Image-of-God-1-4-postThou shalt not knowest of thy God as any man
Nor of the likeness of any man
Nor shall He cometh amongst ye with the name of man upon His lips
But rather He shall come as all things;
As the blades of grass at thy feet, as the leaves upon the trees,
An thou shalt see His face in every cloud.


Image-of-God-2-4-postThere is His Voice in the song of the birds
And the Radiance of His Love comes in glory of the warming sunshine,
And shall guard thee from the star-filled
Heavens while thou sleepest.


Image-of-God-3-1-4-postLook ye therefore, in the vessel of thine own life
For surely as thou fillest it with the goodness of thine own life - thou shalt seest there,
Not the reflection of thine own self -
But the glorious image of God.


Excerpt from The Anthenium

Submitted by: Gloria Lynn on 02/25/2015

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