Unarius Study Groups

cropped-dr-ernest-l-norman2.pngIn the early 1960’s, Dr. Ernest L. Norman along with the Unarius Brotherhood ushered a wondrous development plan that involved the creation of regional student groups for the purpose of gathering together, relaxing, and listening to Unarius recorded teachings. The objective of these meetings was to help bring students together on a regular basis, find common furtherance in the study of the science, receive inspiration and help from great masters residing on higher celestial worlds, and promote a true understanding of life, especially the realization of past life events that were later submitted as testimonials to Dr. Norman.

Everyone is welcomed to participate

people18In the spirit of Dr. Norman’s guidance, we invite each and every student to participate in group meetings in their localities. Student groups may be available close to your area. If you would like to start a group now or in a future time, or would like to find out where you may join an existing one, email us by clicking on the Contact Us link and let us know how we may help advance the learning and practice of Unarius teachings worldwide, and beyond.


Student Testimonials

hands_star-unarius-unitedThe fruits of studying and sharing Unarius teachings can be found in testimonials and lessons learned posted on the right sidebar of this website. Refer to the following sections hosting countless such learning experiences:

  • Sharing the Journey
  • Recent Reflections
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Unarius7"Learn to tune into the Light, that it may illumine your path and exemplify the ways of Infinite Intelligence in your expression unto others."

The following link provides a written message from Dr. Norman on how to conduct group meetings: Group Meeting Suggestions