There comes a time in the evolution of every soul
when venerating ego daises cease to be a pleasure,
as love ceases to be a mystery.

The grander purpose of serving infinite elements
beckons the heart,
whence the just in love with Love awaken
to gallantly abandon olden altars.
Thus they are deemed worthy among
awaiting heavenly stars
spread throughout endless futures,
having embarked upon an infinite journey
from the humblest of cinders beneath soiled feet.

This infinite journey is our life,
the soul’s horizon emergence,
the sun’s cresting rebirth
from darkness into light,
the time when beings no longer live
to render upon canvas with soil,
but rather will the infinite force within soils.

This journey will be a time of joining
when we become as one with creative energy,
the source of life itself,
on spiritual planes we grace
between earth lives.

Yet our journey ends not there,
it emerges endlessly
from one horizon emergence unto the next,
elevating beyond ego’s daises
to learn the mysteries of love,
a pleasure that shall never cease.

Submitted by: Roberto on 06/13/2017

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