I traveled to Florida to help mom clean her home out of countless rusty gadgets, crippling wood furniture, and knacks that filled a large room. I spent hours pushing, pulling, lifting, and breaking down all sorts of old furnishings, then hauling it for curbside pickup. Seemed an endless back-aching shore in the scorching sun and muscles could give no more, but work persisted and I thought, “I must have done something to deserve this.” I was in for a surprise.

As I carried heavy objects to the far-off curb, I saw a stamp on the ground with a depiction of Jesus. As I maneuvered to avoid stepping on it, everything suddenly blanked out, had a vision of the past and turned into an entirely different personality I couldn’t dismiss for days:

AtlantisI stood on a round marble courtyard along with many others expressing stunning hatred. The tropical sun was bright, the sky was blue with thick clouds overhead. The robes, sash, and turban dress ware indicated Atlantis. People were ardently screaming at teachers, myself included, saying something that went like, “Why did you come? You ruined our lives by not accepting us among you. Belial did. Now we’re someone thanks to him. We’re tired of spiritual attainment promises and being accused! We want a life of enjoyment, so leave our planet.”

“Analyze your thoughts and frequency, why you say and want such things,” said the teachers calmly, but we took offense replying defiantly, “We know our thoughts and what we want. If you can’t tell, that proves you incompetent!” Among us, robbed priests incited us by screaming, “Despise them! They’re not who they claim to be! We are your true Brothers, fight for us and truth!”

Teachers quickly moved away as the mob ran after them, tearing down and breaking what they found in their path. Then suddenly, I felt great guilt, looked at the clouds, and wondered in broken thoughts, “Who am I? What do I want, why? What if these teachers are the real Brothers and what they said about me is true? I want to come back and hear more truths about who I am, but Belial will hurt me if I do.” I believe I joined the wrong side by meddling in affairs I shouldn’t, thinking I was impregnable and could help rescue students from Belial. It didn’t work out that way, a lesson in non-interference with a student's chosen course. And when I tried breaking away, it wasn’t easy.

Color wheelIt’s tempting to point the finger and say, “They’re wrong and a threat,” but are we not relatively a threat to others and wrong to restrain their expression? Can the Infinite be restrained to select finite expressions, and by who’s right? The Infinite would cease being infinite, and we restrained from it when we deny existence to some of its parts. Therefore, there’s no such thing as right or wrong, threat or safety, only notion/frequency segments we conceive in infinity. I can only bypass, not alter a radio dial’s station for in so trying I become that station. Meddling is an associative attunement that works in much the same manner. Just as blue won’t replace yellow when mixed but produces green instead, when foreign energies are introduced, these are dampened or admitted by the receiver according to the base rate of their intelligence, in this case signified by yellow. Also, what’s to say that what I think is blue isn’t actually more yellow, so when added to yellow regenerates more yellow? That’s why objectivity is the tint selector in life’s color wheel, identifying our true colors and the hues these produce when interacting with others.

Submitted by: Roberto on 05/14/2016

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