
In the hydrogen bomb this is an implosion process. Certain wave forms of the electromagnetic spectrum when released, create the tremendous energy of the hydrogen bomb as the net sum and total of all different hydrogen atoms which have been so imploded, one upon the other. Curiously enough, you might add; while two hydrogen atoms can be combined to make a helium atom, yet, in all of the mass hydrogen atoms used to implode or explode a hydrogen bomb, we get only helium atoms. Now wouldn't it seem that we might, under the same analogy, get one great big helium atom? No, it isn't that way because, as I've explained, in attunement, which attunes the electromagnetic fields of each atom, one to another synchronously or that it repels them, these principles are absolute and cannot be changed.
It is the same as in tuning your radio or television set; if you get a misalignment there, you will get two stations. So if we misalign, so to speak, two hydrogen atoms, we can get one helium atom but the misalignment must be of a certain particular nature, frequency or oscillation so the changes within the hydrogen atom can reinstate themselves as a synchronous oscillation which is called a helium atom. Actually, all of these atoms which you see are rapidly appearing and disappearing, we might say, according to their polarities, so that it really isn't creation at all. All we are involved in, is in changing the oscillating frequencies.
Now this is quite true in your daily life. Your body is a composite of trillions of atoms, and there are about sixteen to twenty different kinds of atoms. All of the atoms of the same kind are synchronously attuned to each other according to their harmonic structures, such as the atoms in the calcium, which form the bones in your body. However, these bone atoms of calcium are not synchronously attuned to the atoms of iron in your bloodstream, so consequently, they do not merge. Yet, within the net sum and total of all magnetic energies, which are reproduced as the electromagnetic fields by these atoms, they are very necessary for the metabolic processes. It is sort of a catalytic action which takes place which makes all of the functions of the body possible. The instigating intelligence, the commands, the patterns for these different integrations, according to these catalytic elements is of course, commands from the psychic anatomy. And here again we find very strong oscillating energies entering into the electromagnetic fields of the molecules and the atoms of your body and these different wave forms of energy, which are the command energy from the psychic anatomy, tell all of the little atoms in your body just what they are going to do, and what they should do, and make them do it. The energy from this conversion process is, of course, as I have said, contained in all of the net sum and total of the electromagnetic fields of force which are concerned with the atoms and which are in direct oscillation, as harmonic structures, with all of the oscillating electromagnetic fields of the Earth and the solar system, are again harmonically linked as patterns of oscillating wave forms to the total infinite cosmogony.
So you see it begins to be a rather complex process but one which, if you work at it long enough, you will begin to gain a little comprehension and you will see that you are-as I have said on numerous occasions- physically, or mentally, or any other way you wish to picture it, just a little glob or a polarity, so to speak, of energy which is oscillating with infinity. The Earth itself, or the terrestrial universe as the scientist knows it, is also such an oscillating entity. It isn't solid at all. The age, as it is called, in any particular rock formation or object as it is supposed to have been formed is strictly academic. It only means that a certain number of atom-molecule combinations have been, in effect, synchronously attuned to each other to the extent that they retained the mass formation of the rock over a given period of time and this period of time is strictly academic; it means absolutely nothing. And what they should be concerned with are the principles which engendered the formation of this rock or, as they call it, the creation. Actually, it wasn't created at all; it always existed in infinity and according to Infinite Intelligence and all of the oscillating principles within infinity, as the sum and substance of Infinite Intelligence had already created this rock billions and billions, yes, countless billions of years-long before it ever appeared as rock; the only difference was that it was oscillating wave forms.
When the proper conditions were brought about so that there was a combination of wave forms which were synchronously attuned to each other, they formed little vortexes of energy which formed the nucleus of certain atoms. These atoms, in turn, being synchronously attuned to other atoms which were likewise being formed, all got together to make some molecules according to their electromagnetic fields. These molecules, being likewise attracted to each other according to their electromagnetic fields and through synchronous attunements, made the formation of rock. It made little difference to these atom-molecule combinations if the rock was large or small, because within each one of these atom-molecule combinations, space and time was being expressed into one of the planes of expression which is called the third dimension.
Actually, the energy which was the composite of this rock, when we stop to consider that atoms are energy, then the age of the rock as it existed in any particular formation, shape or size was strictly an academic proposition and really didn't tell anybody anything. Likewise, none of the moon rocks or any explorations in space, so far as that is concerned, are going to tell the earthman anything about creation simply because he is looking in the wrong direction. He has the elephant's tail and he is trying to describe to himself and understand the entire elephant by the shape and size of the tail. What the scientist is trying to do in his analysis of moon rocks is to form a geological comparison with such existing sources as exist on the planet Earth. However, such comparisons will only lead to certain nebulous conclusions-actually, an impasse. Estimating a piece of rock at any given number of years is a totally incomprehensible conclusion. For example: Some scientists believe, or it is indicated that lava once flowed on the moon just as it does on Earth. Present earth-lava flows or past moon-lava flows are meaning- less. Lava has been flowing on other planets for countless billions of years.
Part Two
The value of time in any person's mind is a quasi-evaluation. The consensus of even a few years’ time, memory-wise speaking is, so far as the time factor is concerned, absolutely meaningless. A person may remember many incidents of his past life but so far as reliving them, so to speak, with the actual time consonant is impossible, because time, as it relates to any happening in a person's life, must relate itself harmonically to all life processes, past and present and in the combination of harmonic structures, the time element is the differentiation factor which separates these wave form patterns into understandable reactive components.
To look at a piece of moon rock and say equivocally that it is 4.7 billion years old is meaningless even if it were true because such elements as were at that time, 4.7 billion years ago, concerned with integrating atoms into molecule combinations which formed the rock- were then expressing the time consonant as the reactionary element in the formation of this rock, which could be quite analogous to witnessing a lava flow from a volcano. Perhaps the Earth scientists might get some satisfaction from this comparison and feel within themselves a great sense of accomplishment at having arrived at this meaningless comparison. In his limited thinking, he would not be concerned with the possible billions of years, time-wise, which were necessary to bring this atom-molecule lava flow up to its expressionary point or that such lava flows could recur hundreds of thousands of years apart. Yes, even the same lava could have been re-melted and cooled many times, again giving no information as to what form these atom-molecule combinations took and for that matter, what every atom-molecule combination takes which could be found anywhere in the galaxy or universe as planets or suns, etc. The 4.7 billion year age denotes a sharp and immediate creation from apparently nothing and imparts no information as to the total evolutionary consensus involved before and after the lava flow which formed this rock.
Finally, the scientist has apparently not been concerned with the tremendous forces which were necessary to bring about a lava flow or why planets, moons, and suns, etc., always appear as spherical balls. What are the forces and energies which keep the planets revolving around their respective suns? The admission of a single atom, whatever its weight, is an admission by all scientists concerned that they know little or nothing about this atom, even less about its origin, and absolutely nothing about the power and intelligence which engendered its origin. The explosion of Krakatoa, a submerged volcano, involved and released more energy than all man-made explosions combined; yet energy released in a thermal process-not atomic or nuclear energy. All energy must have a source. All the man-made laws of physics are based on cause and effect which is, in other words, source and reaction, yet science of today knows nothing of sources or origins and only an elemental superstructure of third- dimensional reactions.
We might well ask the scientist, "Was not the moon already in existence and what made it possible for that lava flow to occur which formed the Genesis rock?" No moon, no lava flow. Then, where is the true beginning of the formation of the moon? Why not visualize the solar system as simply an anomaly or an eddy current, as it was regenerated within the infinitely dense, oscillating, cyclic wave forms which form infinity; the planets, in turn, secondary anomalies or eddy currents which, are called moons and which have an ageless, synchronous attunement, harmonically regenerating as substructures in such life forms as are found on planets.
So the scientist should know that here on Earth he has all of the answers to infinite creation within the simplest precincts of his everyday life. The metabolism of his body would give him very definite and conclusive evidence of what he calls creation. Creation is rather a limited word and actually means that something had to be brought into existence at a certain specified period of time. It's like the old fable of the Garden of Eden, which is strictly a fable and at best could be only an allegorical tale which related to the astrophysical concepts of the development of our own earth world and the exploration of our planetary system by other different people from other worlds in this galaxy. Again, it is of interest only as a point of history, and all the histories in the world, whether they relate to man in this terrestrial planet or relate to other races in other planets, are going to mean little or nothing.
We can invent time machines and we can, so to speak, go back in time and contact certain wave form aggregates which would-if they played within the surface planes of our cortical layers of the mind-regenerate certain scenes which have happened in the past. Of course, these past scenes or incidents, whatever they were, could never again exist as they did at that particular moment of their happening in the physical sense. That would be strictly impossible because. here again. we are concerned with the net sum and total of the time element or the time consonants as they are expressed by atomic energy nuclei. They express themselves synchronously. either to other atoms. or that other atoms are not in tune with them and each atom does in itself-according to this relationship of its electromagnetic field. in the relationship of all other electromagnetic fields of other atoms. express a space element or a space consonant. It can be said to be occupying space which is relative to all other atoms, or it can be said that the net sum and total of a certain mass of atoms. oscillating with and attracted to each other can form a molecule. and the molecule can again form an iron molecule, or a silver molecule. or a calcium molecule. or any of the ninety-two natural elements.
I am taking the trouble to re-explain this concept to you because it is most necessary and vital for you to understand the difference and the way in which time and space are expressed. so far as the atomic constituents of your third-dimensional world are concerned. The same is quite true when we consider that all other sources-such as the five senses with which you are connected to this third-dimensional or terrestrial world are concerned-are actually radiating, or emanating, wave forms which come from anyone of these particular atomic elements. Again, according to their wave forms, they are expressing time and space; the time is the frequency in which they appear and reappear- such as light frequencies on the retina of your eye- and this frequency, or the time gives it the space. So the two are actually the same. Time and space, so far as the third dimension is concerned, are analogous and mean one and the same thing and you could not have time without space.
In the fourth dimension. this is not the same because all oscillating wave forms in the fourth dimension express themselves in a cyclic or circular manner and contain their I.Q., their information, within the oscillating element which comprises their cyclic form. They can be synchronously attuned to other wave forms, or they are specifically in a spectral pattern completely out of tune; yet, in the net sum and total of all infinity, through these synchronous and harmonic attunements, infinity is all the same. It is boundless, limitless, and cannot be said to have a beginning or ending, and if it did so, it would not be infinity.
So you see how pointless and meaningless it is to go out into space and collect rocks from the moon or perhaps even in the future, collect rocks from Mars. What the scientist should be concerned with is finding out how these different molecule-atom combinations were formed, just what an atom is, and how it expresses itself as an oscillating entity into the third dimension; how time and space do, in a sense of the word, become separate as the expression of these atoms, one to another, either harmonically or synchronously, or they may be adversely expressed to each other; that is-they will not make any connection. For example, if you see an automobile going down the highway, that automobile is composed of a large number of different kinds of atoms and all these atoms go to make up the different molecules which form the steel body, the rubber in the tires, the iron frame, etc. Each of these atom-molecule combinations has a very strong electromagnetic field; strong, we say, because of the comparative size of these atoms and molecules. Now the rubber tires which contact the surface of the highway, as they are composed of different atom-molecule combinations which we call rubber, are adverse to the molecules which comprise the asphalt of the highway, so they will not merge. In effect, the rubber molecules and atoms actually ride on top of an electromagnetic field, an electromagnetic field which they have generated and the electromagnetic field which is generated by the asphalt atoms of the highway. So they aren't really touching the highway at all; they are riding on an electromagnetic field.
If we have a little grain of sand which penetrates into the molecular structure of the rubber under an impact or a force, what does it do? It merely separates a few molecules of rubber which disconnect themselves from the surface of the tire and the tire is wearing out. So the physics are very easy to understand. There isn't any fission or fusion involved; it's merely a molecular separation. Well, it's the same when we heat anything: for instance, if we put a piece of iron into a furnace, the atoms and molecules, in relationship to each other, have to open up a little in order to absorb the energy which is coming into them, or is inducted into them.
This energy is actually being forced into these molecular structures by a very strong contact with this thermal source so that the little molecules and atoms, and the spaces in between them, so to speak, must open up, and the electromagnetic fields therefore retain less of a hold upon each other; there is less affinity for them, so the iron gets a little larger inside and if you heat it hot enough it can actually change into a liquid state. In that state, of course, you can see that the molecules and atoms-the electromagnetic fields between them-have to some extent been very greatly weakened so that it can flow around, out of any respective shape which it may have had as a piece of iron.
It's very simple again, when you start to get down to the "nitty-gritties", which are the electromagnetic fields and which are so very, very important in understanding the hysteresis of the solar system, the galaxy and the universe. While we are very vitally concerned with all of the net sum and total of this hysteresis, as I have categorically described it to you as the electromagnetic field of the Earth in conjunction with the solar system, the sun, the galaxy and the universe, these electromagnetic fields are usually oscillated through the deployment of the electromagnetic fields of the atoms, but in many different ways. All of this hysteresis is made possible only because we have that infinite cosmogony which the scientist calls the fourth dimension and which is the originating source of everything.
As I have said, everything has already been created, everything which is far beyond the capacity of your mind to even very faintly imagine. You could never get to the end of it. In infinity, in this way, as you journey through infinity in your evolution, you are contacting, at any given point, a certain number of these cyclic wave forms and their information. Then, according to other different wave forms which you have contacted in this cyclic transference pattern from the past, you react and you form the basis of your present-day third-dimensional life.
You see, mind wave forms, as they are connected with the psychic anatomy and all other wave forms which emanate from the psychic anatomy, are more strictly fourth-dimensional in nature; that is, they, too, are cyclic. Part of this cyclic pattern is, of course the reaction between the electromagnetic fields of the different atoms involved, in other words, an oscillating process where we have both positive and negative.
Within the central portion of any magnet, there is absolutely no magnetism at all (whether it is a straight iron bar or whether it is bent into the shape of a horseshoe), that is, none that you can determine by touching a piece of iron to it. The reason for this is that regardless of its shape, any magnet is oscillating from one end of the magnet to the other and in this oscillation the electromagnetic fields of the atom-molecule combinations are expressing themselves in exactly the same way as they do anywhere else except, in this oscillating process, all of their electromagnetic fields are so synchronously or harmonically attuned to each other that they form a very large harmonic which is the magnetic energy or flux which emerges from either one or the other of the poles of the magnet.
Now it's very simple again, when you understand how it is that everything which is basically atomic in nature, or is formed of little atoms, is oscillating with all of the electromagnetic fields. The Earth itself can be considered to be just another little atom in the galaxy and, as such, is oscillating in the same harmonic patterns and magnetic fields of force as are all other so-called heavenly or astronomical bodies.
So, creation can be understood much more comprehensively on this basis. We can find all of the reactionary processes in the life of the individual or the collective evolution of any person or masses of people in any civilization or all the combined civilizations on Earth, the blades of grass, the trees, whatever objectivism you wish to achieve in your prospective. All of these things are made possible only by the fundamental principles which I have described to you and which are engendered in the net sum and total of the Infinite Intelligence which I have called Infinity.
Understanding these principles is extremely important to you. When you get over on the other side, or after death, as it is called, you won't have this physical body; you will be an inductive particle in this infinity. In other words, you will be just like a radio or a television set. You will be inducting into yourself at any given moment, an infinite number of wave forms of energy, and they can all mean something to you or they can mean absolutely nothing to you, according to how you understand them and are able to translate them into your consciousness.
So you can see how important it is. If they mean nothing to you, then they can set up a lot of oscillations within this energy body I have called the psychic anatomy in which you are now living, and when all of these spurious oscillations are set up, they can create pandemonium or a very hellish or nightmarish condition because these oscillations don't mean anything; they have no relationship to your past or to whatever it is you have contacted or developed as reactionary elements in your daily life. The reason why I am stressing this so emphatically at all times is because I know how important it is to you. Just to say that somebody is going to jerk you into heaven by the hair on the top of your head or by your chinny-chin-chin is ridiculous. You couldn't live there if you ever got there that way; you wouldn't be very happy.
Now, we do have spiritual communication-and don't get me wrong-I do believe in spiritual communication; as a matter of fact, I live by it 24 hours a day. As a matter of fact, everyone does. The difference between me and the general consensus of the public on this earth world is that I am totally conscious of this process and have developed my capacities to live as a spiritual medium to a much higher capacity or to a much more intelligent capacity than any of the so- called mediumistic efforts which have been promulgated on this Earth. The differences here are, of course, in the way in which I understand creation-not by chasing off madly in some kind of a rocket to a nearby planet to find rocks there which somehow have not had the same deterioration as have the earth rocks, and think that I can understand the creation of the universe by picking up a piece of rock.
Well, I would like to understand creation in a much more comprehensive manner. I would like to know where the atoms in that rock came from and how they were formed. I would like to know much more about the intelligence, the principles of creation, and such, which engendered the atoms in that rock. I would also like to know what it was that held these atoms together in that rock to form the molecules etc. That's my approach to a comprehensive understanding of creation.
So you see, so far as I am concerned, the position of the average earthman is something analogous to a very elemental or very low-grade, expressionary way of life on some planet. During the course of my many years on this planet in this earth body, I have often felt like I was in the middle of a big zoo, and I was very avidly studying the reactions and the life patterns of different people about me. I never considered myself a human in the normal capacity that other people considered themselves. I didn't feel that way. I was never able to communicate with them on the same basis that other people communicate with each other. I never had the same rapport with them, and to top it all off, I radiated a tremendous energy aura which set me apart from all people.
Of course as you can well imagine. I had to develop a lot of different compensations and I had to, very definitely within my own mind, always hold uppermost the thought and the plan that I had come here specifically for the purpose of enlightening the earth-man on very definite concepts in which .he would be very vitally interested in his future. to try to help him desist from the primeval elements of his life which were the worship of false spirits and gods, to try to get him to visualize within his own mind a constructive and comprehensive plan of evolution, and above all. to try to get him to stop praying to these false gods and doing lip and altar service and instead, to learn a much more intelligent approach to creation and infinity.
By understanding infinity and the principles which engender the appearance of all life forms on all planets as well as in higher levels and strata of the universal evolution, these principles in turn would give this lowly earthman a chance for immortality-a chance which he only very vaguely envisions within the closed confines of his materialistic world, or that he was seeking relief from the constant, ever-attendant pressure of death about him in some panacea or some escape so that he could visualize himself as living immortally. Well, there is an immortal life but it is only for those who achieve an intelligent relationship with Creation which engendered this immortality and this infinity which makes immortality possible. Unless this proper, intelligent relationship is achieved, any earthman or any other person, for that matter, will continually revolve on the wheel of karma, as it was spoken of by the Yogi. He will constantly reincarnate into the earth world and in each successive reincarnation, he will find that his position has become retrograde; he is regressing because he has not added any of the constructive elements which are most necessary for him to evolve and to progress in an evolutionary pattern. This is my purpose here on this world.
I am not indigenous to this planet; I have often said that I am an alien, but a benign alien; one who has come to give a life-giving message and a certain measure of intelligent, creative energy to any or all of those who participate in this earth life and especially to those who can attain a more direct relationship with the polarity which I express here into this world from the world from which I came.
We should not at this point become involved in any semantics which say that I am better or that he is better than the other, etc. We should be more constructively inclined to constantly inclinate and to assimilate into our daily lives the elements of a progressive evolution which link us more directly to the constructive forces which emanate from Infinite Intelligence to a more understandable relationship with the fourth dimension and to succeeding and progressive evolutions.