In the lasIMG_20141112_163531913t quarter of 1998 or early 1999, I was inspired with the idea of 7 Bright Spots--spiritual messages from my higher consciousness--and even now they are still with me.  I record each on a small pyramid-shaped paper (blue, yellow, orange, green, white--changed to coral--purple, red) and the individual receiving them, selects, by color, the one he or she is drawn to. In the moment it is opened, one is inspired by the message, as it is synchronized with some thought or even occurring as it is opened.  I became a Unariun in 2007 and a few years later,  I wrote The Bright Spot Harbor,  identified as the Source (within all of us) of these beautiful "Lights."  In January of 2014, it entered my consciousness that the Harbor  is symbolic of  the 7 Learning Centers, and now here I am, in this beautiful place of Light, this wonderful refuge from the material world.

In this moment I am inspired to share a coral Bright Spot with you,  given to me by one roberto35from the Harbor; he wears  an emerald green robe and a crystal crown of shining sapphire jewels.  His robe and movements are fluid, as one, and he emits much love;  in his presence, I feel loved deeply beyond anything I've ever known. I feel safe, protected,  as if  his very presence is my home.

"Come and go as you desire, but it is best if you stay."

What does it mean for you?


Submitted by: Naimah Combs on 11/06/2014

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