Chapter XLVII: A Master Speaks on Mastership

They call us Masters, but we come only as humble servants; for Masters are only those who have learned of life and have ceased to be slaves of life, and instead have become servants of mankind. You would ask for identity and that you would call us by name; yet it would be that ye should call us better by the virtues which we can express. For love, service, and the beatitudes of the Infinite Mind are not called by name.

Each one becomes unto the other and in becoming, adding unto the all, yet knowing not of each thing that it is called by name; nor is it known for its face or of the garments that it wears, but in the way in which it brings to each and every one its own invisible blessing. And so that it should be that ye seek all of the virtues of life, seek them not by name, for if a man does become a Master, he is master of only one thing, and that is the mastery of himself. He who takes with him the name of his father, or of his country, or of his wife or children, or even the name of himself, takes with him a heavy burden—one laden with all of the things of the material world. For even the Infinite has no name and is not called as such, either in Heaven or in any of the Netherlands.

For everyone knows the Infinite by the virtues contained therein; and such of these things may be to each one, and whether he counts the lambs in his flock or that he may multiply his various blessings in many other ways, yet to each man these are, in his own way and manner of speaking, the virtues of the Infinite. Yet all of these things should pass from him, yea, even their names and of all things that they are called by, for each one exists unto its time and its place, and can neither serve nor be of benefit to anyone in the morrow when all things must again be accounted and all virtues must be realized differently, each in its own way.

Gather strength, dear ones, for the method of bringing you these things is, in itself, but poor tribute to all of that which is exemplified in the higher consciousness, nor can we measure out the Infinite as grains of sand or even as the treasures, for each of these things, too, as they are spoken in the words of flesh and earth, so be it that each man finds a way of measuring his own grains of sand and bringing to himself the treasures which he so desires. Yet even as he does these things he is, in all manner and form, much less than a suckling babe in the arms of his mother. It is very difficult for a person to understand anything about Creation, or God, or man unless he understands energy, because everything always functions from one polarity to another.

The dynamics of life, as far as they are concerned with the Infinite or man individually, collectively or the summation of all things, means that the dynamic interchange of thought, idea or consciousness between polarities is called positive and negative, that is, the oscillating or the sine wave motion or the cycular motion, whatever dimension it is that we are so concerned with—the only way that we can rationalize what God is. He is not a personality because He is Infinite, and in order to be Infinite He must be finite in all things, and that means, too, that God is also good and evil. That is very difficult for the average person to understand, and he cannot until he gets into interdimensional relationships and understands how energy functions, because what he is concerned with, as an individual, at any one particular time, is a certain given set of conditions under which he functions from the plane or dimension in which he (the individual) is presently incarnated.

Therefore, in the commonly accepted term of positive and negative, if he is positively connected to the cycular movement or the dynamics of energy in all manifestations of energy around him, then he can say that those things are good; but if he gets on the other end of the cycle where consciousness or idea, or form, or any other interpolations are functioning from the negative end of the cycle, then he says that is evil; but he has not stopped to consider that it is just as necessary, so far as God, or the Infinite is concerned, to function with as the positive, because the positive could not function without the negative, or vice versa.

Neither have people stopped to figure that if they were under another given set of conditions as far as their own relationship was concerned, so that they were in a favorable set of circumstances with the negative end of these cycles, then the condition would be exactly reversed, and what they formerly thought was good was now evil and what they formerly thought was evil was now good, because everything was moving forward with them. They have not stopped to consider that so far as interdimensional relationship was concerned, what they felt to be evil in their interpolations or manifestations on the earth today—for instance, under any certain set of conditions means that could they see completely and abstractly into interdimensional relationships, they would see that what they call evil is actually the positive cycle for another set of cycular conditions which would remanifest in another interdimensional relationship as negative or evil; and that goes on and on ad infinitum.

What this all means is that this is the beginning of evolution as far as the earth man is concerned in any society which is apparently concerned at this time, and you will find that he is still in a comparatively crude or rough state of evolution; he is still very much of an animal; he is only on the threshold of beginning to learn. The first step he takes in learning is through the reactionary dimensions, and that means that he is constantly (like the fireman who would put a fire hose against the side of a burning building) reflecting subconsciously from any set of given thought patterns or various other experience quotients in a psychosomatic fashion from one to another, or from one childhood to adulthood, etc.; from wherever we include our psychosomatic science, these are only, in themselves, comparative relationships. But they do not in any sense of the word mean that they are absolute, because man has not yet, so far as his earth life is concerned, even to the most highly advanced and most intelligent form of life upon the earth, even closely approached an absolute mental function. He cannot, because the absolute is the Infinite Itself.

That which we refer to as mastership and various other types of higher spiritual position means merely that the individual so concerned in that way has a much broader horizon of the interplay of interdimensional relationships as one either combined with the other, or that they are oscillating as positive and negative functions, one from another.

That is why man has become so completely confused; that is the reason why there are today so many thousands of laws that the average citizen of this country has to obey. There are something like six or seven thousand laws, at least theoretically, that he is supposed to obey, and many of these laws he has no knowledge of whatsoever. He is constantly breaking the laws without his knowledge or without anyone else’s knowledge. Therefore, we can see the uselessness of such comparative values in life that now we have to set up lines of demarcation and lines of delineation whereby he is theoretically supposed to function as an integral community in a nation; because this means that when any person, or group of persons constructed the law-governing agency, they are only constructing to themselves certain lines of demarcation and certain interpolations of what they conceive life to be, in a general reactionary sense or term, which they have incurred in past life incarnations. And it does not in any sense of the word mean that this same set of conditions or interpolations is correct for another group of people who are on a different elevation or who are functioning from another plane of life—or vice versa. And that is the reason there are so many laws—laws to circumscribe a certain function and other laws which can actually prevent that law from working—highly contradictory! As any lawyer can tell you, what is actually meant when it comes to a court battle is that it is not necessarily justice or fair play, but who has the strongest set of arguments!

And so man will never achieve peace or tranquility on the earth, or in any earth world, so far as that is concerned, unless he can conceive much more infinitely and much more abstractly than he is doing now. He has to conceive the infinite function, not as law but as principle or principle function, because man has, so far as spiritual or metaphysical groups are concerned, used the term “law” rather loosely and in too broad a sense. There is no stretch of imagination that would say that God has laws, because God is both infinite and finite and maintains that infinity in all finite things, circumstances, conditions, and interdimensional relationships; and under such an understanding, we can easily say that if God had laws He would contradict Himself and would cease to exist. He would not only become His own judge and His own jury, but He would have to execute Himself.

That is the sum and total in a nutshell of what has confused not only the lawmakers, the jurisdictional agencies, the enforcement agencies of this country, but it has also confused the average citizen. It has confused the churchgoer, the Christian, the metaphysician, or the so-called spiritual interpreter of life, because he is always confusing the word ‘law’ with infinite function; and infinite function is, in itself, a perfection of imbalances which can only function as it does from polarity patterns, cycular patterns, and interdimensional relationships. It is very different from merely circumscribing a certain dimension of certain theoretical reaction as far as a group of people is concerned, to have a law which would regulate the reaction according to how it was so circumscribed by the concept of those who enacted the law and who were enforcing it. These, in themselves, are two different given sets of circumstances—and very often law enactment and law enforcement, too, are very different for the same law.

So to avoid confusion, if a metaphysical student is really going to understand the complete abstraction of the Infinite, he must first do away with that generally misconceived idea of law so far as infinite function is concerned, because there just are no laws so far as God is concerned. He has no laws; God is a function; He is a principle of all things, but He is no lawmaker or lawgiver. As far as the average individual is concerned, and God being so impersonal, God knows that every man is part of Him; He can be completely impersonal in regard to His relationship to every fellow man because He knows in the absolute and abstract, that man will either do one of two things: he will progress forward along a certain line of evolution in what can be called a predetermined set of positive conditions until he arrives at some position of mastership in what we might call a positive relationship to the given set of circumstances under which he reincarnated; or should he, at any time, deviate from that set of conditions and go into what people generally conceive as evil, he will progress along a certain plane of evolution into other dimensions or in relationships with other dimensions which are completely foreign to the way in which he started out.

Under the latter set of conditions, the person does not destroy himself, but he has to revert in a cycular fashion back to the origin of his birth; that is, the dawn or the start of his own reincarnations and to retrace his footsteps, so to speak, in a pattern of reincarnation which will lead him either from a new set of principles—as far as reincarnation is concerned—into another dimension, or that he follows his former pathway and now takes the right direction so that he again arrives at a positive relationship as a master with his originating set of reincarnating conditions.

That explains mastership; it explains why we have these so-called great planes where people are living, many of whom can be considered as masters and adepts, who are entirely evil as far as our way of life is concerned, simply because they are exercising interpolations of intelligence which are entirely foreign to what we conceive as our pattern of thought. We have arrived at these concepts from a given set of polarity patterns, and when we deviate from these or we see things which deviate from them, then they are necessarily evil; and they must be evil for one of a number of reasons. (See note at end of article.)

First, we can crudely say that they are not constructive; they could not be constructive to us because they could not function according to the cycular patterns and the various relationships which we have incurred through reincarnation—and there are other reasons, too. So far as the individual person is concerned, he passes on into that limitless limbo of timeless or voidless space ahead of him and occupies a position which is entirely foreign to the place of his birth, to the origin of his reincarnative cycle. He therefore is an evil person as far as we, in comparative analyses, can say; he is exercising these things as evil; he is still functioning however, so far as the individual’s ego or id is concerned, with the various personality quotients or other extractions which have arrived more or less intact through that reincarnative pathway. But ultimately he will have to resolve back—and he will, by his own will and volition—to the place of his primeval birth, so to speak, and start the cycle all over again, and either reincarnate into a different set of conditions which will lead him into any one or another of the predetermined destinations, which he may have vaguely envisioned, or which may have been part of the life cycle which was most strong, or which was manifest as the greatest frequency relationship with many of the cycular movements of the life cycle. It takes a person who has spent many thousands of years thinking along these lines to explain concepts as deep as these; we cannot simply acquire them overnight, or even in a lifetime. It must become something which has to be lived with and pondered over; it must be exemplified and worked with, and this given set of conditions must remanifest itself infinitely.

That is one of the greatest and most confusing pitfalls that mankind has ever fallen into in his comparative analyses, because whenever these imbalances are so upset that he attempts to live by a certain set of reactionary principles which he has found effective in past lifetimes, then he is indeed lost, because as a functional human being, he must maintain a certain equilibrium, a certain balance with many dimensions of relationship. And if he does not, he is lost; he is going to have an unbalanced condition. (See note.) In nature we see how infinite God is manifesting His balance in all natural wild species of plant and animal life—unless they are interfered with in some way, usually principally by agencies or groups of men—and through the ages of time, the earth has maintained a stable existence so far as plant and animal life is concerned. And that is simply done because of the same relationship there with what we call the balance of nature which, in the higher sense, is maintained in the spiritual way. We cannot say for one moment that because a lion or any carnivore feeds on the herbivorous animals he is necessarily evil. His function, while it is destructive in nature, provides a very beneficial effect, because if the herbivorous animals were not destroyed and eaten by the carnivore, very soon they would overrun the earth and exterminate the plant life and the planet would be decimated.

That is a typical example of how we can misconstrue good and evil. Because something appears to us, under a certain set of conditions, as evil does not necessarily mean that it is so, because if we were functioning from another dimension of consciousness, that which we call evil could and most likely would appear to be good. It could be very constructive because it was moving with us in all our relationships to the present and the past life.

Note: It was the answer to that riddle that I knew had to be answered before I was satisfied. And I did not find it in any church. I found it on the work bench in the television shop; I found the secret for which I was looking. It was not really hidden from me all along because I have known all about it—known about it for perhaps hundreds of thousands of years. So I found that man, so far as the earth life was concerned, is stumbling blindly along the path. He does not have spiritual eyes, but at the same time through various relationships from lives which he has previously lived—as well as the intuitive guidance from the higher planes and channels, as well as his own ability to travel in his sleep state—and various other factors and even though he does not acknowledge these things or know anything about them—they have succeeded in creating for him some of the greatest miracles of his life, such as television, etc. People do not seem to realize these things; they do not seem to realize what a tremendous thing this really is, these various electronic gadgets and the biases with which they are surrounded—the radio and our communication systems—and how far science has gone in perfecting these contrivances as far as the material world is concerned.

This was made possible because in some way or another, man has reached through into the higher reaches of his spiritual self and obtained the answers to these things and constructed them. It is a very close parallel with the true creative principle of life; life simply could not exist in any other way. It just would not be possible for any man or any group of men, scientists or otherwise to construct a whole new set of physical laws on this earth that were different or contrary, or in some way out of reach of the realms of those principles which have been created by the Infinite Intelligence. It just could not be possible. All that man does—and he does not create anything—he only becomes conscious of something that has been there all along! He calls it discovering or creating something—but he does not.

He has only brought something into existence in another form or another state, for it has been there all the while. So is it not strange that he goes about patting himself on the back and deifies himself that he is the highest form of creation on the earth? Well, if he had a little insight and vision he would be very ashamed of himself in comparison, because he is not much higher on the scale of life than is the cow he milks or the dogs which bark at his door. He is not wise when we start comparing these things with that which we can see in the Infinite Cosmos which lies beyond the grave, or the so-called grave, which is the loss of the physical form. Man succeeds in awakening himself as far as his personal ego is concerned, so that he can carry himself into these spiritual dimensions; in the course of time and evolution and reincarnation, or whatever particular evolutionary pattern he wishes to follow, he will realize these things in the future day.

There have been men who have come from the higher spiritual dimensions to live upon the earth and tell of these things. But man could not understand them and he only wished to destroy them in one way or another. Jesus was one of them, and there have been others. It is one of the primeval laws under which man lives. It guarantees, in a sense of the word, that he is going to be safe as far as this world is concerned; for the future generations which follow on the earth will follow the same evolutionary pattern that he has found. That, in itself, is a direct tribute to the long-range intelligence of that Infinite Mind. For how else could man attain mastership, attain the individual stewardship of the Infinite Mind in the individual without passing through all the planes of Infinite Consciousness before he attains that?

So it is a wonderful thing to think about. In spite of all the stupidity, the ignorance, all of the things and ramifications which the material life involves, yet behind it all there is a very beautiful and wonderful infinite science where man can—in spite of all his sins, iniquities, shortcomings, and his stupidities—gradually climb the scale of the ladder of life. He destroys himself; sometimes he slides back down, but he always manages to recreate himself, bring himself back up, to go on. It would be contrary to conceive anything other than this way. Jesus was conscious of this principle as he said, “Even the sparrow which falls by the wayside was accounted for.” He meant that simply because the very atoms in the sparrow’s body were part of that Infinite Consciousness, not that anyone kept records.

The principle (law) of form or change from one energy to another is always a manifestation; even though it is so infinitesimally small with the Infinite Consciousness, it is all accounted for so far as the Infinite Mind is concerned. So is it not wonderful? Great Truths—things upon which to ponder! Yes, even in the most bestial content of any man’s personality, there is one way that he can live through all of that and attain mastery over it—and you can say under those circumstances that there is such a thing as evil—for evil does the good thing unto everyone. It becomes good for having conquered evil. But how else could man become good if he had not so conquered? He would have no comparisons, no gauges, no platforms.

He would simply be an inert vibrating mass of electronic protoplasm without identity. He must retain the idiom of every circumstance, of every experience, of every shock which he encounters, every evil; even though it is conquered or cancelled out as far as any repercussive effects or continuity in any future life is concerned, the idiom of that is contained or retained. He knows of those things, and that is all part of his progression into the Infinite, because after he has attained mastery over them in the reciprocating polarity patterns through which he has traversed, it is the structures, the forms of the spiritual self which have enabled him to live from the spiritual ego or id, in the spiritual dimension consciousness.

This food for thought is extremely deep and only for those who have the way and the means of reaching through. From the reactionary thought process, one would link himself to the basement.

When he would turn the mirror of his mind upward, he would see the reflection of creation in all its grandeur, its magnitude of Infinity. He can live in that and breathe in it; he can manifest it into his consciousness, and that is the true way of life. Then his mind does not become something that is a slave unto every objectivism in his material world—that which he calls truth or manifestation, the power to concentrate, to realize upon some desired gains or some appurtenance, or some particular possession in the material world which is not creative—not in any sense. Man only becomes creative when he tunes himself upward or turns that mirror upward into that vast Infinite—that Cosmos. When he does that, that mirror not only shows him all of these things so far as his conscious life is concerned, but somehow or other those things can put life into his own life and put life into the lives of others with whom he associates. For there is no way or place in which those things would show upon the mirror of his mind which could be reflected from the surface which would be creative, because in Infinite Consciousness they are creative. And that is the way in which they live and regenerate themselves, for they are part of the Mind of the Infinite, and they can only be such; and those are the true Truths.

So how can we circumscribe through the mental processes of what we call the physical mind all that we need of this world and what we think is right for us? If we obtain power and mastery over the physical dimension to the extent that we realize the gain, the acquisition of some material wealth, we have not exerted mastership over anything, but we have become slaves to these things. That is not the true creative process of life; it simply means that when we have turned the mirror of our minds upward, it becomes something like the wires which bring electricity into our houses, or the pipe lines which bring the water into our homes; it becomes a channel for that Infinite Mind to flow through into our minds and the minds of the people about us, and that is the only way. That is called, “Finding the Father and the Kingdom of Heaven Within.” That is Nirvana.

But actually it is the ultimate goal of everyone even though man knows nothing about it, and perhaps shall not for hundreds of thousands of years; yet there is something there that is part of that man—that Christ Self. Jesus called it the “Comforter”, that guiding ray, that beam that always draws him along his path of life, from one life unto another, through all kinds of sins and iniquities, sorrows and tears. We can become a craven coward or become a hero; it makes little difference because always that guiding light goes ahead and shows us the way.