The Word


And the Word goeth forth unto all mankind

And the eye of the Word seeth all things

And the ear of the Word heareth all things

And the voice speaketh the Word unto man

And in the seeing and hearing and the speaking

Doth the Word become Love …

for The Word is God


 by Ernest L. Norman


THE ELYSIUM is a work of divine inspiration; it was brought into existence by the spiritual clairvoyance of Ernest L. Norman and it is of interest to note that the language used is Biblical in nature and no doubt comes from the old Aramaic. These parables were inspired by some of the Prophets of old, such as Elisha, Ezra, and Enoch.

To those who absorb the message with receptive consciousness, the study of these parables can bring Spiritual Healing, Physical, Mental and Material Adjustments, as well as Peace Of Mind.


The Elysium - Parables of Light by Ernest L. Norman
Copyright 1956, by Ernest L. Norman
Published by UNARIUS Publications

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