ESP, Mind Telepathy, Telekinesis, etc. (Part Two)

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ESP, Mind Telepathy, Telekinesis, etc. (Part Two)

ESP, Mind Telepathy, Telekinesis, etc. (Part Two)

The inclusion of these discourses, such as they are, has always brought about at their conclusion a certain period of what I would call post-recriminations; that is, I may enter into a speculatory period of time where I might speculate as to the logic or wisdom of giving these discourses and the nature of these subjects to the earthman in his present state of evolution. I have very severely questioned the intellectual capacity of people to assimilate fourth-dimensional concepts within the confines of their third-dimensional world and to make them logical and viable in whatever life transpositions they are presently engaged. I am also concerned with other certain psychological factors which are involved in what might be termed the deflation of the ego, for the confrontation of the unknown to any person does immediately instigate certain subversive reactions which can cause specific repercussions to happen in the mind or even the physical actions of the person involved.
Moreover, the total evolutionary position of the world, as it concerns the populations of people as a whole unit, may be put somewhat in jeopardy by presenting these more advanced concepts simply because evolution itself mandates, at any particular time or moment in this evolution, that the life experiences of these people so involved are strictly confined within the closed precincts of their past life experiences, plus or minus some biases and interjections which they may desire and feel justified within their own reasonable dimension of their minds.
Beyond the immediate periphery of their own intellectual capacity however, is the great unknown, and this is the never-never land to every human who follows his own course of evolution on the planet Earth; and seldom if ever does he venture beyond the realm or the periphery of this closed dimension of his own life. He may combine any and all other elements or life experiences of other people to some degree or attain some relationship to them in the judgments he may arrive at in the dimension of his own mind, but these are all relative and adjunctive only to his life and do not extend into that never-never land of the fourth dimension.
It is also a point of conjecture, one which I have often entered into, as to that oft repeated moment when any scientist arrives at that terminating point in any discoveries or in any particular developments of the science, that he will inevitably create the great and insoluble enigma in his own science, that he knows not the source, the cure, the origin or the manner and way in which it is manifest; sort of like a brick wall against which he is constantly butting his head and one which he refuses to climb over, yet the world of infinity beyond is limitless and boundless in all its dimensions and capacities. Yet he is closely confined within this brick wall of his own making, his third dimensional world which is that brick wall. Within this confine then, he is suitably placated in all of the factors of his daily life that he can, to a reasonable extent, deploy these factors, coordinate them and to otherwise satisfy his own ego with his own judgment in regard to them.
Fourth dimensional concepts then could very seriously disrupt or could totally destroy certain continuities within the evolutionary position of any earth-man were he not suitably substantiated; or that he could not in some way bring a certain focus of his own limited introspections to render the necessary judgments, or to otherwise condemn and to flagellate any of these interdimensional aspects. I am always therefore tempered as to the extent in which I might extend these explanations. There is also one other limiting factor and that is the vernacular of the earth-man himself. Third dimensional words are symbolic forms and, in themselves, are meaningless except that they have succeeded by the different consonants and certain tones and vibrations contained within them, into propagating certain subconscious reactions which give the form of speech, and the additive factors or associations with the other five senses of the expressionary elements of the human being.
Yet, words are words, and in fourth dimensional context are almost totally unsuited to explain such factors to the earthman, even assuming that he has the intellectual capacity to understand them; and should he have this intellectual capacity, it is almost useless to say that he would not need these explanations, that he would already have this information at his disposal. One is simply analogous to another; however, a starting place must be made. In my efforts here, I am attempting to polarize within the oscillating frequencies which have arisen from past lives of humans, to all present oscillating frequencies and to such harmonic frequencies which entail their future lifetimes-to instill certain polarizations which contain intelligent information which will be useful and viable to them on the basis that they can induct them into the periphery of their own intellectual capacity as something meaningful and viable to them.
Therefore, in the mechanics and the interplay of these harmonic structures, I am just as concerned with their past as I am with their future; one is coincidental and necessary to the other. In the future therefore, whether or not I shall enter into even more abstractions remains a proposition of total fulfillment of my life Mission. I most certainly will not extend beyond certain reasonable dimensions, reasonable in my own framework of logic and reason, as I know the interdimensional cosmos and man's present position in his evolution on this planet Earth. I am also quite aware that to supplant the deficiencies in such nomenclatures or word forms as they are used by the earthman with the power of projection or telekinesis, is by the formation of suitable harmonic energy waveforms, properly attuned to the individual mental capacity which can resonate within this psychic anatomy to the extent that they can be reconstituted and revitalized, or they can be harmonically attuned to in the future time and become meaningful to him as future life incorporations into his daily life.
All of these factors are part of this post-period of recrimination of which I speak personally, one which is not entered into lightly and one in which I, in many ways, have to expose myself to certain incumbent dangers always manifest on the planet Earth which must be taken into consideration with regard to the reactionary elements in the nature of man himself; that he is quite prone to destroy, to vilify and reject the most necessary and vital elements in his life if they are not prefaced and prepared for him, in a manner of speaking, from such life experiences that he can correlate them into his present and accept them.
The ego of any person is supreme and is the dominant factor in his own life beyond any such judgments which will take place in his own mentality and which involves all of his life experiences in the past; he will adjure and condemn any of those to which he cannot harmonically relate himself. This is, of course, a very dangerous aspect to any person like myself as you might know by past texts and liturgies which I have brought into existence, that I am an alien; that I live in this world by virtue of a physical body which is masterminded by a psychic anatomy constructed of the different portions of six other psychic anatomies- lives of certain individuals of past lives. Respectively they are: Sharazar, Osiris, Akhenaton, Zoroaster, Anaxagoras, and Jesus, and there may be other portions of other lifetimes which, to some degree, may have been interjected. All of these were assembled in sort of a robot fashion by the Master Minds and Intellects of the Higher Worlds from whence I came.
It is this psychic anatomy which is constantly deploying its very necessary commands into the physical structures of my body and makes metabolism possible, and also presents in its entire strength and capacity, a certain duality of personalities. While I, in my true Self, am one of the Organization or Brotherhood of Unarius in the Higher World, yet I must constantly live in this world by means and media of this physical anatomy; I must appear to others as a human like themselves, but beyond the radiating capacity of a very strong aura, there is little to suspect that I am not indigenous to this planet. Yet, the very life which this physical body lives and of which I am aware through certain capacities of my Inner Self, makes this life repugnant, even abhorrent to me at times, not that I deplore life as it is expressed on any particular level in the infinite, still there must always be these comparisons with life in the higher planets and this vegetative or animal life lived by people on this planet.
While inwardly and from their capacities as attunements with Infinite Intelligence-they are quite capable of expressing a greater and much higher degree of life, yet they are inseparably bound to all the traditional capacities and expressions of the earth world. Even their physiognomies, such as are expressed in their physical bodies, demand a constant and repetitious exercise of all the elements which are incumbent in an earth-life existence. Yet there is within each person this sublime spark, if we may call it such; the attunement with the higher capacities of intellects with Higher Worlds, to Infinite Intelligence Itself, which gives them certain aspirations, hopes, expressions of love and felicity to their fellowman.
Yes, even heroism is sometimes expressed beyond the normal capacities which could be expected on a more survival-of-the-fittest attitude which is so strongly expressed by the earthman. Yes, all of these and so many thousands of other factors, thoughts, speculations, analyses very frequently enter into the conscious surface of my mind, this earth mind that must be the intermediary between this and the fourth dimension, this mind which is also the instrumentality of my Higher Self-that Entity or Being which lives in company of the Brotherhood in the Higher Worlds. In these speculations and observations I have only sincerely and often hoped that I have not intimidated either this Higher Mind of myself, or those of my Brothers, yet I believe that all concerned are, in their intellectual capacities, sufficiently logical and envision within the scope and circumference of this intellectuality, an entire justification of what is necessary as a physical being or a physical life lived here on the planet Earth; that the necessary mechanisms-sex, defense, hunger, guilt, fear-all of these different physiological elements and reactions are most necessary to perpetuate the libido and sustain the physical body as a means and as a vehicle, or an intermediary, between this and the higher worlds.
In this respect then, I do not leave these judgments to others who may not know all factors involved, but remain absolute in them unto myself, and I might add, they are shared and understood by the dear one who is by my side-the only person in this world who does, to some appreciable degree, understand my position and the tremendous amount of conflict, as well as logic, reason and balance which must enter into the expression of this daily life.
To the future then, and to the evolution of man as he so finds himself in any planetary sphere, or under the influence of any governmental systems, socialisms or to whatever, this is one resource which is infallible and which he can constantly call upon even though he does not recognize nor is he conscious of these things, yet, even his prayers, though directed to a nonexistent god, do reach the ears of those who are vitally concerned with his welfare. To those Shining Angels who live in these Higher Worlds, to those of the Unariun Brotherhood who are the lifesavers of these material worlds and who, in their own intellectual capacities, do become a participating element in all of the creative facilities of the Universal Mind and Intelligence, this too, is the proposition which is always incumbent and should be foremost to every human who inhabits this earth; not to attain some position in his social structure which will bring him the adulation of others but rather, to concern himself with widening the prospective and the intellectual capacity of his own mind and beyond the dimension of his earth world to that point where he, too, can become a creative factor in Infinite Intelligence. To do otherwise is to centralize all form and motion within the closed confines of his own third dimensional periphery of his earth life and brings ultimate destruction.
The factor of progressive evolution is inviolate and mandates that every atom, every molecule, every element which can be considered to be a separate entity which conducts life experiences, that this evolution must be progressive, that it must constantly in itself, recur in the cyclic motions through time and space as they are manifest in a third-dimensional planet. While they are individual constituents in this evolutionary expression, yet they too must contain polarized elements which come from the Infinite Intelligence Itself. To live beyond this is eventual destruction and dissemination of all wave forms and psychic structures within the psychic anatomy of any human and which would make any other reincarnations impossible and would relegate him back into one of the abysmal astral jungles which were so aptly described by Dante in his journey through Hades as it was conducted by the Angel Virgil.
To your welfare and well-being then, but especially to an evolutionary pattern into the future, to an evolutionary pathway which will lead you more directly into constructive elements. This science must always play a vital and important part of your life; it should become an all-consuming proposition-one in which, at whatever date you can relate your present life experience as an expression of Infinite Intelligence, this expression, in itself, carries its own morality. As you express this, and knowing as you do the harmonic content as it concerns the interplay with the infinite- this moment is indeed your future, a future manifest in a different form perhaps but nevertheless containing the same idiom or the same quotient of whatever your former life experience was. This then, is evolution.