I am in the midst of a major reliving and workout. For the past two months, I’ve been feeling under the weather starting with a fungal infection of my hands and feet and then a lack of appetite. It has grown into a severe condition including stomach pains and nausea that has sent me to the hospital and the doctors as they, even now, try to determine the cause of my ailment. I have developed an itchy rash on my chest and neck, find it hard to eat and have lost 30 pounds in two months with no energy to do even the slightest things. It feels like my own stomach is poisoning me.

I’ve been busroberto8y trying to isolate and workout the true cause - the various past life experiences and their associated misaligned vortices in my psychic anatomy that feed this distorted energy into my body.

It has seemed to me, that the Atlantis cycle is in phase. Black riots and discontent in Ferguson, seem like continuations of the discontent and rioting that took place on the outer islands of Atlantis. The popular culture has in many ways mirrored the snake cults of that period. The decadence that had appeared in Atlantis with genetic modifications and with a desire for changing genders, and more is mirrored in some of today’s efforts to create ‘non-binary’ genders, ‘other-kin’ and be something other than human.roberto7

I had been given a reading when I was 7 years old that said I had the ‘yoke of guilt and karma’ to overcome regarding these genetic experimentation, even though I was not a victim, I could have stopped them in my own way, but didn’t. I felt that some great being had to do that - not me.

For the longest time I tried to figure out what my role was in this affair. I came to realize that the genetic modifications were being facilitated by the Atlantean power tower. No one wanted to grow new species from scratch or wait for modifications to their anatomies. The power tower had the technology and speed necessary to beam these modifications into place. If people wanted a mane, the genetic codes and data would be fed into the computer and the hybrid data for merging it with human cells was all encoded and the power tower would simply beam these changes almost instantaneously into place, modifying their anatomies.

roberto15Naturally, many thousands were used as fodder to ‘perfect’ these experiments. Many died nearly instantaneously from shock or other side effects of this ‘body modding’. The psychic structures of these individuals didn’t support these changes, and so the best that could be attained was a slow degrading of the people’s health.

Yet, many Atlanteans didn’t care or didn’t understand the risks. They wanted the changes and these different labs advertised their modifications with the same ruthlessness that today’s pharmaceutical companies hawk their wares.

I believe at this time I was an official whose oversight included the power tower and I could have denied the power tower to these scientists and their experimentation. I didn’t and countless souls died horribly. I have a feeling that the remote islands were used for harvesting test subjects and this added to the resentment of these provinces and their desire for revolution and taking over Atlantis. We see now protests about people feeling ‘expendable’ and that they feel they are treated as worthless compared to other citizens.
I feel I let it happen, in part, because I felt these people were somehow not behaving infinitely or as a true Atlantean should and I biased them.

Now, I reap the feedback of this action and find myself around doctors and hospitals that seem incompetent or disinterested in curing my condition. Feedback is no fun. If one lets others perish while focused on protecting oneself or one‘s position, one will encounter people with the same mindset in the future.Religion2

There are other cycles I feel are also in phase right now, including the Catholic Inquisition. The Pope has been in the news a lot and I know I had been a victim of the inquisition, losing my toes and fingers. I suspect this was already a measure of feedback from Atlantis.

I now wish to free all the souls who are still chained in any way to the ignorance of my past actions. I have learned a lot since those days and the biases I held which kept me isolated and with a sense of superiority.

roberto6Since I haven’t found relief yet, I am assuming I have not yet found and worked out the root cause of this cycle. I’m hoping the Brotherhood will work with me in giving me any insight or inspiration.

Submitted by: Science Fan on 12/03/2014

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