Chapter XXIII: I Told Them So!

During the last year or so (1966- 1967), of my earth mission, I have frequently paused and gone back into the different books and other literature of Unarius which have been brought forth since the actual beginning of this work in 1954, and I have found the one work which is perhaps most interesting and has proven very prophetic is the booklet, “The Truth About Mars”. This book is, incidentally, the only one which I personally laboriously wrote in long hand. Since writing these pages, many wondrous happenings and discoveries have occurred in these earth years, and at least one or more unmanned satellites have been flown to or around Mars or have actually landed on its surface and have sent back hundreds of photographs as well as information on other planetary aspects, all of which have only further proven certain surface descriptions which I gave in the booklet. But until the first spaceship carrying people from earth actually lands on Mars, the earth people have yet to factually find out about the many underground Martian cities and the highly scientific and completely socialized way of life enjoyed by the Martians.

Back here on earth, however, much has been discovered which has duplicated unknowingly the many scientific accouterments of life used by the Martians. Cooking by high frequency rays is an established fact in this time. Quite recently two American scientists created an artificial placenta and actually grew tissue, and in the article there was great emphasis on the future time when babies would be grown under the same conditions.

In many hotels, public places and homes, there are walls and ceilings made of plastic material which glows brightly when a button is pushed, just as the walls and ceilings of a Martian home. Punched cards are used by computers and processing machines and also instead of keys for cars. Great progress has been made in wonderful new and synthetic materials. Styrofoam is now being used, not only to package articles in shipment but for insulation and in actual construction, along with fiberglass and other synthetic materials. Houses, boats, car bodies, aircraft are but a few of the many thousands of different achievements in plastics which have been accomplished since the first printing of the Mars book. But there is no doubt, the greatest single accomplishment was, or is being done by Walt Disney (now deceased) and Disney Enterprises.

Shortly after the publication (about two years), Disney Studios brought out a short movie about Mars in which was depicted the huge domed underground cities and connecting tunnels, all done as a colored cartoon feature. Shortly afterward, Disney actually produced, as an exhibit in Disneyland, a Martian home. Could Walt Disney have obtained and read a “Mars” book? During the 1950's, books were sent by two (or more) Unariun students to many prominent and well-known personalities in the United States; yet, at the moment, it is not known whether one was mailed to Walt Disney or not, but very likely so.

Also, these books were placed in the public libraries immediately upon their publication. Mention might be made here, too, that these first Unarius books (Mars and Venus) were also sent to the President of the United States as well as to the Governor of our state (California) Goodwin Knight, and whose wife acknowledged their receipt.

During the early months of 1967, Disney Enterprises announced they were building an amusement park in Florida which would be housed under a huge dome of transparent plastic and metal and would cover about 80 acres. Within this dome in a totally controlled, conditioned environment, there would be, not only the amusement park; it would also provide housing and homes, hotels, etc., for at least 40,000 people.

The picture of this proposed amusement center and its dome has appeared in color as a nationally syndicated feature in different magazines and newspapers throughout the country. The picture clearly depicts the central radial plant and structure with its central hub as seen and described in Martian cities. Disney Enterprises also announced there would be a number of similar projects even much larger, which would be in the future, constructed elsewhere in the United States and in foreign countries.

On the heels of this announcement, a very famous architect living in New York, stated and advocated that in some not too distant future, all large American cities would be housed under these huge domes! For example, New York City so enclosed in this totally conditioned environment could pay for all construction costs of this dome within ten years' time, with the money saved from snow removal in the winter! Doors and windows in all buildings could be left open the year around in a balmy 78 degree temperature. There would be no dust and no smog; automobile transportation entirely eliminated in these cities and supplanted by electrically powered vehicles and other means of transportation such as moving sidewalks, etc.

It should be well to note that here in Southern California, there have been recently constructed two malls or shopping centers which use moving sidewalks; several blocks of landscaped parkway between the rows of shops where no cars are allowed, just as in the Martian cities.

As of the time of this writing, it is indeed a prophetic time. The most recent satellite of the lunar probe series has just landed on the moon and within the next five years, it is quite possible and highly probable the first man will be walking on the lunar surface. How soon, then, will the first spaceship land on Mars and what will the meeting be like between the Martians and the earth people? And as we speculate, we can only hope the earth people will be sufficiently advanced by that time to be compatible with the Martians, and that these earth visitations will not contaminate this wonderful highly developed civilization with all of the viruses and germs, all of the diseases and decadency, the ever-increasing immorality of this present earth time. We do not need to conjecture or speculate on any probable future time in earth's history when any physical earth man would set foot upon any of the seven Celestial planets described in the Pulse of Creation Series. These planets and the people who inhabit them are not in the physical, material spectrum of this earth. Even Venus, the ‘mystery’ planet, if ever contacted in reality by an earth man, would be vastly different than he has yet surmised.

Meanwhile, as I sit in my easy chair and watch the passing of days, I note the many 'discoveries' and achievements made by science as time progresses, and I chuckle a bit; even feel elated, for all of these things and many more 'undiscovered' by the earth man have been presented in the Unarius liturgies. Yes, and if I lived in this manner in this body for the next thousand years, I would see no end to these discoveries and revelations, all so presented in our books and lessons during the eventful years of the 1950's.

During the late months of 1966, two prominent and well-known scientists at the Berkeley University made an important discovery. Using the satellite Imp, they have mapped the magnetic lines of the solar system. It should be noted that these same magnetic structures similarly diagrammed were presented in the second lesson course of Unarius, printed and copyrighted in 1960! This is one of the many daily happenings and 'discoveries' which cause me to chuckle and smile and even to indulge in some “I told you so!”

To the Unariun student many important facts are quite obvious, not the least of which is: you have an unprecedented and a tremendous opportunity to learn of the creative cosmos, even thousands of years in advance of any earth technocracy or science, and to make of yourself a better person and insure your immortality, in the process of learning. (Note June 20, 1967: It should be noted that at this later date, two biological scientists have kept a human fetus alive and growing for a period of 58 days in an artificial placenta.)