Eternally-Yours-1Last night upon a garden path I walked with Christ
Yet this was not a tall and bearded man of faith I saw
But deep within I saw another form and molded in the form
Of what I am and even from the stuff of which I'm made

Eternally-Yours-2And deep within this form there glowed a radiance bright
Which came from out a great and Infinite Eye
This Radiance thought and spoke in soft and unheard, unknown tongues
Of life eternal in some great Cosmic world the things I'd learn about this life
In lives which I would someday live

Eternally-Yours-3So as this soft and Radiant Voice then spoke its message of Eternal Life
My garden path became a wonderous thing
Stretched out it was until its end
Was merged together with the stars

By Ernest L. Norman

Submitted by: Gloria Lynn on 05/01/2015

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