Discomfort motivates me to seek relief, and I remember how I felt when that happened for me here. Long ago, I simply struggled with the symptoms of things I couldn’t see, but now, with higher understanding and no longer exclusively attached to my physical existence, I’m involved in my healing and beginning to gain some recognition of myself, beginning to solve my problems.

I consciously choose to receive from the Inner, not from this 3D plane that I once incorrectly believed was the source of my beginning.

Na’imah Combs.



dove-wallpaper-10321941For a few days I’ve felt the presence of walls all around me and desired to be free of them. I awoke this morning, and having become increasingly uncomfortable in the enclosure, I asked the Brothers for assistance. Instantly I was walking down a dark highway, at night, through a massive and dense gray cloud, and aware that I was walking into my past, was determined to keep going, to hold the intense images in my higher consciousness and not allow myself to be turned away by distractions. As I passed through the cloud and continued to walk the highway, I simultaneously ascended a hill with stepping stones and scattered tufts of long, green grass.

During the ascension, I lost sight of myself on the highway, but on the hillside there was Light. At the top, a huge, shiny black Bird, with patches of lustrous emerald and blue wing feathers, lifted and transported me higher, into the presence of a throng of radiant Peacocks with crowned heads of gold and silver. One of them was most beautiful, her neck dark like the night, the rest of her body aflame with colors like the others.

hd_wallpaper-wallpaper-10601305“We will help,” the Peacocks spoke, and as I walked by, each extended a wing that I had the privilege of touching with my right hand. I sat in their presence, in their treasures of Love and Light, only for a moment before being directed to a dimly lit tunnel that I should walk through. I got up immediately and started, having no fear, still resolute about getting into my past. My body filled the interior of the tunnel, and a long passenger train came through. I looked down into two brightly lit cars at many people, exuding incredible joy and peace, who never looked up or out into the tunnel. Suddenly, I knew that all of us were going in the same direction, though I wasn’t on the train.

Then I saw myself buried alive in a tomb, constructed of concrete, built only to accommodate the dimensions of my body as I stood within the four walls, unable even to raise my hands from the wrists. I cried out for help from the interior, then got up from the couch in my den and walked through the house, my breathing affected. The walls were still there, and I was feeling more confined than before. Minutes passed, and I heard something knocking on the outside of wall I was facing within the tomb, while I stood over the kitchen sink washing dishes. The wall, sliced like an iron curtain by a lavender wing, opened and Light rays of that same color illuminated the interior. The tomb began to crumble to the floor around me, and I stood, stunned, at the sight of a beautiful white bird, its wings lavender. He extended four purple roses, exquisite and flawless, that had just begun to open; in my hands they felt like the wings I’d been given the opportunity to touch.


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