DanielFryStory1 I like many others was brought up as a strict Catholic by my parents. Eventually they realized that Catholic school was making a mental case out of me and my older brother so we were transferred to public school in second and third grade respectively.

In tenth grade, I saw my first UFO. I actually saw it from the high school grounds where I was attending. At that moment, I became an extremely insanely avid UFO chaser. I read everything I could get my hands on about UFOs. I was especially interested in contact cases like Daniel Fry and George Adamski and others. I was especially interested in the channeling others gave from contacts with others on other worlds. Finally I came across "The Voice of Venus" by Ernest L. Norman at my local library. After I read that, I knew that this was it! I read and reread the core lesson courses of Ernest L. Norman which were also at the library such as ICCC, Tempus Invictus, Tempus Procedium, Infinite Perspectus, Infinite Contact, etc. As soon as I read the part about religion in Dr. Norman's many writings, I removed the crucifix from around my neck and have never looked back.

I am extremely grateful to the sacrifice of Dr. Norman (Raphiel) and Ruth Norman (Uriel) for coming to this world and giving us the teachings. I am extremely grateful that I found the teachings. I am extremely grateful to all the students like Forrest and Tom (Cosmon) who have their souls in the right place to continue the work of the Moderator and carry the banner of the teachings to all. It is important work!

I look forward to continuing to grow spiritually and moving forward in my evolution. I will continue to study always. I've had many realizations and healings and look forward to sharing in the future.

Thank you, Gloria

Submitted by: Gloria Lynn on 08/24/2013

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