An Angel’s Way

How oft it is that high above, in some bright lighted sky

An Angel’s caught by planets rushing by

An earthly place that spins a web of prayers that reaches out and holds Him fast

And there within its earthly coils He’s born again, and lives within a body made of flesh

And comes and goes as all men do, and called by all of them as such as they;

Yet, there remains within His heart and mind an Angel’s way and in his hand an Angel’s touch.

And so he comes and goes among all men who see Him not, nor of the Angel’s way or touch

Yet as he comes He brings a smile

A warmer place, a better way

And as He goes, He leaves behind a part of all these Angel’s things

That lead these men from out their murk and mire.

A magic Light that’s seen by none, yet changes all that’s dark to Light.

For such is this, an Angel’s way - and as He finds His way back there among the stars,

And in the brightened realms so far removed from earth

His face will linger long in memory.

His blessing thus bestowed, to those create an effigy of Him that lives with Light,

And breathes the scented breath from Heaven.

And so he thus remains, in hearts and minds as Angels must, until it is time

The earth will then ensnare within its web - another Angel

By Ernest L Norman

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