It was about 1:30 this morning, I woke up then went back to sleep to a vivid dream of myself walking between classrooms down the long, immaculate hallway of a university. Actually, I was plodding through, having no knowledge of why I was there, nor was I acquainted with any of the individuals I came in contact with. An instructor approached me and said that I was scheduled to be in a specific classroom at noon; I didn’t go. He and every one there knew my name, though I didn’t; it seemed that I constantly walked the halls of that beautiful facility, never entering a classroom, and was allowed to do so without interference. In this lifetime, I have never felt as helpless, lost as I did in the dream. The images were close-up and intense, my facial expression monotonously flat, and I could hear, but not respond.

It seemed that there was nothing beyond where I was but outdoors—the only element of the dream with which I perceived a conscious relationship. However, I refused to literally leave the university because I believed I would get help there. I woke up again at 4:20 a.m. to a vision of myself in the university, still wandering, mentally anguished, still searching under the guidance and protection of the inner directional force. The sensations I felt in my mental state were so powerful I had to concentrate on my surroundings in this 3D world and focus on the appearance of my house and who I was. After the recall, the doors of every classroom suddenly opened, each bright with light and available to me; I walked into the room I was closest to, then exited it and visited others. In one of them, there was a huge, animated collage of me in several past lives.

In the first view, with my two year-old son Longino, I was leaving a sidewalk café in some Italian city. As we were about to cross the street, an image of his enraged father jutted through the crowd of people, but only I saw it. It was because of his rage that we no longer lived in harmony, and it was apparent that we did not spend our lives together. I thought of the fact that my father’s middle name in this lifetime was Longino.

I looked above at the second view in the collage and saw a Native American man standing on a stretch of undeveloped land in one of the Dakotas. A green map of America appeared behind him. I was his five-year-old daughter, standing on his left side; he was holding my hand. The vision revealed both of us changing simultaneously. He became an old man, I, a young woman.

In the third view, I was on Mars, and this I have seen before. From the collage there were flashes of past lives in Greece, Africa, France … Above the collage a Brother appeared saying, “There is more”. His white robe radiant with blue light was very beautiful. I looked into the Light and beheld Venus.

“I am happy”, I said, and he was no longer visible. I thought about the university and having the awareness that everyone there was learning the same thing…past life therapy. I think of the many current lifetime experiences and memories I’ve recently shared here. While doing so, I knew there was a reason, and I believed it to be that I would soon be getting past life information. Then I became aware of a peaceful presence heralding change.

Submitted by: Naimah on 07/22/2017

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