City_Fountain In dream state, I found myself alone, walking down a white, glowing marble esplanade, really wide. To my left were rows and rows of fountains, and beyond them what appeared to be gardens, but I could barely note them for some unknown reason. There were many individuals about carrying out group conversations, though I could not recognize them or listen to their content. Someone then struck a mental conversation with me, someone I could not see but only mentally sense, most pleasant, and I lent my full attention to him, phasing out everything else about me. Then, I noticed the Moderator pacing me on the other side of the fountains. At his invitation, we came around one of the fountains, face to face, and sat on "invisible" chairs we previously walked right through, as we approached one another around the fountain. I can barely recall with precision what we discussed, but the subject dealt with the science of objectively learning from the past, patiently and undisturbed, in order to see it clearly and get the most out of it. The overall environment had a powerful yellowish glow to it, and I had the impression this was; Unarius.

Submitted by: Roberto Gaetan on 01/05/2014

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