Chapter XIV: Space Travel And H-Bombs Versus Fear, 1955

The explosion of the atomic bombs over Japan in 1945 ushered in what is commonly called the atomic age, and while it almost immediately put an end to World War II, it had other and also much more important psychological factors in the life of mankind on this planet earth. Compounded as it were from the fear of World War II and the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor which precipitated us into this war, the explosions of these new and fantastic weapons gave birth to even greater and newer fears.

In reality, it was not the atomic age but the age of fear. By 1947, a new note of terror was added to this already vast and overburdened and mentally stressed condition of the people of this country. Consternation and near panic reigned when it was learned that even the capitols of this country and in the high positions there was treason. We had been sold down the river to the great foreign power overseas. There were those who were immediately put to trial and there were even executions in an attempt to stop this treason and the boring from within. It has been only recently that some of the foremost thinkers of this country, as well as countless thousands of unknown and unnamed people are beginning to realize that Russia in its possession of the knowledge and the use of atomic weapons is really a blessing in disguise.

The situation as it exists today is one of delicate but perfect balance. We are in less danger of a world war today than we have been for hundreds of years in the history of nations. The terrible knowledge and the mere thought of the horror of these weapons will give rise to almost fantastic ways and means of these two nations to avert such a catastrophic cataclysm. If Russia had not and could not have gained the knowledge and use of atomic weapons, she would have had no other recourse in her fear and panic but to build a huge army and navy and attempt in one overwhelming sneak attack to render our atomic weapons useless. So we can be thankful of the condition and its balance as it exists today.

It is quite true that we have had minor flare-ups. The Korean war, for example, was one in which the pressures of our political systems and of the world in general were, in a sense, relieved. It is quite possible that other and minor conflagrations will from time to time break out, but it is not possible to conceive in the leadership of either Russia or the United States that the people and the leaders of these two great nations will at any time let themselves be plunged into almost certain oblivion by the fatal mistake of aggression.

The explosions of the atomic weapons in 1945 had also other repercussions. Almost immediately, as it were, it touched off a seeming landslide, or rather, an air-slide of strange objects which were from time to time identified as spaceships or flying saucers. There were literally thousands of accounts of these sightings from 1946 and on up to and including the present time of 1955. The United States Government and particularly the Air Force were tremendously interested and went to great lengths to obtain all possible available information on these sightings. They went to great effort and endeavors to sift out and to make possible or to verify any genuine sightings.

Space travel or communication through interstellar space with other planets or other solar systems is not unknown, and it is not the purpose here to deny or confirm any or all of these various thousands of instances but rather, the effort here is to assume a more intelligent diagnosis of all these things and, if possible, to reach through and create a more intelligent hypothesis and thereby waylay much of the fears and panic and hysteria which have not only been attached to the fear of war and the fear of atomic weapons, but also the fear and panic of visitations from outer space. The attempt will not be made here to go into any lengthy or detailed description of any of these various sightings but rather, to analyze in a general sense and to sift the chaff from the wheat.

As the situation stands today, we do not have a single flying saucer or any part of a spaceship to exhibit or examine. The author has searched through all available civilian channels to find any real evidential proof. If there is such proof, it is governmental and kept well hidden; nor do we have, to any degree any accurate descriptions other than isolated examples or cases of occurrences which happened only to persons who were of a comparatively unknown status of life. There are those who have, in this wave of fear, of flying saucer consciousness, attempted to climb the bandwagon of fame and to capitalize, as it were in a monetary sense of value by introducing spurious or fraudulent claims. There are others who were inadvertently precipitated into the limelight by an actual happening, or at least, so they claimed. In every instance, however, at least let us say that they have not brought back any real tangible evidence other than their good word. There have been claims of photographs of various descriptions of such and other minor sundry and assorted so-called proofs. (Photographs are notoriously easy to fake.)

We who have investigated through scientific means into all the realms of parapsychology, as it is sometimes called, know that there are many and different ways in which the human body and mind can live and function. There are examples, and the Bible mentions many of such instances. This book also contains accounts of flying saucers. Jesus of Nazareth in walking upon the water exhibited openly a state of mind and body which was temporarily, at least, not of this world or of this dimension. There are also innumerable examples of fire-walking in which participating individuals were prepared through certain religious or cultist rites which temporarily changed the rate of vibration within the atomic structures of the body and in such a temporarily suspended state were immune to fire.

This fire-walking is not necessarily indigenous to the South Sea Islanders or other semi-“savage” tribes, but there have been several authenticated experiences which have happened to Americans or Europeans. So likewise in the abnormal stretches and strains of this time, it is quite possible in individual cases and isolated examples, that an individual can contact certain races of planetary peoples who have been and are interested in the welfare and wellbeing of this earth.

We can imagine if we were people living on some other or distant planet and saw or witnessed an explosion of an atomic bomb, we may be likely indeed to think that this was surely a major cataclysm which could affect us indirectly. It is supposed that these intelligent beings in visiting this earth after these explosions were doing so primarily in the interests of scientific explorations. There were others who have assumed that these and other intelligences were, in a sense, sending warnings into the minds and consciousness of peoples to discontinue these activities of the bomb experimentations to avert an inevitable cataclysmic race to oblivion.

Let us assume for a moment, if you will, that any race of people who had so advanced in these scientific fields of development to the point where space travel was possible that it also is right to assume that they would also be sufficiently intelligent to know that our earth planet is one in which a certain circumscribed level of intelligence exists. They would also know that this is in the dominion and reign of Infinite creation, that this earth plane was to remain such as it is, as remote from outside influences as possible. The sudden influx of any quantity of outside interstellar travel into this earth plane would seriously disrupt the natural sequence of man's life upon this planet.

We can also logically assume that had such peoples on other planets evolved into this highly technical and spiritual state of consciousness, that they would not be likely to, in their more advanced state of awareness, want to get into as it were, conflicts of emotion, or the way of life of a less highly evolved spiritual stature. It is right to believe that every man existing on this plane or earth, as it is with every other being which exists on every other planetary realm, does so with the precept of consciousness that such is his rightful place in his own personal soul evolution.

In the case of one man in particular who claims he rode in a flying saucer from New Mexico to New York and returned, there are no grounds to either believe or disbelieve this is the rightful tenet and supposition of the individual. It could have actually happened but not necessarily in the physical sense in which the individual concerned believes that it happened. He could have been temporarily precipitated, if you please, into another realm of consciousness and therefore took the ride of which he described. In the case of other sightings or contacts with flying saucers or spaceships, a similar condition could have prevailed. Another article on Venus claims that the appearance of two Venusians who, incidentally could appear or vanish, were forced to seek employment in a newspaper office in order to have funds to survive on this planet! It is obvious that men who could thus vanish or reappear would certainly not need money or employment to live; they would, of course, have many other ways to obtain food, clothing, etc. In each case of a personal contact to some individual, there is usually at least one or more very obvious flaws, and in a final analysis, the one important fact remains that such highly intelligent people would, if contact were made to the earth people, make such contact directly with the leaders of this or other nations. Our President would, I feel sure, after recovering from surprise, welcome such visitors with open arms and likewise, the whole nation.

In the field of parapsychology, the history of the world is teeming with innumerable examples of what are called ghosts or apparitions. These are, in most instances, thought bodies created from astral energies which were originally of some physical concept. Thought energy is fourth dimensional in nature and relationship and therefore does not pass away or disintegrate after creation but may, from time to time according to certain laws of harmonic relationship, reappear in a third dimensional form as wraiths or ghosts.

Therefore, it is quite logical to assume that some other very highly intelligent race on some other planet, in understanding these facts, could build thought bodies which carry all of the physical form and manner of himself except, of course, in the feeling of solidness which is normally expected of such human-like “apparitions”. In the August 1954 issue of Mystic Magazine is an article by Paul Vest on the appearance of a Venusian who could vanish and reappear and had also other characteristics which are a part of such thought bodies. This Venusian was reported to have scratched a hard steel plate with a bare fingernail. Such a mark would have required 1700 pounds of pressure with a tool!

It is easy to see then that a race of people who could produce a science of such a fantastic nature would, by the same token, know of many atomic secrets which would enable such a demonstration to take place, and if it did, it was entirely a fourth-dimensional equation.

There are quite likely to be in the future many reports on other planetary beings, flying saucers, etc. It is therefore in the best interests in the individual sense and for national security and peace of mind, not to become panicky at the mere rumor or mention of extraterrestrial phenomena but to quietly evaluate such reports and to act accordingly as befits a sane, logical human being.


* * *


And if I may add a word, no doubt you would be interested to know that I (Ruth) personally had a contact with a "saucer" soon after the Elder Brother and I were brought together, in the San Diego area. To think of it brings it again in consciousness and I am able to describe it very accurately as I viewed it then, and which was quite similar to many descriptions by those also sighting these interplanetary craft. Some of the Brothers from more advanced planets mentally communed with E.L.N. and said that they would make a visit three months later and gave the date and time at one A.M. Right on the dot there it was and seemed to me larger than was the small house in which we then lived. The contact lasted for several minutes and I was able to view it in all three manners—as solid or chrome appearance, then as a rosy red (some term it "red-hot"), then it became opalescent. I could see right through it. The craft was shaped like the round waffle irons with three protruding legs at the bottom. I saw no operators and it no doubt, was operated by remote control or from the mother ship.