The latter part of January this year, my husband and I put our house on the market for sale and within a couple of days of listing our home was purchased. Along with the sale certain obligations had to be met to help insure that the buyer is getting a sound purchase for his dollar. This is where inspectors come in to help access if repairs need to be implemented, lots of paper work on disclosure, all the same-o same-o, etc.

No big deal right; well not so when a cycle comes in and you are experiencing a full blown reliving!!

This reliving came in full force of which I’m very thankful for, fore it gave me the opportunity to tune into, analyze, and release those energies that had been instilled within my psychic anatomy oscillating there as fear.

This particular reliving relates to the American Revolutionary war (1775-83). A war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and Great Britain’s thirteen North American Colonies which eventually won its political independence and went on to form the United States of America.

There were those in the colonies that fought alongside and for the British throughout the war and they were called, Loyalist. Of these colonies there too were those who wanted independence from British rule and they were called, Patriots, the militia and Continental Army.

Information on this war is easily found in books and on line, so I need not further expound except to disclose my part and the circumstances which imbeded these fears that came to the surface during the sale of my home.

I was one of those colonist who helped give shelter to the patriots and anyone who fought to dispel the British from the land. I hid these brave patriots in my home and other areas of my property that I felt was safe for them. I helped nurse the wounded and the sick when I could. I gave them food and clothing as did other colonist who were helping in any way they could to assure that these men could continue to fight and win independence from British rule of these young colonies. Arms and ammunition were buried and hidden on my property. Most of the colonist were farmers and there was ample land to hide just about anything you did not want found. Much of the helping of men and taking in and giving out of supplies was done at night because not all your neighbors were Patriots ... some were Loyalist and would not and did not hesitate to spy upon their neighbor and turn them in. When caught, the person or persons who had given aid were arrested and either imprisoned or shot or hung by the British. It did not matter whether you were young, old, man or woman. The home was confiscated or burned and the land taken.

There had been this one loyalist who was a neighboring farmer and known by others to be spying for the British and had been trying to collect information on the activities and gossip of his fellow neighbor. Because of the unusual amount of activity and delivery of goods to this neighbor this Loyalist had contacted the British Army and mentioned this to them. Eventually a British escort of soldiers along with this Loyalist neighbor invaded my home. No matter how deeply these soldiers poked and prodded every crevasse of my home they could find no evidence of my giving aid to whom they considered their enemy. The root cellar and the barn were searched and still no evidence. The neighbor, this Loyalist to the British was furious and insisted that I was lying and hiding goods and wanted me arrested and dealt with as a traitor to the Crown. With nothing found, because there was nothing to be found, the escort of soldiers along with a furious neighbor left. With the onslaught of that neighbor the seed was planted called FEAR! The fear that my life could be taken on a whim because of the hatred that a soul had toward their fellow man.

So when it came time for the inspectors to come to my home here in the present I became so over-whelmed with fear that I was almost taken out of my body. I felt like an invasion was going on and that there was nothing I could do about it ... I felt completely helpless and at the mercy of these inspectors. I knew that my home was free from pest and that the in-ground systems were in order but I still felt trapped and wanted them out of my home and out of my life. I finally after a few days was able to see where this fear came from and what and who had instigated it. With the help of a dear brother the final keys were put in place and I instantly felt all fear leave my Being which was then replaced with sheer exuberance and peace.

The timing for this reliving was perfect in every way. The players were present as they had been in the past. All involved have been given the opportunity to work this terrible period in history out and turn those energies that had been instilled within each in a negative form into a positive form.

My Love and Light Always to my dear Brothers and Sisters

Submitted by: Lesley on 02/26/2018

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