Suggestions for Group Meetings

Written By the Moderator in the 1960's


It is now clearly indicated that Unarius is entering into another and very important phase of its personal development plan which is the forming of regular group meetings by various students in associated townships. A number of these groups have already formed and the results are over¬whelming. Students report wonderful transcendent experiences such as seeing spiritual lights, auras, smelling fragrances, flashbacks of former lives and other remarkable examples of psychic phenomena.

Up until this time, no specific instructions or suggestions have been issued from the Center. It was first necessary to test the efficaciousness of this type of group meeting as well as the sincerity and dedication of the students. There¬fore, if you are a group member, in one of the existing groups or that you contemplate joining or helping to organize one, the following instructions and suggestions are most important if you wish to achieve good results.

The requirements of a group meeting are simple. First get in touch with various students in your area; select a meeting place most convenient to all — any living room will serve admirably. Then select the most convenient time. Any one of the days or nights during the week is also quite suitable. However, meetings should preferably be held in the evening hours— the 8 o'clock hour is the most auspicious.

After sitting down, adopt a comfortable, relaxed position, preferably an erect sitting posture. Lights should be subdued; a completely darkened atmosphere is not desired. A small 15 watt bulb in a well-shaded lamp placed in an obscure corner is most adequate. When you are completely relaxed, try to maintain a somewhat alert or expectant state of consciousness but do not over-emphasize any mental concentration. Do not ask, beg, pray or plead; the Great Souls from the Higher Worlds know your every thought, desire and need and they are most desirous in setting up communication and in helping you develop into a wiser person.

Selections from our tone poems or verse tapes should be played to open the meeting. Either the Moderator's lovely verse or Whispers of Love on Wings of Light helps the relaxation and transcendency. However, the larger portion of the first period is devoted to silent communication.

During the time of the group meeting you should try to remember any sensation which you may feel or any other phenomena which you may see inwardly. Your eyes should remain closed. If your eyes are open, however, try not to concentrate or objectify the use of your physical vision. This relaxed period of mental communication should last from 15 to 30 minutes. Then the taped Message can be heard, and while the Message is being reproduced, try to follow its contents and absorb as much as you can. After the Message you should all disband quietly and go to your respective homes without discharging by idle chatter the power you have received.

If you have received or witnessed some psychic phenomena, it should be shared with the others at some convenient time when it does not interfere with the regular program. Recounting your experiences is most important, it helps to solidify the intentions of your fellow students and you should also describe them in a letter to be sent to the Center (Posted on the site) where it may be used to objectively strengthen the faith and resolve of others.

Unarius is masterminded by almost countless numbers of more highly developed and advanced Personalities from the Spiritual Worlds. All dispensations are rendered through the Center (Now from the Inner). The Moderator or Channel who presides is, in Himself, one of these personalities incarnate. It is therefore most important to always remember that these people can and will project themselves onto the surface of your mind if you permit them to do so. Do not cloud the surface of personal consciousness with various personal issues and opinions which you may have.


A group meeting is not a social tea service dedicated to the clatter of wagging tongues. It is a place where you can completely relax your consciousness from its various Earth life strife’s and turmoils and as Jesus said, “Approach the Father as little children,” the Father of course being the Kingdom of Heaven Within which is the All Creative Intelligence. In this relaxed mental atmosphere, these great Spiritual Personalities can appear to you in various ways just as they have and are doing with so many other students.

One final note: It is most important that no one of the group intentionally or otherwise assume some kind of leadership; neither should any one student attempt to answer any questions. The answers to all questions are in the lesson courses and books; if any student cannot find the answer or that this question is tantamount to a crisis, then he should write to the Center. (At this moment in time, you can pose the question on the site for student discussion - post it on the 'Education Center')

However, it is most stringently emphasized that each student should develop self-reliance and in proportion to the wisdom he is gaining through the lessons. Unarius is trying to teach people how to become spiritual beings and to have the assurance of a realistic life progressively lived in higher Spiritual Worlds. This cannot be done so long as confusioncrutches are being used; such crutches being symbologies, mimicry, dependency and a general mental flatulence produced by the constant use of an escape mechanism.

The group meeting should be looked forward to each week as the quiet hour; as a period of time when the Advanced Personalities can project life-changing power into your psychic anatomies recharging and re-vitalizing various psychic centers, canceling out negative vortexes. Each meeting can conceivably advance you many years into the future, and over a period of many meetings you can be saved lifetimes of needless torture.

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