The following letter was sent to a student in response to the New Age not showing signs of progressing. Hope this might help others in their struggle to understand where we are in the scheme of things:

My Dearest Student: First, thank you for answering the update profile. My heartfelt love goes out to you! Studying the principles these past years must have given you a glimpse of the wonderful Higher Worlds and the more advanced Brotherhood that awaits our spiritual efforts to understand and use the Unariun concepts in our daily lives – Thus to eventually transform ourselves into beings that will walk upright in these most magnificent and rewarding environments. Our mission is and has always been to learn to walk in Light with the Infinite Intelligence as taught by our beloved Moderator. To see all about and within us the Infinite consciousness at work!

Be not troubled by the ups and downs of the earth world, for it will remain as such long after you leave it behind in your spiritual journey into the Higher Dimensions, peopled by luminous Beings – Your future friends and allies in life’s endeavors to express a continuing radiance into these lower worlds – think of the vast temples arrayed with glowing torches built by the very minds who inhabit the worlds far above and advanced (in frequency) in comparison to this earth plane, where these temples reside! Always seek and search and above all study the Moderators teachings diligently, and you will see the world about you not as dirty and dingy but as radiant energy patterns of Infinite expression.

Yes Indeed, the earth world is crossing into a higher energy strata within the universal cosmos. The cycle of Aquarius started in 1953 and will reach its peak about a thousand years from now. It is a gradual road to a more positive expression for the new more aware societies in the future. No, we might not see this transformation in this life. The dark ones know their time is limited and thus are creating as much mayhem as possible. However, we will incarnate into these more positive future societies and help our fellow men to understand even more about their inner nature – but this is in our future. We must today win the battle of self or the battle of Armageddon! All of our experiences today were born in the dim underworld of ego thoughts and deeds. We must first discard the negative energies we constructed in this past. This is what you, I and all Unariun students are experiencing – experiences worked out through usage of the Infinite principles we are learning now.

Please read what’s on the new web site and especially the UFO page where the Moderator explains the position occupied by this earth in the scheme of things. You will realize that to look for change about you is to change yourself! If you, in your mind, live in the Higher Worlds of lighted wisdom, constructed by a working knowledge of Infinite Intelligence, then your life view will drastically change for the better – and this being done without waiting for some fantasy earth world filled with peace and love. This is a world to learn about the lower nature and thus must be expressed in order to learn to not indulge in it. This kindergarden is part of the Infinite’s plan. Our mission must be to advance beyond this world – good or bad - it will forever be negative to us because our evolution is now touching upon a greater set of experiences bred in our Superconsiousness and mandated by a progressive evolution.

In the short time we have been reaching out in this new cycle we have met many new people locally who are very interested about Unarius. This is fabulous and proves the new more positive cycle for Unarius is now being felt. This is one way you can help, along with all other dedicated students. If you reach out locally to people in your area (maybe through the ‘Meet-up” method on the web) and direct them to our new site, where we are building an interactive capability, then you will feel more like you are participating. We also want you to use this site to express yourself. Very soon many great things are going to be available there for all Unariun students. Be patient as we are working as fast as we can to bring these activities online.

As we walk the Lighted Pathway, Cosmon

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