On January 11, 2014, I had a dream that really shook me up. In it, I was sitting in a church, reviewing my book on the laptop while reflecting upon higher principles. I shared these principles with some members, while others peeked into what I was doing. But then, the entire congregation suddenly noted my doings and rudely called my attention to blasphemy, asking me to change, or leave. So, I closed the laptop and slowly made my leave.

I sensed this was an image from the past dating back some 400+ years, and settings slowly began to melt from present back to those days. As I walked out the main church corridor, people mockingly made mention of my doings, asking me to recognize and recant my faulty faith, but I declined to do so, and kept my resolve to truth. Just then, my present day wife appeared with a rolling office chair, one I was setting up in one of our bedrooms to use as an office where I work on my book. She pushed it between pews and said; "this should fit just great right about here." I knew then what this implied, an invitation to commit to the church. But, if I refused, I would be condemned and asked to relinquish the church, but I took no personal pain from the loss of this chair and kept walking out.

A lady I met in one of the recent churches, red-bone Christian as you can get it, started to annoyingly, piercingly scream at me over and over again, "are you going to perform your duty?" I ignored her but, after about 6 shouts, I turned back and sternly said; "no!"

Petersdom_von_Engelsburg_gesehenNow outside this church, I noticed it was a large basilica-like structure and two serious looking individuals paced me with entrapping intent written all over them. At first, I feared them, but then I phased out that fear refusing to give into it, and continued on calmly to get into a car waiting for me at the bottom of the cathedral's long set of steps and flee. However, they caught up with me, threw themselves on the car, and restrained me so I would not be able to leave, but yet speaking gently (as if piously holy) for my own good - definitely, I was being jailed, put to the Question, and this was Inquisitional material. I got somewhat loose, though still restrained, but then a huge semi blocked my exit way, and I was trapped with no way out.

I woke up in pouring sweat, but interestingly, so did my wife at precisely the same moment; hmmm, I wonder. The room was rather cold, 68 degrees, but I was literally burning up as if I had been set on fire and felt as if bound, not readily able to move in bed. I only had underwear on and had covers off, but I was so hot that even the bed radiated with heat where I laid. I knew I was reliving, and was striven to go over every detail of the dream carefully, but it still took like an hour for burning to ease up. Soon after, I experienced sudden Pemphigus reactions and my whole body began to burn as if someone had thrown battery acid all over it. Burning boils began to appear and burst painfully, but they stopped the moment I realized I was reliving a burning and did not return.

I gathered the following from this dream recall. Time frame, 400+ years ago, late 1500's to 1600. Setting, possibly Italy from the looks of the structure's architecture and its high, vaulting ceilings and arching beams. Event, personal rebellion against the church's doctrines. Fallout: loss of a position, possibly one of teaching, philosophy, or something similar. I'm identified as a blasphemer and accused by church leadership. Persecution and inquiry/questioning into my devotion to the church then follows and, when I refuse the faith by saying "no," then I am entrapped, Inquisition follows, and then possibly death - possibly stake burning? Wife, possibly the one turning me in, as she turned my "office" into the church. My teachings of the time, definitely against the church, dealing with reincarnation and life on other worlds. Interestingly, just before having this dream, this is what I was writing in my book:

“No one believed you” she said softly.

“No one. I was scorned for my beliefs to the point I gravely fell upon my heart and deemed myself a miserable freak. At church, I was treated like a dangerous heretic swayed by the devil. I argued foolishly with church leaders in favor of reincarnation, life on other worlds, and the true age of the cosmos, but they had a tight rope to walk and opposed my viewpoints at all cost; no different than the way Giordano Bruno was treated. Deeply discouraged, I secluded myself from everyone and lived alone, devoured by doubts, until I met you.”

“Wherever I turned, God’s word was twisted and misinterpreted beyond belief. No one dared correct these forgeries, except invent more, build upon tradition, and spout whatever church goers found most appealing. Prayers conveyed such selfish smut, and worship services so many deceitful insults, I could not stand to be in church. Thus, I chose to walk away from God and deal with life alone; for the most part, confused.”

“It saddens us to witness such irreverent prayers rise from your world, soiled by utter demands, terror, hate, and mistrust for Father, not love; so disrespectful" she said. "If your people truly believe His love is always present, why do they pray and worship, if not to skirt universal ethics and obtain unnatural, unmerited favors over those who don’t know God, or have the ability to do so? Does prayer not ascribe God as incompetent, negligent, biased, and ignorant of your needs, and can we judge or tell Him what to do? How selfish can one be? Pray not, but share your thoughts honestly with us, give them His love, and live in inspiring inter-dimensional, scientific understanding.”

Father is but a slave to your people, nothing more, a secluded tyrant you mean to fatigue into compliance and defraud with endless nagging and feigned adulation, tempting Him to violate the prime directive. When will your people realize The Infinite knows you better than yourselves, and stop abiding by such insolent, senseless practices? We never pray or worship, for we have all we need; His love, and our honesty – nothing can ever replace that. The answer to life will be found in energy relationships and love of truth, not begging.”

Your faith saved you; that statement is religion’s key problem, because the word faith is mistranslated” I addeKadmos_dragon_Louvre_E707d. “Emuwnah in Hebrew means commitment to truth and knowledge, rather than reliance on a person. The closest Greek equivalent is pistis, so that’s what they used to describe faith, except it implies not commitment, but conviction. Since then, our people wrongly assumed that knowledge and responsibility are not necessary, as someone had our languid incompetence covered. Making matters worse, everyone believes in miracles, mystical powers, sinless expiating blood, saintly intercessors, and all sorts of spiritual technology allegedly left behind by God, regarded as the answer to all our problems; revoltingly disgusting. Honestly, people knew more about God back in the stone age than the last 2,000 years.”

Submitted by: Roberto Gaetan on 01/20/2014

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