Last night, I suddenly felt extremely sleepy, took to bed at 7:00 pm, and instantly fell asleep. I saw myself in a street corner, waiting for something or someone unknown. Before me, a disk-shaped object appeared on the ground, two inverted hubs atop the other, and 3 young men stepped out to greet me down a light-ramp. They were of same height as I, some wore black hair while others were blonde, some were white skinned while others dark, and all had uniforms similar to those described by George Adamski.

They were of most kind brotherly disposition and I took wondrous pleasure being among them without hesitation, fear, or concern for lower thoughts as they did not judge my use or choosing of such energy from the past or this dimension.

I was invited onboard and quickly noticed that space inside the craft was at least four times what it was outside. It was a single rounded cabin craft with no windows. A large greyish control panel spanned at least 16 feet along the wall, manned by three brothers. Above the panel were three large monitors part of the wall itself, one per pilot. To the right of this panel were two graphic displays about 7 feet tall by 4 feet wide. These panels displayed a series of changing symbols that resembled writing in about 18 or so rows of letters, like automated spinning or morphing letters, I had no clue what they meant.

To the right was a larger display of space and to the right of that yet another control panel. Toward the center of the cabin was yet another small control console with a wide cylindrical pole crossing from top to bottom of the ship, and that seemed to be the directive or integrating navigation panel, taking information from all other controls and simplifying them.

I was taken by surprise when the entire cabin became alive with a 3D projection of space in full vivid color. We were traveling through a nebula, its yellowish clouds illuminated by a bright giant star floating with little company amid space. Not sure which one it was because we were in the nebula and could not tell which one it was without seeing it from the outside. There were stars passing by close and clear enough to touch, and soon the ship accelerated and moved toward one side and into orbit around a particular star. There, it homed in on a gas giant surrounded by numerous rings much like Saturn and their home world, a moon. I was not told where this world was.

From there, the craft rose quickly and we were hovering above the Milky Way galaxy somewhat directly above its central hub. From this angle, I could see it had five thick arms and the center was small by comparison with other galaxies due to slower rotation. The arms were filled with stars and clusters. The shape of the galaxy was less spiral and more like arm-spokes which eventually turned and spiraled some distance from the center, but the arms didn’t spiral out of the center directly as mainstream science believes.

My gratitude could find no words and I told the brothers that of all experiences in life, what they briefly shared and their oscillation made living my life worthwhile. Their sole purpose was to elevate by thoughts and remember that there's a lot more in my future than this Earth provides, including its troubles and wrongful concepts one should not interfere with, and that I should ever let go of what I've assumed here if I want to live "as one" among the stars and higher worlds of light. To live as one starts now, not later. Their ship or technology served spirit. The love I had for these Brothers and the Infinite, and not that saucer, is what made such contact possible. I realized the Brotherhood is Infinite - in the Spiritual and the physical realms! But, evolution is individual and guided by the Higher Self and no other intercessor.

I was returned to Earth, but was told by a brother when curiosity arose that the universal central core is some 1,210 trillion light years away in the direction of Cassiopeia, as far as science could conceive, and galaxies group like solar systems and none fling from a central point like the Big Bang postulates. With that, I was told I would be returned and that four hours would have transpired on Earth. When I awoke, it was precisely 11:00 pm.

Submitted by: Roberto on 11/23/2017

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