Dr. Ernest L. Norman

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  •     Voice Of Venus: Chapter 1 - 3
Voiced by Ruth Norman
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Mal Var

Welcome to the Planet Venus

To the planet Venus, I bid you welcome for my people and for myself. I am known as an Avatar and I would show you some of our ways of life and some of the wonders of the spiritual realms. But first, in order to understand what might better be called a plane, or a dimension, as it is sometimes referred to by the people of the earth, we may liken these things to something similar to a large soap bubble which is being blown by a child with the familiar bubble pipe; and while the bubble is a thing of beauty and glows with iridescent colors, yet if we were to examine it under a powerful magnifying glass, we would find it even more wonderful; for here are microscopic particles of water, each one rounded and each one adheres to its neighbor by the law of adhesive relationship. And so, likewise is the great cosmic universe about us and the many suns and planetary systems, each one adhering to the others through the laws of great universal magnetic structures or lines of force; and countless suns make one star cluster which is known as a galaxy by your astronomers, and each galaxy is but a pinpoint of light in the great Celestial Universe.

Yet there are universes beyond universes, each one occupying a relationship something similar to the tiny water droplet in the soap bubble. And like the soap bubble which represents an adhesive mass of particles supported by other adhesive particles called the atmosphere, so likewise are the countless universes which are strung out through what you call space. They are likewise supported and maintain their relationship with what is called the material plane by other supporting structures which can be called, for want of a better name, dimensions. If we look at the beam of a searchlight we will see that from the point of emergence from the lens as it progresses further and further away from its source, it loses its brilliance and intensity. So likewise does your mind function.

If we visualize the energizing life force which is the sustaining and motivating factor in all things about you, such sustaining force must be of such frequencies or intensities that are compatible with your perception, for perception is necessary in all stages of soul evolution; and while the many dimensions or planes extend on and on into infinity, to your mind this infinity is somewhat likened to the searchlight beam and the further your mind must travel, more correctly to visualize such infinity. Such dimensions are not compatible with your present status of conception. These factors as they have been explained must be borne in mind before it is possible for the earth man to visualize such phenomena as flying saucers or space travel. Likewise it is extremely difficult for the earth scientist to conceive anything which is beyond his own realm or dimension and with such instrumentation as he has contrived to substantiate his limited perception.

It is one of the tasks of each individual in making his soul evolution that he must first set about to tear down his preconceived limited concepts. It has been said about many of the numerous scientists, as they call themselves on the earth plane, that they have contrived something of an understanding in their relationships with other dimensions such as the third, fourth, fifth, etc. Such a concept is like the child who picks up a handful of shiny pebbles and thinks that these are the only pebbles in the world. A dimension cannot be numbered, neither can it be called higher or lower than its neighbor, for a dimension is roughly an accumulation or spectrum of vibration which maintains a certain basic harmonic relationship.

It is one of the common fallacies of the earthman to believe that energy is destructive or that it is sinful. He must always remember that all energy has as its emanating source or fountainhead what is Sometimes referred to as the Supreme Being in earth language; and while earth men may use or misuse energy in some destructive form yet it cannot remain destructive, for such is the way of energy from this Infinite Fountainhead. Thus through the evolution of time must it ever be and through the many lives of each individual, that while the individual is misusing energy destructively, he is unwittingly learning its proper usage. So the end result becomes one in which the Supreme Wisdom of the Fountainhead teaches all mankind, each in his own way, and therefore can never become destructive.

In our own planetary system the earth astronomer has found through his telescopes, various other heavenly orbs or bodies revolving in fixed orbits around our central sun and he has assumed from such external appearance or from studies made by refractory instruments that these planets, as he calls them, can or cannot sustain life as compared to the life about him on his own earth plane. Such a concept is extremely limited and baseless and while he calls himself a scientist he has not reached the point in his mental evolution where he can visualize anything beyond the spectra of his own 100 elements; and thus he has become like the child with the pebbles. Each and every planet in this solar system could quite possibly support life in one of the various innumerable dimensions which lie outside the realm of perception for the earthman.

It can also be said, that while the earthman sees about him many things which are completely intangible as far as his own perception is concerned, even though, ironically, he may have created these so-called intangibles, he may think he has the picture of the atom, yet he has never seen one. He may send pictures and sound through the air and yet he is not quite sure how this is done. Life for the earth scientist is an almost daily breakdown of many of the time-honored and treasured laws of the past. This has been going on for thousands of years, so likewise will the thousands of years of the future hold break- downs of many of the ideas and laws which he has set up for himself at this day and time.

Through your medium-ship you were given a factual picture of life on the planet Mars. This planet lies closer to your own spectra than any other of the planets of the solar system; in fact, one of your races of people is a migrant from this planet. Let it be said to the astronomers of your earth that they have not seen all of the planets of your solar system, for there are others which reside in different spectra and therefore cannot be viewed or analyzed by any means known to your earth people. The planet Venus has always been something of a great mystery to the earth astronomer because it seems to be shielded by what appears to be masses of clouds. This is erroneous. These so-called cloud masses or vapors are actually substances which reside outside of the realm or spectra of the 101 known earth elements. They are actually, in a sense, condensed masses of wave forms of high frequency energies which are kept like a protecting envelope around the planet through certain applied laws of frequency relationships.

This has been done purposely by the highly developed minds which live on Venus to avoid what would be an obvious state of confusion of the earth people inasmuch as, if they could see through their telescopes the actual surface of Venus and its radiant beauty as well as its completely different spectral analysis, it would not yield to any known scientific earth definition. The materials which compose this planet, while they might appear to be solid if you were standing there, are actually outside the realm of frequency relationships with which the earth people are familiar in their own spectra. In other words, it is something similar to your equation of water. While water is actually gas, in different temperatures it changes and becomes solid, liquid or gaseous. So likewise could any of your 100 known elements assume entirely different properties or relationships under different atomic frequencies and yet still remain the same reactive element.

Life on the planet Venus is in all phases and all relationships and does exist in an advanced state of harmonic frequency relationships. If an earth being was suddenly transported in the flesh to the planet Venus, he might find himself in a position similar to a man floating in midair in a steam room. While the same water vapor frozen on a surface could easily support him, it could not support him as steam vapor. The earth scientist has to learn two basic facts about atomic structures. He has partially succeeded in this in molecular relationships, but has not visualized the same principle of conception in the frequency rate of vibration of the so-called atomic structures.

Therefore the man with his earth-body on the planet Venus would more or less find himself in his earth-body and earth-mind in a world which was completely devoid of form and substance. Neither could he see any of that which was about him and he would quickly perish or separate himself from his earth-body in what is called death because of his lack of perception. Life on the planet Venus is made possible only to those who have evolved in their spiritual progression to a point where an entirely new and unlimited perception has become a vital and integrated working agent of their life force. Under such conditions, all phenomena such as is known to earth people, is a common part of the life of every Venusian.

Your own Avatar of Spiritual Science, whom you call Christ, demonstrated a factual working facet of this conception. In other words, the mind of each individual becomes an integrated working part of the great Fountainhead and, as such, an individual participant can and does direct this life-giving, all energizing, all constructive, all intelligent force into everything about him and into everything he does. For example, he does not need to do as the earth- man does in making his clothes-gather the wool or the blossom and go through the lengthy manipulative processes to construct these garments. Instead, the Venusian takes this vital, constructive, energizing force from the Fountainhead and so directs it through the science of his own mind that it becomes the shining luminous garments about him. Likewise are his dwellings and all the things about him so constructed. But I see your earth-minds are tired and so I will leave you for the present but I shall return on the light frequency beam when conditions are proper and necessary. From the people of Venus I bid you Godspeed.

Your Brother, Mal Var

The Polarity Principle of Evolution

While speaking to you last time, I may have said some things which may have seemed very strange to you, for before taking an astral flight to Venus and witnessing a factual portrayal of what is to be seen there, it is necessary to go beyond the commonly accepted standards of earth life. Even the most learned men on your earth planet would be less than infants in our world. We do not wish to depreciate or to cause any man to feel a sense of inferiority because he has not progressed in his soul evolution to a point where he could visualize such things as are in this realm and dimension.

The thought patterns of mankind on the earth are such universally used and commonly practiced elemental thought patterns which have been relived basically throughout the pages of history. The thought pattern of the average earth person is very simple and elemental. He is taught and learns from infancy to compare all the things he sees about him in direct proportion to such outside or external stimulating agents as fear, pain or hate which induce certain reactive thought patterns within the child's mind. These are further strengthened and solidified with the passing of years and inasmuch as his fellowman about him is likewise so steeped in these traditional thought patterns, the net result is that he is continually at strife within himself and he takes recourse to factors of safety by some semblance of unified community or civic government which in all cases is only the determining factor of safety against other communities or nations.

All in all, such a reactionary thought pattern as is practiced individually and collectively among communities or nations becomes the agent of outward expression of the individual. The hatreds, fears, insecurities and other reactionary factors that form this conglomerate and collective mass of negation must and always does cause such calamities as wars, plagues and mass murders.

Contrast this reactionary way of life to one which has been described to you from your sister planet Mars or in somewhat a similar fashion, to those who evolve unto the planet Venus. While it cannot be said that a child here is born of the womb but rather, is a product of evolution from some spiritual plane of progression, yet the beginning of the life of an individual on the planet Venus can in many respects be likened to the periods of infancy, adolescence and adulthood. However, here the similarity ceases.

Usually such individuals arrive at our way of life with a conscious retained memory factor of all they have been before. There are none of the usually associated periods of loss of memory through some lower phase of reincarnation. So therefore the individual begins his life-cycle in something of a state of consciousness which you might call Mastership. The child, if he can be called such, is beginning his evolutionary cycle, though life on this planet is not concerned with the factor of self. He has long ago lost his personal sense of ego and its many fearful implications and assumed instead the cloak of state-hood which links him with the great and universal brotherhood which is not concerned with self but only with the betterment of the countless billions of his fellowmen who have not yet evolved into a state of spiritual maturity.

In direct contrast to the limited perspective which the earthman sees about him, the Venusian has before him the unlimited vistas of an infinite universe. Instead of being bound by fetters which are of steel-like strength and made of the substance of one's own fears and insecurities, he sees before him the limitless heights into which he may travel beyond the ends of time, as you measure it out to yourselves in your earth lives. In our previous discussion other factors were mentioned such as the relative values of what you call solid substance or mass and what is called energy. Many years ago, one of the more learned men of your earth attempted to explain the relationship of mass and energy. This man, working in conjunction with a college, attempted also to explain the transmission of energy. While these explanations, being more advanced than any previous explanations seem to satisfy the need of the present day generation and, while the earth scientists were advanced by their understanding and usage, yet one important and vital factor was missed.

This important factor, which should have been included in these hypotheses, was the element of frequency. Before I progress further, however, I must explain that the word frequency is used only for the want of a better word. In general terminology, as you understand frequency, it is the coming and going, or recurrence of successive movements which are related to time and space. A person may come and go into his home, the number of times being the frequency, or your electric house current is moved on the surface of the wire in short bursts or pulsations at the rate of 60 per second. Here again the elements of time and space are involved. In other dimensions, the term frequency would relate only to such movements of force or energy which have a basic fundamental relationship according to the circular path in which they travel. These things may be difficult for your earth minds to understand for many of the associated factors of your earth lives are interwoven with the elements of time and space.

Your next step of evolution may take many thou- sands of years to eliminate these elements from your thinking. Reasoning or logic, and the power of mental assimilation become comparatively easy in your new found freedom, for with the elimination of time and space you will be able to travel, as it were, mentally into other realms and dimensions, or recurrence of successive movements, and which meaning of frequency is just beginning to be basically understood by the earth scientist. He has found that with high pulsating currents through certain types of crystals, he can regenerate frequencies or vibrations up to a million times per second.

It makes little difference that he is still erroneously calling these frequencies sound, for sound in its true sense relates only to the spectra which can be conceived with the human mind. What the earthman has actually begun to find is a whole new world which he may call vibration, but which he will find from time to time will break down many of the strongly conceived so-called physical laws. One of the things the earth- man must find out himself is that there are no laws. A law exists within his mind only as a preconceived principle and all the written laws in the world are not worth the paper they are written on simply because laws, whether civic or spiritual, resolve into the moral character of the individual.

Likewise, in approaching the great Fountainhead which we will call God, we will find that, contrary to belief, God has no laws. He has placed no restricting fetters upon your growth or your downfall. God in His infinite Wisdom knows that what is sometimes called sin, resolves only into preconceived notions of right and wrong which become pertinent vital issues with the spiritual evolution of the individual. But I am digressing. Getting back to the more, shall we say, elemental understanding of what is mass and energy, as I have pointed out, the frequency factor has not yet assumed its true relationship in the earth plane science. Man uses energy in many ways. This relates to the transmission of such energy in its many uses, in the world about him. He has not yet discovered, in a true scientific fashion, that the relationship of this frequency to atomic structures, as he calls them, is the basic underlying and determining factor in what he calls mass or weight.

Your Avatar Christ, who was at one time Master of Venus, explained this principle of relationship in a very simple way by walking upon water and by resurrecting himself from a stone tomb. In other words, by simply changing the basic relationship of the atomic structures within his body with the higher dimensions or the source, he became weightless and was able to pass through seemingly solid stone. While in such a condition of being weightless or without the appearance of solidity, the various atomic structures of his body, which you call elements, were not in the least changed in the relationship to your third dimension or earth structures, as you call them, except in factors of solidity and weight. In other words, they would have still been reactive in the chemical test tube or the spectroscope as such commonly designated elements which are known to compose your bodies. Likewise, all of the 101 odd elements which are known to earth scientists could be changed in their relationship to the higher dimensions or to the Fountainhead and would likewise become weightless and without solidity or, by the same token, be made so infinitely heavy that they would defy all your preconceived ideas of understanding.

Some of your earth astronomers have postulated a reasonable equation in their researches by declaring they have found a star which contains atomic structures so dense that a cubic inch weighs 2000 tons. May I again remind you that the terms weight, solidity, time and space are only factors which have been induced in your present-day earth life understanding. Therefore, a trip to Venus, if it could be assumed by any earth person in a physical body in which he walks about the earth, would find conditions on the planet Venus quite different than he may have anticipated. The astronomer on earth has succeeded to a certain degree in theorizing that certain chemical elements exist on or in the planet Venus which are similar to those on the earth; but l0, my friend, he would find to his surprise and chagrin that these elements are vastly different in his commonly accepted understanding of solidity or weight.

An ancient man of more advanced understanding, while sitting in his bath, found that each earth element such as silver and gold displaced, when immersed, different quantities of water. He was so elated by this discovery that he ran down the street naked, screaming, "Eureka, I have found it!" Even in your present day understanding, this so-called law of specific gravity has been displaced by a more accurate system of atomic weights. If the ancient man were living today in your world and time, he would not need to immerse the King's crown in water to find that the King had been defrauded and that it contained silver. I am pointing out this story to you that, in the course of history or evolution, man will and does, though sometimes ever so slowly, progress.

I could point out many and numerous displacements in physical laws which are related to the evolution of the earth people. Therefore, in the future, it can be justly prophesied that man will reach greater heights in his understanding of all the things about him. He will learn that his mind is bound only by his own preconceived notions. He will find, in breaking these bonds, the untrammeled, limitless, infinite vistas of God's Infinite Cosmos. He will also learn to lose the importance of his own selfish ego-consciousness and thus become what he must become; a vital, integral participant in a universal brotherhood of man.

The Infinite Fountainhead of Light

Good evening. I am known as Sha-Tok. I will speak for Mal-Var as he will not be with you this evening. However, we all speak the same language so nothing will be lost. Mal-Var belongs to the council and is in the upper chamber this evening. In the two previous talks by my worthy brother, he discussed at some length a few of the underlying principles in the construction of what is called matter, and while these discussions seemed rather lengthy, it is necessary to prepare you; as otherwise, the true meaning of much that will be described to you or that you may see with your mind's eye may be lost.

In passing in review what has previously been explained, I hope that by now you will have begun to understand just what is meant by the relationship of mass and energy; and that mass and energy are all one and the same-the difference being in the way in which they are perceived according to such dimensional factors as time and space. In the atom, we find energy expressed in the relationship of time and space in such a way that it is seemingly solid or mass. The lightning which streaks through the sky or the light from the sun, is somewhat the same energy expressed in a different way with the factors of time and space.

Now that we have begun to understand the natural phenomenon of energy, either as a moving dynamic force or as an apparently solid substance, we must not say that the expression or materialization of mass and energy is confined in what might be called the natural sequence of such manifestations as you are accustomed to in your daily lives. In other words, you will find individually in your soul evolution, your own particular cycle whereby you shall be able to use and direct energy from a higher dimensional plane through the channel of the mind and without the use of the hands. In your earth life existence, ideas are formed usually through the inter-relative thought processes. In order to materialize such an idea, it must be worked out with the various materialistic processes which you have evolved in your daily transmission of life.

The use of familiar everyday objects about you were all originally such ideas. The watch which you wear on your wrist or the machine you call the automobile are all products of countless ideas and were brought into materialization only through a great deal of work and experimentation. In a more highly evolved state of consciousness such an idea of materialization would of course seem very crude. Such negative qualities as fear, human error, tolerances and production failures do not enter in. Such a highly evolved mind conceives, visualizes and realizes the infinite perfection of universal energy which stems from the Fountainhead.

Such energy needs only the proper directive channel to individualize its potentialities. You people of the earth have often called this energy God; and as has been explained, as God, it is Infinite, so He must express not only infinity but infinite individualism. It is that Infinite Wisdom of God which has conceived that by the creation of man He has individualized Himself and, that as man exists in the countless planes and dimensions in which God expresses and lives in the Infinite, so He also likewise expresses Himself in all these realms and dimensions in a finite way.

Therefore, my friends, we must not say that I am better than such a man or look down on someone whose skin is of a different color. Likewise must we love everybody, for if we love not them, how can we love our God who has created Himself in a finite way in every man? Now that we have discussed our relationship with the Infinite Creator, we can begin to visualize that it is indeed a great and sacred thing and one of holy trust when in this stage of evolution we find ourselves an open, directive channel for this God-force. And yet here again is God expressing infinity; for in all other roles He has assumed the supreme position of the Master Creator. So now he becomes in a finite way subservient through the channel of man's mind. This has been expressed in a lesser degree in the creative ideology of the people of the earth and of similar planes; God, there, as in all other places, still being the prompting, uplifting Overlord, in assuming the role of Mastership, God and his wondrous Creative Power and Wisdom, became the complete obedient servant of the individual; for now the individual can direct this Creative Intelligent Energy in such a manner that it will create all of the things that the individual deems necessary for the time and place.

The Avatar Christ, in performing his miracles, did just this. The stories of the various healings are those in which the creative life energy of God was so directed that it became healed flesh. A closer analysis of this process would reveal that this creative structure was followed by a secondary instantaneous re- grouping into molecular structures that thus became healed. You may ask how it is possible for the mind of an individual to assume Mastership over God-as it may at first appear. This is not correct. We must remember that the individual is God, only in a finite, personalized form and, in expressing individualized personality, has assumed a correct and delicately balanced relationship with infinite God.

On the planet Venus, we all who are living here, have taken our first step in the relationship of such Mastership. It is here in our daily lives that we put into practice this harmonious, creative relationship with the Fountainhead in all of the acts of our daily lives. Mind is the creative principle using and directing this God force in the creation of all the essentials of life.

As was touched upon previously, your familiar sense of mass or solidity would be valueless here. All atomic structures which compose this planet and all of the things about it do not, shall we say, vibrate in the same plane of relationship from the emanating source of the Fountainhead. Therefore, your five physical senses, of touch, taste, smell, seeing and hearing would be quite useless here as they have been evolved to function in atomic structures and frequencies which were of a lower and different relationship to the Fountainhead. However, to us our world is, in a general sense, quite as solid as yours.

Our various functions of sight, sound, hearing, smell and feeling are of course evolved to function in this particular plane or dimension. Here again I must draw a similarity picture. While you say in a spiritual sense God supplies your every need, yet you find it necessary to plant the seed and harvest the crop; or you must mine and smelt metal-or in whatever particular direction you may look, you must engage in work for the necessities of life.

In our world God is likewise the Fountainhead of all supply, however, we do not find it necessary to earn the daily essentials with the sweat of our brow. In our understanding God has become the supreme energizing force which feeds our bodies, which clothes us and which in short, does everything for us without the expenditure of time and energy or a great preponderance of machinery. I may point out that in your Bible you will find accounts of certain Avatars or Holy Men who fed themselves directly from the Fountainhead and so lived for many days without food or drink passing their lips, nor did they suffer any discomfort in so doing.

Tonight we are ringing a great golden bell in the central chapel so that its vibrations will carry across the distances which separate us in a physical sense from mankind who lives on many planets and each note of this golden bell carries with it the united and concerted prayer of love and goodwill to man wherever he may be found.

On the next occasion my brother Mal-Var will attend you. Until then I, Sha-Tok, wish upon you all the graces of the Almighty