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  1. pertaining to a band of electromagnetic radiation having wavelengths (from c. 5 to c. 400 nanometers) that are shorter than violet light
  2. of, pertaining to, or producing radiation of such wavelengths- n. ultraviolet radiation


  1. of or like an umbilicus, or navel, or an umbilical cord
  2. situated at or near the navel; central to the abdomen
  3. linked together by or as if by an umbilical cord
  4. a flexible, detachable cable serving as a tether or supplying oxygen, electric power, etc. as to an astronaut or aquanaut
  5. any detachable cables, hoses, etc. connected to a rocket, etc. on its launch pad


NOTE: UNARIUS acronym: UNiversal ARticulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science

The pictures shown to the left are just a few of the countless teachers, doctors, scientist, and Masters who have had the destiny and guidance of man as their inspired life's work.

  1. The present need for the world today will be such structures or concepts that can meet with science and religion on common ground and can fill in the existing gaps and correct certain derelictions. To more properly understand how this great unity will be brought about and to integrate such necessary missing elements is the purpose of Unarius.
  2. Unarius is, basically, an organization of spiritual leaders and teachers who are functioning from certain celestial planes which have heretofore been known as Shamballa. This organization is formed of thousands of teachers, doctors, scientist, and Masters who have the destiny and guidance of men as their inspired life work. Many of these people have, until quite recently, lived on this earth; others lived here thousands of years ago. They are at present trying to inspire and develop in man the new age metaphysics or spiritual science. However, their work is limited to the extent of finding suitable channels of expression on earth as well as of finding general acceptance by mankind as a whole, moreover, they must work in conjunction with certain celestial or astrophysical cycles. As each man is his own moderator of life, he is not forced to accept wisdom against his will for that would tend to defeat the whole concept for the necessity of evolution or reincarnation and the prime purpose of life.
  3. Unarius itself is not simply confined to this center or this time. Unarius came into being 100,000 years ago with the future envisioning of the great moderators of spiritual concepts in the higher realms of Shamballa. It was the mission of Jesus, of Buddha, of Mohammed, and of many others to fulfill a certain destiny, a certain marking place in the evolution of mankind which would lead up to this point.
  4. There are many people in the world today who know of the existence of many things but are unable to describe them factually and in a way which people can understand them. This is the purpose of Unarius.
  5. It is the purpose of Unarius to explain what the inner Kingdom is, what its function is, what it is composed of, what it does, and how you are connected to it with your inner self.


  1. the totality of all things that exist; creation; the cosmos
  2. the world, or earth, as the scene of human activity
  3. a field or sphere, as of thought or activity, regarded as a distinct, comprehensive system
  4. Math. a universal set


  1. an imaginary island described in a book of the same name by Sir Thomas More (1516) as having a perfect political and social system
  2. [often u - ] a) any idealized place, state, or situation of perfection b) any visionary scheme or system for an ideally perfect society c) a novel or other work depicting a utopian society or place

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