IMG_20160422_175841155 After a recent shift in consciousness and viewing my life retrospectively, I have been feeling much gratitude for the assistance the Brothers have always given me, and overwhelmed with appreciation, I felt the need to speak of that gratitude. You see, I have a clear memory of my struggles, of where I was before I arrived here, in the Light.

I was sitting on my front porch earlier today, enjoying the book I was reading and the flow of traffic that I heard more than I saw. Prompted to pick up my cell phone, I took a picture of the lovely red lilies in my front yard, and about an hour later the vision began: There were many white-robed beings, seemingly hundreds of them, all coming in my direction, all eyes on me. Then a single voice that was the voice of all said, "We are already aware of your gratitude," after which I felt relaxed. It was all so very beautiful! Suddenly, I saw that beneath the robes, the Beings were made of Light, a beautiful golden yellow and that they had descended from a Parthenon type building with large, brilliant white pillars and stunning blue light flowing from the interior. Oscillating in my higher consciousness, they had "stepped down" so I could see them and satisfy my need to thank them; my gratitude flowed more and more. Tears also. They opened their robes and Light gushed forth like water over a dam, flooding my surroundings with the Light.

"The lilies are beautiful," the one voice said, and suddenly I saw the Brothers and myself among them.

I must relay that three days ago, I asked the Brothers for something to share in the quietness of the Unarius community. I knew that it would happen; still, I was awed!

I hope that you will find joy in the lilies.

Love and Light

Submitted by: Naimah on 04/22/2016

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