Pic-1 In the past few days, I was feeling limp, weak, lifeless, dizzy, heartbeat out of whack, and embattled by negativity. Other than high blood pressure and controlling meds, I couldn't tell what was going on—spiritual nature of things was hard to pinpoint.

One night, I woke up and immediately felt someone slap my left three toes on my left foot fairly hard, but when I looked, no one was there. Wife was sound asleep, bedroom door was locked, and no one else was either in the room or the house. Few nights later, I heard a slight growl and briefly saw a dark bear-like form moving through the bedroom. I also picked up awful fowl smells that seemed to appear and go randomly. In neither of these occasions did I fear these thought forms, moreover resorted to attunement to clear the air. But three nights ago, things got worse.

I woke up needing to use the facilities and noticed that the room, usually well lit by external lighting, was unusually dark as if a dark cloud hung in the air, so dark that I bumped into wall structures on the way there. I felt very heavy and somehow, how can I say it, unwilling to live on.

While sitting in the facilities, everything got pitch dark and I still felt equally tired or unwilling to hold on to consciousness. Then suddenly, I felt a black vortex form in front of my face and gradually get closer, sucking the life out of me like a vacuum cleaner. For a brief moment, tired, unmotivated, body unresponsive, and fairly lifeless, I felt I had no choice but go into it. I knew what this thing was and I would transition if I entered it, but I couldn't help fight the force or the weakening body to avoid it.

It all happened so quickly. I felt my body shut down and my spirit literally get sucked into this vortex, but I felt it was no good place to go. In that split second, I realized I was under attack and while partly on my way into that vortex, I quickly said to myself, "NO! It’s not the Light, I will fight! These are obsessions and I'm not going with them. I have lessons to learn, work to do, and books to publish. Just need this physical vessel to hang on long enough to get that done, and leave with the Light when they deem it so." Immediately, the darkness vanished, light returned to the room, heaviness and lifelessness disappeared, and I haven't felt this well in, well, a long time now. This happened one other time while at the Center, but I’ll leave that for another testimonial.

The night after, I had a dream where I was in a classroom and I was learning how to design some kind of a device, can't recall what it was, but I knew it needed energy. Then, an advanced spiritual sister in a flame appeared and said, "Infinite Intelligence is energy. It surrounds and is in all things. Why look elsewhere for energy?"

She then showed me this enormous vortex that encompassed the entire universe. On its lower cone, progressively darkening shades of grey graded toward black. On the upper cone, colors progress from red at the center to violet at the top. Inside the vortex were several galaxies, all spinning about a central core as if stars and supported by the “grand vortex” that supplied its energy, properties, and intelligence including countless atoms and beings within it. I was left with a strong impression of what energy was, a life force, infused into everything we can or can't see, imagine or not, not electromagnetism per say but "timeless life in motion." I woke up with a humorous inference as to what we are: "Energy concentrates" (like bottled juice) 🙂

Submitted by: Roberto on 09/08/2015

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