In chapter seven of the Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation,   Dr. Norman brings up the topic of the Cycle of the Recessional.  He explains that the earth takes approximately 365.25 days to travel in its orbit around the Sun according to our Gregorian calendar.  He states that the little joker here is that every year we wind up minus several degrees,  so that consequently every four years we have to add another day to our calendar.  He says that the earth is changing its position,  according to these radial lines of force,  to more or less a degree every year.  He further states that stemming out from the Sun in a 'pinwheel' fashion are very strong magnetic lines of Universal force.   These magnetic lines of force are very important because they determine to a large extent the nutritive value of our crops and they influence our own personal behavior and even Wall Street itself.   He also says that animals,  as well as people,  become more or less prolific and that certain benign or malign influences are continually manifesting and remanifesting according to our planet's position during the regression of this cycle.

Dr. Norman explains that this entire cycle,  taking it from the first point of 360 degrees to where it comes into that relationship again,  requires 25,862 years,  according to our Gregorian calendar.  Our planet starts with Pisces and rotates to Aquarius,  which is the basis for our old astrological calendars upon which modern astrology is based.

Now the problem I have had in trying to understand this Recessional Cycle of 25,862 years,  is that I have focused on the 365.25 days with its need for a Leap Year every four years.   Somehow I thought that these extra six hours (.25 days) mathematically computed to explain the Regression time each year.   It never occurred to me to consider the 'pinwheel' force factor of the Sun.   Our elliptical orbit pattern combined with this Universal Pinwheel Force stemming out from the sun creates what is known in physics as an Apsidal Precession.   Basically the idea is,  if there was no pinwheel force and no elliptical orbit,  there would be no Cycle of the Recessional taking place.  The mental picture I got was taking a round clock and placing it on the table.  Using the hour hand to represent the earth traveling in orbit from noon to midnight would always be the same...twelve hours or 365.25 days.  But,  if by hand,  you applied 'pinwheel' force to the clock itself,  by twisting it in a counter-clockwise complete circle,  the 12 o'clock starting/finishing point on the face of the clock would naturally move with it.  Thus,  the earth in completing its 365.25 day journey,  is experiencing a Recessional Cycle due to the Universal Pinwheel Force emanating from the Sun it is encircling.

The Apsidal Precession can be viewed on Google Images and explained more in depth on Wikipedia for better understanding.  They have great visuals of the process.   This Apsidal Precession  states that the earth's seasonal changes,  which accompany this cycular journey,  take between 22,000 and 26,000 years to complete...corresponding exactly with Dr. Norman's statements.....naturally;)


Submitted by: Ken Bond* on 01/26/2015

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