My Love goes out to the Numbers!

For approximately two months I have been seeing 11:11 on the face of clocks, both a.m. and p.m.
Some of hourglass_3those times, I actually looked to know the time, others I just happened to glance, or so it seemed, and there the numbers were. This has occurred in my home and elsewhere.
Just yesterday, I was quite preoccupied with what I was doing, having no interest in the time when my eyes just turned to the clock like a leaf drifting wherever in a breeze. It was 11:11 a.m. Now I want to know what those numbers mean.

Just a few moments ago, I remembered that Veteran's day is November 11, checking the calendar to be sure. I'm wondering if this is the answer or is it something else. I decided to post this, thinking that I won't really have much to say. Then I saw an 11 in each of my eyes, the colon was on the bridge of my nose. Suddenly one 11 started to chase the other, World_line.svgboth running, running, running, neither going anywhere. I could hear their rapid breathing. Suddenly the colons stopped and saluted me. The colon never moved!

I smiled and thank the Brothers for this vision.

I want to smile and thank them for the meaning!

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Submitted by: Naimah on 12/27/2015

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