Quotes of Dr. Ernest L Norman

The Voice of Eros

4th Dimensional Science and Energy Concept Quotes - Channeled in 1954

higher_stairwayIt was previously pointed out to you that such evolution was something of a spiral staircase. I might say too, that you might liken it to a great wheel with many spokes, that you appear and reappear countless times around the outer part of this wheel, and that the hub is actually the God Force or Fountainhead, as it is called, from which stem all of the Radiant Energies out to the many dimensions and planes of expressions. Page 201



higher beings4In your present day you are expressing a preponderance of materialism; however this too shall pass; and you will pass into another age where you will express a preponderance of your spiritual nature.

These in themselves are all factors which will, as I have said, relate you eventually to a true introspective place in your evolution. Page 202




In going directly to our planet Eros, I would like to say that we alone, of the other six Shamballas, have an unfixed position; that is, we travel in a vibrating elliptical orbit, which comes in contact with a large number of planets similar to your earth.

We make this orbit about once every 3800 years in your earth time. By dividing this into half, you will see that we shall come into position either exactly opposite (or negative) your earth, or in its affinity (or positive) in this proportion. Page 203


energy being1As on Venus we too have many levels of expression, some of which are not, in a proper sense, the very highest or the purest values of science, if we can use the term high and pure. Many times individuals will reincarnate or appear in these lower levels, and after receiving some instruction and scholastic abilities, reincarnate into your earth plane, thru their own will and volition and thus reproduce many of the scientific inventions and carry with them knowledge which was learned here. Page 204


Higher World77

Let us now go directly to our planet and obtain our first view of the fifth Spiritual plane of Shamballa, which is the scientific plane. We find ourselves sitting on what apparently looks like a mountain top; and while you are seeing the substance upon which you are sitting as something similar in shape and form to your familiar earth planet as rock, yet it posses some peculiar transparency or brilliance to which you are unaccustomed. Page 205