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  1. [Archaic] the study of the nature and origin of ideas
  2. thinking or theorizing of an idealistic, abstract, or impractical nature; fanciful speculation
  3. the doctrines, opinions, or way of thinking of an individual, class, etc.; specif., the body of ideas on which a particular political, economic, or social system is based


  1. the language or dialect of a people, region, class, etc.
  2. the usual way in which the words of a particular language are joined together to express thought
  3. a phrase, construction, or expression that is recognized as a unit in the usage of a given language and either differs from the usual syntactic patterns or has a meaning that differs from the literal meaning of its parts taken together (Ex.: not a word did she say; she heard it straight from the horse’s mouth)
  4. the style of expression characteristic of an individual/the idiom of Hemingway/
  5. a characteristic style, as in art or music


  1. To illuminate; light up


  1. seeing that; since; because
  2. to the extent that


  1. endowed with a body, esp. a human body; in bodily form
  2. being a living example of; personified/ evil incarnate/
  3. a) flesh-colored; pink b) red; rosy
  4. to provide with flesh or a body; embody
  5. to give actual form to; make real
  6. to be the type or embodiment of/to incarnate the frontier spirit/


  1. individual character; individuality
  2. an individual peculiarity
  3. the doctrine that individual freedom in economic enterprise should not be restricted by governmental or social regulation; laissaz faire
  4. the doctrine that the state exists for the individual and not the individual for the state
  5. the doctrine that self-interest is the proper goal of all human actions; egoism
  6. a) action based on any of these doctrines b) the leading of one’s life in one’s own way without conforming to prevailing patterns


  1. [Rare] inducing; leading on
  2. of, or proceeding by methods of, logical induction/inductive reasoning/
  3. produced by induction
  4. inductance or electrical or magnetic induction
  5. [Rare] introductory
  6. Physiol. producing a change or response in an organism


  1. having inertia; without power to move, act, or resist
  2. tending to be physically or mentally inactive; dull; slow
  3. having or exhibiting little or no activity, esp. chemical activity/inert matter in a fertilizer, an inert gas/


  1. Physics the tendency of matter to remain at rest if at rest, or, if moving, to keep moving in the same direction, unless affected by some outside force
  2. a tendency to remain in a fixed condition without change; declination to move or act


  1. lacking limits or bounds; extending beyond measure or comprehension: without beginning or end; endless
  2. very great; vast; immense
  3. a) Math. indefinitely large; greater than any finite number however large b) capable of being put into one-to-one correspondence with a part of itself/infinite set/ - something infinite as space or time


  1. the act of entering: also ingression
  2. the right or permission to enter
  3. a place or means of entering; entrance


  1. any space deep within, as contrasted with outer space; spec., a) the spiritual world within a person b) the sea or depths of the sea


  1. to make whole or complete by adding or bringing together parts
  2. to put or bring (parts) together into into a whole; unify
  3. to give or indicate the whole, sum, or total of
  4. a) to remove the legal and social barriers imposing segregation upon (racial groups) so as to permit free and equal association b) to abolish segregation in; desegregate (a school, neighborhood, etc.)
  5. Math. a) to calculate the integral or integrals of (a function, equation, etc.) b) to perform the process of integration upon
  6. Psychol. to cause to undergo integration-to become integrated


  1. a looking into one’s own mind, feelings, etc.; observation and analysis of oneself


  1. the outer part of the earth’s atmosphere, beginning at an altitude of c.55 km (c.34 mi) and extending to the highest parts of the atmosphere: it contains several regions that consists of a series of constantly changing layers characterized by an appreciable electron and ion content: see D REGION, E REGION, F REGION


  1. Gr, rainbow (see IRIS) + ESCENT// having or showing shifting changes in color or an interplay of Rainbow like colors, as when seen from different angles

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