Chapter XXIV: Interdimensional Relationships

For many years, scientists in the field of biological research have been avidly, perhaps feverishly, probing the mysteries of cell structures, molecules, etc., trying to find out what this life force is and, as usual, they have only added to their confusion. A very important discovery was the DNA molecule, which theoretically, at least, “keys” or “codes” different molecular structures within any living thing. These coded molecules are also hereditary. What they have not found out is the energizing intelligence or life-force which activates and makes these molecules possible. For some vague or obscure reason, this very important point has been overlooked. It is a well-known law of physics that you can't get something out of nothing. If certain atoms of a number of different elements are so arranged as a configuration, there must have been some form of intelligence to arrange this first form; even granted that succeeding forms could inherit the same characteristics. Even so, there must always be a certain quotient of energy involved in arranging any molecule from atoms, also a certain intelligence (I.Q.). If you think for a moment: any number of different kinds of atoms form different elements when they are so arranged in a molecular form, and they have a certain property.

If you take atoms of carbon, you can rearrange them into gasoline, nylon, diamonds, aspirin or thousands of other familiar everyday products, each one with a different carbon atom configuration. Now what is it that makes this difference? As it has been explained in our liturgies, an atom is a complex vortex of fourth-dimensional energy. The nucleus of the vortex is what the present-day scientist calls an atom. He does not know about the fourth-dimensional vortex and that, harmonically speaking, it is linked up through many other different dimensions to the net sum and total of Infinite Intelligence; according to the wave-forms which oscillate within this vortex, this nucleus of the atom will have a certain function or intelligence and when combined with other atoms, in turn, with their respective vortexal psychic anatomies, can and do reflect a different function or intelligence, according to the arrangement; because within the vortex certain conjunctions and parallaxes are formed which heterodyne and give rise to a new set of wave form configurations.

As the nucleus atom is an exact facsimile and contains within this nucleus all configurations and parallaxes, the changes then made within its psychic anatomy vortex will be reflected into the third dimension as a different function or intelligence. This, in essence, is what the present-day scientist does not know about atoms, whether he is a chemist, a biologist or a nuclear physicist. As of the present time, he has dealt with only the third dimensional nucleus atom form and his sciences know nothing about the psychic anatomy vortex which has just been described.

These same principles are, in essence, quite true within your own psychic anatomy and the superconscious, except that the whole picture is vastly blown up or enlarged. Within any dimension, except the third (physical), any wave form of energy is completely integrated within itself as an oscillating positive negative polarity, conveying or repeating its own specific intelligence (I.Q.) according to its frequency and form. A cycle wave pattern can have a vast number of other different kinds of wave forms oscillating harmonically within this wave form. These concepts have all been thoroughly discussed elsewhere. Any thought or action in your daily life interjects wave-forms into your psychic anatomy. These, in turn, oscillate with or beat against a multitude of other waveforms within the psychic anatomy. New wave-forms of energy are created through heterodyning. All this and much more takes place every second of your life.

Now, the second part to remember is: there is a similar or compatible waveform within the net sum and total of Infinite Intelligence. There is nothing you can do or think that can't be matched by Infinite Intelligence in waveform structures; and when your wave-forms beat or heterodyne with those of Infinite Intelligence, new wave-forms are created which go into that part of your psychic anatomy called the superconscious. You might say, then, that your superconscious is, as far as it goes, created from Infinite Intelligence and which, in truth, it is.

However, it is also polarized with your own personal wave-form quotient so that it becomes your own particular property and will remain with you forever. In fact, it can be developed over millions of years to a point where it is entirely you. At the present, however, it has developed to the point where it gives you your life force, your libido, your inspiration, which is done through the psychic anatomy which has also been described elsewhere.

Now the important thing to remember: you never talk to an energy body; it doesn't do any good. If you want to contact your superconscious with your conscious mind, then think constructive and creative thoughts. In other words, through compatible vibration you can, through the superconscious, actually oscillate with Infinite Intelligence. At your present state of development, however, such oscillation is, quantitively speaking, very small and is realized in consciousness more as such emotions or feelings of inspiration, beauty, joy, a feeling of upliftment, etc. However, right here is a good place to issue a warning: at no time should you try to cultivate or create some special rapport by trying to meditate or indulge in any practices, mental or otherwise, which you might think would give you a better contact with Infinite Intelligence.

Any such practices are reversions to ancient practices which could be called witchcraft, sorcery or even spiritualism. In the scheme of evolution, it is the law and order of Infinite Intelligence that you should progress and evolve in an intelligent manner; that is, by learning anything which you may try to learn about you in the third dimension—your physical world is a contact with Infinite Intelligence. It is a constructive waveform of energy which will be polarized within your superconscious. By constantly seeking and learning about the life and the world which is ever about you seeking and learning the meaning of all these things in conjunction with the creative Intelligence, then you are developing and evolving your superconscious self which, as I have said, will in time become the real you; and even at that point, there is still a long and never-ending pathway before you.

You will be, at that time, living completely in an energy body which does not need a physical body to manifest life; and this energy body, which is you, will be in a much higher degree and a much more expanded fashion to oscillate with Infinite Intelligence. You will breathe the life force into the body, not through lungs, but as oscillating radiant energy. All this, too, has been described previously.

And so, if you hear from time to time, as you will, about discoveries in the world of science, in the world about you, you may, if you wish, smile just a bit and hope that the scientist too, will someday know about these wonderful concepts which you are studying—concepts which will teach him what creates an atom, what the life force is.

He will understand his psychic anatomy and the development of the superconscious self; about the true evolution and Infinite Intelligence which have been worshipped as deistic beings since the beginning of the first Homosapiens. And in that future, science, too, will learn and come to know that the life force did not spontaneously generate within a protoplasmic mass of proteid molecules, that this life force is a generic force, synonymous and analogous to the specific entity and function of every atom—a fourth-dimensional energy force which does create and sustain life in all molecular and atomic forms. The subject of carbon or the carbon atom is, without doubt, one of the most fascinating subjects in the many chapters of our modern science, and a study of carbon reveals many astonishing facts.

Carbon is called the universal atomic building block, and spectrographic analyses of distant stars and galaxies reveal the important part which the carbon atom is playing in the makeup of our universe. It would indeed be difficult, if not impossible, to find anything, any form or substance on this earth world in which carbon has not, at one time or another, played an important role. Modern chemistry has devised means and methods to create literally hundreds of thousands of carbon molecule substances which bear no resemblances to the black soot formed by the burning flame. For example, an aspirin tablet is called acetylsalicylic acid, but place an aspirin tablet in a spoon, heat it over a gas flame and it quickly reverts back into the brownish black coal tar from which it was made.

There are three principal sources of commercial carbon petroleum: ordinary coal and carbon formed by coal burning; there are also layers of graphite found in the earth's crust in different parts of the world. Graphite and clay comprise the lead in any lead pencil. (By the way, there is no lead in a lead pencil). The principle of chemosynthesis is very diverse and complex and very often in converting carbon from one form to another, a catalyst is used. For example, when black gooey petroleum is superheated and placed in the presence of platinum, it becomes a clear transparent highly volatile liquid called gasoline. The chemistry involved here is what is known as cracking or changing the benzene ring (nucleus). Petroleum, coal tar, or other carbon molecular forms are usually a certain combination of carbon atoms which form a six-sided octagonal ring which, in form, looks something like a snowflake. By breaking up this ring and rearranging internally the atom structure, entirely new substances are formed, such as nylon, rayon, plastics, dyes, explosives, perfumes and thousands of other familiar everyday products.

Sometimes different kinds of atoms are also combined in this rearrangement, all of which add to the net sum and total of carbon products whether it is for hardening and coloring the rubber in a tire or forming an artificial diamond. Like many other elements, the carbon atom molecule formation is radioactive. This radioactivity was incurred many millions of years ago, during the synthesis period of the earth's history when in evolution, the energy forms, which are vortexal, were responsible for the creation of the ninety-four natural elements. This radioactive radiation is, incidentally, a part of the high-frequency spectrum the scientist calls the beta and gamma radiation sources, a universal spectrum always found in cosmic hysteresis.

Now this radiation property of carbon, as well as several other elements such as cesium and cobalt have become useful tools in today's sciences, and as this radiation decomposes over millions of years, by measuring and computing, science can determine the age of different rock strata, artifacts and skeletons of ancient peoples. Pithecanthropus erectus, Zinj Africanus, the ancient skull skeleton formation found by Dr. Leakey in an African gorge, was carbon-dated at nearly two million years of age.

Cobalt, when intensely radiated by atomic fission can reradiate the beta gamma spectrum for thousands or even millions of years. A single atomic bomb with a cobalt casing could kill all living life on the planet earth through radioactivity. This radioactive cobalt, as well as a number of other elements or their isotopic counterparts are used in medicine to treat cancer or to trace gland functions in the human anatomy.

And so the wonders of creative science unfold in endless succession, and with astonishing revelations, all made possible by the electromagnetic fields which radiate constantly and endlessly from every known (and unknown) atom, an electromagnetic radiation which reflects Infinite Intelligence through the principle of harmonic regeneration, which links the atom through its vortex to the net sum and total of the creative Infinite Intelligence.

In essence then, changing atom structures within any molecule changes the properties and material forms composed of these molecules. The basic concept in modern chemistry is all possible because the electromagnetic fields of the atoms were changed in their respective positions.