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  •     Voice of Venus Chapters: 20 - 23
Voiced by Ruth Norman
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Mal Var

A Venusian Healing Center

A pleasant day to you, brother and sister! Because of the length of our previous transcription, I was forced to terminate our contact before the subject of suicide had been adequately covered. Because of the seriousness of this subject and the large numbers of people who so terminate their lives, I believe it is well worth some additional time.

Using statistics which are currently available it is said that in your America in the last year, ( 1955) about 19,000 persons voluntarily concluded their own lives; more than 100,000 additional persons attempted self-conclusion in which, fortunately for them, they were not successful. Many of these, however, will make future attempts as they were turned back into society without proper corrective therapy.

Many of these self-conclusions were small children -young boys and girls. The cause which induced their willful action was extreme hatred, frustration and anger against the whole world and particularly toward their parents who, in their tyrannical dispositions, induced these strong emotional strains which caused the anger and hatred. It is no joking matter if I remind you of a popular song which was built around the theme of a young girl who, having such feelings of anger and self-pity, threatened self-conclusion by eating worms. And while this song may have been invented for purposes of amusement, yet it can truly be said, it was inspired from fact.

Most adults can remember, that as youngsters, at some time they thought of retaliation against their parents or others by self-conclusion. As children, or as adults, there are also numerous other causes for this action. A person may feel a tremendous loss at losing his position, or she may have lost her husband, or there may be an incurable illness; or perhaps some form of lethargic neurasthenia which has been induced by the treadmill-like existence of your civilized way of life. But whatever the causes, as they may appear on the surface, these can all be lumped together and called by one name: negation. Negation is also the primary cause and largest contributing factor in causing all the illness of mankind and I make no exceptions. I believe that this statement will be verified to a large degree by most of your competent doctors. Negation simply means a sort of pinching-off process or a misalignment, of the vital life energies which flow into the mind and body through the psychic body, and which come from the soul or Superconscious which is directly linked to the Fountainhead.

You may think that the air you breathe and the food you consume gives you this energy but this energy could not be assimilated or converted without the dynamic intelligent life-energy which flows at all times from the Superconscious. If you will mull this over for awhile in your minds, you will see the infinite number of possibilities and the many ramifications which are involved in this gradual pinching-off, misaligning process which is induced by negation. The act of terminating one's own life has very serious consequences inasmuch as when the act is performed, there is an almost total separation from the life- giving Superconscious. Leaving the inert physical body behind, the discarnate entity quickly drifts off into some low astral realm. His thought body which is composed of the reflected energies of his self-idea or ego is quickly dissipated; likewise much of the adhesive continuity qualities which hold the astral body together as well as the alignment with the Superconscious.

We often find these bits of human wreckage floating half-suspended in some darkened region. They are usually without form or intelligence and are quite difficult to handle as they may break apart very easily. The earth term of bringing someone home in a sheet after a serious accident might be applied to these cases. Very often we bring these suicides back with us in an energy envelope or shroud, or they may be brought to us for treatment. Many of these cases are treated not only here on Venus but on other planets or dimensions which may be more suitable for certain cases which require special therapy.

As you noticed last night as we were standing in the very large room which I called a nursery, the entire room was filled with a brilliant yellow radiance. No doubt you know that the colors you see are indicative of the purpose for which the room is being used. In the blue or purplish room, there were healing projections being sent out in which case the therapy used was in the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum and related more strongly to physical conditions pertaining to nerve breakdowns, such as in polio.

In our nursery, however, the radiance here is of a more spiritual nature and is being used in correcting and rebuilding badly damaged psychic bodies. As you see, each one of these is contained in a circular vessel constructed of crystal which I called, for want of a better name, bassinets. These vessels are all standing in regular rows upon crystal pedestals. Each vessel is partly filled with a soft energy mass, something like the ectoplasm which is produced in psychic trances in séance rooms. It was this soft white radiant energy which you at first thought to be silk.

Now if you will step closer to one of these vessels and look within, you will see a small densely grouped cluster of gem-like bits of light which seem to twinkle like tiny stars. If you had the proper power of conception, you would see that, like the more familiar earth atoms, these are all conglomerate masses or structures of tiny wave forms of intelligent energies. Each wave form and its associated wave forms carry an experience, or a series of such experiences, from the earth life of the individual.

The body at which you are looking happens to be that of a seventeen-year old girl who took her life about 500 years ago. She is waiting until a suitable opportunity and for the correct time, which will be about 100 years from now, when she will again be born into an earth-life existence. I might say, however, that in any individual evolution, there are certain regularly spaced intervals between each incarnation which are determined by a certain law of harmonic vibrations. When a suicide is reborn into the earth-plane and again assumes the physical form, he will still be suffering from the effects of his previous self-destruction. It may take several earth lives before the full effects have been dissipated and until the psychic body has been rebuilt to its full strength. Looking again at the young lady before you in your consciousness, you do not see the silver thread which stems up into the room above you. This is something like what you might call a spiritual umbilical cord. Somewhere up in the room above, it branches off into many little threads of energy which contact and draw in the radiant energies which are focused upon it. Thus the psychic body is kept alive and flourishes and grows stronger as she awaits the time for her rebirth.

Shortly before the time approaches for the actual moment of conception, she will be taken to the earth- plane and placed in contact with the aura of her future mother, which supplies her energy until she enters the womb. At the moment of conception the radiant energies which enter this umbilical structure, which you cannot see, are actually a form of the Superconscious of this girl. Later on in her earth life (after being born) this Superconscious will assume a much closer and more personal relationship; however, she may be somewhat of a problem child to her parents. She is quite likely to be ethereally minded and do much daydreaming and seem to have less cohesive relationship to her environment than is normally exhibited.

Although the room which you see before you may contain a thousand or more small lives, I can say that this is but one very small part of many similar nurseries, not to mention clinics, hospitals and rest homes of all kinds which are not only on Venus but on a countless number of similar planets throughout the vast number of universes. I will not attempt at this time to give you facts which may pertain to such similar structures and institutionalized centers of therapy which exist in some of the spiritual planes which you call the higher astral realms.

The bodies contained in this room happen to be only the very few which I and my brothers and sisters in this particular household can help. Someday you will learn and see a little more clearly, the importance of the law of harmonic relationship that helps to separate and integrate the many spiritual functions which you will find in your various spiritual evolutions.

So until the time when I can unfold more of these wonderful and mysterious facts of life, may we rest in peace.

Mal Var.

Waking the Sleeping Dead

Again we come with our love from the planet Venus. I believe we were discussing the topic of self- conclusion and we had been in the ward where you saw a few of those in the suspended state awaiting a new opportunity. So while we are still on this subject of nursing, let us go into another section where we can examine another type of self-destruction which is a form of partial spiritual suicide.

We will re-enter the long corridor and pass over into the large doorway you see just before you; and while we are about to enter, May I say that you are quite likely to be reminded of some large hospital back on your earth-plane. There are, of course, no operating rooms where the physical bodies are dismembered and torn apart. Instead, we use our mind- forces in directing radiant healing energies; but see, you are in the ward. I see you are very much amazed at the size and large numbers of what look somewhat like the familiar hospital beds in an earth hospital. But come, let us step closer to one of the nearby beds.

Before you is a woman whom we shall call Susan. She passed from the earth life but a few weeks ago, and as you see, you would think her more dead than alive. In contrast to the pure psychic bodies of the suicides, the people in these many hundreds of beds have all retained the semblance of their physical form. This is because in their passing, which was quite normal in most cases, they have retained in a somewhat shell-like fashion the hard thought-form energies, the word "hard" being a relative term.

Looking at Susan more closely, you will see she is apparently without life. Of course, she does not breathe because she needs no air in her astral form. You will notice also the grayish pallor-like color which makes her appear as if she were almost carved from stone. On earth Susan was what you might call an ordinary sophisticated, worldly woman. She had a business career; she smoked and attended cocktail parties and did numerous other things which are associated with the life one might normally find in a large city.

She did not have time, however, for periods of meditation. And if she attended church, it was only on special occasions such as at Easter time where she might show off some new finery; and while in church on those occasions, she was not listening to the words of inspiration nor were her eyes used other than in peering about the church to see what the other females were wearing. So the day came for Susan when she must leave her familiar earth life and the liveried chauffeurs and penthouses, furs and jewelry. While she did not willingly do so, her hour struck and she was forced to leave her body behind. Perhaps it was one of the physical conditions like cancer which caused Susan to leave her body; but whatever the cause, one thing is sure; Susan was not ready for her journey into a new world, a world which was entirely unfamiliar and strange, a world in which none of her earth things seemed to give her security and comfort.

While there is nothing wrong perhaps with the way Susan lived on the earth, except that she devoted too much of her time and concentrated too much of her attention on the superfluous and often unnecessary appurtenances of a highly exploited way of life, be- cause she devoted so much of her time and concentrated so much of her energies into the acquisition of those superfluities there was no time left to prepare for the future.

When a small green caterpillar crawls under a leaf and spins himself into a cocoon, it is because the small still voice tells him to do so. And during the long winter months, he will hang in a suspended state until the warm rays of the spring sunshine; then he will burst aside his little prison and will emerge a full-fledged, beautiful butterfly. Like caterpillars and all other creeping, flying, crawling things on your earth plane, Susan too had a small, still voice but perhaps she loved more the sound of ice tinkling in a champagne glass, or perhaps the rustle of a new silk dress was much more musical in her ears; and so her time came and she was not prepared.

Do you see the little lady coming down the corridor? She is Susan's mother. She has been coming here daily since her daughter was brought here. Susan's mother lived in another age. She was brought up on a farm. She was taught honest toil and the way of life of her kinfolk. But no matter how many cows had to be milked, or chickens fed, or bread to be baked, Susan's mother always found time to steal away in some corner with the family Bible and there, in her quiet moments of meditation, she heard the whisper of the still small voice. And so when her hour struck, she did not come into her new world unprepared. She did not arrive in a helpless, inert state, more dead than alive; instead, she arose from her mortal flesh to her loved ones. She is living there now in a place some of the earth folks call Summerland.

As for Susan, it may be several months before she can hear the sound of her mother's voice. Perhaps she will be awakened by the soft touch of her mother's tears upon her face. Meanwhile, we here who attend her and others like her, daily and hourly project into her consciousness the ray of healing and love. We send her strength and wisdom; and while she is being healed, she is being taught the consciousness of her new world. She is being shown within her mind the beauty of the world which she almost lost.

Yes, we can walk up and down these aisles and look into the faces of countless hundreds which are like Susan. Perhaps it was not the rustle of a new dress which drowned out the small voice. It could have been an alcoholic stupor or a thousand other things with loud voices which are always shouting in your earth world.

And so, my brothers and sisters who are walking the many pathways of life, in whatever you are doing in those pathways, pause for several moments every hour and listen for the small, still voice. Perhaps it has been a long time since you heard it last and perhaps it will take many efforts before you will hear it again; but it is there nevertheless. It always has been, ever since you were created and it always will be, for the small voice is the God within you.

No, we do not use knives or instruments upon those who are brought here; only the radiant energy of God's pure love is used to fill the vacant places in their minds and hearts which were left unfilled in their earth lives.

These great hospitals, if you can call them such on Venus, have witnessed the scenes of many happy reunions of those who have awakened to the light of their new day and found the waiting arms of their loved ones. Yes, there are those, fortunately but a few, who do not awaken, nor will they; for in spite of all the love rays that we send them, they have in their blindness, refused all aid. And so they must wander in the subastral blackness of their own minds until the day comes when they shall desire to be freed. And then they shall pray to their God and He will send them a shaft of light; and like the tiny cocoon, they will burst the bonds of their prison for it is one of their own making and thus they will emerge into the warm rays of a new found sun, on a warm day in a new spring-time; and with their new wings, they will float grandly off into the beauty of the spiritual world about them.

Mal Var.

The Psychic Body of Energy

Greetings and love to my earth brothers and sisters. In our previous transmission we had begun our explorations of one of the great wards where we here on Venus care for and heal some of the earth people who have passed into our worlds in a spiritually incapacitated condition. The importance of this subject cannot be overemphasized. I could devote many years of discussion to this particular concept without repeating myself. Because of its importance, I will continue from the place where we left off.

I have pointed out to you a particular example in the person of Susan. While all of the people who are lying in the many hundreds of beds which you see about you all left their physical bodies each in a different way or rather, from a different cause, yet they all had one thing in common. The one necessary and important ingredient in their lives was missing and that ingredient is spiritual consciousness.

I do not mean to imply that these people were willfully sinful. Most of the blame for the wrong which they did to themselves could be placed squarely upon the shoulders of an age and civilization which fostered such spiritual neglect. I might point out that in some cases the parents were largely responsible in not teaching a sufficiently strong spiritual attitude. So their children grew up and drifted into a material way of life. In order to understand more fully what actually happens when a person does not have spiritual consciousness in an earth-plane existence, we will first examine the psychic body.

I have partially explained this concept in a previous chapter. However, as we have progressed much further into our thought relationship, you will pardon me if I repeat some of this. The psychic body, such as Susan's or your own, is the sum total of all that you are, or all that you have been in any and all previous spiritual and physical evolutions. For the time being I am excluding the factor of your soul consciousness, as it will simplify somewhat our discussion. The psychic body, expressing the sum total of all these things and all your experiences, does so in one way. Each thought, each action, becomes a part of the psychic body as a tiny conglomerate mass of wave forms of pure spiritual energy. It is not like your earth electricity, inasmuch as it lives and is a part of a higher dimension. It is not dissipated by the time factor.

Now you may wonder how a man progresses. Let me say first, however, that this psychic body is not usually some shapeless form or mass of energy as might be supposed but rather, assumes the same form and proportions as your physical body. This is because you have a strong sense of personal consciousness. I believe your earth scientist calls this the ego. Actually, as far as the psychic body is concerned, it is simply the outer, shell-like covering, composed of energies which are coarser and harder because they are physical in origin. In the case of a violent murder, or where a person is very suddenly precipitated under duress into an astral world, he may be actually blown out of his hard, shell-like covering like a pea popped out of a pod. This shell-like covering which I call the thought-form body and its associations and origins in the physical world, will form a ghost or apparition which may haunt its familiar or material environment. That is why it is so difficult to salvage such astral forms, as they lack the adhesive quality.

This also is exactly what happens to a large degree in a suicide, but with this difference: the act of self- conclusion is one in which the person destroys his own thought-form body by a strong act of will which is necessary before he can go against the natural instincts of self-preservation. Thus you saw the residual remains of the psychic bodies of the suicides. Later on we will see other places where there are others who have lost their thought-form bodies, or envelopes, in different ways. In this particular ward, as with Susan, these are the more normal cases. Now I will get into the explanation of the construction of the psychic body.

Connecting up our thoughts again, we will see, under powerful observation, that these millions of tiny masses of wave forms appear to be in many sizes and shapes. They also reflect an infinite variety of patterns. Roughly speaking, we can divide these wave forms into two groups; those which were fashioned of negative conditions and those which were fashioned with positive conditions. They actually exist in two different realms or dimensions. The more extreme negative conditions may live through several spiritual and physical evolutions, while the weaker ones gradually fade and are replaced by others; likewise do the weaker positive conditions. In both cases, however, we must assume that the person is progressing upward in his evolution. In the case then of both positive and negative wave forms, the gradual fading and replacing will be done with stronger and stronger or shall I say, 'more spiritual' expressions.

Unfortunately, however, these strong negative experiences sometimes seem to form a core or nucleus which gathers about it other negative forms which will reflect as some diseased condition into the mind or physical body of the individual. This diseased condition can occur or manifest thousands of years after the original negation was incurred. Spiritual healing, in its true sense, means that a strong added outside mind force which is reflected into the psychic body, when combined with or added to the stronger or more positive wave forms of this psychic body, will rectify, or erase, these hard negative cores.

For the benefit of you earth people, your strongest and most powerful positive energies contained in your psychic body are formed in your meditative periods when you become consciously aware of God and the Great Creative Universe. And let your periods of meditation and contemplation be done, not in tearful attitudes of supplication which is sometimes called prayer, but do these things with the positive, powerful assurance that you can see and sense the All-pervading Wisdom and Intellect reflected in all things about you. This positiveness is called faith in your earth-words and is the greatest instrument which you possess to aid you in your many flights in your countless evolutions into eternity.

You can see now how it is possible to achieve spiritual progression by the constant rectification and the removal of wave forms in your psychic body; and do not forget that they must be replaced by the positive thought wave forms which are: your acts of kindness and love, you’re feeling of spiritual affinity with God, your impersonal attitudes toward your fellowman. For you cannot give selflessly nor can you receive your greatest blessings in self-consciousness. Remember also, that your psychic body is you. Your psychic body is the vessel or body which contains, or is linked to the Great Fountainhead which you call God.

Mal Var.

Astral Worlds Their Nature and Design

I would like to continue, if I may, with another discussion which is very closely related to the nature of things which were previously discussed-that of astral worlds.

Every person on the pathway would like to know where he is going when he leaves the earth plane and that is only a natural attitude which is born out of the desire for security; therefore, a greater degree of faith could be expressed in each individual if he knew something of the place where he is going when he leaves this physical body.

You earth people have numerous, rather vague ideas and explanations of these places. You may call them astral worlds, summer-lands, or even heaven and hell, or purgatory. Other people have some vague idea that an astral world is something like a big shelf or flat place floating out there in space somewhere. If you remember, your history books tell you that a few hundred years ago people believed the earth was a large flat place which was pushed around the sun by an angel and that if you sailed a ship a little too far, you would fall off the edge. Of course such ideas are very infantile; likewise are many of the ideas of the earthman in regard to the dimensions which he calls astral worlds.

Referring back to our original concept of energy· and mass, mass is purely a product of energy reflected from a higher dimension and by changing the relationship of mass to its energy source, change would also occur in its apparent density or solidity and with this change in density, there are also other changes which automatically take place. Mass will reflect or refract light frequency in a different relationship. Such a mass will also be more or less affected by other factors, such as time and space. This was what your scientist Einstein tried to explain in his fourth dimensional hypothesis.

It may surprise you and your earth scientists to know that there are other planets in this solar system that you cannot see. This is so simply because their relationship as matter or mass to their energy source is such that it makes them nonreactive to any of your physical senses. You cannot see, hear, or smell, or otherwise feel such a mass or energy in any energy relationship other than your own unless you are mediumistic or clairvoyant. I need not mention that this is the basis for what is called materialization in which a quantity of mass is temporarily changed in its relationship to its energy source, into your own relationship and thus temporarily, your senses will be reactive to it. It must, however, revert back to its original relationship.

Our planet Venus, occupies such an energy relationship with the outwardly expressed mass of the planet that it is much more spiritual in nature or, shall I say, more highly evolved; yet it still retains some of the qualities which make it reactive to your sense of sight. Your astronomer with his telescope sees it as a beautiful, globe-shaped mass of cloud-like formations. He has never seen the surface of our planet. He believes it to be slightly smaller than his own Earth, but this is not so. Because of the spiritual nature of the cloud-like masses which he sees, he has been unable to accurately determine the true size. This of course is of no particular consequence, except that it can be a strong point of argument with the many earth minds. If your astronomer could construct a telescope with which he could see clairvoyantly into the universe about him, he would see innumerable planets revolving in their orbits which he does not know are there, nor will he ever know in his present earthly consciousness.

There are such invisible planets in our own solar system that revolve around our own sun and use its energies, which are as I have said, energies which reside in another frequency dimension. With a moment’s thought, you will see that when a person passes in a more normal or highly developed spiritual consciousness, he will automatically be attracted to the particular one of these invisible planets which is most suitable for his present stage of evolution. When he arrives there he will not, as some people suppose, float on a pink cloud or playa harp nor do as described in any of the other foolishly contrived notions. He, as a more strongly developed person, will want to go right on living. He has, in a subconscious way, a strong thought pattern of previous lives and associations which are reflected into his conscious mind from the tiny wave forms which form his psychic body. He therefore will pick up the tools of his trade, shall we say, at the place where he left off on the earth in the earth-consciousness and continue on from there.

All this is done, however, with a much more highly advanced mental and spiritual perception. Actually he is learning, through these countless evolutions, the ultimate way of life. Gradually he will lose the thought associations which were born in the lower, more physical life which made it necessary, according to his concept, to express himself in physical ways. In his more advanced, spiritual evolution, he will form new thought patterns which associate him more strongly with the infinite spiritual nature which comes from the Fountainhead; and these expressions do not associate themselves with a physical form such as moving the arms and legs, or with speech, or sight, or hearing. Instead, his mind will be occupied in expressing itself in a more universal nature.

While he does not need clothing in the generally accepted way, he could, if he so desired, quickly construct any such clothing by directing energy through his mind. His universal sense of perception will supplant that of the five senses of his physical earth life. He will be able to perceive and conceive instantaneously and simultaneously, countless numbers of dimensions. However, this is beyond conception in your present earth-plane existence. I am trying to avoid any advanced, abstract evaluations. I know the limitations of the world about you and of the thought patterns which are formed by living in such a world.

In case there are some points in this last discussion which are not quite clear, I will explain them more fully in our next visit. So let us rest awhile in peace.

Mal Var

The Voice of Venus