NGC 2014 - Henize 55 Fellow brethren,

Just back from a trip to Europe, and no sooner a workout awaits - in a most unanticipated way. The missing details behind this workout I wrote in an email to my sister Lesley, but did not realize their meaning at the time. The catalyst for the workout was: my kind sister Lesley's "Ashamed" story. When I read it, I immediately said to myself; this sounds so much like a vision I had 20 years ago, but how can I tell about it on this website without sounding pompous or overpowering of her testimony? Hmm, HELLO! I sure missed that LOUD verity check blind as a bat - that was problem #1. My kind sister offered me some "reflective therapy" for which I'm truly grateful, and things are beginning to fall into place.

20 years ago, I lived most confused and enveloped by revenge, my attention placed on wrongly seeking a fight with religion - that's a whole other reliving, partly posted previously - so I did not apply adequate Unariun teachings to what I felt then, and committed that vision to cold storage. But the vision kept coming back, each time with more details. Eventually, it became Episode III of my book, but the source of my actions in that life were not sufficiently clear. My sister's story helped snap it back into my mind like extra strength Dayquil or wake'eup juice - a great WAKE UP call. I thank my sister for her honest help this evening, words that helped me get closer to answers and starting closure on this tough old, relentless vision.

Feelings: I had mixed feelings about replying to her "Ashamed" posting and "veiling" her testimony with my own vision - that was the SECOND sign of trouble, clear indication I had before, but it wasn't enough. The THIRD issue was that, what I thought was deep respect for my sister, the sad truth was actually the complete opposite. Instead of replying to her web posting in full confidence, on the web, I decided to email her directly instead; supposedly to not "overshadow" her previous testimony. Since when does truth need to be kept secret from the Light??? Yep, another HELLO! It was not my head's finest hour, for the motive behind that email I now realize was not one of respect, as I thought, but more like a direct competitive "challenge."

My dear sister, fellow brethren, it's time for humble pie: First of all, thank you for your patience and help. Sometimes, things have to get exposed out there, this testimony even, before they can be recognized, and your feedback and sharing can and does make a difference, so please keep it coming. The lessons above I recognize, learned from, and deeply apologize very much ashamed for it is most unbecoming behavior; now and in the past. The shame is indescribably there; for all that I have said thus far, and will continue to share below. It is a lesson, long overdue, and definitely not over yet. The ultimate goal is to be truthful, come clean, and be clean in the end. That is ... true life and happiness. One man's deceit is his own ignorance, but his honesty is love eternal.

Event: the vision, is a time 267,000 years ago. Four space craft leave Henize 55 in the Magellanic Clouds and come to the Sol system with 120 initial scientific colonists. The Henize star, a large new star, entered a cooling phase and its inhabitants were forced to look elsewhere. Some 750,000 years prior, they had fled the Unholy Six who blew up their world - Dallian. Now, looking for a new home, they had a choice: Earth, or Mars, worlds previously part of the Dallian empire.

Activityroberto14: I was one of those that spoke to the Henize council, convincing them to try Earth first, though the brotherhood suggested otherwise. I had my reasons, and represented a large interest group audience that fed those reasons. Earth was the ecological choice by far, but contact with its inhabitants would violate the prime directive. Earth was also roamed by several large, dangerous creatures. Still, I assured, with our technology, that would not happen, and I directly and relentlessly challenged the Henize leadership and tried to "negotiate" a commonly written draft proposal that would be accepted by the council. Apparently, I did not learn my lesson, for I did the same thing during the Mars cycle, and just did it again with my kind sister Lesley. What did I want secretly in return? What the lower self always seeks - praise, mandate over others.

Aborigines: these were red haired, short, animalistic beings, pigmy versions of Neanderthals. Tree dwellers, thriving within thick forests to evade saber tooth tigers and raptors. Mainstay were stray animals entering forests trying to escape predators and tree fruits. Location, some 800 km south of what is now Krakatoa in the Indian Ocean - Lemuria. Back then, north was south and vice versa. More details in Episode III.

Outcome: the mission was approved. Earth was visited first. During the night, an aborigines approached our ships. I came out to meet her, I shouldn't have, and that contact, that act of pity on my part enhanced aboriginal confidence with us to the point they thought of us as gods and eventually wanted our god power. They had a power struggle, and the winning faction attacked and killed 2/3 of colonists, I with them. Henize women were taken, raped, and a new and wiser race was born, one that enslaved and killed off original inhabitants. Surviving colonists headed for Mars, the rest is Martian history.

When I was first contacted by Unarians United, my first act was hard to contain. My soul screamed out loud full of guilt for all negative things that ever happened on Earth, and this vision was the reason - but that feeling was not legitimate, for I sought a quick cure, an escape, to evade the real truth. The truth is: I steamrolled and derailed the Henize council, and then violated the prime directive, no doubt with intent to be the one to "teach" these people the Light, and earn their admiration - how sad. And who did I meet that evening by the ships? My Orion arch enemy of all times - Minh-Ley.

My brethren, sister, thank you for being there at a most critical moment.

Submitted by: Roberto Gaetan on 04/23/2014

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