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The first book in the Pulse of Creation series.

In as much as Unarius is an Interdimensional Science, and that it is primarily concerned with acquainting the student with the higher, regenerative principles of life, and, as this regenerative principle is pure science, the student must therefore rightfully assume that he must gradually break away from the various religious systems and their associated protocol and dogmas, replacing these more primitive and elemental concepts with the higher science of life.

This book, The Voice of Venus, by Ernest L. Norman, being the first work in the series, The Pulse of Creation, is therefore, by necessity, an inductive book which bridges the gap, so to speak, between the old materialistic world and the Higher Spiritual Worlds.

The Voice of Venus is a revolutionary book, revealing the mysteries of life and death and worlds of light that exist in higher-dimensional realities. This book is about the continuity of life after death, where people live in a joined state of consciousness, in tune with their infinite Self.