Dear Students of Life: The following is a composite emailed to others. It is hoped that it may help us.

ALL strong souls who are attempting to live the Higher Life adds to the needed positive energies channeled into this world at this time. Now it is wonderful to individually have the all-important connection to the Great Brotherhood and adds a certain positive bias as expressed by that person. However, the Moderator brought into play an advanced cycle into this world for future generations well past the next few hundred years.

Dr. Ernest Norman - Founder of Unarius

Dr. Ernest Norman Founder of Unarius

As He used to say, ‘I am the post hole digger, now it is up to those who come after who must fill them with an entirely new state of consciousness that will transform not only themselves, but will make it possible to attract the energies from the inner which has been generated and built by literally millions of more advanced Beings’. Those Higher Beings oscillating within dimensions of intelligent harmony who have been readying these mind constructed healing and transforming infinite energies for the proper cycle to be interjected through preconditioned channels. Those who will serve as the conduit for these positive energies to be expressed in this dimension for the welfare of mankind in general.

Through this time will witness voluminous souls who will incarnate into this plane and bring with them a much advanced stage of consciousness - working from the existing and powerful transforming teachings impinged into this world by the Beloved Moderator. As EVERYTHING is consciousness, this force of the original teachings contain within them the Healing balm of a grand and wondrous transmuting expression which is His legacy! It is our responsibility to be the caretakers of this legacy, and maintain the purity of His mission. That is the purpose we are endeavoring to do with the web site. It will be where all like-minded people can draw upon the energies projected from the inner. That is why I think that your contribution can add to this endeavor.

Yes, we who have been negative in the past now are being given the opportunity to do what we have set up on the inner worlds through many thousands of years of preparation and preconditioning in the Higher Astral Worlds in order to help bring this new cycle to fruition and thus transform ourselves into souls who can then move on into greater realities and expressions! The new web site is part of a center where the dedicated ones will and are being afforded this opportunity to help the newer ones making contact recognize the importance of these teachings for themselves and the world. We have been commissioned, so to speak, in this life and the next few hundred years to carry out the Infinite’s progressive plan (which is the natural cyclic interplay of Infinity) and which has been in the works for some time!

Earth1This is an endeavor of a grand scale and not only `for a few. Of course, Dr. Norman always said that he did not come to save the world, but to bring the teachings and healing energies for those who are ready to accept the responsibility of Infinite participation – So too, this is not our mission. After all, the world does not need to be ‘saved’ as it is a very necessary expression in the Infinite Continuum. Yet, as we band together as kindred souls, we can fill some of the post holes dug by His lead!

We are very much involved in setting up the web site – there is a lot to do yet to help all of the students be able to communicate and express! This endeavor is the counter to the past 35 year cycle, which is over!

A new positive cycle has entered and will grow out of this web site. When the dedicated students of the TRUE Unariun teachings come together world wide – which the internet now affords them - no particular location or place has to be what has been called ‘The Center’. I no longer consider that place (El Cajon) a center for the Unariun Mission: as those there have and are clinging to the negative cycle of the ‘Landing’ - which always has been false and only a reliving, and they are now distorting the very meaning of the Moderator’s purpose! They apparently are not aware yet, but they and their false premise is toast!! No way are the Brothers going to allow them to destroy the teachings as they have in the past.

Those dedicated ones will need to come to the fore NOW to dispel the erroneous concepts put out by that group of people who are now part of the Dark Forces attempting to stamp out the Light. Your participation on the site with postings of past realizations and inspirations can strengthen the energies that will help the newcomers.

The ‘Meet=up’ idea is only one way to contact future students who will learn about Dr. Norman and the unfettered higher concepts. We here locally have already met some people who are positive with the teachings. We envision a worldwide exposure through the web site, and also where students generate an opportunity for others who are searching but need to have the contact in a positive way – not as being played out in El Cajon, but Dr. Norman’s original teaching explored in his own words! It will be a gradual thing, yet our persistence will witness the growth of this Science and Healing Power being projected over the globe!

Yes, I am aware of the reticence of some to actively join the group effort because of diverse and varying reasons - maybe it's their past disappointing experiences with group consciousness in this and other lives (such as in religious practices or a cultism of past relationships, ended in tragedy and even torture or death) or just don't feel they have any substantial  thoughts or experiences to contribute. However, as we wish to help turn these inhibitions into positive developments into our future by participating in the various ways generated by this site, we can use it to workout our past higher beings4negativities – through positive actions in the present! Having said that, it is imperative to be comfortable for one to express as we suggest! It MUST be up to the person with how they conduct their life and what inspiration means to them. This site only gives us an opportunity - and is only a suggestion.

Many feel the time for us is now to accomplish many over-comings, and as a bonus maybe help others make contact with this Science. And the Brothers will be right there to help us in this over-coming just as they have always been! Whether or not we physically attend any sessions, our consciousness can be a great help to those who do – even those anywhere in the world. We who are in the physical body at this time can all become channels (according to our understanding) for this great Brotherhood who are using this new cycle to get Unarius back on track – ‘The Mission Will Go Forward’ despite the nether world influences on those who are again reliving those times when they destroyed the Great Teacher’s works!

As We Walk This Lighted Pathway, Cosmon

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