Chapter XV: Mental Illness: A Missing Link In Communications?

Scientist Questions Biochemical

Approach to Cause


by Harry Nelson

Times Medical Editor


Los Angeles Times, Friday, December 31, 1965 Berkeley—Researchers who have been trying to find a biochemical defect to explain mental illness have been barking up the wrong tree, a leading biochemist said here Thursday. Instead of looking for evidence of faulty brain metabolism, they should be looking for signs of trouble in the chemicals responsible for transmitting messages from one nerve cell to another in the brain, according to Dr. Bernard B. Brodie.

Dr. Brodie, chief of the Laboratory of Chemical Pharmacology at the National Heart Institute, pointed out that not a single biochemical defect in mental disease has been established, although biochemical investigation has been under way a decade or more. There have been many reports of chemical abnormalities in psychiatric patients, but none of them has held up, he said.

The researchers’ comments were made at the closing session of the annual meeting of the American Assn. for the Advancement of Science. The five-day meeting, held on the UC Berkeley campus, attracted 7,000 persons. One concept of those who have been pursuing a biochemical explanation for mental illness is that it results from a defect in body metabolism.

Researchers have been trying to prove the theory by analyzing blood or urine for chemical abnormalities that would reflect presumed faulty metabolism. Such an approach, Dr. Brodie said, is like trying to find a defect in an automobile by looking at the products of gasoline combustion.

He said rapidly accumulating evidence suggests that mental diseases may be a fault in communication between brain nerve cells. Nerve cells transmit messages to one another by releasing chemicals called neuro humoral transmitters which carry the messages across the gap. Extensive research of that part of the nervous system outside of the brain has shown that nearly all the drugs used to treat the nervous system achieved their effect by mimicking, blocking or interacting with the neuro humoral transmitters.

Much of this kind of knowledge has come from the investigation of drugs that treat high blood pressure by way of the nerves that control blood vessel constriction.

In a disease called myasthenia gravis, which results in paralysis, the nerves are working and the muscles are normal but there is a breakdown in the communication between the two. Dr. Brodie reasons that something similar could be occurring in the brain. If such is the case, there would be no visible defect that could be either seen or measured in the blood or urine—the approach that is being taken by those searching for a biochemical defect. Dr. Brodie said that it appears that tranquilizers and other drugs that affect the brain do their work by affecting the neuro humoral transmission just as they do in the nervous system outside of the brain.

He said that several diseases that result in paralysis due to faulty transmission of messages from nerve endings to muscles could serve as models for what happens in the brain in a mentally ill person.


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Public Enemy Number—Mental Health


During the month of December, 1965, a great conclave of scientists gathered at Berkeley, California, more than (7,000) seven thousand scientists representing all facets of known sciences, gathered together to discuss and interchange any and all new scientific knowledge and, of course, the old medical football, mental illness, was very strongly interjected. Recent studies by Dr. Bernard B. Brodie have led him to expound a new theory on schizophrenia which could very well upset the psychiatric apple-cart and if proven true, (so far as the medical profession is concerned) would also completely vindicate one of the primary basic concepts taught by Unarius.

Dr. Brodie explained in his speech that this type of mental illness, schizophrenia, or many other types for that matter, was caused by a breakdown in the communication system between brain cells, as the good doctor called it, the neuro humoral system, and as he said, was due to the lack of certain organic chemicals normally present in people who were mentally healthy. Personally, I do hope that this theory can be proven to the scientific world and especially to the medical psychiatric profession. Several years ago in one of my books, I stated that an aspirin tablet relieved pain because it blocked or short circuited the messages of pain which were sent into certain brain centers. Further discussions in different articles and books of Unarius have clearly diagrammed and shown how all of this and much more takes place. It all revolves around the process of hysteresis, as I have called it for want of a better word; and if you have studied well, you will know what I mean. In short, any atom of so-called mass, as it exists in the third dimension, is a tiny energy body—a miniature solar system of energy—and it exists as such (if it is kept alive or powered, so-to-speak) by virtue of the fact that it is connected through harmonic frequency to a number of inner dimensions. In an article which I gave on cryogenics recently, I explained more completely this process of hysteresis. The human body—any body—is an amalgamated mass of billions of atoms.

They are kept in line and in shape as composite molecules and cell structures which go to make up this anatomy by their respective psychic anatomies and involves an extremely complex oscillating process whereby all atoms in this composite anatomy are kept alive and functioning by this psychic anatomy; food and water being used as fuel and building material. This psychic anatomy, in turn, is kept alive in the same complex oscillating process from the inner dimensions and as a separate entity of energy. It has been so developed in its individual course of evolution through many centuries of time and lifetimes. Someday, as I have predicted, the medical profession as it now exists as a so-called biochemical science will be entirely replaced by the electrochemical science, as it has been fully explained in the different Unariun liturgies where each human being and human anatomy will be seen as a computer-like organization of cells which function and flourish from a memory bank which I call the psychic anatomy. This memory bank is, through the five senses, being constantly fed new information from the daily tenure of life with which this respective physical anatomy is in contact. When such a medical science exists in this future, then all human disease, including ignorance, without exception, can be dealt with in a logical scientific manner. Different kinds of machines known as oscillators or generators will be able to interject into any human being certain selected energy wave forms which will correct any physical or mental aberration and finally, that person will also be educated on the true facts of life so that as much reconstructive work as is possible can be done in this psychic anatomy, so that future incarnations of this individual will not be lived in the same sequence of diseased and aberrated conditions as is now occurring in all humanity of this planet earth.

Yes, Dr. Brodie is very right in suspecting a breakdown in communications between brain cells but as far as Dr. Brodie is concerned, he believes it is a bio-chemical process. As of this time he and other doctors of the medical profession do not understand hysteresis—on our electrical or electromagnetic scale tiny atoms like men standing in line forming a bucket brigade, each man handing the next one a bucket of water to be thrown on the fire by the last man in the line. So it is in the communication systems of the human anatomy, likewise throughout the grand scale of what we can only visualize as the all-encompassing effigy of creation. Our solar system thus becomes another atom, our galaxy a molecule, our universe a cell. Yes, as it is in all things, every human exists by virtue of this vast and complex system of regenerations, all conducted in the manner in which I have described to you through oscillating frequencies in exact mathematical formulae. Infinite Creative Intelligence is the life force and governing factor which makes all things possible whether it is an animal-like life on an earth planet or a life lived on some high (celestial) plane.

Many of the different transcripts which I have given not only prove the truth and validity of Unarius but also point out the position of abysmal ignorance of all our present-day science, especially that of the medical profession. Doctors do not know how an aspirin tablet works, yet the process has been clearly described to you. The complex process of electronic transmissions called oscillations which take place in the human anatomy is similar and basic to the creation and maintenance of all atomic forms known as mass or the 101 elements. In the human body osmosis is the interchange of molecules between walls compounded of cells. A molecule passes through a cell wall like a small boy crawling between a picket fence, but this molecule does so by virtue of the fact that it has a certain electrical charge or basic frequency. On the other side of the cell wall is another group of molecules with another type of electrical charge which attracts molecules from the other side, just as watermelons might attract a small boy and cause him to crawl through the fence. Saline or salt solution can easily pass through animal tissue cell walls to fresh water on the other side making both solutions equally saline.

To the scientist this is strictly a chemical process and has not yet been related to the laws of electrically charged particles and their behaviors. If you will look into your advanced Lesson Course, you will see the diagrams on the psychic anatomy and the wave forms which oscillate between the respective portions from the brain. Every brain cell floats in a thin pool of plasma; it does not actually touch its neighbor cell. However, communication goes on quite easily and normally in the form of oscillating wave forms carried through the plasma. It's the same with your radio or television. The air and space between you and the transmitter is the plasma. In the human brain, plasma is a compound of highly complex molecules classified under proteins or proteid molecules, just as is most of the cell tissue and plasma of the human anatomy.

But call them whatever you may, each molecule is a highly complex system of atoms, each atom in turn is a solar system of energy radiating a force field just like the television transmitter. That radiating field oscillating at certain frequencies can and does carry transmissions radiated from one cell to the next, just as molecules of hydrogen and oxygen in the air affect, and can help or impede different frequencies from transmitters. Molecules of aspirin radiate frequencies which detune or short circuit normal transmissions.

There can also be hundreds of other wave forms radiated by different sources which can have adverse effects on normal transmissions through the brain cell mass. Nowadays schizophrenia is a more general classification rather than what it formerly was—a split personality complex. There are 33 basic classifications of mental illness now generally known as schizophrenia. An obsessing entity or group of entities from an astral world can partially or wholly, and under certain conditions, superimpose themselves in the transmissions of wave-forms oscillating from the brain cells into the psychic anatomy, as was the case with the insane man who lived in the cemetery above the Sea of Galilee and was exorcised by Jesus; or there can be an obsessing thought-form body self-constructed or compounded from the influence of other people or factors which can temporarily or completely interject themselves into normal transmissions.

Time and distance are no barriers because these oscillating transmissions occur in manners and at frequencies not third-dimensional in nature. Present-day science does not yet possess instrumentation to measure the oscillating wave forms radiating from an atom. Instead, they are classified by their atomic weight or their chemical reactive synthesis.

Epilepsy is a burst or sudden releasement of electrostatic energy throughout the brain cells which causes a temporary blockage of normal function and completely immobilizes the body until it discharges. These accumulations of electrostatic energies are formed from unsynchronized components which do not normally flow or oscillate in the right manner and build up to a certain static potential which overcomes the natural resistive barriers and discharges much like a condenser or capacitor in a radio set. But whatever it is that we are discussing about the human anatomy, whether it is simple osmosis or other organic basic metabolism, or whether we are discussing mind functions and mental illness, they can only be properly understood on an analytical basis as electrical constituents—not as biological reactions.

A molecule is a senseless lifeless nothing if it is viewed as a molecule, as does our present-day biological science but the same molecule, when it is viewed as an atomic compound electrically formed from energy existing and functioning under creative law, then there is purpose and meaning, not only in each molecule but creation itself becomes a vast and infinite panoply of logic and reason and the solution to all enigmas.

To better acquaint you with, or to help you better understand my oft mentioned Principle, ‘the Absolute’, I could relate to you this example: Ruth is one of the manifestations I have spoken of—the completeness of the Absolute, when you understand it. For many, many years, I described Ruth to people all over Los Angeles, many years before I ever knew her. I told hundreds of people I was looking for her and described what she looked like to them. She was the only person who could understand my science, and at that time, it had not been preconditioned for her yet. Cycles had not swung. There are very few people in this world who could live with me on that basis, not because I am irascible or temperamental or anything like that; I am fairly average and normal in my reactions. But simply because when these things are transcendent, when you are lifted, when these sciences come in, when the Great Ones come in and the way in which they come in, it is beyond the average person's comprehension. It is done so naturally; it is not done with fanfare and trumpets, or anything of that sort with which people have formerly associated appearance of the Great Ones, but it is a simple living process.

It should be synonymous to life. It should be compatible to everyone's understanding—and it will be eventually, sooner or later. To me it is perfectly natural if someone from the Higher Realms comes and uses my vocal chords, but at the same time, my mentality and my consciousness is linked to it in a way in which it is also a part of me and part of the functional process that is going on at the moment, because I have been there, too, and I have studied those things, and I know of them. In that way, I can moderate it. Nothing inferior shall come through me.

Our Science is different because it is not mandatory. We are not trying to impress it on anyone. What we are striving for is to contact people who have been preconditioned for it, who have asked for it within their own consciousness. As Jesus said, “Believest thou this?” and He knew that unless a person was preconditioned, he was hopelessly lost until he had sought out higher planes of consciousness in the spiritual worlds and in the lives in-between lives. Those who have made progress spiritually had been preconditioned for these things. They had gone in their sleep state into the higher planes such as Venus and had been taught these things, because there is no such thing as blind faith.

Faith is only the subconscious sense, the invisible feeling that you know very surely of something. You could not have faith in anything unless you knew about it in some way or another through the higher centers, the higher elevations of the psychic self. You have to be preconditioned for it or you could not accept it. That's the way it is with healing.

There has never been any such thing in the world either here or hereafter as a miracle. What people call a miracle merely means that the Absolute has worked through Principle in a complete way. No true Truth seeker believes in miracles because we only see principle working through the mind of the Absolute and perfection, a certain degree of perfection which had been expressed in one way. The person has learned to some degree through the spiritual planes in contact with the higher centers of the superconsciousness, the mechanics of the Absolute. They have seen spiritual healing work. They know what energy can do when it comes from the higher planes when it is intelligent. It can remove these obstructive blocks in the psychic that cause disease and malformations in the physical. Then after they leave the spiritual dimensions, they come back to earth to work out this healing under conditions which are compatible to it—conditions similar to those under which it was incurred in the first place—and they lack only one thing to make the healing possible and that is a catalyzing agent. This merely means that they have focused their attention on some object or some personality.

If they go to Lourdes, it means that they have focused their attention or their energies upon the water which comes from the grotto. A glass of tap water at home would do the same thing if they had the same focus, or even a teaspoonful of sugar; or they wouldn't need it at all if they could visualize it in any other way. It is in the mechanics in which we connect these things one to another in relationships and exactly the same process at which we arrive in tuning our television set and our radio. There is a certain given set of frequencies which vibrate compatibly and are linked up in harmonic structures. With man it is different than any other species in the world because he has arrived at that point through progressive evolution in the way in which reincarnation creates that part of the psychic self which is called in the idiom, the ego.

This means that compatible waveform- structures through all forms of animal and plant-life have developed certain particular propensities and functions as spiritual energy formations. Under certain given wave-length frequencies or cycular frequencies, they link themselves up gradually through the ages of time so that they accumulate something like a snowball rolling downhill. In a crude sense, that is the way they come together; they form conjunctions and when they do that, they express to the outside or the exterior world, which is our physical world, the body of a primitive man. They connect themselves up with the body of a primitive man and he begins his evolution in a different set of conditions and elevations which are all compatible with them. He has his poisoned blowgun and arrows; he has his spears and his tom-tom. He comes and goes frequently as either male or female. Life to him is a very primitive succession of events which is the survival of the fittest.

But always this entity goes back into spirit and repurifies itself and reappears in a later lifetime in another evolution of consciousness as a higher state of human being, as someone who has gone on and is expressing just a little greater degree of intelligence than he formerly did, because all of these things have related him to himself and, in a sense of the word, they are multiplied. He has learned that he can use something besides a stone axe. He can use a spear now and knows how to use fire, etc., etc. His evolution goes on up but it is not done from this lifetime. This lifetime is only the outside or external appearance, the working out place of all the things which are done from the internal, the psychic self, as wave formations, as energy formations, which are functioning and oscillating under cycular patterns. These patterns reappear in a lifetime as one part of the negative cycle of these various lifetimes and so on, ad infinitum.

They are all very scientifically explained and something which the scientist of today can appreciate. I have never heard—as far as the truth seeker, the religionist, the theologist—anyone who knew what an energy-wave form was. I have spent thirty-five years with them, as far as my active life on the earth is concerned, in merely recapturing, re-visualizing in a physical sense in the nomenclature or idiom of the times—the modern times—what I have learned hundreds of thousands of years ago down to the present. If I had not done so, I could not be sitting here talking about these things now. That, in itself, is the biggest proof because this science is not written in any of the books of today (1958). They shall be in the future, because I intend to leave them written; but for now, they are not.

Today, as far as science is concerned, all religions and all mind sciences are pseudo. They are not scientifically based and the scientist is right—they are not scientifically based because none of these exponents of truth know what a wave form is. They do not know how it is connected and interconnected. They do not know what its function is in other planes, how it can be changed, how it can have other wave forms added to it. They do not know the meaning of the creation of the spiritual man. The scientist is only concerned with the genes and the chromosomes and he does not know that these are only outside exterior manifestations of intelligent vortexal-patterns which come from the psychic self. They are the images in the mirror, so-to-speak.

But the true being is on the inside—that Kingdom of Heaven within, the Father within—not only that, but all of the things connected up to it since man started to retain the idiom of personality from one life to another and that he became man in so doing. Primitive as it was, it was still the maintenance of a certain set of conditions, of psychic shocks, of intelligence quotients, patterns, etc., that he had contacted from previous lives. It was retained as a personality, a definite so-and-so. Oh, he was not named John Smith or Henry Doe or something like that; he was called a name back in the jungle which was similar to those of the tribe but that same person persisted, even though his name changed from life to life and his sex changed from life to life but he still was the same person because he was still functioning from the previous set of psychic patterns and wave-formations that he had formed in the previous lifetime and was reflecting them out into the exterior of his physical life.

You see how important it is that we get in and study basic science, atomic science, physics, nuclear science—whatever it is we call it—but above all, we have to begin to see the pattern of life, not as merely a solid set of reactionary patterns which are formed on this side, but they are actually oscillating polarity patterns which stem from other dimensions. We have to learn to see everything as energy; the walls of the room are energy; they are tiny little solar systems which the scientist calls atoms. They are not solid. The television pictures and sound go through these walls as if they were not here. My consciousness can go through them as if they were not here. It has been proven many, many times that as far as we go into altering the dimensions of frequency transference from one dimension to another, that one is not conscious of the other except through harmonic patterns or structures. That is the way they are linked. They are not divided into Satan, into Jesus, into Christ. They are not divided into the old gods of Minerva, Zeus and many of the others they had back in the past. They are one and all, the complete absolute, the Infinite manifesting—because it is infinite—into a finite number of relationships in all things.

That is the crux of the whole thing and I think the biggest step that any person makes in evolution or reincarnation is that day when he can visualize that everything he sees is all part of the Absolute, when he ceases to become conscious that there is such a thing as evil but that it is only a relationship under any set of given circumstances—it is a definite relationship where he is presently so standing. When you lose your sense of evil, you pass from the dimension in which evil can express itself, for only consciousness in anything gives it power over you provided, of course, that you have your connection with the higher self—the superconsciousness. When you begin to live in the external consciousness to the point where you exclude the Absolute, then you are lost; this reactionary world can affect you—and it does. But when you are linked up to the Absolute through the superconsciousness, there is nothing that can affect you. You pass from these little material pits of clay that people love so much—their sex, their beer and their cigarettes, the movies and all the various things which they think are necessary for them. Well, they are very necessary for them; they are part of that sustaining libido that they have acquired through hundreds of lifetimes coming up to the present. A few hundred years ago they were cutting each other down with swords and spears; today they are doing it just a little differently but they are doing the same thing. And so they keep on doing the things in different ways and different forms until they gradually learn, through the higher centers, to yearn for something good or better and then they can evolve into a higher state of consciousness.

It is all a very wonderful thing when you start looking at it that way and that, in itself, is a challenge to our mentality, a challenge to our personal integrity to give up these old things—things that we have clung to so tenaciously and so viciously, I might say, sometimes in past lifetimes. We should quit condemning ourselves because those things we now consider in our present position as sinful were part of our life in the past. We can learn a great deal from them if we analyze it correctly in our present situation. Now we say, “Well, we are learning something.” We do not have to go back to these things anymore; but if we are going to be fearful of them and condemn ourselves because we were kings or conquerors or butchers, it does not make any difference; if we still maintain a sense of negation to them or if we are still negative toward them, they still have power over us! But if we say that, “Well it was evolution, it was a way of life, it was the way in which we passed through life at that time, we were doing what we thought was right, we were learning something”, that, above all things, will help us a great deal because there really aren't any of us who cannot look back and say that we were guilty of a lot of things that we would not be very proud of right now! I am sure it is that way with me and that way with Ruth—and with anyone who has made spiritual progress.

We are all very conscious of the fact that we have seen these things in the past where we were conquerors and we did many things in the general idiom of that time which would not be at all compatible to the way in which we now think. We all have our skeletons in that closet of the past. There is no one who starts from the top. We all start from the bottom.

We have all been warriors and we have all been huntsmen, etc., etc. The lion in the jungle who lives off the herbivorous animals, because he is carnivorous, helps maintain a certain balance, even though to us he is very destructive. But he is very useful because he helps maintain the balance between the herbivorous elements of animal life so that they could not overpopulate and destroy the plant life. The birds are carnivorous with insects. Many of them eat insects, yet we cannot say they are wrong because they are maintaining a balance. Throughout nature we see this Infinite Absolute working a scale of equilibrium which is perfect, provided it is not interfered with. Many of these experiences we say, are destructive; even the plagues that decimate people are considered very destructive because people have attached a false value on this thing we call life. The plagues in themselves are only experiences we have to live through because we learn through experience. We only become lost when those experiences cannot be cancelled out, when we cannot connect ourselves up with higher consciousness. What we are trying to do is establish the picture of the Absolute so you would try in the future to cease trying to divide the Absolute into good and evil. There is no such thing—it is only positive or negative in relation to our particular position in our specific scale of evolution.

The further you get into these abstractions, the more contrasting is the level of intelligence, as far as the materialistic man is concerned, how elemental he is; and as far as our present civilization is concerned, or as life goes on here, it is in itself a proof of interdimensional relationship and how strong these lines of demarcation are. Actually, it can be pictured somewhat as a vast matrix of energy that is expanding and contracting in a kaleidoscope pattern of colors, of forms, ideas or consciousnesses which are constantly interweaving in and out of each other, which are all merely ideas and forms and various other different interpolations of consciousness as far as the materialistic world is concerned—something, you might say, like a vessel which was floating on an infinite sea—some great cosmogony of expanding and contracting consciousness, all contained within itself, surrounded by other vessels. It would relate man to other planetary aspects or lives in different elevations of consciousness that relives one particular little vessel of consciousness which we call the earth or materialistic domain of the present—if we can picture such a thing as an infinite sea.

Sometimes these things are very difficult to carry into consciousness in forms and relationships which are compatible to what we call our level of understanding. They have to be forms which link and relink consciousness into many different levels and elevations as far as the psychic is concerned; for knowledge never becomes wisdom unless it forms a direct rapport with the Infinite through the superconsciousness and only then does knowledge become wisdom because it has a definite polarity relationship with the Infinite. It is only knowledge when it is reactionary in nature and confined to such dimensions of consciousness as the psychiatrist might call the subconscious and remains in a reactionary stance or static condition, oscillating or subject to re-oscillating conditions or recurrences when such points of consciousness pivot in upon it as some measure or form of comparative value. Reactionaryism never assumes any proportion of consequence as far as the individual is concerned unless it is linked and relinked through an infinite number of dimensions of consciousness within the interior of the psychic self into the Infinite. It must establish a rapport with the entire infinite cosmogony before it becomes wisdom, in itself directive, or that it re-oscillates and, in a sense, returns some element or reagent which is stimulating or life-giving, rebuilding, revitalizing, guiding, directing and completing in itself.

Going back to “vessel”, the materialistic vessel of life floating on the infinite sea—how a man so confines himself—we might picture this vessel as a container made of metal which is stronger than the strongest steel and seems to be impervious to any frontal attack, as far as the individual is concerned, to liberate his consciousness from any exterior surface, for he is surrounded by this impenetrable wall which is actually nothing more or less than part of the various social structures, various forms of orthodoxies, cultisms and other accepted forms, in which he himself relates his own sphere of life to his fellowman. Therefore, it would be a very dangerous thing for him to do, to deflate his ego, to go beyond this particular thing which he terms his plane of relationship and his own particular sphere of influence unless he has something with which he can peer beyond this seemingly impenetrable wall in which is contained the sum and total of all things which are related to the material world, present and past, as they appear on the exterior surface of things in which man has contrived for himself to remanifest what he calls various aspects or dimensions of perspective in his daily life.

Therefore, the average individual is stopped! He does not have the intelligence to sustain any forward motion beyond the confined dimensions of this seemingly impenetrable sphere which he has envisioned within his mind, or else he does not suppose there is anything which lies beyond that!

Whichever the case may be, it certainly does seem to circumvent him beyond certain limited spheres and causes a ceaseless trend of cycles into which he constantly reincarnates into these lower planes—reincarnates until he succeeds in some way or another in breaking through that wall in some manner or form. It is quite likely that the greatest part of that breaking through takes place when he is away from the material world in some spiritual world where he forms relationships and advances along certain lines so that he retains, at least psychically speaking, some measure of consciousness from the other planes and so he begins to break away from these things gradually—unless, of course, he begins to precipitate himself in some cycular pattern down some black abyss of immoral degeneracy which he destructively conceives.

These were just little thoughts which sometimes a person goes along with in his own mind when he becomes “tuned in” and he thinks beyond the more immediate reactionary horizon which confines or contains the various circumstances of his daily life. When his mind goes out, he begins to search his soul, or we can say that his mind goes within. He forms contact and rapport with other levels and different dimensions of consciousness which, of course, are a part of every individual, knowingly or unknowingly. It is sometimes very amazing to see how much physical strength, libido, how much drive there is contained in the average individual when he knows so little of life, yet there are very definite reasons why this is so.

They could not function no matter how much galvanism was carried into them or how much electronic stimuli was carried into them unless they had a lot of other things coming from other dimensions. Whenever we find any of these breakdowns, for instance, a person with arthritis, the muscles of the body still function according to the galvanism but the body is not in any sense of the word functioning perfectly. Why?—because certain alignments have been broken down between other dimensional relationships with that physical body to the psychic. That means that there are many cell structures as atoms in the human body that are not connected up in a functional or relative way with what was incurred through reincarnation. That is the part where you wonder why they haven't grasped because it is so apparent. They have been spending billions of dollars a year to find out these things and still they get up to the threshold and they refuse to cross over it. It is something like a man who is drowning out in the water. You throw him a life preserver with a rope attached to it and he is clinging to a bit of driftwood. In his extreme fear, he refuses to let go of that piece of driftwood which cannot support him, to grasp the life preserver which will bring him back to the shore. In a sense of the word, these people are so materialistically minded that they refuse to cross this threshold because it would excommunicate them from the pedagogy of their fellowman or these so-called scientific structures—this great big pedestal which the scientist has erected for himself and from which nobody seems to want to fall. It presents a case where very few, if any, dare harass his fellowman or bear their criticism or censorship which always is endured by anything of the like; such as going beyond the bounds and bringing to science something which is spiritual in nature. This is abhorred by the scientist. It is not because it does not exist; it is because the scientist has refused to recognize it in the common terminology. This he has not been taught and therefore he does not recognize it.

That point was brought to me so apparently by a young lady who worked in one of the shops in which I worked some years ago. She was going to night school and taking psychology in the Los Angeles City College. Her professor had been hired by the city to teach young men and women from all walks of life. This man taught that anything spiritual was pseudo; spiritualism, religion, palmistry were pseudo. That is extremely asinine because even if the man had his own opinions, he should have at least been intelligent enough not to try to limit the scope of these students' minds in the class because there was every reason to assume that the students in that class were more intelligent than he was, because they still had not been indoctrinated with these false doctrines.

The greatest of all false doctrines is the doctrine of the is-so or the isn’t-so. In spite of the fact that man can see around him the vast breadth, even in a limited way, but still he knows it's there, that there is no such thing as finity. Everything is infinite; he can go on and realize that beyond the horizon of this third dimension, there is that which he could not possibly grasp with his mind but still he delineates everything along the lines in a book and circumscribes every dimension that he goes into. The rest who come after him and follow him are like sheep.

This case was so very well borne out and shows how man does leave false impressions for maybe even a thousand years by this half-Greek and half-Roman who lived in the days around the turn of the Christian era. He was an extrovert, a psychopath, and he wrote a number of books on human anatomy; and he did not know anything about human anatomy. Beyond cutting his skin, he did not even know there was blood in the body. He did not know a thing about the body but he wrote books on it! For over 1,400 years people followed in his footsteps and people died because they dared to believe otherwise until another Italian came along and completely repudiated and tore to pieces this whole false doctrine; he established the fact of circulation of the blood and various portions of the anatomy and he became so well known that an Englishman named Harvey came down to study under him for over two years. He went back and got the credit for establishing that there was blood circulating in the human system when he learned it from the Italian.

From then on, there began a big witch hunt more or less, because wherever it was conveniently possible, the Roman Empire burned or otherwise did away with every human being who went against the commonly accepted theories and doctrines of the papacy. They believed like the first fellow did who perpetuated this sin for more than 1,400 years; just like they believed up to two or three hundred years ago that the earth was flat and floating around in space with an angel on each corner to hold it up and push it around the sun. People died because they dared to believe otherwise. Columbus was one of the first to come along and prove otherwise; but even after that it was two or three hundred years before it was definitely changed as far as the holy Roman church was concerned.

That is how stupid and ignorant people are. They form these little ruts and carve their footsteps in time, going up and down the monasteries and temples and various other steps we see hollowed and worn out in stone, bare feet that have trekked to the meccas and holy shrines for thousands of years. They still come to them, even though the shrines are worn with their steps. They are doing the same thing now back in Lourdes in France. They have a great city there now with hospitals to take care of the sick and halt who come there because they believe in the magic powers of the water that comes out of that grotto. It is no different than any other water but the Catholic Church is making a good thing out of it in more ways than one. They could get just as much power out of the water in the tap if they believed in it.

You see advertised in every magazine, the power of the mind that goes along with these things; but what is the power of the mind? There is no metaphysician who can tell you because he does not know. He knows that it exists but he does not know what it is. It merely means that in the mechanism—and the conscious mind is a mechanism—all he has done, if any power is manifest on the surface of the exterior or material world (whether it is in the body or in things around him), the power of the mind itself is only concerned and only realized that there is no power in the mind at all because that which he calls power comes from the fact that he has connected up his oscillating processes with other centers of the psychic self other than the subconscious. Instead of putting the plug in the baseboard down below, he puts the plug in upstairs instead, and this wonderful power is constantly stemming into him as consciousness or realization of life from the higher worlds and from the Kingdom of Heaven which is within.

Man must not become subjective or malformed or transformed by the various negative elements in the subconscious. He has somehow or other succeeded in getting a straight line through upstairs for a moment. He has had just a glimpse, just a little particle of this power which is coming into him at all times. The power is wave forms, it is intelligent energy and it comes from upstairs and not from the mind at all. It has nothing to do at all with the mind, as far as the mind is concerned. The mind is only a channel for it; it is only an objectivism.

The same power is flowing into man twenty-four hours a day but it comes through the transformer, the subconscious, and in that way, it is malformed and changed. It has become subjective to the thought patterns and various idiosyncrasies of the reactionary form of life man has lived through the ages. Therefore, it is reformed into the same thought patterns under which he has always lived and loses its power of constructiveness—and often becomes destructive. Only when he succeeds in getting a clear line through from upstairs into the superconsciousness, can he become healed because then he realizes that tremendous power—because it is so perfect and nothing can exist in its presence that is not perfect.

As far as the psychic body is concerned, it represents the physical in a sense; and everything else the positive polarity—the perfection. The physical is brought into subjective consciousness with it and is immediately transformed, but it cannot be so as long as that power has gone through the secondary transformation process through the subconscious.

So there is no power of the mind! The most delicate electronic instrument in the world could not measure in terms of amperes the power contained in the brain because there is none. The scientist today does not know what activates the fifteen million cells of the brain. He knows that there are pulsations of energy coming out of it but pulsations of energy are not power, they are waveforms. You couldn't measure them in terms of power because we have no instrument that can do that. Energy is stimulated from other dimensions. It comes from somewhere else. It is not generated in the brain. There is nothing in the brain—there is not even any compound that could be termed in any sense of the word a regenerative process, let alone a generative process.

We know there are various chemicals and elements which can—like a transistor, for instance, when a small amount of current is applied—create a stream or flow of electrons that is transformed into the terms of pulses and can be an amplifying device but it has to have another stimuli, the battery, before those electrons can be activated. If we carry this into the realm of chemical reactions, it is the same thing. It merely means that we have atomic structures which, as far as frequency relationships are concerned (because they are really energy) are brought into contradiction with each other and in the canceling out process they generate heat, or electric energy, like in a battery.

We do hope this clears that up for you for it is a most important concept.