Quotes of Dr. Ernest L Norman

Voice of Venus

Spiritual Healing and Energy Concept Quotes - Channeled in 1954


cloudburst-unarius-unitedThe astronomer on earth has succeeded to a degree in theorizing that certain chemical elements exist on or in the planet Venus which are similar to those on the earth, but lo, my friend, he would find to his surprise and chagrin, that these elements are vastly different in his commonly accepted understanding of solidity or weight. Page 28


earth and energy1

I could point out many and numerous displacements in physical laws which are related to the evolution of the earth people. Therefore in the future it can be justly prophesied that man will reach greater heights in his understanding of all the things about him. He will learn that his mind is bound only by his own preconceived notions.

He will find, in breaking these bonds, the untrammeled limitless infinite vistas of God’ Infinite Cosmos. He will also learn to lose the importance of his own selfish ego-consciousness, and thus become , what he must become, a vital integral participant in a universal brotherhood of man. Page 29


Now that we have begun to understand the natural phenomenon of energy either as amoving dynamic force or as an apparently solid substance, we must not say that the man as energy4expression or materialization of mass and energy is confined in what might be called the natural sequence of such manifestations as you are accustomed to in your daily lives. In other words you will find individually in your soul evolution your own particular cycle whereby you shall be able to use and direct energy from a higher dimensional plane, through the channel of the mind and without the use of the hands.

In your earth life existence ideas are formed usually through the inter-relative thought processes. In order to materialize such an idea it must be worked out with the various materialistic processes which you have evolved in your daily transmission of life. Page 30 & 31

Hands Of Unarius

In our world God is likewise the Fountainhead of all supply. However we do not find it necessary to earn the daily essentials with the sweat of our brow. In our understanding God has become the Supreme energizing force which feeds our bodies, which clothes us, and which in short does everything for us without the expenditure of time and energy, or a great preponderance of machinery. I may point out that in your Bible you will find accounts of certain Avatars or Holy Men who fed themselves directly from the Fountainhead and so lived for many days without food or drink passing their lips, nor did they suffer any discomfort in so doing. Page 34

I do not wish to be Earth1misconstrued in my attitude regarding your earth planet. It is a wondrously conceived and properly constituted place of life for people in your particular phase of development; and while your history reveals that there have been some good cycles and some not so good, yet with it all it can be said that you are admirably situated in a world which was conceived as a battle ground and testing place between your emotions and carnal desires and as an actual starting place in your spiritual evolution.