Quotes of Dr. Ernest L Norman

Voice of Venus

Spiritual Healing and Energy Concept Quotes - Channeled in 1954

temple2I would like to point out that there are many earth people who have visited the planet on astral flights and have returned to earth with different and varying versions of their experiences. This is very easily explained as they see everything in different proportion to their particular stage of spiritual evolution.

Many people could take a trip around the earth and while they may all see the same sights, no two people can describe these things in the same way nor do they see them in the same way. This factor is much more manifest in their astral flights to Venus and in seeing what they do, inasmuch as the factors relating to conception are of a much more spiritual nature. Page 42


The Avatar Christ calmed the raging seas and caused the winds to cease their howling and then boldly walked upon the face of the now calm water. May I say humbly that we here on Venus also know of these things. Another thing which you will notice is the iridescent glowing beauty; also the vegetation itself may display a riotous color beauty of color and contrast; the seas and waters have a radiant opalescent beauty; and the very mountains seem to be composed of the essence of mother-of-pearl. All over, and about and around all of this there are hanging multitudes of rainbow-hued auras. Dew drops shoot forth radiant shafts of light which are far more brilliant than any you have ever before witnessed. Page 45

higher world1You may see a countless number of strange and fantastically hued birds and huge butterflies whose wings seem to be incrusted with a million jewels. You may taste the waters of some tumbling stream and find them sweet beyond all previous taste experiences. Or you may come upon one of the many cities which seem to hang half-suspended between earth and sky, which may remind you somewhat of the pictures in some childhood fairy book of the fairy castle on top of a high hill. Yes, my friends, Venus is a wonderful, beautiful place, and a rich reward which may well earned through the many thousands of re-incarnations and earth lives. Pages 45-46

two suns

For the benefit of your earth brothers, let us sit down upon this grassy bank beside a pool so that I may not only explain more fully these things about you, but that I may also clear up some of the salient points which I see are not quite transparent. As you look about you, you see many tall trees which stretch hundreds of feet into the air, and the overhanging branches seem to reach and form a canopy which delicately laces the radiant solar energy that comes from the great golden orb which shines above; and while it is the same sun which shines on your earth it has here quite a different appearance, not very small and white and extremely brilliant, but it is large and of a soft golden yellow color which can be easily looked into. As you have been told the sun is not as commonly supposed, a mass of disintegrating atomic energy which is dissipating itself at white hot heat, but is instead a radiant energy projector which converts energy and reflects its light and other associated energy fluxes into what you term your three dimensional world. This energy source is of course the Fountainhead. Pages 47-48

higher beings1As I have said we possess no physical bodies in your sense of the physical; neither are we born on this planet , as you would call birth by your standards. When a person from another spiritual plane wishes for reasons of his own evolution to live on this planet, he first seeks out, in a spiritual way, a plane or place in which he feels most harmonious and which will be most conducive to his proper growth. He will then seek out a family and a community and make his presence and his wishes known. They in turn will, through the power of their minds, project energy, and build for him a body in which he can enter and thrive upon this planet. Pages 51-52