Dr. Ernest L. Norman

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(Added January, 1961)

Any individual who has traced the course of written history has, no doubt been impressed not only with the great numbers of personalities who have illumined these historical pages but, in some instances, certain individuals were outstanding examples of their individual proclivities and talents. Any attempt to evaluate the author or his works on the basis of these past expressionists would be quite useless; particularly because the author is all-inclusive in his expression, and which runs the gamut in all known and some presently unknown factors and elements of life. Also, that these various works by the author are delivered in the scientific idiom of the twentieth century and contain nomenclature as expressionary elements which can be considered part of these sciences and in this respect are provable on the basis of their respective known physical sciences.

Moreover, the author has taken great pains and meticulous care in the preparation of these various expressions and in such construction and composition as to appeal to all classes and mental levels; and they can without difficulty be understood by either the layman or the physicist.

It would be well also, at this time, to mention an incontestable fact; that the author in his work is affiliated with one or more great Spiritual Organizations which aid materially in various phases of delivery, such as preconditioning, spiritual healing, sleep teaching, etc. While these elements and Spiritual Organizations are still comparatively or completely unknown, this fact cannot be questioned. It must be remembered that the commonplace twentieth century electronic devices were not even dreamed of save by a few, fifty years or so ago. So it will be in the future. What the author has included in these various presentations may appear as fact to some, or fantasy to others. This has always been the customary reaction of man's evolutionary pattern and, should the doubters of today live but a few more decades, they could well see the fulfillment and complete justification in common knowledge and usage of what now appears to be an apparent fantasy of the day.

Even more than this, however, are other incontestable facts, thousands of them, written by an equal number of people who have had wonderful and sometimes miraculous healings and changes occur in their lives after they began studying these many works and lessons, some of which equal or excel various Biblical depictions of miracles; inasmuch as no physical contact was made and, other than the correspondence with these people, they had no contact with the author, as all correspondence is handled by his wife, Ruth. More remarkable in many instances, he did not even receive personal communications or notifications from some of these people until they were well on their way to recovery; and which fact, in itself, proves the existence of a vast Spiritual Organization and which, with the aid of the Higher, or Overself of the Author, Ernest L. Norman, had already entered into the reconstruction work before the lower, physical self was aware.

In this respect it can be said, that as a fourth dimensional concept, space and time have been set aside in respect to instituting and completing a perfect concept of healing with some individual who has, through the ages of time in his many earth lives, been prepared and conditioned for this advent.

So far as Dr. Norman's personal life is concerned, there is to the casual observer, no reason to suspect that here is a person with a vast and infinite understanding of life and that he can, at any moment -just as he has done many countless thousands of times-transcend all known barriers of time and space, go into the past or future, talk fluently on all known aspects of life and, even though he has an in- complete formal education, is equally conversant with the physicist, the astronomer, the philosopher, the doctor or the nuclear scientist. While this has caused many learned savants, as well as many other people to be dumbfounded and amazed, yet he, in himself, is a very modest and unpretentious individual, dresses and lives simply and shuns public life.

His one crusade-if it can be called such-is to convince his fellowman that he, also, can do likewise and that such unusual mental faculties as mind reading mental telepathy, clairvoyance, the association of the past and future in the immediate present, is all a part of a proper mind function, acquired by any individual who can throw off the shackles of his limited material life and begin to make a progressive evolution into the future.

It should also be noted at this time that he (the author), is very careful to not make statements which he cannot prove; and should some good end be served, he stands ready to demonstrate the unlimited faculties of a properly trained mind. In some twenty years of research, practice and preparation, Dr. Norman demonstrated his abilities to many thousands of people. This was done in churches, cafes, taverns, on streets, in stores; even while dancing in public dance halls, he described intimate objects, loved ones, environments and surrounding conditions some- times miles or continents away, quoting names and accurate physical descriptions to total strangers concerning their loved ones. He gave them accurate descriptions of past, present and future happenings in their lives. In a few instances he foretold death, its exact date, manner of happening, three or more years in advance.

To try to enumerate even a small fraction of these amazing demonstrations which were performed through these years would be quite impossible as it was carried on continuously, twelve or more hours a day and every day of these many years. Even in places where he earned his livelihood, from time to time, so far as the proprietor and personnel were concerned, they were also benefited. In fact, all people with whom he came in contact had wonderful healings and adjustments take place in their lives; yet this was done quietly, so much so that, in many in- stances, many of these people were not even aware that a miracle had occurred. Their consciousness in this respect assumed a natural and non-reactive attitude in the course of this event. To others, however, their personal experience was a great and wonderful happening, still remembered and talked about should occasion arise.

On the day he was born there was, to his parents at least, one indication that he was an unusual child; although his body was of normal size, he had the large and fully developed head of an adult and even at the tender age of three years, a hat could not be put upon his head which was less than an over-size seven and one-half. Before that time, he had already taught himself to read and write. At the age of five he constructed his first microscope. This was done by unscrewing the first eye section draw tube of his father's telescope and, by fitting it in a frame of wood made from a cigar box, using a piece of broken mirror to reflect light, he studied the microscopic world; the tiny animals and plants found in the fields and swamps.

At the age of six he constructed a rabbit hutch which was far superior to one built next door by a 30-year-old adult. It was about that time in his life that he performed a prodigious physical feat. This was the moving of a coal shed containing a half ton of coal for a distance of approximately 100 feet over soft ground and in between apple trees to a new and more convenient location. Using Archimedes' principle of the fulcrum and, with a half-dozen two-inch steel pipes, he raised the coal shed sufficiently high to use the pipe as rollers, sometimes moving the shed only a few feet a day; the whole project taking more than two weeks’ time.

At the age of eight, he won an argument with his father-who was, incidentally, a very learned man and a powerful orator-the subject of the argument being the nature of magnetic flux. Throughout his boyhood there were numerous examples of various accomplishments which would, to say the least, label him a prodigy; and no doubt, as can be reasonably sup- posed, separated him to a large extent from the usual normal associations which most boys have. He had little desire for sports such as various ball games, but weather permitting, he could be found about the fields and streams studying the innumerable and fascinating displays of biological life. And when the weather was foul, he would be reading books on psychology, medicine, philosophy, and etcetera.

It is said that at the age of fourteen, one of his school teachers, a professor of biological sciences, placed a personal evaluation that he had an equivalent of a college education in many subjects at that time. However, his schooling was incomplete; hardly seventeen, his family migrated to California and he was forced to supplement his education by night classes and other extracurricular educational participation. As he has so aptly expressed it on a number of occasions, when asked about his education he said, "It was a close shave; I narrowly missed regimentation."

At this point it should be noted that only in a complete biography could full justice be given in describing what history may prove to be the most remarkable life lived in 2000 years. Indeed, it may well be that this person is, in the full scientific idiom of the twentieth century, reestablishing the Science of Life preached by Jesus, for there is a direct connotation in the life he lived at that time; and just as was Jesus, a member of the Essenic Brotherhood which formed that powerful but comparatively unknown background which made this mission possible.

At the age of twenty-three, the author entered into marriage; his strongest and most compelling reason was perhaps a desire to end the loneliness and apart- ness which he had felt all his life. He soon realized however, that his bride was mentally still a child; but from a sense of loyalty to the soon-to-be-born child, continued this marriage.

It was during this twelve-year period that he distinguished himself among his friends and people of his community with feats of outstanding clairvoyance. Using palmistry as sort of a stage prop, he would look into the past and prophesy the future to his friends and associates. Sometimes this was very disconcerting and, in several instances tragic predictions were made, accurately foretelling death. Then in 1941,just before World War II, this relationship with his wife was brought to a close as she left home stating that all the good that had ever come to her, her language, poise and general decorum, etc., she owed to his influence.

Freed from the ménage of household affiliations, he immediately entered into a phase of his life which can best be described as parapsychological in nature; going into the various churches and dance halls during the war years he would, during the course of the day and evening hours, give accurate descriptions, happenings, etc., of loved ones who were over- seas in various theaters of war; and it was in this way, when regular communication was virtually impossible to those who waited at home, they were kept informed as to the whereabouts of their menfolk.

Then in 1947, he remarried even though he knew it was karmic and involved a great circumstance of the past, and which was absolutely necessary to work out in the present, removing an obstructing psychic block and helping establish his mission. He knew completely about this and on a number of occasions warned his bride-to-be the impending circumstances could be tragic in nature.

Then in 1950, at the exact date so prophesied, this event took place. A reincarnated priest, Caiaphas, who had lived in the Temple at the time of the crucifixion, (2000 years ago) and who was one of those responsible for this historical tragedy appeared on the scene. A very powerful and thoroughly evil per- son, openly and secretly practicing the arts of black magic, literally obsessed this wife; and through her and the love Ernest had for her, he (the former priest) descended upon him. Then for five days and nights a great battle was waged and, as Dr. Norman described it, "For five days and nights, I fought all the demons in hell."

At the end of that period, he emerged victorious but a marked man; for in the palms of his hands, he now carried the scars of his crucifixion 2000 years ago and in his mind, the clear and vivid memory of that lifetime which culminated in his crucifixion that eventful day on the hill of Calvary.

Then again, after being freed from this karmic marriage, he entered into another phase of his life and one which was marked by many unusual happenings and circumstances. During this period of time, many well-known clairvoyants and mediums, on different occasions described three white-bearded, white-robed, very old men who were accompanying him into their churches and carrying under their arms huge books with the inference that these were the books which, later on, would be brought into the world. These three men were later identified as Enoch, Ezra and Elisha.

Then in February of 1954, in an after-session, following a regular church conference meeting, these same three prophets were seen (psychically) and described by a visiting medium as standing beside Ruth-who "happened" to be attending that meeting. This, in itself, was prophetic and marked the beginning of a new era in both their lives. For, although up to that time strangers, in this present life, they were quickly brought together and married and, at that point, the true mission of Ernest Norman was entered into.

The first years spent together were chaotic ones, filled with innumerable and never-ending psychic experiences which to Ruth were not only amazing but often rendered her temporarily physically incapacitated so great was their intensity. And again, another biographical volume would be needed to best describe these years; how it was that Ruth took a shortcut, so to speak, into eternity, speeding up her evolutionary progress by thousands of years.

It was also at the beginning of this time that Dr. Norman entered into a new phase of his work-an extended psychosomatic science. Using his highly developed aptitude, he often looked back into the many past lives of his students, ferreting out and graphically describing the true originating causes of some vague present-day disease or disturbance. In this respect, his work gradually began to develop and unfold into an expanded Science of Life which gave the true causes and cures to all unknown and incurable diseases and which are now puzzling material-medica.

Even more important were the many miraculous healings which occurred when these causes were explained to those who suffered from some malignant or incurable condition. Nor was this work confined locally but, through the mails and using certain forms of advertising media, many people were contacted; some from remote countries, and invariably, when these persons began studying the now existing books and lessons they would begin to get well.

There is more, much more, which could be added to these brief depictions and which, in the future, will be more adequately served in a complete biography. The conclusion to this preface cannot at this time be finished nor will it be finished so long as mankind exists; for in the presentation of life, its various inter dimensional elements and factors, as so posed by the author, will in the course of future history become a continuous, living testimonial to this man-a pioneer who has braved the persecutions and destructive reactions in order to pave the way for the future millennium when mankind will be more closely associated with and more expressionary, in life from the Inner or the Kingdom Within, as it has so adequately been described and demonstrated by this man.


This preface was compiled in the extreme necessity of acquainting any and all individuals who may be interested and, by reason of their interest, assumed to be in a receptive position whereby they can realize the great and tremendous importance of Unarius; and as the expressing element of Unarius, Ernest L. Norman and his life should therefore become known to those so interested. Inasmuch as his life was a constant succession of miraculous psychic demonstrations, these should be used as incontestable proof to those who may be wavering and need some bolstering power to crystallize their own efforts in faith.

Inasmuch as no written diary was kept, these various depictions were drawn from memory and dictated in the accustomed manner and delivery, as were all Unarius transcripts. In complete justification of the purpose involved and served, no attempt should be made to equate them in terms of personal relationships or which may be classified as an extruded ego. The author is quite aware of all psycho- logical aspects involved and their impacts. So far as common denominators are used and in this frame of reference, all superlatives become inadequate to describe even one psychic experience; and this fact will be verified by anyone who has passed through the prescribed limits of mortal life and transcended into the realm of the psychic world. Therefore, the author feels fully justified in serving the common cause, which will inspire any individual to aspire to a higher way.

In presenting to you this book, "The Voice of Venus", we do so with certain qualifications. Inasmuch as Unarius is an Interdimensional Science, and that it is primarily concerned with acquainting the student with the higher regenerative principles of life and, as this regenerative principle is pure science, the student must therefore rightfully assume that he must gradually break away from the various religious systems and their associated protocol and dogmas, replacing these more primitive and elemental concepts with the higher science of life.

It is therefore possible that the student may read in this and other Unarius books, certain phrases or words such as divine, prayer, pray, God, etc., which are part of these old primitive religious aspects but which are not a part of the Unarius teachings.

This book, "The Voice of Venus" being the first work in the series, "The Pulse of Creation", is there- fore, by necessity, an inductive book which bridges the gap, so to speak, between the old materialistic world and the Higher Spiritual Worlds; and that such phraseology is so used by necessity rather than choice, as a way and means by which the student can gradually acclimate himself into a higher spiritual world which has no religions, no dogmas nor creeds; a world in which life is lived as an inductive oscillating principle with the Infinite, rather than from the baser, materialistic, reactionary way of the material world.

Therefore, dear student, if and when you come across such words or phraseology which seem to conflict with later and more purely scientific concepts of Unarius, do not challenge them in a critical way; nor should you be confused by them but rather, realize that these are merely comparisons, spoken in the idiom of the past; and like the past and all things connected with the past, must be left behind if you are to evolve into a higher world.

In that world God will cease to be some kind of an irascible, temperamental being, a segregationist, if you please, who marks the forehead of any human he so chooses with the stamp of his approval, supposedly giving him eternal life; and which is done on the basis of how well this person (or any person) so stamped has achieved merit by inflating the ego of his god either by sacrifice, proclamation, or any other means found to be suitable to appease this false god.

It must also be remembered that in these more immediate spiritual worlds which are described in the various books, such as Venus, Eros, Hermes, Mars, etc., many of the personalities were passing through the last stages of their material-spiritual metamorphoses; and that they still retain rather strong materialistic colorings which were reflected in some of the transmissions which largely comprise these books; and as they are individual dispensations, the author does not necessarily assume responsibility or verify such statements in the sense that they are Inclusive factors in the Interdimensional Science of Unarius but realizes, just as the student should, that these renditions and their philosophies represent points of transition wherein an individual is passing from a lower to a higher plane of understanding.

One of the more ultimate achievements is in becoming, as has been mentioned, a conscious entity oscillating infinitely and which, in the language of the earth man, could be called a god, with some differences in the concept of godhood, as portrayed by the earth man. He has always personified his god with his own attributes and propensities as well as the emotional side of human nature. It is the purpose of Unarius to destroy these false god ideologies and to replace them with a functional, re-creative, regenerative Infinite.

In any final analysis which may be entered into at any point in your evolution, the thought must always be kept uppermost in your mind: that whatever factors you have entered into in your analysis and, while these may represent the sum-total of your knowledge, never misconstrue these factors and such introspection as you have entered into as an absolute abstraction.

It is a common and most fallacious practice to condone or condemn various new aspects with the immediate particular perspective. New factors, new concepts, should represent to the individual a challenge which will test the strength and merit of his reasoning faculties.

It is the problem of each individual not to condemn or to try to destroy his future as it comes to him, but to try to understand it. In a normal evolutionary progression, the Infinite will always pose an infinite number of factors; some of these may be more acceptable on the basis that they may be comparative to the past, others may be totally unknown. Just as in animals, it is the nature of the elemental man to be fearful of the unknown and this fear gives him a reactionary and most destructive intent to destroy the unknown.

Therefore, a person can be truly said to be wise when all factors, known and unknown, can be mentally assimilated and digested as constructive elements and representative forms of consciousness which, when properly polarized with the infinite abstraction as posed by the Higher Self, eventually become a god-like entity. Unarius, therefore, should represent to you your millennium, a thousand or more years of living earth lives and lives in between earth lives, wherein you will pass through your material spiritual metamorphoses. There will be many points of transition and many challenges and places where knowledge of principle, the power of reason and introspection will become your "savior". Should you fail to acquire this vital knowledge and fail to use it as the power behind your evolutionary progress, then you will fall.

This is the prime creative purpose of life which is a part and a way in which the Infinite lives and regenerates through every human.