Chapter V: Abstract Equations

Recently, one of our dear students wrote and expressed the desire to talk to his superconscious. Now this is a typical attitude and desire which has been, to some degree, more or less expressed by a number of other students. Perhaps this would be a suitable place and opportunity to reassert and re-explain just what the superconscious is, as it has, to some degree, been so adequately postulated in other Unarius liturgies. Everything that you can see in this physical world has a psychic anatomy and a superconscious. Trees, houses, articles, animals, birds, even a stone by the side of the road has a psychic anatomy and a superconscious. In the stone this psychic anatomy and superconscious is the net sum and total of the electromagnetic fields which are radiated by the atoms which comprise the stone, and the superconscious part is the cyclic pattern of energy transmission which harmonically links this stone, its net sum and total of atomic constituents to the great interdimensional cosmic universe and to Infinite Cosmic Intelligence. The psychic anatomy of the stone, however, is basic; it has no “personality” developed to a more complex degree, with a number of other constituents and embodiments which would enable it to be, for instance, a bird.
Like the stone, a bird has a psychic anatomy because the bird, too, is composed of atoms and within the bird's psychic anatomy, there are a number of vortexes of energy wave forms, harmonic patterns, etc., which could be loosely called the superconscious because these are more directly linked, harmonically speaking, to Infinite Intelligence. As Infinite Intelligence is an absolute constant which, according to law or principle, never varies or changes in its infinite expressions, this bird's superconscious therefore, will constantly reflect the bird form and the bird life within the psychic anatomy which again is the re-creative intelligence in the physical dimension. In other words, the superconscious is the link between the psychic anatomy and Infinite Intelligence. It is the governing or biasing agent which controls the psychic anatomy and which, in turn, through oscillation, recreates any particular form, thought or action in the physical mind and body. There is not a single moment in any person's life which is not affected by the superconscious. Every act, every particle, every facet is made possible and is governed by the superconscious. Even the life force, the libido, the inspiration, the desire, etc., are all made possible by the biasing wave forms from the superconscious as this net sum and total of the superconscious oscillates with Infinite Intelligence.
Now this superconscious should not be misconstrued as being some sort of a genie or a god in our lives. It should not be set upon some altar or superimposed as a substitute for former gods or deities. It arrived at its present condition and state of development through evolution. Every moment of your many former lives was, in essence, polarized in a certain level of reference with Infinite Intelligence. These polarized experiences, life movements, etc., are oscillating wave forms of energy and according to their shape, frequency, etc., they can and do convey a certain bit of information, and this they will do unto eternity because they are fourth dimensional in nature, (or cyclic) and also, as they are oscillating with Infinite Intelligence, they are constantly sustained by this life force (harmonically speaking). That is why in the ancient religions it is said that you take your sins to heaven with you and are judged accordingly. Your book of life is, therefore, more specifically your superconscious, and it might be well to remember that your present and former lives, as well as your future lives, will compound this book of energy wave forms.
Every minute of your life you recreate over a million new cells in your body and each one of these cells is made according to a certain pattern of energy information contained in the psychic anatomy; and in essence, therefore, this psychic anatomy is a robot functioning endlessly and ceaselessly according to the information which you have fed into it from countless life experiences and life itself. Through the many thousands of years and a hundred or more lives you have lived, the reason and desire for this, as well as all other attributes necessary for life are the biasing agents reflected from the superconscious which, in turn, are re-biased from Infinite Intelligence. This can be called the creative facsimile of life, of harmonic regeneration and of evolution which is expressed in all the material forms of the third-dimensional world. And this same principle likewise functions in higher worlds re-expressing evolutionary forms according to dimensional lines of reference.
Do not, therefore, try to talk to your superconscious or even talk to Infinite Intelligence, using it as an interpreter. The desires as they are expressed in wave forms from the conscious mind and instigated, as they are, by different psychic, physical and material pressures, have no emotional meaning or rapport with either superconscious mind or Infinite Intelligence. If you sincerely wish to, and dedicate your life to becoming a better person, then start to develop your psychic anatomy and your superconscious by aligning your conscious mind in a creative manner and in a creative attitude. Reeducation is the keynote, and reeducation not from unintelligent reactionary emotion which is the product of the third-dimensional jungle-world and the jungle-law which people live by in this world. Instead, learn and relearn constantly and endlessly, from each moment of life, from each experience, the creative principles which engender your life and all other life forms which you may become conscious of, not only in this world at this time but in the many worlds to come.