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  •     Voice of Venus: Chapters 9 - 12
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Mal Var

The Still Small Voice of Spirit

A pleasant day to you, brother and sister. Since terminating our last visit which took place high above the city on a balcony, there have been some new and important thought questions which I have intercepted and which I would like, if I can, to clear up for you.

Sometime after the close of this last visit some words were read from a magazine which dealt with relativity of various kinds of what the earth scientist calls factors. He has found that the speed of light and the pull of gravity, radio waves and such kindred and allied expressions have one common denominator relative to their speed in their, shall I say, expression or flow through this third dimension.

Regarding this factor of relationship he is still very much puzzled. It has not yet occurred to him that this 186,000 miles per second speed is only an indication, or as your doctor says, a symptom. The scientist has not yet pierced far enough beyond his limited finite concept to visualize that such expressions of energy, whether they relate either to the speed of light or electrical impulses or even to what he calls mass, would not and could not be expressed in his third dimensional world unless they existed first in some form or relationship in all other dimensions. It can truly be said that this earth world is only one of the many countless outlets and expressions of the Cosmic Fountainhead. All expressions of mass and energy must of course be logically expressed from this Fountainhead before they can materialize or assume some proportion or value in his world.

In short, whatever man does on his earth plane, or has done, or will do, and it makes no difference whatever the act or circumstance, he has first merely brought into actual continuity any and all of such things directly from the Fountainhead. If he presses the key on the telegraph or talks through a micro- phone across the world, he will have first pressed the key at the Fountainhead, or he will have spoken through the microphone from the Fountainhead. In other words, you don't get something from nothing. All of the something's which you call energy and mass had to first come from somewhere; they had to exist somewhere. This somewhere is the Fountainhead, which you earth people have called God.

As I have said, God is Infinite and in order for Him to be Infinite, that Infinity must be expressed in the finite. It must become negative and positive. It must become truth and error. It must be good and evil. Only in your association with this Infinite God you contrived to place the stigma of self and with this selfhood or ego, you have warped and distorted these infinite and finite conceptions into thought patterns which will take you thousands of years to eradicate. At no place and at no time will man come into the true perspective of his relationship with the Infinite God until he has eradicated the stigma of self and replaced it with the expression of the Infinite God.

Therefore, dear ones listen not to the confusion of voices which is going on around you. How can anyone, in a world which is so filled with frustration and fear, with sin and negation, teach you anything beyond the realm of your own experiences. The outside world will give you nothing and teach you nothing. Their world, while it is all to them, as yours is to you, yet means nothing more than the ceaseless beat of waves upon the shore.

Throughout the eternal time of your evolution, you will find that only one thing is consistent and valuable in this evolution and that is the part of you which comes from the Fountainhead-that part of you which you call "the still small voice".

It is this Infinite part in its Infinite expression outwardly which becomes all the things that you are, that places you in all of the dimensions and realms through which you will progress; for only by the actual experience and the expression of experience will you come to know the personal nature, as will you come to know the infinite aspects of this God-self. A little later on we will resume our narration and visit in the Venusian city of Azure, but for now, peace be with you.

Temple in the city of Azure

Helpers to Humanity

I am hoping that my last discourse did not take you by surprise or that you feel at a loss at my deviation from our true course; however, it is not often that the opportunity of the written word presents itself in our expression toward the earth peoples. While my discussion seemed somewhat short, it need not have been so. I could go on for many hours along such similar lines, and while we here on Venus do not pretend to be the ultimate in all understanding for we know of much higher and greater wisdom, yet all of such things must be added to the consciousness of each individual in proportion to his capacity for assimilation.

We do feel quite strongly about the blind philosophies of your many earth lives and I am not singling out your own particular earth planet. To us there are some similarities in such earth-life philosophy which remind us of litters of newly-born animals, huddling together for warmth and security in the absence of the mother. Many times some earthman, in the extremes of his feelings of want and insecurity and of his selfhood, has donned a superficial cloak of political or spiritual leadership hoping perhaps that he might hide the running sores of his many frustrations and fears.

You earth people have an expression something like the "blind leading the blind." It is the fallacious interpretation of the many values of life that man seems to think he will find in some other individual. It is such dependency for the interpretation of such values upon his fellow man that often leads the individual far astray. However, as I previously mentioned, your earth is a sort of battle-ground where you earth people not only fight out your differences of opinion, but you will constantly reincarnate into similar life expressions until you learn that the true evaluation of life and its infinite expression does not come from a false superstructure of a conglomerate mass of other people's ideas and expressions but rather, in the true values, which are only preconceived in their proper relationship from a universal and infinite conception. Nothing is more restricting or binding than a limited concept which says that this is so or it is not.

Many of the things which you will see in our way of life cannot and will not be perceived by many of your fellow earthmen because of such restricted fallacious attitudes. For instance, we have long since left behind the place where we needed vocal cords to make the guttural sounds which you call speech, in conveying our thoughts to our brothers; likewise the written word is superfluous. In our understanding it is the principle or concept. A few of your other people who call themselves mediums are also expressing in a relative degree a more or less one-way principle or concept calling it, as they do, psychic perception or clairvoyance.

We here on Venus have evolved to a point where concept has not only placed us beyond the need of such low orders of expression as word forms, but instead we have a universal and integrated concept which, when properly used, places us at a point of instantaneous perception with the all-knowing, all- pervading wisdom and intellect as it is expressed in the countless dimensions of the whole universal cosmos. If you pause a moment and think, and if you can grasp even one small portion of this idea, you will see that I am having some difficulty in expressing to you even a small part of our way of life and our concepts.

However, let us go inside this large building which happens to be the home of one of my brothers. As you noticed yesterday these buildings are all constructed of some crystalline material and they are in a wide variety with domes, spires and minarets, all seemingly merged together or interlocking with various corridors, passageways and balconies. The earth people might think this a bit confusing. To those who dwell in an arrangement of five small cubicles, or some such number, this arrangement is quite suit- able for their mentality. They would of course be confused if they found themselves in a home which covered several acres or even several miles in which as many as a thousand people lived.

Many of your earth animals and birds exhibit in some form, a higher degree of psychic intelligence than that of man. The swallows of Capistrano return at the identical time each year from an unknown place. Many species of geese and ducks, yes, even humming birds, have been known to fly thousands of miles across trackless wastes to find at the end of their destination, as they unerringly flew, the place where they were born. A bat can fly around in a perfectly darkened room wherein wires have been stretched without touching any of them. Numerous other plants, insects and animals all exhibit to earth- men in their cycle of life some seemingly unfathomable expressions.

As we walk around in these various rooms we do so with the full and conscious knowledge of where we are going and how to get there. In fact, we do not even have to walk. As I have said, each room is constructed and ordained for a certain specific purpose and it can therefore be said to have a certain vibration. To find this room, therefore, means to merely tune in, as it were, to this vibrational relationship and we are there.

As was explained, the curved ceilings were constructed of a crystal material for the purpose of separation of various wave train frequency spectrums. Actually, as you can see, each ceiling is composed of a number of sections of parabolic curved parts. These sections are all of a certain particular shape and in a certain alignment so that they will assume the properties for which they were designed. By merely sitting in various parts of the room we can receive thought passages from any part of the universe.

As our planet itself turns upon its axis like the earth therefore, each hour presents a different section of reception from the universe. We therefore regulate our periods of meditation in accordance with these time factors, something like receiving certain programs at certain hours of the day on your television. However, it must be remembered that it is not a one-way communication and by the proper usage and direction of the radiant energy from the Fountainhead through our minds, we can transmit and send back to the individual or group some corrective and helpful energy which will aid in overcoming any negative conditions which we have intercepted. This will explain to some extent how we use a lot of our time on Venus and it will be discussed under the heading of spiritual therapy and healing.

There are, of course, many other ways in which we Venusians often go off from this planet in a more personal way into the lower astral realms which are associated with the more material planets, for the purpose of helping newly liberated souls, or, as you call them, dead people, who find themselves in a new world. Several of your earth books relate experiences where groups of newly liberated men from battlefields have found themselves under the direct supervision of a Venusian whom they portrayed or visualized as some great and shining soul or Master. Actually, of course, looking at things from our position, we are not Masters, nor are we even close to Mastership. However, from your earth plane we may appear to be in relatively some such position.

Above us, however, using the word above rather loosely, are many planes and dimensions which express life in a much higher degree of concept than we do. We are on the borderline, as you might say, between something which might be likened to impartially realizing or conceiving in our life some previously conceived philosophies and idea associations related to the more physical or material planes; and, on the other side of our perspective is, as I have said, the realization of higher dimensions and expressions. Therefore, we still need such finite forms and associations as cities or dwellings even though they are in a much more highly evolved state of evolution. This also applies to what you call a body.

When you begin to see us more clearly you will see that we have a form quite similar to your own, there being, however, an appearance of transparent (golden) radiance. I might say that another man from another world other than your own who did not have a body like yours would upon seeing us, as in your position, visualize us as he appeared to himself. This too is purely a product of concept, just as speech, intestinal assimilation and other factors essential to your life, are actually abstract and non-existent.

Now I am beginning to see that this may seem a bit confusing to you and refer again to small doses. Let us wait again for a passing of time and, like the rains from Heaven which should not fall too copiously lest they should wash away the soil, we will return to our respective positions. With Eternal Love, Mal Var

Love in Action

We will dispense with the customary greeting as we have been in contact almost continuously during the past many hours. Yes, you received my thought impression quite correctly and you have been wondering somewhat as to the many buildings and the position of the planet itself, in its position of usefulness.

Venus is what might be called a mother planet serving not only the earth, but a number of similar planets in a capacity which is something like mother, nurse and doctor. Many of those who are liberated from the flesh in these various planets have, shall I say, escaped from one prison into another. Oft times the bond of flesh and other karmic conditions are of such intensity as to prohibit a free and uninhibited ingress into another dimension. Under such conditions a person will, when becoming discarnate and detached from the body, be in an extremely atrophied condition. They are more like inert plasmic masses of some nebulous substance rather than the true cohesive thought-form body or psychic body which would normally be theirs had they practiced an open minded spiritual philosophy in their earth existence. We, and other workers from sister planets who are serving in a like capacity, form what you might call brigades or battalions and go forth and gather up these inert helpless discarnate entities.

They may be drowned sailors in some battle tossed sea or soldier boys who have been projected with severe suddenness into a strange world. Many of them often go right on fighting an imaginary enemy and unless great care is used in making them conscious of their position, they may go berserk on finding that the moment of the much dreaded death has arrived. I need not go into too much detail; it is sufficient to add that your imagination can serve you best in picturing the countless and innumerable places and conditions in which we salvage this human wreckage. Yes, my friends, with the spare time we have gained in freeing our minds from the obsessive flesh we have much more time available and are much more capable of serving mankind in a capacity in which he could not often serve himself.

Therefore, in your trip through our city you will not need to wonder at the lack of superficial adornments, or the lack of conveniences which you have associated with your daily lives. You will not find bathrooms as there is no need to purge and cleanse the body. The all-intelligent radiant energy from the Fountainhead strengthens us and purifies us and fulfills our every desire.

In a broad sense, our dwellings are not a necessity and are not used in the manner in which the earth- man is accustomed to using his. Our dwellings are conceived and constructed with one ultimate purpose and their function is to help serve and fill our needs in the service of Universal Brotherhood.

Later on you shall enter some of the wards and see how these atrophied spiritual wrecks are nursed back to a semblance of health and consciousness. Generally speaking, most cases will automatically gravitate into the spiritual plane which best suits their needs and more often than not it is the leaving off place of their last spiritual reincarnation.

In speaking of this most important subject, evolution or reincarnation, we might liken man's progressive cycles to a winding stairway which spirals up into some far off unknown place; he will, in climbing this stair, find himself in one-half of the cycle where he will look about him and see and live only among things of the material domain; then as he progresses onward, he will go to the opposite side of the stairway and there he will see all things about him which pertain to his spiritual world or consciousness.

A moment's thought will point out an obvious fact, that the more cycles or revolutions he makes he will, on the spiritual side, be closer to his ultimate goal; whereas on the material side these things will be increasingly further and further away. Should he how- ever, at any time, lose the correct balance between these two worlds or dimensions, he will revert back and fall downward, creating what is commonly called karma. This merely means that he will again have to tread the same steps over which he formerly passed and under the same conditions until he corrects this unbalanced condition. It might be pointed out that he is very seldom, if ever, aware that he is retreading a karmic path. God in his Supreme Wisdom would naturally assume that man should learn his life lessons unassisted and solely from the inward consciousness.

To those who may believe that reincarnation has involved inversions into the lower orders of animal kingdoms, may I say that this is not only fallacious but extremely dangerous. You may form a thought pattern which has the power of hypnotic adhesion and you may find yourself evolving into some such state of evolution, even though it may be a fixed fancy and is entirely unrealistic.

So dear ones, as you read these lines, you must fix the thought firmly in all dimensions of your consciousness, that reincarnation is a wonderful and a beautiful sequence of spiritual evolutions; and in its proper order, it will take you through all of the realms of God's innumerable celestial universes. The only price to pay, if you can call it a price, is the constant, conscious reality of God's presence working in you and through you, and so for this time, brother and sister, rest with God's Peace.

The Diversified Structure of Venusian Life

Although it has been some hours since we had a direct transmission, there have, however, been several occasions when thought projections have existed between us. I believe that we left off in our last discussion with something about reincarnation. However, as this is primarily somewhat of a visitation into our way of life, we will first explore a little further into the innermost reaches of this large dwelling which was our original, I shall say, exhibit "A".

If you recall, we had entered the front portico or atrium and you were viewing the many and diversified forms of plant life which were growing around the walls as well as in a large area within the center. This large doorway where we find ourselves, as you see, is a large corridor or hall which is very wide and very high. It might measure something like 100 feet wide in your earth measurements, by about three times that much in height. As you see, it does bear somewhat of a general resemblance to the huge Gothic Cathedral in a French city named, I believe, Rheims.

Of course, there is a great difference in the material used in the construction, as well as in the manner in which it was constructed. There it was done by hands. Here, as I have said, our minds performed that function. About every fifty feet you will notice a large column of pure white crystal which rises to the base of the overhead arches. It is matched by a similar column on the opposite side of the hall. The sections of crystal which have been formed between the arches are, as you see, mostly of pink shades which diffuse a somewhat rosy tint of light into the space about us. At your feet is a floor which is composed of a mosaic of hundreds of pictures, all done in such a fashion that they reflect the true dimensional effect. It is like walking on top of a picture gallery. The pictures themselves depict scenes and historical events which have been taken from real life on the various planets. All in all, a person could obtain a very good education by studying the many pictures which form this floor. They are all constructed of the crystalline substance. The various trees, houses or people are cast or formed within the depths, in a manner similar to the plastic ornaments on your table tops which contain roses or other objects.

Now let us walk down this hall and soon we shall see the central pavilion. This is a huge circular enclosure with a supporting structure of pillars around the entire circumference. It would be, in your earth measurements, about the area of a city block. The floor here too, is constructed of many picture-form mosaics. The ceiling, however, is different. Bear in mind the previous functions of these ceilings. You will notice that the crystalline structure forming the roof-sections are formed of a large number of parabolic curved surfaces, each one of which seems to radiate or diffuse a different hue of light.

This central pavilion is actually a gathering place or meeting place where numbers of my people, comprising the population of this particular center will, at different times and for different functions, assemble for purposes which may involve large and concentrated projections of mind energies toward some distant planet which is in distress. The peoples thus assembled will arrange themselves under these various parabolic facets in the order of the frequency relationship which is most conducive to their particular radiating frequency.

I might say here that you earth people and those on other similar planets are not quite aware of all the factors of radiant energy which enter into your dimensional relationship. You have many people who believe in sun bathing; others stress great value on more moderate dosages. It is somewhat well known, fortunately, that the sun's rays can be quite dangerous in large quantities.

The earth scientist has just recently discovered how to convert sunlight directly into electricity through the use of wafers of silicon. I would like to point out that in sunlight there is much energy which exists in frequency spectrums of which your science knows nothing. Some of these radiant energies can be quite dangerous as they have their most drastic effect on the psychic centers. Skin cancer is easily induced by these frequencies. There is also a break-down in the tissue of the subcutaneous structures which causes the skin to lose its elasticity and to age prematurely.

We here on Venus, in the upper realms, know of these factors and living as we do in a more highly evolved state of consciousness, are therefore much more conscious in some ways of these frequency spectrums than the earth people. That is one reason why we have gone to such lengths to construct our buildings in this crystalline fashion. There are also other radiations which enter into the earth from outer space but as they are less dangerous, I will for the moment pass them by.

Now that you have looked around this central pavilion and have somewhat satisfied yourself with its general appearance, let us if you will, please sit here quietly for a moment beside the fountain in the center. I have been receiving a barrage of thought projections from you and from our sister relative to some of the earth transcripts relating to some reported visitations to your planet one particular case of which I shall mention, as I enter into something of a summary of what actually occurred.

If you remember, it was previously explained that there are many orders of existence on this planet. In the very lowest order, any person living there would have powers which the uninitiated earthman would think miraculous. Such a Venusian would, when appearing on your earth, on shaking hands with you, have that peculiar feel which has been so described in the case where a *Brother Bocco appeared on your earth planet and was later followed by his Brother. It was said that they sought employment in some sort of a publication house for the specified reason of being supported in their earth life and to this I do not agree.

Even the lowest order of Venusian would be quite capable of supporting himself, at least for several days, without aid. He would of course have to return at frequent intervals to his own planetary conditions where he could replenish and recharge his body.

Picture, however, if you will, the emergence of a new being on the planet Venus, even in any of the lower orders. We must assume, as I have said, that he is comparatively a highly advanced soul. Finding himself in this new spiritual environment and with such spiritual powers as thought projection, levitation, frequency alteration relationships and other spiritual-awakening stimuli, he may become imbued with an overzealous consciousness to help his fellowman in some lower order.

He and others like him, may form some group or even a community and in their combined mental attitude of helping some lower mankind, will consummate their desires on some other planet such as earth. They will usually attempt in some way to appear either singularly or perhaps en masse and by adopting various disguises will attempt to reflect, while they are on the earth, a consciousness of the wrong and sinful way in which these men may be living. Usually such efforts, while motivated by spiritual principles, are short lived and unfruitful inasmuch as these particular Venusians have not yet reached a place of consciousness in their evolution where they have the true spiritual evaluations. They have in some cases become overzealous and attempted to force, in some way, what they believe to be their better philosophy unto some less understanding man.

This, as we know is not quite right. It is God's divine purpose and will in placing man upon the countless planes and expressions in what we call life, that mankind shall learn of Infinity and thus become an individualized finite expression in his infinite relationship with the Creative Source. This can be done in only one way. Each individual must seek out his own pathway; and whether he takes a long time or a short time is of no consequence in the mind of the God force, the ultimate factor being that the ever- seeking, ever-wanting, a higher relationship must come from within the individual by his own will and desire. Each experience, each evolution, and the sum total of its experiences are of no consequence except that they have been expressions in which the individual learned something more of the Infinity and purpose of God.

But getting back to the experience of one of your earth brothers, I will not say directly that he did or did not go to planet Venus in the manner described. However, I will point out to you that while it was entirely possible in such a manner, it is of small consequence and, like many similar attempts to help the earth people, have always come to naught.

Such lower orders of Venusians would, of course, have to seek out earthlings who could be used for their purposes. Just as in hypnosis, all people cannot be hypnotized, neither could all earthmen be changed in their frequency relationship to their earth plane in such a way as to enable them to be transported in some such vessel to our planet. So therefore, these two brothers quickly found and singled out such an individual who was so easily altered for this purpose. As the Venusians had not evolved to a point where they had separated themselves from the idea that it was still necessary to travel through space in some sort of vehicle or, even if they had so disassociated themselves from such ideologies, they still would have found it necessary to use some sort of vehicle, for the earthman would have completely revolted as he was not sufficiently wise to know about such things as astral projection, as in your particular case. * *

In describing his trip, he spoke of arriving in some Venusian city (and he attempted to give some description) in which he stated of the peoples he saw that there was a separation of the two sexes into different levels of consciousness or, as he thought, two levels in space. This is quite true in the very lowest order on Venus. These peoples have not yet quite completely evolved into the necessary spiritual relationship between the sexes. If you will refer to one of the teachings from the planet Eros (which you have received) in which it was stated: "The psychic body consists, somewhat, of a mass of wave forms, the sum total being the spiritual counterpart of each earth experience. "

As can easily be seen, with each day, each year and each lifetime, the addition of all these new experiences as wave forms projected into the psychic body will in time displace many of the older frequency structures. These older structures have also their own natural tendency to fade away as they can only be kept alive through the nourishment of memory consciousness. Therefore, as in these low order Venusians there are still psychic structures that have not faded away, which have in some previous lifetime related in a very strong fashion to sex associations. These people, however, in assuming their new mantle of spiritual knowledge and its relationship to their emergence into this new planetary way of life have, with this knowledge, a sincere desire to eliminate the last vestiges and traces of the lower earth-life sex experiences.

In the material worlds such as your earth, sex is a vital and integrated part of your lives. Of course, there is much false knowledge and many perversions in the expression of sex; however, it is often the underlying relationship which will bring out the very best in an earthman but, with the passing of each evolution, comes new knowledge and new relationships. On Venus sex is no longer necessary as a procreative factor. It must, like many other things, be displaced by new and higher relationships. In the separation of the sexes in this low order of Venusian culture, these people have merely attempted to eliminate close relationships and such stimulating factors as might arise in such close proximities. Now I believe I have cleared up to some extent this particular incident in question.

One thing more, however; I believe it was mentioned that an extremely hard piece of steel plate was easily scratched by the stroke of a fingernail. Earthmen are puzzled at this. They say it would have required 17,000 pounds pressure to do this; also some super-hard instrument. It is quite obvious how limited these earthmen are in their knowledge. May I point out that the addition of caloric energy or heat in sufficient quantity would have caused this same steel to run like water; however, the puzzle was that no heat was involved. Again referring back to our concept of frequency relationship Brother Bocco simply altered the relationship of the metal in its atomic structure with its basic frequency relationship from the dimension in which it was energy, into the dimension in which it expressed itself as mass. The density or hardness of any such mass is merely the product of relationship with the dimension in which it exists as energy.

Now I believe that this is about sufficient for this time. Look about you once more and carry with you all the beauty which you see around you and, while you find this extremely difficult to describe in your language, May I say that this too is a concept which is a product of relationship with the Infinite Fountainhead.

On our next visit we shall explore some of the many wonderful mysteries of this beautiful place. I hope sincerely that I have made clear some of the factors which pertain to the evolution of mankind in its various orders which are expressed as life on this planet.

Your Brother - Mal Var.

* See "The Venusians" by Lee Crandall.
** (Such as the process now being used by the channel in this work.)
The Voice of Venus